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Signs of Life is a sci-fi survival sandbox platformer with a combination of procedurally generated and hand-crafted content. You'll explore mysterious locations, Mine blocks for resources, and meet strange (and some familiar) creatures, some of which don't even want to kill you and eat your corpse.
Release Date: Jan 27, 2014
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Note: This Early Access game may or may not change significantly over the course of development. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you may want to wait until the game progresses further in development. Learn more

What the developers have to say:

“Signs of Life is currently in Alpha. We feel like we have a nice chunk of game finished, but we are still very much in development and would love for you to join us in shaping the game from here on out into something really special =)

What we have available currently is a significant portion of the full game we would like to create, but we have a significant prologue/tutorial planned as well as significant additional content beyond what is currently playable. The game is currently singleplayer only, but finishing online multiplayer is our next big milestone.

We currently have no plans to change the price during development.

We're a super tiny team, so your feedback is vital to us. The more you guys get involved and tell us what we're doing wrong the better the game is sure to get. We take criticism well, so don't be shy =)”
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Signs of Life Update v0.39

June 4th, 2014

New Mechanics
  • Eating - Food is now equipped and eaten by left clicking. You can also throw food by right clicking if for some reason you feel the need to do so.

Gameplay Changes
  • Picks have been moved from the melee scroll slot to the gadgets scroll slot
  • Added saltpeter deposits to newly generated worlds
  • Impalers (spike dropping guys) now have a set number of spikes they can drop, and then need a period of time to re-grow more spikes inside of its body.
  • Eased landing restrictions on pod, lands sooner now
  • Corrosive damage (spitter pistol) should now ignore armor on naturally armored creatures

UI Changes
  • Added hover tooltips to items in the world
  • Added item pickup notification, can be disabled by turning off tooltips

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug related to maintaining momentum after death
  • Fixed an issue related to the firestarter/grass seeds/chicken feed getting stuck on when used in the quickslot
  • More work towards a fix for the crash on launch experienced by some players
  • Fixed a bug related to the comm junction and right clicking an inserted battery
  • Energy explosions should now do AoE damage

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Signs of Life Update v0.38

May 20th, 2014

New Mechanics
  • Shields - Equipped in the equipment window similar to armor, shields can be used at any time by pressing left-alt by default.

  • Encumbrance - Heavier and bulkier armor will now affect your movement speed, dodge roll and backjump distance. If you like spreadsheets and graphs, then you will like this link.
  • Item Weight - This isn't technically a new feature, but as we've added item weights to more items it will probably start becoming more apparent sooner rather than later. Right now, melee weapons, armor and shields have item weights, but in the coming patches more items will have item weights. This will be a long-term balancing act, so definitely let us know your feelings.

New Content
  • Shields - Wooden, Copper, Iron, Tin, Bronze, Silver, Steel and Jewel Tiers
  • Leather Whip

  • Thrown Dynamite and placeable Dynamite bundles

UI Changes
  • The crafting menu has been reorganized and additional filtering buttons have been added in order to make navigating the recipes easier.

  • Added a defense display bar to the bottom of the equipment window
  • Added an encumbrance display bar to the bottom of the equipment window

Balance Changes
  • You are now immune from damage while dodge-rolling
  • Hog bite damage increased from 25 to 40 damage
  • Puncher (Armored orange guy with the tongue) damage increased from 25 to 50 and now blocks player movement unless dodge-rolling.

Bug Fixes
  • Possible fix for blue screen issue experienced by some players
  • Wrist laser now properly uses energy while digging blocks from the background
  • Fixed an issue that would cause your selected weapon to switch to the wrist light or map after a dodge roll or holstering the weapon
  • You can no longer use your wrist gadgets while respawning
  • You can no longer place/remove torches outside of your grab range
  • Fixed an issue with the required energy display for some weapons that would result in the wrong amount being displayed when max energy was increased with a battery
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the thermite gun/flare gun sound effect at the character select screen
  • A lot of other small things that I forgot to write down

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About the Game

Signs of Life is a sci-fi survival sandbox platformer with a combination of procedurally generated and hand-crafted content. You'll explore mysterious locations, Mine blocks for resources, and meet strange (and some familiar) creatures, some of which don't even want to kill you and eat your corpse. Along the way, you'll be able to craft armor, weapons, gadgets and more to assist you in surviving in an inhospitable environment.


Sensing that an apocalyptic war was imminent, the United Nations executed a last ditch plan to save what they could of the human race. 2 crafts were launched, a massive colony ship called the Hephaestus and a smaller, faster scout ship called the Hermes. The destination was a recently discovered earth-like planet with the potential to harbor life located roughly 18 light years away. The Hermes reached the planet first in order to establish a presence in anticipation of the arrival of the Hephaestus.

4 years later, as the Hephaestus approached its destination a faint signal was detected from a nearby asteroid. Against their better judgement, the crew of the Hephaestus decided to investigate, and in doing so set in motion a chain of events that would ultimately lead to their destruction.

The good news is, you managed to survive by hitching a ride on a small escape pod just in the nick of time. The bad news is, everyone you knew and loved is dead, you have nothing but the clothes on your back, a standard issue multi-function wrist laser and a faulty artificial intelligence companion named AGIS. Oh, and the human race is probably doomed.



  • An expansive world with procedurally generated and hand-crafted content.
  • A bunch of weird alien creatures.
  • Some familiar creatures.
  • Chickens.
  • Mining, hunting, gathering.
  • Gobs of ores, materials and animal organs you can use to...
  • Craft all kinds of weapons, armor, gadgets, furniture, etc.
  • A bit of story and lore to hold the whole thing together.
  • Eggs.

Current State of Development

Signs of Life is currently in Alpha. We feel like we've put together a fun, satisfying experience that will allow us to get wider feedback while we complete the rest of the game.

Right now our first priority is making sure that the content we have in-game is as bug-free, balanced, polished and fun as possible based on feedback from you folks. Our second priority is working on the co-op online multiplayer, which we have been working on since day one, but we don't feel is ready for prime time. In addition to those priorities, we'll be adding content to the game regularly as we finish fleshing out the game. We have a significant prologue/tutorial planned, as well as significant content beyond what is currently playable, so the sooner you get involved the more of an effect you'll have on the final game.

We are still very much in development, and we would like you to join us in shaping the game from here on out. Your feedback is vital to us, so don't be shy =)


  • Multiplayer is not yet implemented, but we have been working on it since the beginning and it is our next major milestone.
  • Some sound effects are missing, but we are actively working on filling them in.
  • Right now the character creator only lets you create a male character, a female character option will come soon. We didn't want to lazily implement the gender option, so its going to take us a little bit of time to do it properly.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Dual-Core 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with Shader Model 2 support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual-Core 2+ GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with Shader Model 2 support
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
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Early Access Review
I've seen the game about on the web for a while and decided to buy it purely because of my love for games such as Starbound and Terraria.

I was not disappointed.

SoL doesn't feel nearly as expansive as Starbound (Which i will try to avoid comparing it to, though the two are very similiar so this will be hard) however what it lacks in explorable planets and the like it seems to make up for in crafting content and the amount fo materials you can collect.

One handy little tool that you have when starting SoL is the HTWLT or Hight-tech-wrist-laser-thingy (I'm almost 100% certain this isn't what it's actualy called), which functions as all the basic tools you need to start out: pickaxe/axe, flashlight, map, object grabber and a lovely home for the AI companion that accompanies the player and provides a few tips. One thing worth mentioning is that your character won't actively pick up any objects you mine or get from a kill, this has to be done manually, an action that is default bound to the middle mouse button. In my opinion this is a good thing, as it means that your inventory doesn't have to get clogged up by dirt blocks being hoovered up by your player's legs. Unless you want it to. Weirdo.

Whilst I haven't amassed a huge number of hours on SoL (yet), it feels far more realistic in some of the systems that it has, for example your inventory. In games like Terraria or Starbound, you have a grid based inventory where every item is stored in a 'slot', in SoL however you simply have a backpack in which everything you pick up is thrown, which leaves in up to you to jig it about and make it organised.

The combat also feels vastly different and improved from similiar games, as the player is able to attack in a full 360 degree circle and left clicking will perform a slash attack whilst right clicking will perform a thrusting attack. You will also find that different melee weapons have different effective ranges and that they all feel weighty and satisfying to use. The bow (I haven't tried any other ranged weapons yet) also feels just as satisfying, almost as satisfying as watching a sheep run in fear as the first arrow hits their backside.

The crafting is pretty similiar to any other game, with one key difference: you can actually take things apart and use their pieces in other recipes. I can't really say much about the building side of the game as i've spent a vast majority of my time hunting chickens and cooking their flesh, though i still have no idea how to eat it (you do HAVE to eat in this game, in case you were wondering).

Also, BACON.

If there's one thing i'd have to pick on it would be the level of guidance for new players, some actions such as eating and destroying background blocks aren't covered in the few tips your AI companion gives you and I have yet to figure out how to do either of these things. Having said that, this is the first time the game has been playable by the public, so i'm sure the Devs will be adding more tutorials as the game progresses :)

Overall SoL is definitely worth your time if you're a fan of similiar games as it feels familiar enough to not be daunting, yet it has quite a few nifty features that help it feel fresh and new. Please don't be put off by the people that say this is a Starbound clone or anything similiar, SoL has its own legs and it stands on them perfectly well.

Great job Devs, keep up the good work :D

EDIT: I figured out how to eat, you right click on the food and a stomach icon fills up, though the stomach icon was hidden behind the inventory screen so I had to drag that out the way. Still, BACON.

EDIT: You can't destroy natural spawning background blocks at all, but you can place your own over them :) Oh and the HTWLT is actually called the 'Meg Tool'.
Posted: January 27th, 2014
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Early Access Review
Yesterday I decided to purchase Signs of Life on a whim. I mean, at $8.00'ish dollars it's not a tough sell, really. I have to say that Signs of Life has impressed me greatly so far. I definitely LOVE the very colorful, beautifully crafted world, and already I can't get enough of this game.

I loved discovering that I could bash stuff with a torch. I laughed when I found out that I could 'suck' an item towards me, and watch the item launch somewhere when I let off the 'suck' button too soon. I found that if I sucked up the Impaler Spikes and let the button off to quickly, it would actually impale me. Tell me that small pleasures are the sign of a small mind, but either way, sign me up. :) I love that the Pickaxe has a more realistic approach to swinging in a true arc than any other 2D miner, and using the right button gives you the ability to do the little tappy-tappy semi-swings that let you work in smaller areas. I am discovering silly little things all the time, and it's great!

I own and play Starbound, Edge of Space, Terraria and Craft the World. As I've noticed, a lot of people are comparing this game to Starbound, so I'll work from that common perspective. So far me (and my kids) have put 142 hours into Starbound. But it's missing something. Perhaps there is just SO much randomness to everything in Starbound that it's difficult to identify with anything in it. My kids grew bored quickly with it, and I was trying to figure out why. It may have to do with dated graphics, which seem very washed out, but that's the art style they are going for and it doesn't bother me a whole lot, especially after growing up on ASCII games. The only thing I can speculate at, is that there is so much to do in Starbound, but not much reason to do anything. Hunting for food is a chore, and killing the 4-5 monster types on a planet gives me high marks on the yawn scale. And 'treasure chests' often go ignored because I know it's just gonna contain another Tier 1 weapon, or a copy of Tech I've already received 5 other times.

Now with the few hours I've had with Signs of Life, everything is fascinating. I want to discover as many new things as possible to see what I can build. AGIS (Aegis?) has a low and wicked sense of humor for an AI, and the creatures of the world feel life-like. Chickens lay eggs (and even have the animation to prove it!). The bugs( insects) are so happy being in the game that they do flips. What more of an endorsement do you need?! The monsters begin to differ as you dig deeper into the world, and they get tougher too. Every time I stumble upon a new life-form, I think, "What little surprises do you have for me to discover, my pretty?" The only thing that truly rings false to me so far, is finding sheep and goats living down deep inside the supremely dark and oxygen deficient caves and caverns. Perhaps that is a bug that may be fixed later.

Anyway, to sum up this extremely long post, Signs of Life has some serious promise, and for the few hours I've played it, it has been very enjoyable, fun, funny and I can't wait to put some more time into this game, to see what other simple pleasures I can discover in this beautifully rendered game.

Keep up the great work!
Posted: February 1st, 2014
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Early Access Review
Video Review:

Signs of Life is a side scrolling exploration sand box. The player explores the world and mines resources to craft new items. Items range from armor and weapons to tools that aid in the crafting of new objects. The exploration is great. It's as fun and exciting as it can be in a 2d world. The crafting is rewarding and the new equipment looks awesome as you equip it. The gathering of blocks needs to be more stream line though and the fighting/motion is awkward. If that gets fixed it will be a really fun game. It's a decent value at less than $8.
Posted: January 27th, 2014
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Early Access Review
My intial review was overly harsh, and lacked proper insight to be helpful. ( I was really wrong.) You should totally check this game out, Reason why below:

Quick And Dirty:
The game is a must play, it is superbly refreshing both visually and game play-wise to anything in the survival miner adventure game arena.

Full Disclosure:
Like other games of the genre, your object is mostly to survive your harsh new world. You mine ores craft armors and tools to your delight, and build yourself a home or fortress. That's about where the similarities end.

The game has a Flash-like graphics look to it. Do not let this deter you at first sight, it's gorgeous. From the fire effects, to the smashing of eggs on enemies, to the felling of trees and leaves falling about you, the beauty and dare I say simplicity of it will draw you in. Did I mention you can light sheep on fire?

I'm still not too big on the controls, a tad of a learning curve to them, mostly muscle memory though, so once you got it, you're good. But the actual movement of the player and and other mobs is really awesome and fluid. Like the ability to crouch, and still and attack and function normally allows you to build these small winding passages that your character fits through, but not for the deadly aliens looking for a meal.

Oh you have this like AI-Guide like thing, that's farily whimsical. I would like to see/hear more from him. Kind of like your best friend, who's sole purpose is there to troll you, and revel in your misfortunes.

The death mechanic(On death all items and equipment is dropped) is a little harsh in my opinion, and I would love to see hopefully an option for maybe like a casual and normal difficulty, and Normal being the game's default mechanic. That being said is does not take away from the fun, it further extends the dire situation your character has found themself in, and ensures a thrill to your mining runs, as there is no warp to surface or death port option, and forces players to more carefully evaluate mining situations with safety in mind, to ensuring a Spitter (Alien critter that spits some kind of corrosive acid at you, not good with children) can just drop in on you and wreck your party. Hell and if one does, time to test out them emergency protocols, otherwise known as Kill it, Kill it with Fire!

So the game is definitely worth the pennies, if surviving on hostile planets is your thing, but another thing to mention as it's a sore spot for me with a lot of these Early Access Games. This was released end of January, like 27th or 28th, since that time there have already been 10 updates pushed to address everyone's concerns and feedback, and they are very active here on the Forums for developers. Hell, typically the Nerd Rage rants go completely unanswered and just lost to the interwebs, yet within hours of my nasty review, I was contacted and nicely mind you to address my experience. Like I wasn't told to go complain about Early Access nonsense elsewhere, It was justa simple hey, you seem to be having trouble, let us know we'll get it fixed if it wasn't already updated.
Posted: February 1st, 2014
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Early Access Review
Short review for those interested.
Nice opening story with amusing humour from both the AI bot and a lot of the tooltips in general. It's well thought out and never do you feel lost or being pushed in a certain direction. (more then I can say for certain other games)

Graphically speaking it is lovely (my starter ship landed next to sheep and chickens, meanwhile epic beards/pink slippers are implemented). Scales well for higher resolutions (1440p+) and has builtin options for bigger fontsizes, which is great for us older folk that don't mind the ability to actually read stuff. Controls overall are refined too. You get several item slots on the UI each being designated to a type of gear tools, melee, guns etc. Harvesting in general works well because you can have the maintool selected and just hotkey stuff like your builtin torch without switching.

Not done much In the crafting department yet. All on seperate windows with flyouts under each type of craftable keeping it neat, tidy and logical. Well thought out UI in general really. On that note I *love* the Ultima Online style inventory system in which you can drop gear wherever you please in each bag. Might seen messy to those not familiar, but with the earlier mentioned slot system and scrolling between items you will soon find that it's not.

Soundtrack is fitting for the game and didn't break the immersion. Overall and relaxing and enjoyable experience so far. Currently seems to be focused on refining the SP rather then MP. Which to me personally is a great thing.

Price is a steal and easily recommended.
Posted: January 28th, 2014
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