Across all dimensions, the only constant is Darkness! A procedurally generated RPG-roguelike journey across the multiverse! In One Way Heroics, you take on the role of an intrepid adventurer who must travel across the land and face the Demon Lord before a mysterious darkness engulfs everything.
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Release Date: Feb 28, 2014

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February 17

[Update] OWH Ver 1.87→1.88 / OWH+ Ver 1.22→1.23

  • [OWH+] Text bug fix for "Weak Berserk"
    5 % Life each turn -> 10 % Life each turn

  • [OWH+] Bug fix: Rotten food not transforming into Blasphemous Gel other than Dark Nayuta Fruit.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Money overflows from 999999.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Text bug fix for NPC "Brotherhood Dealer"

  • [OWH/OWH+] The length of the Replay file name is now changed to 40bytes from 18bytes.

  • [OWH/OWH+] Bug fix: Game crashed when the save data is corrupted. (Now the app detects the corrupted save data more accurately)

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January 12

[OWH Ver1.86→1.87 / OWH+ Ver1.21→1.22]

[OWH] Bug fixed: [Maniac mode] Occasionally an item with the name "<ERROR>" can be obtainable by picking the item in front of the Altar of the Goddess.

[OWH+] Small fix: [Maniac mode] In the ver1.21, the Goddess items can be seen from the outside so that the user can distinguish the room from Golem room easily, so now those items are not visible anymore.

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One Way Heroics Plus DLC - adding double the content!

Taking One Way Heroics to a new level, Plus adds almost double the content with new classes, enemies, features and more. Defeat the Demon Lord in a whole different dimension with this unmissable addition.

About This Game

In One Way Heroics, you take on the role of an intrepid adventurer who must travel across the land and face the Demon Lord before a mysterious shadow engulfs everything.

Darkness always approaches from the left, and with each movement or action you take, the void creeps ever closer. Forced to run right, you'll encounter any number of monsters, allies, thieves and shops on your desperate journey to stop the end of everything.

The good news is that you don't just have access to one world. You have access to all of them.

  • A nearly infinite number of worlds to save and explore!
  • Multiple classes to unlock, each with different skills and advantages.
  • Dimensional Vault: Don't waste extra valuables! Lock away your inventory and save it for your next run!
  • Time control: when the going gets tough, the tough freeze time and work out a new strategy.
  • Steam goodies: trading cards, emoticons and wallpapers that proudly broadcast your OWH finesse!

Every world is different and unique. Lust forests or corrupted hellscapes, adorable animals or cunning thieves, each departure is a roll of the die. You might find likeminded heroes willing to journey with you, or you might meet no one and be forced to venture into the unknown alone.

Like a dimension you previously visited? Simply input the name at the Dimensional selection screen before you begin your journey. Want to try your luck with a random reality? Type any word that pops into your head, and watch as One Way Heroics builds you a world based on the name you chose.

Infinite permutations. Infinite worlds. Infinite adventure.

*This game supports Cloud Saves for most system data including clear data and unlockables, however mid-game saves do not carry over.

System Requirements

    • OS: 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    • Processor: Pentium III 1.0 GHz or better
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 800x600 resolution or higher
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 50 MB available space
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Posted: November 27, 2015
Sold everything I had to a poor merchant for silvers, made him get mauled by a bear, took the stuff he dropped, walked away with 50,000 silvers and all my stuff and extra, rinsed and repeated with every town I come upon. Got 999.999 silvers and became the richest man in the world where money doesn't matter anymore because everyone is dying. put on a bracelet that bloody merchant lying on the ground had, sacrificing half my stats but getting 3x experience, after 10 days I rose to level 649 and became an all powerful God. One-hit killed everyone I came across by punching it in the face. True story.

Actual Review of the Game:
Totally worth the price when it goes on sale like the Steam Summer Sale and the Winter Exploration Sale where it gets to less than a buck. There's 8 classes (only a couple in the beginning), but 24 sprites to choose fun. The worlds are randomly generated and filled with a lot of content that take a long time to go through, finding almost a new thing everytime. After a long time, my brother and I went through every NPC, companion, items, and weapons you could go through, but it never got boring because it's so different (yet the same) every time! I just recently got the DLC One Way Heroics Plus and it has about 3x the content now comparing it to the original, much more aesthetics and features that got me into it again. The music that is seen throughout the different biomes, towns, and bosses is also really good enough that I put them on my phone because you can find them online for free. Its just awesome overall.

I r8 8/8 m8 no h8, it gr8
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94.3 hrs on record
Posted: December 22, 2015
So, I bought this game a long time ago thinking it was going to be a game where I ran in one direction trying to stay alive.

I was not disappointed in the slightest.

One-way Heroics offers some of the dumbest, funniest, and rediculous gameplay I have ever seen from a rouge-like game.

*Slight spoilers below, you have been warned*

-Hey, I know you're new, but you're supposed to save the world from the left side of the screen since this is sidescrolling and all, and for some reason the left side of the screen is eating everything. GOOD LUCK!

So begins your slow and painful descent into hell.

At the 1st gate of hell you pick your class, name, and perks (assuming you even have any). At first you'll wonder why you only get two classes, and thats because without any foundation the others will either be ♥♥♥♥ easy to play (IM LOOKING AT YOU PIRATE <3) or even harder to get going than your beginner classes (coughForceUsercough).

At the 2nd circle of hell you wander around on "Walk in the Park" mode (easy mode) and you get the gist of the game....while simultaneously wondering why the fabled final boss meets you at a predetermined point or why they even want to kill you (I still dont remember signing up for this ***....Was I Voluntold?). You also realize multiplayer is a lie, as ghosts of people who may have died in that world you signed up to plop into dont seriously help when you're being swarmed by Zubats when night falls on the open plains.

At the 3rd circle of hell you die because an imp threw a rock too hard at your skull....or a skeleton was spawned in and one shot you with its nifty sword....or you got trapped in the damn DESERT and harpies ended up swarming your soon-to-be carcass. You die, get a crappy score, get some really lame advice and useless critiques from Navi the Fairy, maybe even some halfway tips, and you start over because you refuse to take your beating lying down.

At the 4th circle of hell you beat the game once and get an ending that leaves too many things open. So you start again, probably on a higher difficulty because you havent learned your lesson from being nearly incinerated and eaten by wild dingos. This was a mistake, as now you have to deal with your old AND new ♥♥♥♥ being torn asunder because enemies are hitting like speeding bullet trains and you just left the Shire.

At the 5th circle of hell you start getting more endings because you keep beating the game, but now with some of those elusive bonus companions at your side. You meet Elodie after you beat Long Live the Queen (she clearly took nothing but combat classes this time), Azir-Finally here-Emperor Pigeon, Alphonse Elric, an edgy Male Gunner from DFO, a defenseless Loli, a nurse that's crying because you chewed her out for being a dog girl instead of a cat girl, and money grubbing panty mercenary who doesnt actually care about panties. Their endings flesh out their characters, but you still dont know what the hell is going on (or why the left side of the screen continues to devour the game like its stocking up for hibernation every time you start the game again).

At the 6th circle of hell you decide to just ignore the final boss and journey until the game makes you stop. This results in many a death and many late nights wondering why the ♥♥♥♥ you bought this game. Eventually you reach the end of the world (cause the world really is flat guys, school lied to you) and you finally understand that this game is just dicking with you over and over until you get it right.

At the 7th circle of hell you attempt to fix the left side of the screen, only to be eaten and or incinerated by everything becomes clear to you and you know what you need to do.

At the 8th circle of hell you get some Cheesy Puffs, some Dew, and prepare your quad-anuses (btw you should have a minimum of 4 now) for tons of save scumming because of all of the save crystals you hoarded in your Dimensional Vault between worlds; clears or deaths. You finally beat the game and you throw yourself into the next circle of hell because nothing matters anymore.

At the 9th circle of hell you melt your computer because now you have to buy the DLC and experiance being Anakin Skywalker, Naruto, and some random tourist to Disney World to get all the achievements in the game.
Time and time again you are going to want to chuck your keyboard/laptop wondering what new ways the game can come up with to cheapshot you and why you just took 600 damage because a bear decided to ♥♥♥♥ your ♥♥♥♥ up. This game (on higher difficulties) will tear you a new one and laugh as you try to tape your ♥♥♥♥ back together. On lower difficulties.....itll only happen 1 or 2 times because you'll pick up enough situational awareness to not get your eyes torn out of their sockets while you were exploring or trying to reach that one item tucked inbetween 30 tiles of mountain when all you know how to do is dash around like Sanic the ♥♥♥♥ing Hedgehog, trying to figure out how many items you can get before the left side of the screen eats you again.. Eventually you realize that you spent over 60 hours on a game where all you do is go right and try to survive when you suddenly dont get any food for 700 kms, or you get 4 consecutive corrupted lands and the ♥♥♥♥ing wolfmen and dragonkin swarm your position after all your weapons snap in half from all the fighting, or you blow up because you got set on fire and forgot to chuck that Elzite bomb you got 2 minutes into a run.

As you enter the Nth Circle of hell you realize that this was all only worth it if you can somehow make and achieve some sort of goal. You didnt, and you laugh as you realize this game has seared your soul and you will never be the same again.

10/10 would auto-pilot into a lava tile again.
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Posted: December 3, 2015
Starts game
Has No idea how it works
Ask Kind Fairy what to do
She asks If I ever go to the bathroom.
fairy makes the best facial expression ever seen after saying I never go to the bathroom.
I actually really need to go now
Can't stop playing
I'm sorry my kind pants
10/10 Would pee my pants again for this game
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5.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 27, 2015
One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. -William Feather
*I would like to give a special thanks to Earl[33rd] for proof-reading this review and for initially presenting this title to me.
Developed by Indie studio Smoking WOLF and released on February 28, 2014, One Way Heroics (OWH) is a two-dimensional procedurally-generated roguelike in which an increasing threat of dark essence jeopardizes every individual in the expanse. You play as a custom character on a trek to defeat the Demon Lord, a powerful entity that imperils the world with the motivation toward total destruction. Before meeting the tendrils of corruption, the player must endure a certain distance-decided when choosing the various game settings-while destroying hostile creatures.

Here are a few items of interest within OWH:

Gameplay - Aside from other roguelikes, this title’s complexity is derived from its tactical display rather than gameplay, as One Way Heroics utilizes a turn-based approach to combat and item usage. Each in-game action made by the hero utilizes said turns, which advances the daunting foe. The term ‘turn-based strategy’ does not entirely cover this game’s spectrum, however, as every action, whether it be equipping a new weapon or item, or consuming a potion to gain back energy, summons evil one turn closer to the player’s character. Adding to the ominous theme, the darkness swallows the lands you have passed through, and the notification of non-player character deaths can be heard as they disappear into mist. Controls are rather simple on both keyboard and controller, but can be adjusted in the case that they feel awkward. Equipment can be modified within the menus to alter the method of play by adding boons to weapons and armor, but, as stated, this increases danger; these items are gained either as loot from defeated enemies or may be distributed throughout the map. With a high enough Charisma score, the player may also gain discounts from various shops and recruit non-player individuals to the party that will assist in combatting foes and leveling up.

Character Creation & Upgrades - Characters comprise of several customizable components, such as name, class, avatar, and perk and statistical preferences chosen by the player; perks may also grant players companions or other game modifications such as quicker swimming or improved unarmed damage. These adjustments allow the player to modify how they would like to play according to the class. Additional equipment may alter damage totals to enemies or reduce them toward the player’s character. Levelling up in OWH operates in a similar way to other titles, as it improves the character’s base statistics depending on which class was chosen.

Unlockables - Depending on how far the player’s character progresses in the campaign, a number of Hero Points are rewarded to the player to purchase game augments. These modifications increase the amount of content usable by the player, such as said hero classes, perks-with selections for both combat and other skills-, and expanding what’s known as the Dimensional Vault: an item-storage system in which adventurers may donate a number of items from preceding generations to the next living hero. This expands play so that the entire game is not just an uphill battle with no reward when so close to the resolve, but rather contains encouragement toward progression.

TL:DR - One Way Heroics is a fun, simple, and rewarding title with incentive to advance toward the Demon Lord time and time again. There is a great amount of challenge involved in this title, but does not evoke frustration due to its Hero Point system. Though the accolade of defeating the ultimate evil may not be reached every time, the journey is a fantastic ride filled with choice, vicious battle, and sacrifice. I highly recommend this title to anyone who enjoys roguelikes and simple roleplaying mechanics. This game has a great deal of replayability, and I hope you enjoy upon purchase. Thanks for reading.

Do you enjoy these reviews? Please visit my Curator Page at Spearpoint Reviews.
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7 of 9 people (78%) found this review helpful
50.5 hrs on record
Posted: November 30, 2015
Easily one of the best roguelikes out there. I'd put it at number 2 in my book.
The companions are terrific; each have their own stories and quests. I don't think I've ever seen a roguelike with a story that was actually compelling.
The spell casting is phenomenal, something I could never enjoy in Nethack, Slash'em, and other turnbased roguelikes.
Terrific soundtracks, another thing that many roguelikes lack. I'd say on-par, maybe better, than FTL soundtracks.
IMO, this game has an excellent balance of luck vs tactical sense (Its not a total crapshoot but there is enough randomness to make repeat playthroughs rewarding and fun.
Incredible sense of adventure as you flee the oncoming doom from the west; different biomes offer unique challenges and enemies.
Most people don't realize there are actually THREE ways to win. If you think you da man just because you stomped the demon lord, think again. You ain't done yet, lil ♥♥♥♥♥.

And... its 87 cents during sales. You could buy a soda... or you could save half that money and buy a game with at least 20 hours of content. What a time to be alive.
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