Lili is a quirky adventure RPG hybrid with stunning visuals, silky-smooth graphics, a cinematic story-line, and a fresh new way to deal with enemies.
User reviews: Very Positive (533 reviews)
Release Date: May 9, 2014

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"While we often shoot, stab or slam our problems away in video games, not all of them have to deal with combat in a violent way. Enter BitMonster's Lili."
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About This Game

Lili is a quirky adventure RPG hybrid with stunning visuals, silky-smooth graphics, a cinematic story-line, and a fresh new way to deal with enemies.

On the mysterious island of Geos, Lili will meet a number of hilarious locals, explore beautiful environments, solve some puzzles, and even challenge an oppressive regime or two along her way.

If you've enjoyed Zelda, Broken Age, or Psychonauts come on an adventure with Lili! And if you have never played any of those games, come with us on a journey which will make your sides ache with laughter, where you will get to know and love Lili, and maybe even shed a tear or two.

Feature Highlights

  • Open and flexible gameplay - Lili: Child of Geos sports a huge number of quests and adventures for the player to experience. The player is free to mix and match how they progress through the game by either fighting spirits or completing quests, or anything in between.

  • Lili as it was meant to be - Lili started its life as a game for iPhones and iPads. We've since taken that game as a starting point and run with it.

    Improvements include:
    -Vastly improved and updated visuals across the whole game
    -Completely redone UI
    -More than doubled the number of interactive NPCs in the world
    -4x the number of quests
    -Full Controller support
    -A long list of bug fixes and tweaks

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  • Collectible Hats - Hidden throughout the game are a multitude of fun and exciting hats to collect and wear. Can you find them all?

  • 45 unique NPCs - Every area of Geos has unique NPCs to interact with and talk to! And believe us, they all have A LOT of problems for Lili to help solve.

  • Visually Stunning World - Lili takes place on the beautiful and whimsical island of Geos. It takes full advantage of the ample power available in the modern gaming PC. We lovingly call it the tour de force for UnrealEngine 3.

  • Steam Achievements - 47 achievements to acquire!

  • Steam Leaderboards - Every single Spirit in the game has its own leaderboard. Can you beat your friends' scores?

  • Choices Abound - Most of us have over 40 hours of playing Lili on Steam. That is 40 hours of just doing play throughs to test the game. And after those 40 hours, we still love playing. Our daily play through is one of the best parts of our day!

    About BitMonster

    BitMonster is comprised of five senior developers, previously with Epic Games, who headed out to explore the world of indie game development.

    We have spent the last 5ish months completely redoing our first game, morphing it into a phenomenal PC gaming experience. We can't wait for you all to experience Lili: Child of Geos!

System Requirements

    • OS: XP
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 4000
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: 7
    • Processor: Intel i5 2.5 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Posted: November 4, 2014
Oooh boy, this is an odd one...

When I came along to see this game on sale, I thought what would await me was a cheesy, but pretty RPG with puzzles to solve and battles to win, much like the advertised likeness to Zelda and Psychonauts. What greeted me instead was an almost childish flower-picking simulator with the most gorgeous artstyle I ever saw.

And I didn't mind.

I bought this game, like some other people, because of the screenshots, and the promise of reliving some of the charm of the games of my childhood. I'm not normally a person who cares much for graphical fidelity in games so long as the gameplay is fun, however in this case? Quite the opposite. Something about the graphics style just makes me innately happy whenever I look at it. It puts my mind to rest for a while, which as a person with depression and anxiety attacks is a bloody godsend. The entire game is very colorful, vivid and nicely stylized, with very fluent animation, adorable little details and an overall just... happy feeling to it. It's easily one of the best-looking games I've played in my life, and it does so not through polygon count, but clever, passionate stylization. Don't get me wrong, though, the models are still pretty high quality.

With the graphics out of the way, though, let's address gameplay. This is where I initially felt cheated by the storepage claiming such close resemblance to the Zelda and Psychonauts games. I imagined adventuring, clever puzzles and dangerous trials. What I got was "Flower Picking - Collector's Edition", with the 'Collector' being quite literal. This is a game about collecting things and smashing pots. Collect flowers. Collect money. Collect conversation. Collect Collectibles. Every so often you'll fight a spirit, where the term 'fighting' is used much in the same way the term 'Discussion' is used for having a 12-year-old squeak into their microphone online in your FPS of choice. The spirits run away from you, because apparently a 16 year-old hipster florist apprentice is more dangerous than a mystical, 7 feet tall nature spirit with magic powers. Once you've caught up to the spirits, the fighting is technically a long, randomized QTE. They grow flowers from their backs. Sometimes they're good flowers, sometimes they're bad flowers, sometimes they're bombs. A button hovers over them and the game wants you to press the button that hovers over the thing which won't harm you like a parent presenting three hot stove plates and a plushie to their three-year-old and telling them to think fast.
Occasionally the gameplay is broken up through quests you get from talking carpentry accidents that more often than not involve walking to a specific place or talking to a specific person. Sometimes you need to defeat a certain spirit, which you would probably do anyway sooner or later.

What makes the quests, and the game in general interesting are the conversations. Despite the childish flair of the game, the writing is actually enjoyable for the most part, offering some casual humor around every corner. The characters are all quirky enough, and while not exactly believable, are enjoyable to interact with and had me talking to them over and over again to see more conversational options. Whether that was because I actually enjoyed the quirkyness of it all or simply because there's not much else to do I'm not quite sure, but it's lead me to finishing the game and doing so with a smile, so whatever it was, it worked!
On account of the writing, however, and the general presentation, in this case of the main character, I'll have to give a bit of a cringe-warning:
The game likes its references. Which is all fine and dandy, many games do it, and to great effect, usually in the form of little trinkets hidden here or there, or a quest resembling the story of a classic. Lili has a slightly different approach to that in some points, "slightly different" meaning "IN YOUR FACE". The game enjoys repeating how much of a gamer the main protagonist is, and how much she knows about casual video game trivia to the point where it had me sit in my chair, squeeze my legs together and groan.
"Look at us!", the game keeps saying, "We're gamers just like you, haha! See? We played some video games!"
"Alright, that's cool!", I replied with a smile and went on with my business.
"Oh hey, did we mention how much we love gaming? Hey, we're just like you! Gamer bro fist, haha!"
Alright, game, I get it. You guys made a video game, I kind of figured you'd probably have played one or two before.
"Hey look at how much we know about games! Man, games, am I right? We love games so much. We should hang out now because you play games, too!"

One last thing to consider before a purchase is the length of the game. I've completed the game with all sidequests in about 4 hours. It's not a terribly long game by any stretch of the imagination. You can beat it in a single afternoon if you're so inclined, and there's little reason to go back to it afterwards unless you just need a breather from grey reality and want to delve into a colorful, gorgeous fantasy island again.

All in all, however, it's a minor itch and completely ignorable. The game, while about as casual as a stroll through the park on a sunny spring day, was still enjoyable and while I would not recommend it for the full price, it's certainly worth a look on sale. Whether you're feeling down or just long for something lax to play while listening to a podcast or letting the day fade out, it's sure to put a smile on your face if you don't mind an experience that's more focussed on presentation than gameplay. It's an immensely impressive starting project for BitMonster and I'm looking forward to their next games already.

PS: BitMonster, if you guys could make another game with the same art style but more engaging gameplay, I would love you forever.
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Posted: November 29, 2014
Ok I love this game. Sure all you do is pick flowers, kick open chests, talk to wierdos, smash vaces, and wrestle spirits; but it's really great fun. Good graphics. Easy smooth controls. It has an interesting mix of tiki and the island of misfit toys going on.

Yes there is a lack of most voice acting and that is a loss but that's the only draw back.

A good game for kids or any adult wanting a non violent fun time.
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Posted: January 8
My toddlers loved watching me play which meant I got to give Mom a break by playing video games. 10/10.
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Posted: October 29, 2014
I bought this game almost entirely because it looked really cute from the screenshots. After playing through the first two areas (so far), I must say I am very pleasantly surprised! The art is very nice, as I expected, but the detail is far greater than I expected. Such a lovely atmosphere! The world they've created is one that I am thoroughly enjoying exploring. You can tell a lot of love went into this game just from looking around.

But enough about the wonderful art. If I had to classify this game I'd say it's a point-and-click with some (very limited) RPG elements and quick time events.

The game's story is... well, it's silly, but it's interesting enough. The humor is where it really shines. From conversations to item descriptions, this game has a lot of laughs packed in.

Gameplay is a bit rough. I feel confident in saying that this game was made with touch screens in mind, so the controls are a little clunky and the "battles" can be tricky--after all, you only have one mouse instead of a handfull of fingers. Still, you'll get used to it pretty fast. I'm playing on the hardest difficulty and I can usually get 3 stars (the max number) on my first try, and I am by no means a hardcore gamer. I've only played the first two areas, though, as I said, so it will presumably get harder. Still, I'm sure this will be a turn-off to some, so I feel the need to mention it.

No major glitches so far, just some camera twitchiness when you talk to people as it switches from "world view" to "conversation view", and once where I could read a sign through a wall.

Music is adequate. Nothing to write home about, but works well with the atmosphere and isn't irritating.

Sound effects are good, but the random dialogue bits (the game isn't fully voice acted, but sometimes people will say a few words of their text) are sometimes odd. Such as Lili saying "Hello!" when she's actually saying goodbye in her text... or just randomly in the middle of a conversation. What up with that, Lili?

All in all, I am pleasantly surprised and really enjoying the game. Do recommend.
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Posted: December 29, 2014
Adorable and with a beautiful art style, Lili: Child of Geos is a refreshing and imaginative game packed with fun humor, quirky characters and wonderfully crafted areas to explore.

Gameplay is simple: you're Lili, a young student visiting the island picking flowers for a school project. As you stroll around collecting, you'll bump into lots of interesting folks with fun things to say, little quests for you to do and treasure to find.
The game has no combat involved. Instead, you encounter evil spirits to be purged by picking flowers from their backs. It's a mini game that was intended for tablets and phones, but still translates decently to mouse controls and is easy to pick up. Various challenges are thrown in when picking the flowers, like prickly thorns to avoid and timed bombs to fling off. It can be a bit repetitive though as it's the same minigame for each spirit.
All in all, Lili is a charming adventure in a beautiful and creative world. Great for kids, casual gamers, and anyone needing a nice dose of childlike wonder and joy.
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Posted: November 22, 2014
Truly a hidden gem. Beautiful, humourous and really fun. Once I started playing I couldn't stop.
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Posted: January 17
love this game cool puzzle and relaxing game and funny
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Posted: November 27, 2014
1. great background graphic
2. slow, relax
3. costumes

when u r tired about life, it's a good game to you
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Posted: December 26, 2014
It's a very casual, very charming, very pleasant 3rd person adventure through the most endearing, beautifully rendered world I've seen in a game. Featuring a cast of quirky, funny characters, the game is fun for all the family!
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Posted: March 30
Lili: Child of Geos is originally a mobile game with light rpg elements and a very basic storyline which revolves around picking flowers and wrestling tree spirits for flowers, and was ported to steam for windows. The port in itself is pretty good; one of the best ports I've played in a long while.

+ Graphics are very beautiful, and although childlike, are exceptionally polished. Being that it was originally a mobile game, it is not surprising that most of the funds went towards the graphics
+ Different areas to explore. There's a few areas to explore in this game, and though they are small, are unique and well designed.
+ Easter eggs are everywhere in the form of hats. Link hat, mario hat, etc. This game pays homage to some of the most popular games in video game history.
+ You get to vandalize things. Yup, you get to break into locked houses, break vases, steal flowers. And it's done in a way that makes it look innocent.
+ Options to change your characters look. You can change the glasses, masks, hats, and color of outfit. While it's not in depth it allows you to have a personal touch.
+ Most of the achievements are easy to beat. In my first play through of the game I had 83% of achievements unlocked.

- The game can get pretty repetive very quickly, especially when aiming for the 1000 vases and flowers achievements. Be prepared to kick vases over for quite a long time
- Limited voice acting. Most of the time it is just sounds you hear from the npcs and player.

Other Feelings:

/ I have very mixed feelings about the story line for this game. You are a young girl sent to a mysterious and supposedly haunted island to collect rare flowers. The fact she is alone at such a young age is disturbing. You also dont get to have a choice about helping the wooden constructs, you're kind of just shoved ino it.

All in all, This is a very, very cute game and worthy of being added to a gaming collection for trading cards and achievements. It is a safe game to let a child play, and adults will find it enjoyable as well. However, the game is not worth the full price, one should expect a lot more for a game for the price they are wanting. This game is definately worth it on a sale.
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Posted: April 7
cute game for cute girls such as me.
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Posted: October 28, 2014
A very unique Adventure RPG hybrid game!
The storyline is quite short but the game has a very own fresh style, a funny way to deal with enemies, offers you enough to explore, is quite challenging and many more!
When this game is on sale, it's definitely not a waste of your money when buying it and is a must have for someone who likes RPG and Adventure games!
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Posted: January 29
About the game.

The graphics are cartoony and totally my taste. The story itself is worth playing and has funny parts (So don't skip conversations).
This game would be better if it wasn't that easy to get coins. Bought Master Key which opens EVERY door in the game for a silly cheap price and all the key exploring fun was gone.
It isn't worth playing it a secound time. But that one time playing was totally fun.
Currently I'm having 3.8 hrs on this game. Probably going for the Achievements now.

-Short Story
-Many blocked areas
-Too easy for players that want a challenge
-After completing, not very interesting things to discover.

-Good and Fun Story
-Beautiful Graphics
-Easy controles
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Posted: October 24, 2014
I have to admit when the credits rolled and I saw just how few people actually worked on ‘Lili: Child of Geos’; I was astonished that they made a game look so good! Okay, it's quite basic and perhaps a little too soft and flowery for some people; but the environments are wonderful to explore, the characters are cutesy and the general goals to complete may be limited but were still very enjoyable to progress through! It’s a very odd game to try to review because it’s really that simple of a game, but if you were to buy this during a sale it makes an outstanding change of pace and allows you to immerse yourself in a magical island of witty humour and flower picking, pot breaking fun! It felt like a nostalgic trip; reminding us of old school PS1 games when worlds used to be so creative and so vibrant!
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Posted: December 3, 2014
Lili: Child of Geos is a wonderful casual adventure game. You follow Lili on her quest to free the citizens of Geos from the Spirits by gathering items and collectibles. There's really no point in the game than to immerse yourself with the wonderful cartoon fantasy world while discovering hidden items and collecting flowers - white ones which you can get anywhere and red ones which you need to fight some spirits to get it.

I really enjoyed this game despite of the lack of gameplay and the linear story line. What makes this game so much fun is the great art style and the graphics, this runs smoothly on my 3 yr old gpu, and I can appreciate that. There are collectable items in the game like hats, pets, and masks. It's a nice addition, but the dresses are just a change in color. It would've nice to see something different.

The music is perfect for a game like this but sometimes it gets a little annoying, I would have liked it to be a little subtle while im exploring and want to hear more of those ambient sounds.

I can highly recommend this to someone bored of the usual games and just want to chill out and enjoy the fantasy world. But if your an average gamer who wants more gameplay and some serious satisfaction out of a game, this isn't for you. I'd say it's great for a collectible, but honestly not worth the price, since the game is too short and replay value is very low.

Graphics: 7 - I like the graphics of the game and the the world of Geos is beautiful.

Gameplay: 4 - There isn't really anything to do here aside from collecting flowers to proceed with quests and maybe collecting masks and hats.

Music: 7 - The music is above average and will keep you feeling like you are in a cartoon fantasy world, but it gets repetitive. I woud've enjoyed more if I was hearing a more soothing music and more ambient sounds.

Replayability: 3 - The game doesn't offer anything more after you've beaten it once, maybe just to pick up more flowers and vases for achievements, or maybe get those missable hats or masks.

Overall Impression: 7 - I still give it a 7 despite of all the negatives, there is a certain charm to this game the you can only experience once you start adventuring with Lili=)
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Posted: November 5, 2014
Lili: Child of Geos tells the story of a young botanist, Lili, set on a quest to the supposedly uninhabited island of Geos as part of a school research project, but as the stories never tell the whole truth until you live them, you will soon find out that the island is actually inhabited by creatures called the Spirits and their creations meant to serve them, the Constructs. It won't be long before your arrival will alert the Spirits as your presence starts to influence the lives of the Constructs and make them question their existence as servants, so you will soon be caught up in the affairs of Geos’ locals. As much of a premise for a serious plot there is, the game chooses tell its story in a satirical way, adding jokes and references to other games every now and then, some which fail to deliver, making the entire story feel irrelevant after you realize most quests are there to fill in the space without an actual outcome in the storyline. As a game that focuses on exploration and the landscape it creates with it, it was disappointing to see how limited that exploration really is; it was exciting to find new items, meet new Constructs and see where else their quests will take me, but after a few minutes you will soon realize that there are only around eight additional sidequests, most which take no longer than ten minutes to complete and as for everything you see in the distance, you will never actually get there.
Rating: 6

As for how the game plays, well it certainly is different from anything you have experience before, as your main objective is to defeat Spirits by jumping onto their back and picking the flowers that spurt from their heads. This is where the game shows its true nature, as it was originally made for tablets and picking flowers by dragging them with your finger across the screen feels natural and easy, but doing the same thing with a mouse can be a little bit tricky. Using a controller makes the whole thing a little bit easier as you can select the flower you want to pull using the action button, but at the same time it creates another problem, as you can only select from a range of four flowers, mapped to their respective action button, so later on in the game when you'll have to deal with up to eight different flowers, weeds and bombs at the same time, the controller will prove to be more of a burden than a helpful tool. Outside the battle the game works much better, using the keyboard and mouse or the controller to move around, collect flowers, look around for treasures and meet Geos' finest, but then again for an open world experience, there is a really small number of things that you can do outside the main story, which isn't that long either and the first glance at Geos will soon be shattered by exploration limits and the lack of new things to keep you going for longer or distract you from your main objective.
Rating: 5

Looking back at the iOS version of the game, it's clear that the visual upgrade worked out for the best and Lili: Child of Geos looks amazing on PC, but the real beauty when playing the game comes from the art style itself, taking you somewhere between what a gnome village would look like and combining it with a good Pixar movie. The landscapes are simply amazing and as for the characters, even if the Spirits look the same except for their masks, the Constructs each have a unique touch to help you recognize them whenever you see them around Geos. The bad part in all this is that you never get to explore everything that you actually see ahead of you and the five different locations of the island can be completed within minutes as there is nothing else to do besides the main objective and a few chests scattered around.
Rating: 8

The soundtrack complements the visual art style, probably not in the best way possible but its better with it there playing the background as you move on than without it. The worst part on the audio side is the absence of voice acting, which is understandable since most mobile titles lack such things, but as a PC port it's hard not to complain about how great the dialogue could've been voiced by the right actors, and on the same note it could've made some of those lame jokes funny just by using the right voice. The sound effects are okay, but since there is a limited number of items and objects that interact with the environment and your character, it will soon feel like a repetitive and monotone experience.
Rating: 6

It takes around four hours to finish Lili: Child of Geos, which isn't nearly enough to justify a 20€ price tag, and aside from that and a few achievements that you'll miss on your first playthrough there really is nothing else to keep you around, no matter how beautiful the island of Geos is.
Rating: 4.5

Judging by the first look, Lili: Child of Geos is beautiful and unique, but in this case the first look is deceiving, as the game won't last more than a few hours and as for the time in which it actually is entertaining, that's probably less than 30 minutes, but if that time is enough for you and you're just looking for a great view, Lili: Child of Geos delivers flawlessly on that side.
Rating Overall: 5.9

Check out the full review and a lot more about Lili: Child of Geos at[/h1]
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Posted: October 31, 2014
For fans of games that like beautiful scenery, this is the game for you. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. The game is relatively short so it's not worth 20 EUR, but on sale (3.99 EUR) it's worth it. It gives a warm feeling when you explore the game and progress the story. The variaty isn't that great and there are little minigames that would make this game into something amazing. It's a simple straightforward game and you shold play for the atmosphere and let the story and gameplay slide.
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 31, 2014
Been playing for a few hours now, but I've got a new recommendation.
Lili: Child of Geos will probably appeal to fans of Chibi Robo, Banjo Kazooie, and other collectathon games.

It's very gorgeous, pretty decent core gameplay and interesting writing.

The controls feel a bit wonky at first but, other than the "boss fights" you aren't expected to be very precise.

You just wander around, collect items, and help people.

The main character's cute and there's also costumes for completing substories and talking to characters in game.
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5.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 2, 2014
First, let's talk about game length... I heard this was pretty short so I held out for a good sale and finally picked it up for about $4. After almost 3 hours I'm maybe halfway through the game. I figure it should give me at least 5-6 hours of gameplay which is decent for that price but at full price you may want to hold off.

Anyway, about the game itself... The characters and the world are totes adorable. You'll find humorous writing, both light and even a little dark, video game references and great art direction. It's a good looking game with it's own style.

It's not without flaws, though. The biggest one which may even make it difficult for some people to play this is the barfy mouse-look. I can't even call it mouse acceleration. It's way worse than that. The mouse-look lags way behind and then suddenly snaps into position. It's very awkward and even though I never get motion sickness playing games, this had my stomache rolling sometimes.

Also, this game does not allow you set your game up via launcher or main menu. It dumps you into the game right away and you can fiddle with some minor graphics options once you get into it. The game did an adequate job of detecting my hardware and the game ran fine for me but for some others this may end up being a problem. Every game should allow you to configure your settings before rendering more than a menu just for safety's sake.

Another minor thing is the lack of voice acting. There are some voice clips, from Lili saying "hi" in 3 or 4 different ways to the other characters having their own little intros/outros to some grunts/barks during combat but aside from that none of the dialog is voiced which is weird since the voice acting that is there isn't bad. It would have been nice for a game this short to be fully voiced, at least the main characters.

Overall, though, it's a fun, cute little game involving smashing vases, stealing people's belongings out of thier homes, picking flowers and completing quests in good ol' RPG fashion. Pick it up on sale!
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Posted: February 15
Great Relaxing game, not a huge story line and rather easy... everything.

There is really no action and the upgrades are almost useless (Except the run speed)

You can get a skeleton key right off the bat which makes the key vendor useless (I got the skeleton key before i found the key vendor.

Great game. i do suggest you get it if you want to play a simple relaxing game as the Grahpics are amazing.
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