Have you always dreamed of making a game but have no wish to delve into the mystical realms of programming or 3D art creation? GameGuru allows you to fulfil your dreams in a non-technical, fun and extremely easy to share way. Create games that you can play and enjoy with others in minutes.
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Release Date: May 19, 2015

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June 24

V1.14 Progress Report - The EBE

After the extra work created for V1.131 and the subsequent delayed release, we have charged into the V1.14 work in earnest to make sure we get closer to our desired internal release date as possible.  I will keep this date dark so (a) you are not disappointed should we miss it, and (b) that we give ourselves the freedom to do more testing before we release to the public.  We already have a handful of post V1.131 tweaks coded, but the major news is the progress of the Easy Building Editor module which has been a joy to work on.  Now whatever I create will be subject to controversy, simply due to the number of ways the design could have gone, and that I am going up against the world of 3D modellers which have had two decades and a large team of coders to perfect. I have my, myself and a few weeks, in amongst my other duties of dev blog writer, twitch broadcaster, Steam and forum post replies, email responder, support mail replies and of course the regular duties of CEO and general project overlord.

Not that I am making excuses for my decisions, just putting this endeavour into context for you, and hopefully reduce the onslaught of abuse I am due on the release of a much anticipated EBE and the V1.14 monster update.  The first decision was to make it easy for me to optimize the collision and rendering of the final building/structure and for that I needed blocks, lots of blocks.  I also felt it was important to pay homage to the old segment editor from classic which was heralded as a very easy way to make rooms and corridors, but leave the door open for more ambitious creations.  Before I dive into the particulars, here is a quick shot of a building that took me no more than 25 seconds to create from scratch with the current EBE:

So what do you observe from this structure?  Well, you will see we are using multiple high-quality textures, namely a nice wooden floor, stone walls and concrete ceiling.  More textures are on the way and you will have 16 textures in total per structure which are placed in a single texture atlas for game performance but as each texture slice has 1024x1024 resolution the quality is such that you can put your nose to a wall and still see good detail.  Naturally, all come with normal and specular maps to give it that extra something.

You may also notice the edging around the front door, which was indeed included in my timed 25-second construction time :)  I challenge any 3D artist to create the same building with three textures and this level of detail in 25 seconds (and send me the video time lapse as proof).  If I win this challenge, we can say GameGuru is one of the fastest ways to create brand new buildings and structures from scratch (aside from the obligatory random building generator of course).

This rapidity of construction lies in the grid-system and layered editing that forms the core of the EBE.  You can start with a single small cube (see the displaced cube half way up the door frame), or choose an entire floor or wall piece, and the grid system locks to that dimension enabling you to quickly paint at the intuitive scale.  If you then select a door brush, the system is able to cut the door profile through an existing wall, much like CSG but instantaneously and at no cost to memory.  You then have a texture palette which can change the texture with which you add elements to your structure, and holding down SHIFT will reverse the operation enabling areas to be deleted at the brush scale you are operating at.  You can also rotate brush shapes, and the system has been designed to get the brush configurations from an external text file, a sample of the DOOR.EBE is shown below:

;EBE Spec (max 20x20x20)
width = 20
height = 20
depth = 1

prow19x0 = 11111111111111111111
prow18x0 = 11111111111111111111
prow17x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow16x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow15x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow14x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow13x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow12x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow11x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow10x0 = 11000000000000000011
prow9x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow8x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow7x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow6x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow5x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow4x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow3x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow2x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow1x0   = 11000000000000000011
prow0x0   = 11000000000000000011

You've maybe guessed that one of the features of this system is that you can create your own EBE files which are added to the selection of brush shapes so you can create your own private collection of shapes to help create the structures you desire, and I am sure a fair trade of publicly available EBE files will start circulating the forums :) Those astute enough to notice the THREE dimensions are correct in supposing your structures can be a 20x20x20 3D structure if you wish!

I have also completed the collision optimiser so this structure uses as few 3D boxes as possible to form a solid colliding area as soon as you enter Test Game mode. I will be using a similar system to optimize the polygons used as well (admittedly the structure you see comprises thousands of cubes and hundreds of draw calls) and the fact the geometry and UV data is predictable, I can be very aggressive when it comes to reducing the polygon usage here.

For those users who do NOT want blocky buildings and cubic creations, I have created the data structure for the EBE to accept not just cubes, but various configurations of slopes so 45 and 22.5 degree details can be achieved and still keep the block within an 8-bit packed element (great for memory saving and for LARGE structures). The current grid workspace has been set at 10x10x10 units with each unit being 100x100x100 in standard GameGuru dimensions so that is one large building indeed. The slopes will not be in the first version as I want to test the water and see what everyone thinks before complicating the choices, but it's there when we need it and I think we will all want diagonal walls, sloping roofs and more sophisticated creations moving forward. As the building aligns to the natural grid system of GameGuru, with the smallest block being just 5x5 you will also be able to snap entities to the building for your extra wall and ceiling details, but the attachment of things like dynamic doors and windows which are standard entities. I am also tinkering with the idea of a simple composite system so you can attach an entity, that then follows the building around when you drag and rotate it, but keeps its independent qualities in every other regard.

In other news, some of you will have heard the rumour that LOTS of characters are on the way to a GameGuru near you, and for a sneak peek at what is to come, I invite you to watch my latest Twitch Broadcast which you can view here:


I hope you like the progress so far, and I look forward to bringing you more news on this and related subjects in the week to come.  Happy game making and best of luck with your projects!


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June 10

V1.131 Released

It was meant to be a small tweak release, it turned into a monster. We have just released V1.131 which contains new features, fixes and tweaks to keep your game making universe alive and kicking, with a little something for everyone.  Below is a full list of changes from the log.

Improved Importing

  • Changed initial default to DDS when selecting new texture in IMPORT MODEL feature
  • Added support for better importing of FBX static meshes (skinning sidelined for now)
  • Toggled Texture Loader so PNG is the preferred image type looked for (good for FBX import)
  • Updated the DOCS file on importing models to include a section on Shadow Management
  • Added new Geo Twizzle and Center Mesh options for finer control of FBX importing
  • Added CULLMODE to Import Model Panel for some entities which are cull inverted
  • Now restored collision box markers when reload an FPE entity back into IMPORTER
  • Changed button highlight for IMPORTER panel buttons and renamed to 'Height Guide'
Scalable Ambient Obscurance
  • Added SAO (Scalable Ambient Obscurance) to Post Processor
  • Added sliders for SAO Radius and Intensity
  • Fixed issue of SAO effect bleeding through FOG layers
  • Fixed issue of SAO not working on some cards that do not support 1920x1080
  • Fixed SAO transparency on character shader revealed when adding trees to scene
  • Simplified SAO to not generate a noise vector for the moment - clever but produces swimming effect
  • Fixed SAO shimmer and was able to put noise function back in for much better SAO effect
  • Added new POST-SAO.FX to free regular BLOOM shader pass for a much quicker non-SAO rendering
Sound Improvements
  • Added much asked for LOAD SOUND command (see bottom of global.lua for new command descriptions)
  • Added LoadGlobalSound,DeleteGlobalSound,PlayGlobalSound
  • Added LoopGlobalSound,StopGlobalSound
  • Added SetGlobalSoundSpeed,SetGlobalSoundVolume,GetGlobalSoundExist
  • Added GetGlobalSoundPlaying,GetGlobalSoundLooping
  • Fixed sound and music volume so they respect stored settings when start each new level
  • Dynamic music no longer stops when enter games menu, only instance sound effects
  • Increased MUSICSYSTEM_MAXTRACKS from 4 to 32 to allow dynamic music system more freedom
XBox Controller Support
  • Added support in for SETUP.INI fields xbox, xboxinvert and xboxcontrollertype (XBOX Controller)
Bits And Bobs
  • Fixed both (Peek) behavior character soldiers to now use ai_cover.lua
  • Added OBSTACLERADIUS to SETUP.INI to control the margin radius of static obstacles
  • Fixed issue of gun and entity animations freezing when DEBUG MODE shows AI markers
  • Added 'lightmappingexcludeterrain' to SETUP.INI which can switch off terrain shadows
  • Accelerated speed of the 'create smoothing normals' inside lightmapper
    Improved the lighting levels of Asylum level and changed the sky to hide occlude flick
  • Modified INVISIBLE WALL entity to use default.lua (from old easter script)
  • When using scaling slider, no longer interferes with object rotation if object large
  • Added invisible wall script and fixed invisible wall entity
  • Added new LUA command 'GetTerrainHeight(x,z)' which returns the terrain height at that point
  • Fixed a bug so that characters now report their true height via entity[e]['y'] in scripts
  • Fixed RADAR.LUA to allow objectives to disappear (including change to OBJECTIVE.LUA)
  • Added new showdebugcollisonboxes=1 in SETUP.INI to visualize collision box shapes
  • Fixed issue with collisionbox shapes shifting when scale and rotation applied to them
  • Fixed issue so g_PlayerAngX, g_PlayerAngY and g_PlayerAngZ now wrap angles to 0-360
  • Increased Sprite and Image maximums in LUA script system to 10,000 each
  • Removed the WIDTH, HEIGHT and DEPTH from SETUP.INI in Standalone as they don't do anything
  • When saving a standalone with multiple levels, the test game splash no longer appears in error
  • Changed prompt to correct text of "LOCKED - Hold SPACEBAR and click to unlock"
  • When making multi level standalone games, weapons collected in previous level carried over
  • Ensured [GAMEMENUOPTIONS] is copied to SETUP.INI in Standalone, and that it works fully
  • Added 'invisible_wall.lua' to script bank so invisible wall entity no longer black when rendered
  • Fixed weight and friction so they now affect all objects in the game
  • Weight value now changes the weight of ragdolls when created from dying characters
  • Character shader no longer switches out after 3000 units (now respects AlwaysActive)
  • Fixed major issue which caused larger levels to lose normal and specular textures (image vs texture resource)
  • Added code to correct flicker issue caused by low-velocity issues in motion blur technique
  • Fixed issue of random noise generator in SAO linked to screen, now linked to world positions
  • Fixed issue where LOD2DISTANCE not specified and breaking entities that only have LOD1
  • Player camera (FPS) now stops instantly (no wobble fade) to prevent SAO swim artifacts
  • Added extra logging to .LOG file to show what LUA scripts loaded (and if any failed to load)
  • Added new link in IDE Help Menu to view the GameGuru user manual (previously a little hidden)
  • Increased LUA config maximums to allow larger levels to run logic (improved scripting)
  • Recompiled LUA module to not use Optimization flags to improve stability (large LUA level crashes)
  • Added 'GetFogNearest' through 'GetPostDepthOfFieldIntensity' for getting current visual settings
  • Fixed issue of IDE crashing if you click outside of an entity icon
  • Increased velocity caps on motion blur to avoid distant flicker on some scenes
  • Fixed an issue where the fourth bone of boned weapons was being ignored
  • Fixed issue of characters set to ISIMMOBILE from floating above the floor
  • Updated RADAR.LUA script to remove hard coded coordinates of radar image (thanks to RETROGAMEBLOKE)
  • Character entities using RAGDOLL=0 now works with third person so death/impact animations used
  • Static entities in level set to "Spawn At Start = No" no longer get lightmapped during LM process
Now that this version is out the door, work begins on the new V1.14 update which will feature many cool things, including more assets for you to create games with and a big shiny new feature called the Easy Building Editor.  I may also have another crack at making the FBX importing handle skinning animations which it currently struggles with. Until the next blog, happy game making and if you have any issues with GameGuru, you can reach a helping hand by visiting the official GameGuru forum here: https://forum.game-guru.com/board/1

In other news, it has been suggested that we move the weekly Twitch Broadcasts to a monthly release, allowing more time to collect questions and present more information during the broadcast, plus as a method to show off new features of the latest updates.  For your say, you can visit the thread post dedicated to this event here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/212794


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About This Software

Welcome to GameGuru, the easy game maker. Our mission is to create the easiest and most enjoyable game creator. Join us and our great & enthusiastic community on this journey.

Imagine creating a world that you and your friends come together and play... and creating it could be a matter of minutes with no technical jiggery-pokery needed at all! Of course, you can happily spend hours, days..even weeks creating your masterpiece, the great thing about GameGuru is, you won't be held up by learning strange alien languages or using complex modelling tools. The time you spend with GameGuru is all about creating and having fun whilst doing it.

With GameGuru, you can make a multiplayer game in a few minutes, including hosting and sharing your game online with other GameGuru users.

GameGuru comes with 10+ ready-made game demos for you to play and enjoy. They will show you the sort of games that can be created and how they were done, plus you can adapt these pre-made games and make them into your own games version. You’re then ready to go and design your own unique game!

We believe there is nothing on the market which is so easy to use and so quick to allow you to share your creations with others.

GameGuru offers you an easy yet comprehensive game creation process that is open to non-programmers and designers/artists, or anyone who aspires to become a game creator. It also has powerful editing tools for those who want to take their game creation to an even greater and more complex level. The power is there at your fingertips!

You just need to follow these easy steps – welcome to the world of game creation!

Create your virtual 3D world – Game Design

Construct huge game levels with the easy to use Level Editor. Sculpt your initial game design, add content and then play your game with one click of the Test Game icon:

  • Design your game and levels adding hills, mountains, water, paths, terrains until you have created the world you want for your game
  • Add all your environmental items, pick animated 3D objects including buildings, trees/vegetation, manmade objects/barriers with pre-set customizable properties
  • Set the mood by controlling all aspects of the 3D rendered scene with easy to use sliders and combo box choices, including sky/ambience, day/night scenes, lighting settings.

Decide what your game is – Game Plan

Have you ever wanted to create the game only you can dream of? Now you have the tools to do exactly that, possibly for the first time ever! You can create games very quickly and easily, or add more and more depth as you wish to create a unique game experience:

  • Create your dream game, whether it’s Modern-day FPS Action, Horror/Zombies, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Cartoon/Zany, Medieval/Historical, Multiplayer/standalone and many more - you choose!
  • Give your game objectives, missions, weapons, puzzles, collectables from a suite of pre-set objects supplied, or create/buy/customise new objects.
  • Add characters to your game from the stock media or design your own with the Character Creator.

Now make your game come to life! – Game Crafting

Using the powerful editing tools you can add more depth and details to your game, make the scenes more complex, enhance the way characters and objects interact, improve the objectives of your game to challenge even the most experienced gamers:

  • Use the 3D editing mode to fine-tune your game design
  • Add all the gameplay aspects you want in your game, adjust them, test them until they are exactly right
  • Use the objects/assets supplied free with GameGuru or buy royalty free DLCs and assets from our online store to use in your game
  • Use the powerful editing tools to make your characters and objects unique, give them additional properties through powerful commands such as LUA scripting.

Create, share & sell your game – The final result!

Once you have your finished game you can make it available to your friends and other gamers. GameGuru is unique in what it can offer, all at no additional cost:

  • Build your final game - ready to play, share or sell!
  • Save your standalone game as an executable file to use as you wish
  • Publish your game and sell it to others, all royalty free
  • Make, share and play multiplayer games on Steam
  • Join other GameGuru users who have published their games on Steam!

Our mission

Our mission is to develop an open world game creator that's easy to use and produces very high-quality results in all areas; such as superior art & animation, smooth gameplay and top class game experiences. We're a UK Indie development team with over 20 years of experience and we're an Intel Black Belt developer.

GameGuru is being designed by gamers for gamers and we want to design and create it along with our active and enthusiastic community.

Our Vision
Our vision is to produce The Ultimate Game Creator for the PC - the de facto standard by which all other game making products will be compared. A solution that is easier, more powerful, affordable and flexible than any products available. A product grounded and shaped by the community that gives it life.

We'll embrace new and exciting hardware, acting as champions as we pioneer new experiences and in the process creating fresh new game creating communities. We'll keep expanding the gaming possibilities of GameGuru as we move forward.

Developing game creating tools is what drives us - we're super passionate about finding ways to make the whole game creation process as easy as possible.

The Technical Stuff

For those who want to understand more – here are the main elements of GameGuru:

3D Game Engine & Editor
  • Easy to use, drag & drop style
  • Birds eye view & 3D fly editing systems
  • Game World – Construct large levels for your games
  • Terrain editor – With easy to use controls you can create stunning vistas and unique environments for your games
  • Infinite vegetation system – Vegetation is auto generated where you decide you want it to appear
  • Rendering engine – powering the shaders and graphical techniques to make your games look great and play fast
  • Level of detail – The game engine supports Level Of Detail technology (LOD) to ensure smooth and fast frame rates
  • Cascade shadow mapping – Real-time dynamic shadows add that extra level of realism
  • Baked shadowing – Add ultra-realistic shadows to your levels with the shadow baking system
  • Ambient Occlusion Mapping – This technique adjusts how much ambient light each point in the game scene receives
  • Sky maps – Choose from a wide range of high-resolution sky maps
  • Occlusion Culling System – Fast rendering of your game worlds is ensured by the adoption of this special object culling system
  • Water plane – A shimmering and reflective water plane adds a touch of realism to your levels
  • Light Rays – Let the light flood your game scenes with this awesome effect
  • Shaders for all – shader techniques that best suit your PCs capabilities
  • Import your own .x / .3DS files
  • Connect to the Asset Store to extend your library
  • GameGuru uses the Bullet Physics engine to create realistic physics events
  • Rag doll deaths of characters
Game Characters & Weapons
  • Customise character in-game properties
  • Simple Character Creator
  • AI scripts control characters - Scripts are coded using the industry standard LUA language
  • GameGuru comes equipped with a great range of stock weapons and ammo packs
  • Modern day weapons – GameGuru launches with six quality modern day weapons including Colt 1911 Pistol, Shotgun, Uzi, Magnum Revolver, Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle
  • Explosive Munitions – RPGs, grenades and land mines
  • Ammo pick-ups – Reload weapons during gameplay with ammo pickups
  • Animated – Fully animated weapons with improved handling and realistic sounds
  • Jetpack - A special Jetpack object lets you fly around your game world - great for Multiplayer sessions
Multiplayer on Steam (GameGuru is required to play multiplayer games)
  • Build games with multiplayer features
  • Create deathmatch levels
  • Make Team deathmatch levels
  • Build Co-op Multiplayer games
  • Up to 8 players can play your game
  • Play with friends
Build Games
  • Save standalone single player games as executable files
  • Make, share and play multiplayer games too
  • Distribute your games royalty free
  • Add game ready assets to your library
Game Creator Store
  • Online Store – Easily add game ready assets to your project.
  • Model Packs – Collections of media are supported by the store.
  • Sell – Artists and musicians can sell their own media to the community via the store
  • Over 4,300 game ready assets and growing
  • Steam wallet supported

Development Road Map

GameGuru is in continual development, a list of forthcoming features can be found here: https://www.game-guru.com/feature-vote

Our roadmap is to continue developing GameGuru until our community is satisfied we have all the main game elements included. With GameGuru released we will continue to improve and develop it further. All existing customers will receive lifetime updates free of charge.

Some of the game elements we have planned:

  • Particle system – Effects such as fire, sparks and smoke adding more and more realism to the games you make
  • Improved visuals and performance - A faster and more optimised game engine with improved graphics will ensure your games play and look great
  • Virtual reality - Creating your own games in GameGuru will be expanded into making your own Virtual Worlds supporting the best VR technology available
  • Vehicles/Roads/Transport – All the features to open up new gaming experiences
  • Group/team real-time creation/editing – Blend your skills with friends & others to make even better games!
  • Player Inventory & Crafting mechanics - Expand the game possibilities with these features.

System Requirements

    • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
    • Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2GHz or AMD Dual-Core 2GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series, 1GB Video Card (Minimum Shader Model 2.0)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
    • OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 - (64 Bit)
    • Processor: Intel Quad-Core (i5 2300) or AMD Octo-Core (FX 8150)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 660Ti or greater, AMD Radeon HD 7950 or greater, 2GB Video Card (Minimum Shader Model 2.0)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers
Customer reviews
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Very Positive (40 reviews)
Mostly Positive (701 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 4.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 28
Ths is what I need To create a game software but it may be lag depends on your/my cpu or video card . One more thing is very easy to buy cheap stuff such as rooms , walls , other things as well , i wish to buy the expensive one . Thank You Very Much :)
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 0.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 28
Like gmod, but without the fun bits.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
mr hi
( 9.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 26
I LIKE IT ALOT but the multiplayer game option wont show up if you know how to fix it please tell me how .
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Bontu lu' Conny!
( 2.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 24
It's really nice,but yes....I like this program!
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 0.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 21
My Thoughts
buy it on sale
easy to use
i dont know how to code so not good for using this
a bit laggy
buy it when you want to start off as a dev
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 11.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 21
Actually you don't really make a game guys, you create a map and change some settings, maybe they updated it but when I tried it back in the day it was just making a map
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 37.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 20
It's a good software for small games, but nothing too large-scale. (In other words, you can't make an entire continent)

Although it doesn't require any knowledge of coding, knowing LUA scripting will result in truly beautiful games. The character customizer works fairly well, but is limited overall, resulting in a room full of 'familiar' people with a small variety of graphic tees. It also comes with some fun demo games to show you how everything works. My favorite is the example kids' games with hedge hog mines and exploding bunny guards.

My only complaint is that both the editor and the runner lag. Seriously intense lag.

Altogether good software.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 13.5 hrs on record )
Posted: June 18
At least I got it on sale, so I don't regret the money that much, but I can't recommend this. My main problem is with the AI, which is beyond horrible, its just useless. Melee enemies sometimes run in a different direction rather than towards you, the ragdoll doesn't work properly, and I just don't have any faith left within me, to give this software another chance.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
( 179.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 17
I like gameguru very much. The fact that you get all ready a lot of models ready for use and a wide range of scripts to use with the makes it very easy to create something. The fact that the scripting is .lua makes it also a lot easier for scripting so that i can create cool things at ease. I also bought two megapacks that had a lot of stuff that made creating a game even easier. I like it a lot.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
Bolt-Action Gaming
( 761.3 hrs on record )
Posted: June 17
I've been a Game-Guru "gold" member since it was in beta and a private kickstarter. At the time, I went off a few videos on the internet and given the power of what was being offered, felt it was a no brainer.

Prior to this I was using Lite-C and acknex; that's a tremendous combo but overpriced and underpowered in today's market. While Game-Guru is not likely to beat AAA engines like the unreal engine it does offer extremely competitive value in places you wouldn't think - such as a robust community run asset store that's exceptionally well priced. Lee and the team have done a great job of keeping the engine at least within striking distance of more powerful engines for at least the small time Indy developer. And what's great about this engine is if you really want to work on it - the pieces are there for you to do powerful things with LUA.

Another really nice thing is the constant improvement and upgrades to the engine. Purchase of it gives lifetime support which is a rare thing in this world of constant software increases and license cash grabs.

Over the past few years I've been impressed by Game-Guru's evolution from FPSCreator Reloaded to it's current iteration. In it's current low cost-entry point it fits a position you simply can't get from most other engines at this range. Shader support, full 3d, SAO, etc - all for a pittance, really.

Definitely recommend giving it a try if you're interested in prototyping a game or producing one.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
7 of 7 people (100%) found this review helpful
20.8 hrs on record
Posted: June 8
tl;dr if you have ANY interest in game developement but little to no experience, then GET THIS PROGRAM!

Though still quite limited in many ways for what you can do with it, I've spent time in other game creators and found this one to be far more intuitive than most with what feels like a lot more pototial in the end.

This program comes with an impressive asset library for setting your games from medieval fantasy to futuristic FPS or crazy cartoon funland. The DLC content is not unreasonably priced for how much comes with it, and the player created store library has amazing resources for often incredible prices.

The community is fantastic. The forums are large and generally quite active with loads of people who are all to happy to take some time and help you figure out a problem.

They are regularly adding new content and features to the program, and unlike many projects, the Development team is pretty open with the user base and keep up on the forums.

Alltogether a more than worthwhile buy for the novice game developer who just wants to get a foot in the door and try to make some simple games. GG is a great program that though limited at the moment, has all the potential to be a great game maker in the near future; even now it's impressive what can be done with it!
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8 of 9 people (89%) found this review helpful
33.9 hrs on record
Posted: June 1
There are a lot of game creator softwares out there. GameGuru might be the most awesome. Its simple, fun aand has awesome graphics. They provide a huge number of assets to use. I personally love this thing to bits!!!

I reccomend GameGuru to anyone who is looking for a software which is simple, fun, and has good asset design. It\'s just awesome!
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
7 of 8 people (88%) found this review helpful
46.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 14
An excellent, flexible introduction to the world of game-making. Extremely promising, simple to use and forgiving to casual and budding developers alike.

I've been following GameGuru and The Game Creators since 2006 with the original, early adopter release of FPS Creator. When I look at how far the software has come from humble beginnings, TGC should be proud of what they have achieved.

I've spent countless hours creating games and assets for this and previous incarnations. Often I will play other games or even in daily life I will find a place that I recreate in GameGuru. It's brought me into contact with modelling, texturing, sound effects and lighting.

Some observations:
GameGuru isn't the prettiest game engine in the world. If you're looking to build a reality simulation, I'd suggest you spend many thousands of your pounds or dollars or euros on Unreal instead.

Your ability to make a stunning looking game will be limited initially by the fact that the engine is still in its infancy. Global illumination, texture painting, advanced and physically based shaders aren't (yet) in the software, and at any rate including those things and creating a fast and easy game maker are two different objectives. It's also limited by your own ability. There are tons of fantastic community assets available but when you realise that making the level in your head turn into reality involves a lot of work you get an appreciation for the craft of game making.

People will shoot at you. They'll run around to try to avoid your fire and they'll die when you shoot back. You can even customise some of the characters physically and give them different basic behaviours.

Will the enemies flank you or work together in teams? Will they search for you when they lose sight of you, or will they spontaneously have conversations with each other, or sit down for a rest? No. Not out of the box, anyway.

They're actually pretty dumb. It's a work in progress and to a large extent the scripting needs to be fairly general in nature because of the many different types of game which you might be looking to make. Again though, this is promising. You're also welcome to take a poke around under the hood of the AI and adapt it to suit, although this is where the learning curve starts to come in. LUA is an exceptionally powerful scripting language but it's not for beginners.

GameGuru actually pretty stable and reasonably well optimised. Compared to older versions of FPSC which would crash pretty much at random, GameGuru is stable. There are the occasional crashes where you attempt to import a model with slightly unsual geometery but most of the time it runs without complaint. TGC have also got round the old chestnut where FPSC would crash every time the Windows UAC dialogue popped up.

The games themselves also run at a fairly decent speed providing you've got the right hardware. The engine occludes items not in the player's view and does all sort of LOD and shader tricks to accomodate lower-end machines and gameplay is generally fast and smooth.

As already mentioned the standard of game assets varies considerably. On the one end the stuff included within the software is fairly good. There are various model packs available as DLC which are the cream of the crop. There is a store where a number of artists from the community make avalable their assets cheaply. Some of the community assets are made by new modellers and can be a bit hit and miss. Then again, it's your choice whether you use it or not and if you don't lke it, you don't buy or download it.

That said, GameGuru, like its predecessor, and with the best will in the world, can sometimes make your asset that looks beautiful in its Blender render look a bit pants by the time it makes it into your game. This is largely to do with GameGuru's lighting system which is sometimes not as sympathetic as it could be. The entity shaders packaged in with the software are a good start but can often fall slightly short of what you were hoping for. Unless you have a knowledge of HLSL (as I don't) trying to make sense of them and adapt them to do what you want can be a bit like reading a foreign language. It's also difficult to get a fix on what the entities look like before you see them in game. There's no reflective or refractive environment or parallax mapping at this stage. Nor, at this stage, are there any particle systems.

What there are, are a selection of shaders which are a good first step. As I've said, the nature of game making means that some of the shaders need to be middle-of-the-road and inoffensive. Having advanced, physically based shaders might work well for one developer's AAA game wannabe, but for another developer on his base-spec laptop, might turn their game into a slideshow. What's there is good and works well. Understanding the purpose of each of the textures (saved as .dds - not an accssible format for many) is a learning curve which fortunately I am at the top of, but once you have an understanding you realise it would be nice to be able to control textures from within the editor, not only for your colour map but all the other maps too.

Lighting as standard is also realtime although this is fairly basic and only maps the sun (which is not adjustable). It's a simple and easy-to-understand point lighting system (no directional, hemisphere or planar lighting, for example). Lights can be adjusted for position, range and colour. Adjusting lights is done in editor and the results can't truly be seen until the game begins, and not properly until after the software bakes the lightmaps in-game. As previously mentioned, it's a basic lighting system with no volumetric lighting, global illumination or other modern tricks, but it does the job nicely. With some work and positioning of lights one can make a fairly convincing scene.

The engine includes a number of post-processing effects such as ambient occlusion, motion blur, bloom, light rays (faking the volumetric lighting). Each is well executed and is user adjustable although only from within the game. Developers can add fog, water and sculpt terrain. Brightness and conrast can also be adjusted. Each works well and is a good foundation to build from.

Importing your own models is quick and simple. GameGuru supports importing of .x and .fbx model formats but there are countless converters out there that can transform your models to get them GameGuru-ready. Placing, scaling and rotating entites is vastly improved on previous incarnations, with a very useful translation, rotation and scaling widget. Decals work similarly to always with fire, neon, explosion and dust effects easily available. Scripting and event zones are also imrpoved with different shapes achievable, and all maing use of the LUA scripting system.

A big improvement is the ability to fly around in editor and get a better perspective on what you are doing. Gone are the days of the God view and squinting at your monitor to get a closer look. You can also edit certain things from within the game but in reality the out-of-game editor is so good you'll probably never use this feature. Load times for popping into your game are also massively reduced - less than 10 seconds for me in most cases.

I'm pleased that, as always, GameGuru eschews the countless menus, sliders and obscure controls many game engines are burdened with. If you're looking for a button-pressing, slider-sliding, box-checking marathon as a route to game making, look elsewhere.

Altogether I'm very impressed with GameGuru and I'm keen to see how it develops going forward.
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Posted: May 29
I have to say, this is one of the better GameEngines. First off, the graphics are nice, they are not UDK levels, but they still look good. The AI is okay I guess (unless you are indoors, because they just run into walls). The animations are nice, the weapons are nice, and it does live up to its name, "The Easy Game Maker". With all the features that you plan on adding (like building editor, menu editing, etc.), for me, it would be a 9.5/10, or even a 10/10.
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Posted: June 20
It's a good software for small games, but nothing too large-scale. (In other words, you can't make an entire continent)

Although it doesn't require any knowledge of coding, knowing LUA scripting will result in truly beautiful games. The character customizer works fairly well, but is limited overall, resulting in a room full of 'familiar' people with a small variety of graphic tees. It also comes with some fun demo games to show you how everything works. My favorite is the example kids' games with hedge hog mines and exploding bunny guards.

My only complaint is that both the editor and the runner lag. Seriously intense lag.

Altogether good software.
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Posted: June 10
Awesome! Love It! Good Price! Easy! Get it!
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Posted: June 5
This software is getting better with every update
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Posted: May 30
If you're looking for something that is cheap, and cost effective, without having the need for basic, or advanced coding I would recommend this software. The developers are costantly on the move adding features that make it worth the money well spent. You can even profit off this software by launching your games on an indie dev.

I would rate this a 7/10

Good Job!
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Posted: June 17
I like gameguru very much. The fact that you get all ready a lot of models ready for use and a wide range of scripts to use with the makes it very easy to create something. The fact that the scripting is .lua makes it also a lot easier for scripting so that i can create cool things at ease. I also bought two megapacks that had a lot of stuff that made creating a game even easier. I like it a lot.
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Posted: June 21
Actually you don't really make a game guys, you create a map and change some settings, maybe they updated it but when I tried it back in the day it was just making a map
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