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Call of Duty® 2 redefines the cinematic intensity and chaos of battle as seen through the eyes of ordinary soldiers fighting together in epic WWII conflicts. The sequel to 2003's Call of Duty, winner of over 80 Game of the Year awards, Call of Duty 2 offers more immense, more intense, more realistic battles than ever before, thanks to...
Data lansării: 25 Oct 2005
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Call of Duty® 2 redefines the cinematic intensity and chaos of battle as seen through the eyes of ordinary soldiers fighting together in epic WWII conflicts. The sequel to 2003's Call of Duty, winner of over 80 Game of the Year awards, Call of Duty 2 offers more immense, more intense, more realistic battles than ever before, thanks to the stunning visuals of the new COD™2 engine.
  • The #1 WWII shooter development team returns with an amazing new experience: Developed by Infinity Ward, creators of the award-winning Call of Duty. All-new, unprecedented enhancements from stunningly realistic graphics to seamless gameplay, thanks to the revolutionary COD2 engine, groundbreaking AI, and choice-based gameplay innovations. Beautifully rendered snow, rain, fog, and smoke, combined with dynamic lighting and shadows, make this the most intense WWII shooter yet.
  • New conflicts and enemies to face: Call of Duty 2 brings you bigger battles, with more tanks, troops, and explosions on-screen, and bigger scope, with a wide range of locales and environments across the European Theater. Fight "The Desert Fox" across the scorching sands of North Africa as wave upon wave of tanks clash in the desert. Use rocket-propelled grappling hooks alongside your Army Ranger squad to storm and scale the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc against a relentless German counterassault, and slog through urban chaos as a tank hunter in war-torn Russia.
  • Rely on your squad as never before: The dozens of Allied soldiers surrounding you are fully aware of the changing situations around them, and will let you know using an all-new, context-sensitive battle chatter system. They will draw enemy fire, lay down cover for you, use foxholes and moving tanks for cover, and warn you of incoming enemy troops and hostile fire.
  • Choice-based gameplay: Play through missions in the order you see fit. Will you decide to play first as a sniper or as a tank commander? It's your call. Open-ended battlefields allow you to individualize your tactics and choose the order in which you complete your objectives.
  • Multiplayer Mayhem: Go online for intense Axis vs. Allies team-based multiplayer action, building on the hugely popular Call of Duty multiplayer modes.

© 2006 Activision Publishing, Inc. Activision and Call of Duty are registered trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective owners.

Cerinţe de sistem (PC)

    Minimum: 3D hardware accelerator card required - 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64MB hardware accelerator video card and the latest drivers*, Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Pentium IV 1.4GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1700+ processor or higher, 256MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended), 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 16-bit sound card and latest drivers, 100% Windows 2000/XP compatible mouse, keyboard and latest drivers, 4.0GB of uncompressed free hard disk space (plus 600MB for Windows 2000/XP swap file)
    Multi-player Requirements:
    • Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported
    • Internet play requires broadband connection and latest drivers
    • LAN play requires network interface card and latest drivers
    Important Notice: *Some 3D accelerator cards with the chipset listed here may not be compatible with the 3D acceleration features utilized by Call of Duty. Please refer to your hardware manufacturer for 100% DirectX 9.0c compatibility.
    Supported Chipsets
    • ATI Radeon 8500
    • ATI Radeon 9000
    • ATI Radeon 9200
    • ATI Radeon 9500
    • ATI Radeon 9600
    • ATI Radeon 9700
    • ATI Radeon 9800
    • ATI Radeon X300
    • ATI Radeon X550
    • ATI Radeon X600
    • ATI Radeon X700
    • ATI Radeon X800
    • ATI Radeon X850
    • nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra
    • All nVidia GeForce 3/Ti Series
    • All nVidia GeForce 4/Ti Series
    • All nVidia GeForce FX Series
    • All nVidia GeForce 6 Series
    • Recommend nVidia GeForce 7 Series or higher

Cerinţe de sistem (MAC)

    • Supported OS: 10.7.5
    • CPU Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (Dual-Core)
    • CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 4 GB
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 7300 or better or ATI Radeon X1600
    • Video Memory: 128 MB VRam
    • Note: Intel Integrated GMA 950 and Intel Integrated X3100 are unsupported video chipsets
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131 din 138 oameni (95%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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This is by far the best COD of the Franchise.
WAY Before all this custom classes and Tubing etc.
Everyone gets the same class and actually has fun vsing eachother. The fact thats its survived this long and still is enjoyed by the "new gen" Makes it a remarkable game.

Definantly worth the $19.99.
Postat: 25 noiembrie 2013
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78 din 81 oameni (96%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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3.9 ore înregistrate
Obviously the best COD
Postat: 25 noiembrie 2013
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42 din 44 oameni (95%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Best CoD for sure; based in World War II, with good mouse recoil, and balanced game, compared to other tittles like CoD WaW, CoD4, CoD MW2... that they are unbalanced
Postat: 27 octombrie 2013
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Hey, you there, yeah you. Call of Duty 2, no not modern warfare 2. Call of Duty 2, among the classics offering excellent combat in World War II. Still scratching your head in confusion, okay i'll throw it all down.

Okay, Call of Duty 2 is a First-Person Shooter set in the chaotic and brutal backdrop of World War II and its tales of triumph and demise. While among one of the most popular game seires to date, Call of Duty 2 unfortuently does not get the recognition it deserves. Call of Duty 2 offers a lot of things, most noteworthy of which are in its Singleplayer. I would say the greatest feat of this game is the diverse campaign. Not convinced? Ok, I will elaborate. Call of Duty 2 will have you fighting on the battlefields of World War II as several charecters in unique and iconic theaters of war. Fighting in the blazing sun of North Africa, or maybe you get your kicks from shooting 'em up in the snow. I know you wanna fight during D-Day, well, lucky you! Yep, fight during D-Day as you will be finding yourself struggling along with your American allies to control Pointe du Hoc. Well enough of that, but wait I am not done yet. Besides, the astounding campaign, there is just something about this certain that Call of Duty that makes its brutallity stand out. Don't let that T rating fool you, this game offers some gruesome combat mechanics, and if you need more blood to feed your eyes, don't worry there are plenty of unique mods out there for you. Multiplayer? Well, sadly due to the age of this game, finding players is difficult and sometimes even impossible, however that is something that shouldn't impact the game's score. Hey! Turn that frown upside down, like i said the campaign offers the best features this game has to offer and supports a pleathera of mods at your disposal. What more do you want?! This game also has a great price and is worth its value. 9/10, awesome campaign, lengthy, but not so long its tedious, good mods, brutallity to levels of awe, and much more in this sick installment. One more note: I personally would find this to be the best Call of Duty of them all....
Postat: 23 decembrie 2013
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13 din 16 oameni (81%) consideră această recenzie folositoare
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Soviet Capmaign 8\10, winter effects are great. Shortest one in game.
England Campaign 10\10, Cptn Price is back. Longest campaign is the game, and somehow looks like whole game about.
USA 5\10, Hold the line 5 minutes until reinforcements arrived: The Game. Some missions are really nice though.

Since that game activision didnt even try to change the game engine. Also if add to this game perks and killstreaks, you'll get modern warfare in ww2 setting.
Postat: 10 decembrie 2013
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