Filled with mystery, humor, and suspense, and brought to life in rich 3D-animation, AR-K is a point-and-click story game with a twist
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Release Date: Jul 21, 2014

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"If you are a fan of the Monkey Island Series, you might want to give AR-K a try! It's a hillarious Point and Click Adventure game set in the future!"
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February 16

Steam interface fix for 64 bit PC!


Some of you are suffering issues to use the shift+tab to open the Steam interface. We can not fix it right now through Steam without harm the 32 bit people.

Here is a link to the patch, so you can apply it and fix that issue:

I encourage you again to add me to your friends list and tell me all that you don't like about the game, We are a crowdfunding project and we want to grow up with our client's critics.

We want to offer you a full client assistance through Steam, so you can talk with us for anything you want, if you are stuck or simply you want to change something specific in the next chapter.

We are here to help.


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December 29, 2014

Exam fix

The last week we fixed the bug that make Alicia lost the cheat sheet during the exam scene.

With the last patch we add a fix for the people that are stuck in that scene because they played before the patch. If you clicked in the "Studious Girl" (under Alicia) you'll have the cheat sheet again in your inventory.



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About This Game

AR-K is a classical point and click adventure with an updated twist.

Alicia Van Volish is a former cop and current journalism student who wakes up after a one-night stand with a terrible hangover and a lot of questions: How much did she drink? Did she really take that guy home with her? What was his name? And what, exactly, is the Golden Sphere, the mysterious object that seems the source of all Alicia’s woes?

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel Atom
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 3300 MB available space
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 3300 MB available space
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11.7 hrs on record
Posted: December 3, 2014
Be aware that so far only 2 episodes out of 4 are available. The 3rd episode is supposed to be released in January 2015 & the 4th about June 2015.

I should start with the fact that initially i gave this game a negative review. AR-K was a total mess at launch; there were lots of glitches & bugs...BUT it changed a lot since then. All the bugs were fixed (at least the ones i've encountered), steam interface now works as well, and all the glitched achievements were also fixed, i tested them all myself. Lastly, starting episode 2, a very cool feature was added - the narrator, which can give you clues on certain items. I was finally able to play both episodes from the start to the end without any problem.

AR-K is an episodic point-and-click adventure with some very challenging puzzles, and has a very intriguing story which will keep you wanting more with every step you advance through the game. There are also a lot of funny moments which made me laugh out loud several time. One of the game's best feature is the voice acting. Simply outstanding, especially the main character. Overall, its a very enjoyable game. The only con left from my point of view is the resolution, which is 1280x768, and there is no option to change it from the launcher, it looks good enough in window mode, but if you choose to play in full screen - it will not scale up correctly and you'll also get a blurred picture as a bonus. However, the developer said, and i quote : "The next two episodes will be made in 1920x1080".

Let's hope the next two episodes will be properly tested before released, so that players don't have to experience again similar problems, but so far AR-K is worthy of your time, and definitely deserves the attention of all classic point-and-click adventure players.
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11.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 13, 2014
Kickstarted this. Played both available episodes. This review initially did not recommend the game because of frustrating bugs. Shortly after posting it Sergio Prieto contacted me and fixed them within an hour and a half on a Sunday morning.

+ Fantastic customer support. Seriously, wow.

+ The chains of logic are mostly reasonable so "adventure game logic" isn't too bad.

+ The voice acting for Alicia (from Ash Sroka, Tali Zorah's VA) is really, really good. It stands out above the rest of the cast, especially Episode 2's wildly inconsistent Narrator. No one in the cast is awful, just uneven in quality. Blaine and Nuno's VA are pretty good too.

+/- The writing is uneven. Way too quick to break the fourth wall, characters jump from emotional state to another, the Narrator doesn't have a consistent dynamic with Alicia. It is also genuinely, laugh-out-loud funny at times.

+/- Visually it is not good. It communicates what it needs to visually and cartoonish enough to Not Awful, but still not good.

- The UI is awful. Example: First episode has 3 different sodas to use. Once collected there's no text identifying them in the menu. Just three nearly-identical items with disparate uses.

- The UI is weird. Dialogue topics in the menu are treated like items that you give to NPCs. It is a weird choice, like it was made to circumvent some problem with big dialogue trees. Ambar is both an NPC and an item in your inventory in Episode 1, which is also weird.

- As stated before: Buggy.

"It's okay for an indie point-and-click adventure game" sounds like damning with faint praise, but I'm okay with the result and looking forward to future episodes. I recommend it.
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Posted: February 15
There are two types of games I really hate to review: criminally mediocre games that you can't really say anything interesting about and games like AR-K, a game that has a lot of heart, but is like a busload of burning orphans careening off a cliff; a terribly executed, tragic waste of potential.


Within the day, I was contacted by one of the developers to tell me that they read my review and are working hard to make sure the next episodes live up to expectations. That's great to hear! By actually talking with me about my criticisms it reflects very well on AR-K's team and gives me even more reason to hope that it might come together and I can recommend it to everyone. The review remains the same for now, but those interested in the community behind a work in progress may find that here.

Back to the review

How shall I start to explain the trouble that is AR-K? I know. Look around your computer and try and find a belt or length of rope. Just trust me. I'm going somewhere with this. Got it? Okay, now fold it in half, grab it firmly by each end and pull it taut. Now rapidly move your fists inward and outward. The flapping movement you are seeing is quite similar to how the main character's mouth moves in the first episode of AR-K; outside of cutscenes, anyway.

You might think this is a minor gripe and adventure gamers have always had a knack for looking past poor and peculiar graphics. And you'd be totally right. But I'm only pointing out one teaspoon in an ocean of technical issues and bad presentation. The volume of the spoken dialogue hasn't been normalized, there are a couple of misread lines, the subtitles have been poorly edited, you can't save on your own initiative or have multiple game files, the voices of characters are prone to change once or twice (probably artifacts from old voice actors), there's been some weird scaling when characters interact with each other, it took me about fifteen minutes to figure out how to get items from the inventory screen to interact with objects in the world, and the English localization has a few wrinkles. That isn't even an exhaustive list.

Alright, alright. So that's all really quite terrible, but like I've said, we're fans of point and click adventure games. We can forgive any kind of presentation in the name of good puzzles and and a good story. Let's start with the puzzles then. So, you've got an object on a high shelf that you want to get, a length of rope, and a large-breed dog. What do you do? Obviously, as an adult of average physical ability and a functioning brain, you ignore the rope and dog and climb the shelves, get a nearby box to stand on, or you just wedge your arm behind it and push it over. But you're playing an adventure game so you're probably already conditioned to ignore logical brevity and will do exactly what the game expects you to do: combining rope A with dog B. That's a puzzle in this game I found intuitive and logical and solved within seconds of its presentation. So, dear god, what kind of anti-backwards madness-dimension logic must be employed for me to call this game a completely illogical mess that demands a walkthrough?

Well, let's examine one puzzle from episode one that I like in theory, but was so horribly implemented it was unsolvable. In AR-K, you play an investigative journalist and there was a puzzle based around you asking other characters about a policeman so that you could create some sincere-sounding flattery to get him to help you. That's a totally awesome thing for a game about an investigative jounalist! However, the hints you actually get don't correlate to the actual dialogue options you're presented with during the flattery, at best. At worst, they're totally misleading. For example, you're meant to get his first name from a bulletin board where various people have left posts. Now, the names on the board include three of the four choices you have in the dialogue and absolutely none of the bulletins suggest character traits specific to an officer or to anything else you've learned about him. In fact, the closest logical leap I could find is that one of them mentioned a feature of the specific area he was patrolling, so I assumed that must be the one. Nope. So to solve the puzzle you have to choose one of four dialogue options correctly four times. The game will not tell you which you have gotten correctly and none of your hints are better than my example. Oh, yeah, and in episode one you can't cut off dialogue you've already heard (at least I couldn't find a way).

That's exceptionally awful. And it's doubly bad, because that's such a neat idea poorly done. But it's not the worst. Actually, episode one wasn't too bad. There was one other highly questionable moment that I only solved by clicking everything I had on everything else for long enough to get a result, but only that dialogue puzzle sent me to a walkthrough. Episode two, though.... Did I somehow kill your family without knowing it, episode two? Is that why you tortured me so? The first half was perfectly logical (well, dog-rope-shelf logical), but then there's a bit with a rat, and a trap, and you have to shoot it, and you have to... and you have to *rocking back and forth while crying*. And then you're taking exams for some reason!? WTF!?

Okay, so the puzzles are half okay and half unsolvable moon logic. That does not a good adventure game make. But, hey, we've still got the story, right? It's a noir thriller, with the cartoony charm of Sam & Max, and it's set in space - the best setting! There's no way this could be bad, right? Well, hmm. It's okay. Episode one starts off with a good noir hook involving a mysterious MacGuffin and ends with the uncovery of a sinister plot, a betrayal, and ominous forshadowing. I even like the simple touch that we're playing a female investigator under the influence of a "homme-fatale" in a typically masculine genre. However, episode one is just a lot of screwing around on a college campus with very little movement in the story. It also doesn't help that the main character is kind of rough around the edges and performs some unlikable deeds. And it's not so gut-bustingly funny that you can forgive the character's misanthropy like with your Sam & Max. That said, episode two fixes all of those problems. The plot thickens and things happen. The protagonist actually appologizes for, say, maiming her mostly helpful roommate. And, most importantly, a disembodied narrator is introduced that only the protagonist can hear. There's some wonderfully funny lines between them and the narrator is able to voice our concerns with the protagonist's actions and manners.

The narrator is also supposedly there to give you hints, but these are as helpful as the aforementioned clues with the policeman puzzle.

So we've got a badly designed, technically messy game with a story that's all over the place. No, I can't recommend this game. I really wanted to. If you had told me last week that I'd be playing a noir-themed adventure game in the style of Lucasarts or Telltale set in freaking space, I'd have said, "Yes! All of this! Melt it down and inject it right into my eyeballs!" I want AR-K to be the video game equivalent of the underdog kids in an 80s sports movie, where after a synth music montage with a robot, the devs crank out an adventure game that beats down the big bully Triple A teams that give adventure games wedgies.

Maybe it still can be that. There are still two episodes that haven't been released and episode two was mostly an improvement over episode one. In recent history, Tales of Monkey Island went from a mediocre first half to an adventure worthy of its pedigree. I'll keep an eye on AR-K's upcoming episodes and maybe I'll have the good fortune to erase my work here and tell you how badly you need to play this game. For now, though, I wouldn't.
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Posted: January 16
ARK is an episodic point and click adventure quest. Game tries to revive that old quests genre charm. Adventure of the game set on a space station inhabited by humans and aliens alike. It’s the age of interstellar travel. The world itself is also fascinating filled with all sorts of technology and aliens of different species which is very appealing to me since I’m a big fan of sci-fi genre. The result is certainly very smooth and polished presentation of the setting and the characters. Great audio, with the voice of the protagonist Alicia voice being amazing and hot. In the role of this beautiful girl of the future we live on a giant space station called AR-K, moving within the AR-K, talking to citizens, solving puzzles and of course party hard. She is in college training to be a journalist after being expelled from the police force because of a mysterious sphere was found in her possession. Like most good democracies everyone freaks out about this and she is disgraced and forced to leave the profession she loves, by being charged with a crime of stealing that sphere device. Game starts with Alicia finding herself waking up after a night of wild party and a wicked hangover. From here it is up to you to uncover the conspiracy surrounding the sphere and what it has to do with you. Story can sometimes surprise and amaze you with outcome of your actions and dialogues maintain a healthy dose of sarcasm and often of craziness. My wife and I really enjoyed playing it together, episode one was her favorite, though I liked them all the same.
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Posted: January 6
tl;dr -> Watch the fall of the best potential candidate for the (futuristic) police force into a life of thievery, deceit, manipulation, petty vandalism, and other criminal acts - but beware of distraction in the form of the heroine's shapely ♥♥♥. Oh, wait, she's a journalist? Okay, all those behaviours can be excused. 11/10 for realistic characters and a Harry Potter-style purse that can hold literally everything.

I got AR-K gifted to me by a good, generous friend who loves to give me games to review. I've played my large share of point-and-clickers, and I have to say, AR-K is easily one of the best I've encountered. The pacing, puzzle difficulty, humor, and writing are all very well-done. The game appears to be a set of episodes, and there are currently 2 available to play at the time of writing this review.

If you like point-and-clickers, a futuristic setting, good humor, and charming dialogue, then you will really enjoy this game. Fans of the genre must give this a try.

The aesthetics are nice - the artsyle is good and the amount of detail in the textures is well-done. You definitely will not have to worry about the game being graphic-intensive. I have to admit, I am a pervert, and I found the main character's ♥♥♥ a bit distracting at times (but that's just me). The music and sounds are very good, and combine with the excellent voice acting to give you a fun, refreshing gameplay experience. Sometimes, I can find myself getting a bit annoyed at voice acting for videogames - especially point-and-clickers - however, the voice acting in AR-K (especially for the heroine) is great. You have the option of skipping through dialogue if you wish. The cutscenes are also nice, and are never too long or dull.

As a point-and-clicker, the controls are fairly simple, however, there is no in-game tutorial (there is only a 2-page screen with an overview of the inventory system) - so you will want to check out how to properly use the inventory management system. I've seen a few threads on the steam forums asking about how to combine/use items, so don't be too alarmed if you are confused in the beginning - it takes some getting used to, but becomes easier once you understand how it works. The learning curve is minimal to moderate depending on your experience with point-and-clickers. I must admit, a few of the puzzles and item combinations were not necessarily intuitive at first, and a lot of trial and error may be common in your playthrough.

In the forums, I saw a comment by the developer mentioning that the game can take around 8 hours (I am assuming for the 2 episodes, unless I misinterpreted), however, I think playthroughs for the average gamer will realistically take a maximum of 5 hours, assuming you are having a lot of difficulty with the puzzles and are also reading every single dialogue piece multiple times. The two episodes have a fair amount of puzzles and content, and I look forward to the next instalments.

During gameplay, you will have to do A LOT of item combinations, both within your inventory and in the game world. I enjoyed all of the item pickup cutscenes, especially since the heroine's bag appears to be able to hold an infinite amount of objects (of any size and shape). Another interesting element that I really liked is the questioning system - in your inventory screen you can also drag and drop character portraits for people you've met onto other characters in order to ask about them. A lot of the dialogue is witty and well-written. The heroine also has a dirty mouth, and there is a nice change/addition in the second episode. I strongly suggest playing in order.

IMPORTANT! Please be advised, you must be very careful when reloading a saved game - if you accidentally pick "New Game," it will most likely delete your save. You must also be careful when exiting your game - I had to replay from the beginning because my progress wasn't saved properly.

Overall, I strongly suggest that any point-and-click enthusiasts check out this game. It is also very user-friendly and welcoming to newbies to the genre. Give it a try!


DJSF @DJSF's Rogue Reviews
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Posted: February 22
I have mixed emotions on this one. I just finished playing thru what is currently out (Episode 2). Game shows a promise with the story, but it is very short and has plot holes. There should be more development of the story here. Also the logic in places leaves A LOT to be desired. I have certainly played worse games, but not recently made ones. That said I can't just say pass this one by altogether. It needs some love and attention in places but the story has an interesting hook if they can clean it up.

I can't recommend the game as it currently stands but will revisit this in a few months once the rest of the episodes are out and some more bug fixes made.

  • Interesting story that I would like to see where it goes
  • Nice looking graphics
  • Generally funny
  • Engaged developers

  • Controls are non-intutive, particularly in the first episode. They really need a tutorial if the are leaving as is.
  • Story is illogical in places, particularly in Episode 2.
  • Game requires certain actions completed in a certain order.
  • Bit buggy still, had to restart game twice due to missing brick.
  • Hyper-sexualized lead. There is no reason to have her drawn/animated the way she is and it actually detracts from the game. I found this last part bad enough to the point of being offensive. I recommend the developer rethink their target audience for this isn't teenage boys that play most point & click adventures so there is no need to have a lead with painted on clothing that sways as she walks.

Unfortunately I don't expect them to correct the last point at this stage of development and that is a shame. I like the story as laid out and will give it another chance once more comes out but this certainly needs some work.
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2.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 1
Decent game, with some flaws that should not bother you overly much.
If you're a fan of point n click adventures this one is pretty decent. It has a captivating story with some decent dose of comedy integrated into it.

Not all chapters are finished yet, but those that are have been made available in a number of languages.

- Graphically pleasing.
- I got this game for free.
- Entertaining story.
- Steam trading cards and achievements.
- Developer is friendly and open to feedback - if you find any bugs let him know.

- Unpolished. No tutorial or proper help system to explain the interface. (like dragging stuff on top of each other / opening your backpack and being able to ask npcs about each other)
- Walking is slow and zone exits are not clearly marked.
- Without a guide you're going to get stuck due to the above issues.
- Spelling errors integrated into the video system are hard to fix.
- Over 3 GB while it could be much less.
- Not all chapters are finished yet.

Bottom line, if you're a fan, get it.
But, I recommend waiting for a 50% - 75% discount at least, as you won't get more than 10 hours of playtime out of it and there's no replayability for this kind of game.
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Posted: December 8, 2014
Good developer! Giveaway game to promote a their game:D
i like the picture, story but not the gameplay. should have added keyboard controls instead of just mouse clicking, confused me when i played it, however the picture of this game is quite good, and great storyline.
Developer should start this game from alpha (early-access) like the other games, where developer can change the game whenever they want. I still recommend you play this game if you like puzzle games.
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Posted: March 18
I like the resurgence of quest genre, and the game is one of.

The game is quit simple. I mean, there are only simple activities which can be solved via mouse-brute-force. Likewise, the content is not so big, maybe 10-20% of one Space Quest V, and without little puzzles. Developers go on with the content (here are only 2 episodes, and they're going to add 2 more).

The story is intrigued (I like it). The ambience and style definetely is for teenagers, and style is quite strict and you can feel the uniquness of the game and joy.

I'm looking forward to the next two episodes. I hope that they will be enriched.

If you remember good old quests, you should like it.
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Posted: December 13, 2014
AR-K - A point-and-click adventure
- Graphics: the graphics requiring getting used to but are not bad and I like that style. (see pictures above)
- Sound: There is no real background music, only in a few screens there are some background sounds like the tweet of birds. But I like the voices.
- Language: This game only supports English language AFAIK. But the language is not too difficult, and you have subtitles, so for me as not a native English speaker it was easy to understand.
- Story: I like the story as far as I am.
- Traveling: You can get fast from one screen to the next with only very short loading times, and you only need a few screens at the beginning, so you can get really fast from one “end” to the other “end”.
- Difficulty: Very Hard. There no really much hints. That you can control the dog gives you more opportunities, but that’s not really advantageous. After half an hour I needed to look into a walkthrough to get further.

Over all I can suggest this game if you like point-and-click adventures and like to solve difficult puzzles.
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Posted: December 30, 2014
This is a sweet, charming point and click game. There are bugs, but they are being worked out. Perfect for young girls, and people who just need a break from the relentless fps bloody grind
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Posted: March 31
the game has an okay story - has some jokes, at some points abit pervy or deep thinking but other then that it is interesting.
There will be 4 episodes in total they say.
It is a point and click, puzzle game with a story. You play as a lady and she has a dog that accompany her.
The graphics are fine btu sometimes the animation is weird and not working correctly (like walking animation or talking).
She always walks, she walks very slow, getting to point a to B will at least take 10-15 seconds. It would have been better if there is some teleporting like in other games. Walking animation is just weird..
You do can skip cut scenes, sometimes the game is a bit buggy. but do-able.

If you get this game in a discount or sale, it would be worth while, if you are interested in point and click games + story, this could be your thing.

Ill rate this 7/10
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Posted: April 5
The game has character and made me smile. Its doesn't take itself too seriously and was a refreshing change of pace from the depressive post apocalyptic/war genre i usually play. The developer also actively seeks feedback negative or positive which I like.

The voice overs in the game are solid and the point and click gameplay was done well. However the character animations in the game often looked stiff or odd to me and could do with some work (knowing full well that animations are possibly the hardest to do). Overall I thought the art design was good and i liked the concept of the Ar-k. Definitely recommended.
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6.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 26
Enjoyable point and click adventure game full of humor.
Similar to the old Monkey Island games.

I really enjoyed playing the game and can't wait for the next episodes,
Audio and visuals fit together very well and has a good storyline.

Excellent game and well worth the Crowdfunding and Steam Greenlight to get it going.
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Posted: December 13, 2014
As much as i dislike this new trend in episodic games, this one i kind of liked.
-It starts kinda slow and lacks an hint option, i got stuck on some puzzles there i must admit.
-the graphics and 3D models aren't that great, the animations are weird and could use some more improvement.
-I've encountered a few bugs here and there, like one line of dialogue that didn't have voice acting and some minor translation problems.
I know i listed mainly bad things about it but i enjoyed it despite those problems, if they get fixed in future episodes i might even consider buying them.
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2.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 14, 2014
This honestly was a nice little game. It forces you to use your brain not only to figure out how to solve a puzzle but also kinda think about what you may have to do later on to go further on. I am not gonna lie, some of the puzzles and questioning that you do to some of the characters can be dificult at some times. Missing one little clue or not seeing one little thing can mean you being stuck for hours :P (im joking about that) You can get stuck on what to do and sometimes the hint isnt always there so it makes it that much more challenging for a point and click.

I would indeed reccomend this game again if you are a great thinker and like to investigate or use your mind a lot more than youd think for a normal game. Another thing that made it interesting was the dialogue. It has its funny parts and can definitely make things seem a lot more fun in the game.

Over all I'd gave this game an 8 out of 10.
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Posted: March 10
I didn't expect much from AR-K, until i played it.
Turned out to be a surprisingly well made point & click adventure, true to classics we all love.

+spot-on art style
+intriguing story
+lovely protagonist voice acting
+Sam'n'Max´ish / Larry´esque music score
+humor cracked me up 5 times in 45 minutes
+riddles made me read 2 guides in 60 minutes

-Scripting is a little rough around the edges*
*which judging from reviews and forum posts, i´m sure the devs are willing & able to iron out asap

I (roughly) remember the same things from games like Monkey Island or Indiana Jones :D
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Posted: March 24
I didn´t think ARK could be interesting from my game playing genre but i have to say
its really brilliant making your children laugh and get fun.
it has a good aestethic perfomance and decent bso.

Very intuitive controls and a good polish history

Good to buy if you have a 90% discount on it like me,otherwise you should wait to buy it on sales
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Posted: December 17, 2014
The developer was kind enough to offer some game copies to giveaway winners. I managed to win one of those copies. This game is a great point and click game with a nice story and decent graphics. The voice acting is alright, main character could get kind of annoying afterwhile though. This game shows great promise in the next episodes. I must know what the orb is!
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Posted: March 8
+Ultra s3xy Protagonist
+Very nice Humor
+2 Chapters aviable (3rd to unlock)
* A "Click&Point"-Advancer with Items-puzzles. Not for everyone unless you like example "D3p0n1a"
* A bit slowly gameplay (long distances and/or She walk slow. Like most of this games)
* Screenshots aren't aviable (that function isn't broke for any game)

quick summary
* If you want boobs: 6/10
* For what she have a brick in her handbag: 9/10
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