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Aqua Kitty is a fast paced retro styled submarine arcade shooter with optional 2 player local Co-op. Blast through hordes of mechanical sea monsters in your kitty sub and defend the deep sea milk mining kittens! THE MILK MUST FLOW!
Release Date: Feb 3, 2014
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AQUA KITTY build 1.06 - Controller configuration added.

June 25th, 2014

A new build of Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender has now been released.
This is version 1.06 and adds the ability for players to remap their joystick/joypad controls.

PLEASE READ the updated GAME MANUAL to find out how you can remap your controllers. At the most basic level the process is two-part, first identifying your button/input ids - then adding these ids to a config file (basic text file) called `joystick.cfg` and choosing which function should link with which id.

The cfg file starts with 3 configs already included, default Xbox 360, Ouya controller and PlayStation 4 controller. You can add more controller types if desired as well as edit the existing ones.

The game manual details in full depth how to go about setting the config file up, you can find it on the store page, and also in a folder called `extras` next to the game exe location.

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Aqua Kitty - 50% off in the Steam Summer Sale 2014

June 19th, 2014

Aqua Kitty is now half price in the Steam Summer Sale. If you know someone who has been holding out for a lower sale price, now is the time to let them know :)

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“Aqua Kitty-Milk Mine Defender is a cute little arcade shooter that is too good to pass up. The graphics are pretty, the music is awesome, and it felt appropriately difficult on its own merit rather than me fighting the system. I’ve got little but praise for this game and felt it worth the price.”
Approved! (they dont score) – Indie Gamer Chick

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About the Game

Aqua Kitty is a fast paced retro styled submarine arcade shooter with optional 2 player local Co-op.
Blast through hordes of mechanical sea monsters in your kitty sub and defend the deep sea milk mining kittens!


Due to a sudden shortage of milk, cats around the world are forced to seek out new sources to get their fix.
You and your team of milk mining kittens have overcome a fear of water to drill down under the ocean seabed and begin extracting vast reserves of what seems to be naturally forming full-fat milk.
Get ready for fast paced submarine action, defending the kittens from disruptive mechanical sea creatures.

Key Features

Optional 2 player local CO-OP.
Branching map progression of levels.
3 Main Game Campaign Modes
Normal Mode - the standard game of branching levels full of mechanical enemies with differing behaviours.
Easy Mode - a version of Normal mode in case you found it too hard, with more health and easier enemies.
Arcade Mode - a special survival mode where you must collect gems to purchase powerups.
Depth based power-up systems which gives partial control on the type and location of the power-ups created (allowing tactical advantage).
Classic infinite mode milk-free level, that never ever ends - for the hardcore challenge.
Dual firing submarine with a rechargeable secondary weapon that needs to be managed carefully (upgrades through game progress in Easy and Normal Modes, but upgrades via a shop system in Arcade Mode).
Varying sea depths per level which subtly affect gameplay.
Chain kill combo system allowing the more skilled player to maximise score.
Steam online leaderboards to challenge and achievements to obtain.
Hand drawn pixel art graphics, displayed at a crisp 720p.
Awesome chiptune music taking inspiration from the best of the C64 and Amiga days.

Development history

Hello, here is a short history of this indie games' development which we hope will be of interest.
Aqua Kitty was made by a core team of two people with audio created by Electric Cafe and the game box art by artist David Hankin.
It began as a small modern-retro styled PC game, designed to run at a crisp 1280x720 it was created with a love of the 16bit gaming era and late 80s video arcade games.

There are 3 core versions of the game available of different hardware - PC, XBox360 and Sony PSM.

Sony version is the oldest and smallest version. A critically acclaimed launch title for PSM (Vita).

XBox version is the Sony version with extra added levels + enemies + refinements.

PC version is the most feature rich and improves on the XBox one with new Weapons + Gradius style Arcade mode + yet further refinements and extra details (with the Steam version being unique in having online leaderboards and achievements).

All the new things we have added to the Steam version will also be rolled back into the other PC versions unless Steam specific (ie Online leaderboards, achievements, trading cards are STEAM ONLY).

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor: 1.2Ghz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card with 128 MB VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 140 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c
    • Additional Notes: Controls: Joypads or Keyboard. Xbox 360 controller recommended.
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Cute kittehs are waiting for dinner!You have to defend your milk miners from robot fish on the ocean floor.
Aqua Kitty is not just a simple modern-retro shooter with kitty theme for cat lovers,the gameplay is also fun and addictive,even the easy mode has some challenging.You have to switch your ship left and right,and pay attention to your health and miners at the same time.It is easy to learn but hard to master,you might spend hours to rescue all your miners.In addition,the graphic is beautiful,the sound is nice,and it supports local co-op as well.I am glad I bought it : )
Posted: February 25th, 2014
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Aqua Kitty is a shoot-em-up that’s heavily inspired by the old arcade game Defender, which I’ve played quite a lot. Basically, you shoot down waves of enemies while protecting your kittens from being abducted, while making heavy use of your radar. It’s a fun game, but it feels a bit repetitive. Some more variations between the levels would have been nice. Maybe some more bosses or environmental hazards.

But still, it’s a retro shoot-em-up about cats. That’s enough to check it out.
The survival mode is also quite addictive, and has been keeping me busy.
Posted: June 24th, 2014
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I like it. I know I know, retro 8 bit is all the rage right now and a lot of stuff getting pushed out in that style is just lame. But this is what you see in the trailers. You defend stuff and shot things and upgrade your kitty sub. Controls are tight and it plays well. I like it. For what they ask for this game, if you like side scrolly shooters with a little RPG elements added in, you'll love this.
Posted: March 2nd, 2014
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Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, this game is everything right with retro indie game developers.

If it wasn't clear, this game is essentially the old classic Defender, with some modern shmup twists and oh my GOD that soundtrack is amazing. All of those adorable pixel cats don't hurt, either.

Pick this up if you can afford to, it's a wonderful game.
Posted: June 20th, 2014
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This is an interesting arcade indie that I stumbled upon on the store & it involves one of my favourite animals which is cats but imagine them in the ocean mining milk?

Well in this game your playing as an orange cat with an eyepatch (It has 2 player co-op & your 2nd cat is black) while in a yellow submarine (Let's sing that Beatles song some time) shooting down robotic fish invented by Mice. The game has 3 difficulties which are Easy, Normal & Arcade mode but they all involve the same 25 levels that you play but sometimes the gameplay can get kinda boring since there is only one boss at the 25th level, an increase in difficulty in each level & randomized enemies so I guess it keeps the gameplay kinda satisfying but I still put a lot of hours on it because it has a sick chiptune track & has Metal Slug graphics sorta which involve some satisfying explosions (Well that's what I think about the graphics). The Arcade mode is the hardest mode since it requires you to not ♥♥♥♥ up on your one playthrough & if you die then you'll start back at the beginning so yeah lots of determination to beat those 25 levels carefully, The gems are also very important to collect to manually upgrade all your guns so have fun with that too.

The final mode that is involved in this arcade indie is the Expresso mode which is like an unlimited horde mode to torment yourself on Easy & normal mode (There is not much to explain about Expresso mode) so overall if you want to save underwater kitties mining for milk then I suggest trying out this indie (If I missed anything then tell me so I can edit this review).
Posted: February 21st, 2014
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Would buy again and play both at once if I had more hands.
Posted: February 3rd, 2014
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