Heat Signature is a game from the developers of Gunpoint where you break into spaceships, make terrible mistakes, and think of clever ways out of them. You take a mission, fly to the target ship, sneak inside, and make clever use of your gadgets to distract, ambush and take out the crew.
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Sep 21, 2017

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December 1

New Patch: 2017.11.30.1

We've uploaded a new patch, here's what's changed:

  • Fixed game locking after liberation mission completed. (Bug introduced in previous patch)
  • Remove liberators' personal missions if the station is liberated outside the mission.

  • Fixed guard errand frequency.
  • Fixed retiring a character generating an extra liberator.
  • Fleshstripper no longer uses a bullet.
  • Fixed Strategy Map becoming non-interactive after a liberator is killed while liberating a station.
  • Fixed thruster sound playing after repeating practice mode.

If you'd like to get patches as soon as possible, the nextversion beta receives patches as soon as they're ready for testing.

If you have problems with any patch or beta, please fill our our Bug Report Form to let us know what went wrong!
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November 22

The Fair Points Update

I was too nervous to read Heat Signature reviews for two weeks after launch. I was relieved to see the scores were great, and after 3.5 years of work, that was all I wanted to hear: I didn't want to know what their caveats were.

Once I calmed down and read them, though, I was delighted: they were not only very positive, but they told entertaining stories and made intelligent points. And almost every critique I read I thought was a fair point. Hence this:

The Fair Points Update. 5 new features and 3 new items, in direct response to review critique, designed to round the game out and make it more fun for more people.

We also added a gun that fires acid money to melt the flesh from your enemies and leave only chemically bleached bone. No-one asked us for that, we just kind of did it, and now here we are.

This post only explains the features themselves, read the blog version if you're interested in the design thinking behind it all.

Fair Point:
Missions with shielded or armoured guards can seem impossible without very high level tools

Feature: Guard counts
You're now told how many of each type of guard you'll encounter on a mission, so you can plan accordingly. You'll be able to tell: yes, I have enough tools to deal with this many shielded guards. There are also more missions with 3-6 bosses, which is very doable if you have just one tool that deals with their protection type.

Feature: Acid and Crash Traps
We're also adding two new item types to help you better deal with armour and shields. Acid Traps can be placed to strip the armour of any guard who walks on them, and Crash Traps will crash all of their electronic kit, shields included. You'll have to use some guile to set them up and lure the target into them, but they both come with a powerful advantage: they're always self-charging. That means even the common ones are endlessly re-usable, so there's no upper limit on how many armoured or shielded guards you can deal with - if you can lure them in.

Fair Point:
Permadeath encourages you to choose missions below your skill level, because so much is at stake

Feature: Glitchback Guarantee
Sometimes, one of the harder missions on offer will come with a Glitchback Guarantee. This means your client will teleport you out the moment you get hit, avoiding any permanent damage. So there's absolutely no risk in taking these missions, you can't lose anything no matter how badly it goes. It doesn't make the mission easier, though - if you have to be glitched out, the mission is canceled.

Fair Point:
if you can't manage Hard missions, progression is too slow.

Feature: Liberators
If you haven't liberated a station in a while, one of your choices on character select will be a Liberator: a randomly generated character with high-level gear, and a personal mission to liberate a particular station. They already have the intel and the kit to go out there and do this, so you can just pick them and head straight out.

Fair Point:
Stronghold liberations are too hard for some players

Feature: Stronghold Liberators
If you fail a Stronghold mission, you'll find a Stronghold Liberator in the bar. These are like the other liberators but even better equipped, so they should make Stronghold missions more viable and fun if you're not able to complete them with characters who started from scratch.

Fair Point:
I sometimes have trouble making things out

Feature: Simple Art mode
Under Accessibility Options, there's now a Simple Art Mode you can enable. It makes all ships use a simpler version of the Foundry ship look, which is already our clearest and plainest. We've clarified and plainified it a bit further in this mode: the traversible space is almost entirely blank, and the solid stuff is tweaked to all look identical. Hope this helps!

Feature: Explosive Guard Annotations
We now annotate explosive guards when they first appear on screen, since some people had trouble spotting those. You can turn this off in the options if you don't like it.

Fair Point:
I just hate permadeath.

OK, no reviewer said this. But one or two players did, and I think we can help them out without changing the game for the majority who like it.

Feature: A Cheat Option to turn off permadeath
We've added this under Cheat Options to be clear that it's not how the game is meant to be played - I don't want other players to feel like they're being asked to design how the game should work. This is a cheat. Play without it unless you need it.

When permadeath is off, anything that would normally permanently kill your character instead resets you to when you were last at a station.

Fair Point:
As it stands, there's no way to strip the flesh from my enemies with a corrosive form of currency.

That was an oversight and we're sorry.

Feature: The Fleshstripper
The Fleshstripper is a new unique weapon that fires the same acid used as currency in the Drift - extracted from those colourful nebulae you've been flying through. It belts out a heavy rain of the stuff, melting through armour and flesh alike, leaving only skeletons behind. Its ammo is your savings: it costs 1 acid-money to fire.

From the 22nd of Space November to the 6th of Space December, there's a shipment passing through the Drift carrying the Fleshstripper - that's your sure-fire way to obtain it. Regardless of whether you steal the shipment, it's also available to all players as a very rare random drop.

A note on Updates
Us: Here's a significant free update!
You: Great! I can't believe we get these regularly for free forever!
Us: Oh, geez. This is awkward.

This update is a one-off, we don't plan to do updates like this on a regular basis. We might add items from time to time, but only buy the game if you want the game as it stands - we don't make promises about future content.

Nominate us in the Steam Awards!
Heat Signature is all about player choice, so we would never try to influence how or when you choose to vote for us in the Steam Awards, in the 'Choices Matter' category for player choice, before the 28th of November, by clicking here. That would have to be your choice.

Either way, if you've played enough Heat Signature to know if you recommend it, we'd love for you to leave a quick review! As you can tell from this update, we like reviews.
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Supporter's Edition

The Supporter's Edition of Heat Signature comes with a bunch of fun extras:

  • Play through Heat Signature's development with 8 early prototypes from its 3.5 year development.
  • Watch 9 developer commentary videos showing and explaining its evolution: from drilling through hulls to liberating empires. (Total: 70 minutes)
  • Own the full soundtrack in 320kbps MP3 format. (19 tracks, 83 minutes)

About This Game

Break into spaceships!

Fly your pod up to any spaceship in the galaxy and dock with its airlock to sneak inside. From there, you've got to sneak up on the crew, outshoot them in slowmo gunfights, or outthink them with clever gadgets. Take missions to steal loot, assassinate VIPs, or rescue friends.

Take your time!

Get out of impossible situations by pausing at any time and taking as long as you need to figure out a clever plan. You have a wide range of gadgets with clever uses, and you can switch, aim and fire them with no time pressure at all, letting you pull off ridiculously cool tricks without needing twitch skills.

Liberate the galaxy!

All your missions get you closer to liberating new space stations from the empires that control them, and this unlocks new gadgets to buy in your shops, and special challenge characters to play.

Lots more features!
I'm not making GIFs for all these!
I'm not made of GIFs!
I'm not some kind of GIF-golem!

Emergent gameplay!

Use gadgets like teleporters, stealth shields and subverters to invent your own solutions to tricky situations.

Galactic zoom!

Zoom smoothly from a view of the whole galaxy down to your character sneaking up on guards inside the spaceship you're boarding.

Choose your difficulty!

You choose each mission, ranging from trivially easy to nightmarishly hard. There's also a practice mode where you can try items and tactics with no consequences and instant-restart.

Randomly generated missions!

Each one picks a random combination of guard kit, ship layout, and complications like space battles.

Each life is a new character!

Choose between randomly generated characters with different starting kit, and when you die, play as someone new in the same galaxy.

Personal missions!

Every character has one grand heist to work towards: rescue their brother, steal their gun back, get revenge on their partner's killer.

Modular destruction!

Blow up any part of a ship with breach grenades or fuel barrels. Rip a ship in half. Get sucked into space by the vacuum.

Rescue your friends' characters!

If someone on your friends list gets their character captured, and they aren't able to rescue them, maybe you can! You'll sometimes get a character whose personal goal is to rescue a friend's character. If you manage it, you unlock your friend's character to play as! They don't get it back. They had their chance. It's yours now.

Find your friends' items!

When you retire an accomplished character, you can choose one item to pass on. You get to name it, and both your Steam friends and your own future characters have a chance to find these as loot. Equally, you'll come across items your friends have named.

What Heat Signature is not:

We don't want you to buy Heat Signature if it's not for you. We'd always rather have a happy non-customer than an unhappy customer. So here's what it isn't:


  • It's not story-driven: there's a backstory to this place and a few conversations with characters, but there's not a story that develops as you play. It's much more about the stories you generate by playing, about how you got out of impossible situation X or pulled off crazy stunt Y.

  • There aren't other careers: You can't mine asteroids. You can't build ships. You can't recruit a crew. You're an infiltrator, you break into spaceships for a living, it's all about that.

  • There are no planets: The whole game takes place in this nebula full of space stations. You can dock at any friendly station and board any hostile ship, but it's not a space exploration game.

  • It's not multiplayer: The friends features mentioned above are fun but they're just sharing content, it's not multiplayer at all and you're never in the same world together.

There are cool games about all those things. This is a cool game about something else!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: 1.7GHz dual-core CPU
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 5000 or better (GeForce and Radeon tend to be better)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 400 MB available space
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