Addictive RPG with bits of strategy to enhance the gameplay, Dreamscape can be played in 4 different modes and features different rewards for completing them. You even get bonus heroes if you complete a mode without using the healing goddess!
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Positive (17 reviews) - 82% of the 17 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Feb 2, 2015

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“And let me tell you, I really liked the playable characters in Dreamscape”
87 – RPG Fan

“With tons of playtime hours of adventuring it's also not your quick indie RPG romp”
80 – Gaming is Magic

“Dreamscape is an original take on RPG genre and a very enjoyable experience”
N/A – True PC Gaming

About This Game


Explore the dangerous and mysterious world of dreams in this 20 hour old-school RPG by Aldorlea Games, makers of the "Millennium" series and "The Book of Legends".
After an experimentation that goes out of control, Erin is trapped in the Dreamscape and must find a way out. Her only chance: magical headphones that allow her to visit one's dreams and imagination.
On her way, she meets odd creatures - enemy or ally? Play the game and find out!
Dreamscape features 8 playable characters, multiple modes and difficulties, an award system, end-game rewards, Jack the Ripper, Al Capone, ancient Egypt, vampires, dreams within dreams, and many more!


Dreamscape is a fantastic and addictive RPG with bits of strategy making the gameplay even richer. In command of a colorful and very varied party, unravel the mystery of the realm of dreams and solve riddles to reach your goal. Dreamscape can be played in 4 different modes and features different rewards for completing them. You can even get access to bonus characters if you complete a mode without using the healing goddess!

Key Features:

  • 30 hours of playing
  • Visit the dreams of everyone you meet
  • Cute heroes, funny adventure
  • Unique game and unique gameplay
  • Unlock tons of in-game awards

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System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/8
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz
    • Memory: 128 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 Compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 120 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
39 of 46 people (85%) found this review helpful
4.2 hrs on record
Posted: February 9, 2015
Dreamscape (DSC) is quite a unique and refreshing game. You are lost in dreams and need to escape (and rescue your boyfriend in the process). But the path is far from linear - in order to progress in one dream you often need to do or get something in another one. This makes the different dreams "linked", and since each of them feel very distinct, the frequent "jumping" helps feel the game various and enjoyable. Plus, there are also dreams in dreams...

So basically, on lower difficulties, DSC is a bit like a puzzle / adventure game. The battles (turn-based, btw) are relatively easy. Exploring the dreams and solving the puzzles is your main goal. And if you should run out of health / spells you just can teleport to the beginning and touch a healing crystal.
If you are a dedicated player, DSC offers much more, though. For completing the game you get a reward - bonus characters, resistance to poison, ... - it depends on the mode you played in.
But, if you complete it without touching the healing crystal, you get better reward. And there's a catch, the game only offers a limited amount of resources. Enemies don't respawn, which means your experience earned (translating into levels) is limited. You earn money by picking coins on the maps, and these are limited, too. And on top of that, the consumables cannot be stored in inventory and are consumed just as you touch them. Plus, you heal a tiny amount after each won battle.

So, on harder difficulties the game becomes very tactical and challenging. Since the enemies are progressively harder and harder as you venture further into the dreams, you need to balance very carefully how to play. Some battles can be too "costly" in terms of healing required, some easier ones can be left behind and used for "healing" later and so on.
The "True Nightmare" (playing on the Nightmare difficulty "from the scratch" (i.e. no bonuses) and without touching the crystal truly deserves its name. I even dare to say it was the hardest game I have ever played.

The other aspects of DSC will be no surprise for those familiar with Aldorlea games - funny characters and dialogues, unexpected plot twists and many secrets. And the music feels really dreamy. Together with the replayability and the great variety of dreams (deserts, cities, some are funny, other ones scary or more adventurous ...), DSC is one of my favorites.
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39 of 55 people (71%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
4.3 hrs on record
Posted: February 8, 2015
< Disclaimer!! I got this game for free for reviewing purposes >

There are a lot of Rpg makers out there And a good number of them is on steam.
And this one you dont want to miss if you are into a different type of game.

Although the battle mode is the basic rpg maker style with a few additions to it, But don't let that fool you !
This game is quite interesting with its dream invading feature, Which allows you to invade other people's dreams using your magical headphone, It is so awesome that every character has its own dream which you can explore, Every dream is quite different and has its own design and unique look, Thats impressive to say the least i think the dev's outdone themselves with that idea, Just simple ... well done : ) .

The dialogues in the game makes me laugh, They are funny and keeps up with the story.
The character design is refreshing.
The soundtracks are calm and smooth, Goes nicely with the game.
The level designs are beautiful and well-made.
4 Difficulty levels to choose from to boost up the challenge if you want a harder game.

Puzzles to encounter, Monsters to defeat and places to go to this game is big and takes time to finish.
Acquire items to give you the ability to access places you couldn't reach before.

And having Steamcloud and trading cards is always a plus for me when getting a game.

If you like Rpg maker games I recommend that you try this one, its a lovely adventure experience with great map designs and an interesting story with lovely soundtracks, definitely worth the price.

This review was written while i was a part of the original traders group OTG, however you can trust that the review was not effected by that fact, I was not forced to lie or anything, you can read it and judge for yourself, all my reviews are honest and I am no longer a part of the group.
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20 of 27 people (74%) found this review helpful
1.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 15, 2015
I love the idea of the game with there being magic headphone that allow you to enter someone imagination and being as everyone mind if dif you can only think what there is to come. The plot the game set out for you is pretty cool a lone girl trying to save her love one and on the way she meet his cat that can now talk mind you she has lil witty thing to say at time but it being in this imagination world that just something small and many bigger thing to come. As any RPG the main thing to look for is it story and i got to save this one was pretty cool and the comedy is great. I made a review with my own opinion on the game an showing off a lil of it with out spoilers so check it out if you like all in all great game.
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18 of 25 people (72%) found this review helpful
8.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 21, 2015
This most recent offering on Steam from Aldorlea confirms again that these developers are at the top of the list of those making the old school/adventure style games. Dreamscape has everything a fan of these games could want, and much more.

As always, these games are driven by the story, and, IMO, Aldorlea always has this element perfected. In the game you are Erin ---- who is on a mission to save her boyfriend. Sounds simple enough, but to accomplish this seemingly straightforward task she has some magical headphones that allow her to enter the dreams of virtually everyone she comes in contact with including a cat, a mouse, and a plant. Together, they explore the dreamworlds of those within their own dreams (an adventurer, an old man, a dog, a pharaoh, and many others). So much for simplicity ---- yet the story remains tightly organized, and everything makes sense. Some of the dreams are simple, some complex, and they all add up to a story that is beautifully put together with no meandering that completely draws you in and holds your interest in a completely captivating way.

With so much to see and do Dreamscape is a long one, and offers high replay value with 4 levels of difficulty that offer new challenges. The game offers an innovation that is different in that the items you need for good health and magic are not always able to be stored in your inventory, but are found everywhere in the world to be used or left behind for later ---- your decision, and an interesting spin on the ordinary. But there are plenty of items so it never becomes a problem (at least not in the easiest level, which I am playing).

Character development is excellent (even Marine from the Millennium series makes an appearance), and offers a lot of good humor ---- it's easy to like these characters as they offer their comments to one another while exploring ---- especially the cat.

Gameplay is with either the keyboard or mouse, and both work well.

The artwork is very nicely done, and includes some very different and detailed scenes as you travel throughout the various dreams. The music is pleasant and unobtrusive which adds to the enjoyment of the game.

This is a very creative and different rpg that shows great care and attention to detail by the developer that I would enthusiastically recommend to anyone of any age. And, if you have never experienced an Aldorlea game, this one is a fine place to start. But, then, I would say that about any of their games here on Steam. Enjoy.
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7 of 10 people (70%) found this review helpful
3.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 18, 2015
There's something about Dreamscape that's different than most RPGs, especially as an indie title. So far, I've unlocked 4 of the playable characters and all of them are completely different. And I do mean COMPLETELY different, which is really awesome. The story is as simple as the main character searching for her boyfriend that's gone missing, but the story is so compelling that it really is the journey that is more important than the destination. Logistically, this game has unique features that most RPGs do not have. For one, battles can be choose and most enemies do not regenerate at all. This helps you tell where you've been and where you haven't been. Also items are not put directly in your inventory; instead, you have to decide whether you should pick them up now and use them or wait till later to grab them. This adds strategy to the gameplay.

On top of the great story and gameplay, the game is just overall whimsical and colorful and really embarks some of the visual aesthetics of games such as Earthbound.

Overall, if you love RPGs, then this is the game for you. For only $10, you get hours of fun!
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23 of 41 people (56%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
1.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 13, 2015
Terrible RPGM game!

Basically a walking simulator with some occasional (and limited) fights, which are really boring by the way.

Dialogue is not funny or interesting, story is just a lame mess used as a pretext for ripping off the dreaming-entering theme, which has been so well used in so many games before, like Dual Hearts. The main character is also among the most bland characters I've ever seen.

The map is huge, but they becomen uninteresting after you've cleared it of the monsters. And you'll have to backtrack a lot if you wanna break all the rocks (when you get the necessary items).

Not to mention the fact that you don't carry items (you auto-use them upon pick-up). You can't cycle between characters from Equip or Skill menus.

As for graphics, sfx and bgm, it all seems very generic, and the music is annoingly repetitive.

Pro: has cards.

So basically stay away from it!
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7 of 11 people (64%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Posted: April 30, 2015
Like with the Millennium series, this game is well done and a real tribute for JRPG of the 16-bits era. The characters are lovable and the story unfold at a good pace. Since I'm a cat lover (don't worry I'm also a dog lover), having one as a playable character is a treat. As of now, I'm still in the process of beating the game so I can't say how long the game is, but Aldorlea has given us good games worthy of our money so far and I doubt this one is any exception. Hope they keep up the good work, cause we want more JRPGs like the ones they've done so far.
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14 of 25 people (56%) found this review helpful
10.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 4, 2015
I beat this game yesterday and from the company that made Millennium this game had a pretty good storyline to it, but it was also weird to play through.
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3 of 4 people (75%) found this review helpful
19.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 17, 2015
It is a fun and light game. Dreamscapes are very interenting and open vide range of odd and funny possibilities, which are used by the makers in this game. Even though I wished there would be more companion characters, it doesn't mean i didn't like them.

Specifically crafted set of abilities and usable items for each character allows you to use startegy during fights and brings a number of chuckles when you find new items.

I vwry much liked unique system of replenishing helath and mana. It makes you run around looking for food a bit, but totally makes sense. Better you play and fight, the less time you need to spend on this.

I am not a fan of the ending, but the works thing in this game for me, was running back to places unlocked by a new item. I am glad makers gave a number of "shortcuts" especially toward the end.

Overall I think this game is enjoyable and lets you enjoy several hours to play it.
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4 of 6 people (67%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
Posted: May 19, 2015
A fun RPG Maker game that I would recommend to those who like the first few Final Fantasy Games
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Recently Posted
17.0 hrs
Posted: June 12
I like this game. I really really really like it.
you should play Dreamscape
everybody should
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3.6 hrs
Posted: May 23

Find out what a cat dreams about in 'Dreamscape' and learn the science behind magic headphones.
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3.7 hrs
Posted: March 23
Dreamscape - next creation is already well-known companies.

- A unique story for each hero
- Drawing
- Challenging puzzles
- Beautiful graphics.
- An increase in complexity
- Saving the game at any point on the map

Rather, you purchase and play Dreamscape.
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1.6 hrs
Posted: February 16
Sweet pictures. Wish there were more
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Lex Luthor
46.0 hrs
Posted: November 15, 2015
我只能说这确实是个好游戏!this game is great also i just want to know on isis's dream left door i cant in .does anyone can in it?
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2.1 hrs
Posted: October 12, 2015
NOT bought nor played on steam.

The story is simple: your boyfriend catches you in your imagination with magical headphones, you have to free him,

Some humor in the dialogues, surprising characters. If you finish the game you unlock a foreign character(from another 2D RPG) and have him in your party for a 2nd walktrough at another mode. You explore each character’s dream.

My gameplay advices: find the easiest dream on monsters to start with or you’ll feel stuck. You have to pick a strategy to get XP cos monsters don’t respawn. Bosses are quite hard but optional. There's no or FEW restor items!!
There’s the temptation of the fairy in the in-between dreams which can restore you but if you use her you won’t get a great reward. If I’m correct you need an item from a dream for another.

I recommend the unique and challenging gameplay, the time of playing is very long,
I don’t recommend if you want a good end as the end is disappointing to me. So much work for this!
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Daddy Bush
13.8 hrs
Posted: June 5, 2015
The story is nice 8/10
The music fits in the areas so 10/10
The characters are all different and funny in their own ways 9/10
This game seems to be for girls but really is for all sexes
overall this game is a 9.75/10
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