ThreadSpace: Hyperbol è un gioco d'azione-strategia ambientato in un lontano futuro. I giocatori combattono nello spazio pilotando gigantesche astronavi in grado di usare un'enorme quantità di armi da fuoco. Innalza difese, coordinati con la tua squadra, e lancia un assalto contro i tuoi nemici per raggiungere la vittoria!
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Data di rilascio: 12 lug 2007
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Hyperbol is 50% off this week!

To celebrate Steam Bandits: Outpost entering beta, we are having a discount on Hyperbol all week long! Once we've wrapped that project up, we'll be releasing more patches for Hyperbol and adding some new features :-)

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"This one's a winner" - Ars Technica

"It's very tactical, it's highly polished and we can pretty much guarantee you've never played anything quite like it. 8 out of 10" - Games Radar

"9 out of 10" - Hooked Gamers

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ThreadSpace: Hyperbol è un gioco d'azione-strategia ambientato in un lontano futuro. I giocatori combattono nello spazio pilotando gigantesche astronavi in grado di usare un'enorme quantità di armi da fuoco. Innalza difese, coordinati con la tua squadra, e lancia un assalto contro i tuoi nemici per raggiungere la vittoria!
  • Strategie infinite: Oltre 30 diversi proiettili sono a tua disposizione per attaccare il nemico, rinforzare le tue difese, e aiutare i tuoi alleati.
  • Gioco di squadra tattico: Coordinati con un team di giocatori per sconfiggere i tuoi nemici. Ogni giocatore può avere punti di forza e debolezze unici. Fino a 16 giocatori online.
  • Navi personalizzabili: Acquista navicelle da comandare e personalizza il loro design scegliendo diverse parti e colori. Personalizza il comportamento della tua nave installando nuovi componenti che ne alterano le caratteristiche.
  • Universo di gioco continuo: Gioca con un personaggio creato da te che può aumentare di livello e guadagnare crediti. Compra nuove navicelle e componenti con i crediti che guadagni per far distinguere il tuo personaggio nell'universo.
  • Sistema di classifiche online: Misurati con altri giocatori online e scopri chi è il pilota migliore. Guadagna ricompense trovandoti in cima.
  • Riconoscimenti: Dimostra le tue abilità guadagnando riconoscimenti online come "Bounty Hunter" e "Combat Mastery".
  • Comunicazione vocale: Parla al tuo team per pianificare l'attacco e coordinare le vostre abilità.
  • Crea mappe personalizzate: realizza le tue mappe con l'Editor Mappe e usale online o con i tuoi amici.

Requisiti di sistema

    Requisiti Minimi: Windows 2000/XP/Vista, DirectX9.0c o superiore, Acceleratore Grafico con supporto per colori a 32-bit (Consigliato acceleratore con supporto DirectX9), processore da 1.0GHz o più veloce, 256MB di RAM, 400MB di spazio su disco
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Pubblicata: 30 marzo
After over 10 hours of playing ThreadSpace Hyperbol I feel ready to slowly post a review here.

First of all, TSHB is a polished game, much more so than any other game I've laid my eyes on yet (barring maybe SPAZ considering it has similarly active developers and good support).
I've encountered a few bugs, but given that I seem to be very alone with those bugs it might be something about my system. I've written in the forums and the dev has replied very fast, for a game with pretty much 8 years on it's back that's really something special.

What about the lack of human players? To be honest, there are a bunch of active players, so it's just about getting on at the same time as those. Just post or look on the forums, add the right persons and you're set to have some fun with human players. Not right any second you'd like to but it's really not that much of an issue. And then there is the hyper hour every saturday, during which the game is freely playable with the demo, and apparently at that time there are a lot more players.

The gameplay itself is really smooth and nice. Very often I have the feeling that certain things in games work wrong or weird, or that this and that is just not really my fault. In TSHB? If I die it's either because I'm facing too many enemies at once or because I make mistakes, it's as simple as that. There are no lethal glitches or the likes and the physics system is very straightforward, reliable and understandable.

The tutorials are also made with great care, they're short, fun, and teach you most though not quite everything you should know. Bonus points for having voices in the tutorials which aren't annoying one bit.

I can recommend getting this game, even if it is 8 years old. I got it vastly reduced myself, and to be honest I wouldn't pay the full price because it'd be more money than I can comfortably spend right now, but the game is worth it.
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Pubblicata: 6 marzo
I remember when this game was launched. back when the big players were JackD, Derek.B, TinyTurtle. and many others, the epic moment where at one point we all decided to unleash the max ammo count from all our ships in hyperbols at the gate. it failed but one person ended up recording this and it was put in one of their videos. I have tried time and time again to get people to pick this game back up. Still it is a very small number of players, so spread the word! this game needs to be revived!
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Pubblicata: 22 dicembre 2013
By far one of my favourite games. Extremely tactical, some reflexes required, very skill based, some RPG elements and a massive multiplayer meta-campaign. It was way ahead of its time. I feel it would've shined if it was released these days. I wish more people will get it so there'd be someone to play against!
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Pubblicata: 18 febbraio 2014
Recensione di una copia anticipata
This game is pretty amazing. If you can get some friends together, there's nothing finer than this. The skill ceiling is extremely high, and the variation of crafts and loadouts adds to the depth.

It's a real shame this game didn't take off. Glad I got to be there in the beginning when there was an active community. Some of my greatest gaming memories. Huge shame this didn't take off.
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Pubblicata: 5 febbraio
Hyperbol is a truly awesome unique game. It has a tutorial which you can play in offline mode or you can join players online.

Support 10/10
This game is still actively supported by the developer. I got a response in a very short time on their discussion forums.

Graphics 8/10

Graphics are unique and interesting.

Sounds and Music 9/10

Sounds and graphics are near perfect for its genre.

Gameplay 9/10

Gameplay is awesome. Always something interesting and it is enough that you will be enjoying it for months to come.

Fun 9/10

Have a lot of spare time because it is fun and somewhat addicting.

Price: I have over 750 hours online with this game so I have to say that the price is definintely good for the amount of fun that you will be getting out of the game.

Bugs and Execution: Occassionally server connection time outs but the game it self has no bugs and runs flawlessly on XP , and windows 7. (I have not tested it on windows 8 or 8.1)

Overall : This game is awesome and worth the price. Take the tutorial and practice a little in offline mode before jumping into action with real players.
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