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Journey to the dark heart of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children in this fiendishly difficult action RPG! When her teacher stepped out of the classroom a month ago, Cordy never imagined he would be gone for good. Now her fellow students have turned on each other as the school descends into chaos.
Release Date: Jan 29, 2014
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New Experimental Patch is Now Accessible (v455)

June 27th, 2014

Small update to Experimental branch:

  • Shoelaces now help you run faster as well
  • Solitary library floor should no longer have a random floor characteristic
  • A Second and Third Helping should now give XP when killed
  • Woundwort Fortress defense slightly reduced
  • Friendly Foot Stools should no longer spawn extra body parts if you pause and unapuse repeatedly during the fight

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New Patch is Now Live! (v454)

June 22nd, 2014

Latest patch is now live! We won't list all them all out here so if you didn't try the test branch you can discover them for yourself...

-- 9 new items
-- 4 new floor characteristics

We've made a few bug fixes on the new items/characteristics based on feedback on the test branch -- thank you!

-Haunted floors should increase explosion speed over time until everything in the room explodes. Killing everything will make the poltergeist move on though. Fewer coins should drop.

-Edgewood Hall Pass will now only work for uncleared rooms.

-Stolen Seconds should properly disappear after use (not 999 seconds anymore, but permanently!)

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About the Game

Journey to the dark heart of the Edgewood Home for Lost Children in this fiendishly difficult action RPG!

When her teacher stepped out of the classroom a month ago, Cordy never imagined he would be gone for good. Now her fellow students have turned on each other as the school descends into chaos. Cordy must battle feral classmates and dangerous creatures as she ascends to the cruel Administrators’ offices atop the Edgewood Home for Lost Children.

Our Darker Purpose is a top-down, rogue-like action RPG that combines the ingenuity of genre-defining classics with the expansiveness and accessibility of modern day action adventure games. The gameplay is steeped in a variety of influences ranging from A Link to the Past to The Binding of Isaac to Diablo. We love games with great mechanics and awesome, bizarre storylines, and that’s what we’re creating with Our Darker Purpose.

Each playthrough features a unique set of procedurally generated levels. Death is permanent, but your accomplishments earn you resources to buy lesson and upgrades in the afterlife... and your education lasts forever. Every game teaches you more about the Edgewood Home for Lost Children, the disappearance of the adults, and the darker purpose of the Administrators.

Key Features

Fast-Paced, Combat-Oriented Gameplay: Face unique boss encounters and challenging enemy mechanics! The Edgewood Home is a merciless environment. Dodge between fireballs and flying desks while your former classmates try to pummel you into the walls, and that’s just the lower levels…

Character Variety and Customization: Assemble selections of randomized perks and upgrades to reflect your play-style – tanky bruiser, glass cannon, fleet-footed assassin, or anything else. Assemble your skills into devastating combinations… or pick style perks with no benefit at all, at your peril.

Oh Yeah, and It Takes Place in a Sinister Orphanage: Prepare for a an unflinching look at what happens when an already terrifying boarding school/orphanage goes all Lord of the Flies, and try not to get eaten by any of the possessed furniture. Only the psychologically strongest gamers will be able to withstand the insightful taunts of the Administrators themselves…


Allocate precious skills

Uncovering Edgewood’s dark secrets will yield valuable experience for Cordy. Each time she levels up, you’ll be able to select from one of two new abilities that she can acquire, depending on your play style and the situation at hand. You will never be as strong as you need to be, so prepare for some nail-biting choices…

Choose your own ghastly fate

The house is different every game, and every level is uniquely generated. But fear not, there’s more than one way to ascend through a dystopic Victorian manor! Pick your route – would you rather battle a feral horde than risk an encounter with the dangerous Capulets? The choice is yours! Of course, each floor offers unique credit tokens to buy new upgrades, so choose wisely…

Acquire eternal powers

Adorable, creepy, stylized Edgewood Home students don’t give up when they fail --- they go to class. Each time you lead Cordy to a fiery (or chalky, or spikey, or venomy, or monstery) demise, you get some time to strategize with your kindly scarecrow guidance counselor. He is happy to offer his one-of-a-kind insight in many academic disciplines…

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista/7
    • Processor: 1.6 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: X1950 Pro, 7900 GT
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
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Great game, very enjoyable, a lot of depth and some interesting lore. Add to that a fantastic sound track and appealing visuals and there's really not much to ask for.

If you enjoyed The Binding of Isaac, you'll enjoy this as well. And there's less poop, so that's always a plus.
Posted: January 29th, 2014
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1 review
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Our Darker Purpose is a gorgeous game in many ways. The way the story and setting is drip-fed to you via talking desks or boss descriptions allows you to engage with it or get on with the gameplay itself, and the writing manages to be funny without being cringe-worthy. The music is also truly amazing, perhaps the best I've heard in any indie game.

I find the gameplay particularly engaging as well. On the surface it does hug closely to Binding of Isaac gameplay, with randomised rooms, unlockable items and locations, starting over when you die etc. But it does go beyond that. The emphasis on choice over randomness is far more evident in ODP: Each time you level up you choose between two perks that may boost your attack or survivabilty in some way (life leech, attack speed, or some more exotic perks), and you unlock lessons that you can equip before a play-through that can have a dramatic effect on your gameplay. You can also choose which floor to enter after a boss battle, and each floor may have different enemies or modifiers to them (enemies will drop more juice boxes, won't have champion enemies, you and the enemy will take more damage etc.)

These elements allow for less of a feeling that the RNG was against you, and more that if you die you messed up in some way. It also means that even if you are having trouble, you may unlock lessons that will help you in the future, so there is always a small sense of progression without making the early levels feel trivial.

One downside to the game is that earlier areas can feel repetitive, as there is a smaller set of potential enemies and items that you will encounter. Earlier levels can also look a little too grey for my liking. It also isn't clear how to unlock each of the lessons - something I find frustrating but other people may enjoy discovering the unknown.

Over all its a good game to play for several hours in a row or just half an hour, and its easy to sink at least 30 hours into the game (for those who care about replayability). And the music is to die for - that cannot be said enough!
Posted: January 29th, 2014
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The game blends the twin-stick shooter style like Binding of Isaac or SMASH TV with an artistic style similar to Don't Starve into something great with a dark theme.

You take on the role of Cordy. The only girl that, of all the students that grouped up with her, survived being killed by two other groups: the strong, and the charming. Now it's up to her to fight these students with the power of her voice in order to find out Edgewood's dark purpose.

Dying in this game isn't the end. Nor is winning in some cases. The floors you complete in this game grants credits. These are used to unlock classes, most of which are locked and have to be gained by completing an achievement, or by donating to the counselor which gives added perks like an extra juice box.

The music blends with the game well. The childish, yet dark, feeling of the music complements the game in a way that gives you the feeling that you are in the game.

The thing about this game is that traversing through Edgewood can be lengthy if you end up having a good run. For example: My videos of this game can take about a half-hour to an hour depending on how far I've reached and it takes about an hour or more to reach the second big boss of this game.

Regardless, this game can keep you occupied with how deep Edgewood is.
Posted: January 29th, 2014
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This game shows a great deal of promise and has some interesting mechanics that could potentially provide a nice change of pace compared to other games in the genre.

The problem, at least in its current state (review written at launch) is that it really doesn't stand up well in comparison to obvious influences like Binding of Isaac. I will list some of the issues I have with the game at launch, some may sound minor but have a very real impact on the way the game is played.

-- movement speed --

The starting character (there may be others to unlock) is woefully sluggish. This slow movement combined with much-quicker-than-you enemy projectiles and othewrwise acceptable mechanics like your momentum affecting your own projectiles can lead to frustrating and needlessly tiresome encounters.

There are a number of perks available at level up that profess to increase movement speed, these are either completely incorrect in their supposed effect or the gains are far too minimal as even after taking more than one such perk there is never any noticable increase in your movement speed.

The interesting thing is the roll mechanic which acts as a little boost to evade enemies, the inclusion of which would have been unnecessary if the overall movement wasn't so awful. What I'm curious about is whether the roll was added to compensate for the overly slow base movement speed or whether the base movement speed was deliberately made that slow so as to make the planned roll mechanic relevant and useful.

-- hitboxes / collision detection --

The hitboxes on both the player character and some enemies is, in my opinion, a little off. I suppose the issue here is that the hitbox on the player character is a little too big, a hit is registered even though your character sprite wasn't contacted by the projectile, environmental effect, etc etc. It's true that with continued play you would probably adapt to this slightly too big hit box and learn to compensate but you shouldn't have to, a game like this needs a reliable, accurate and finely tuned hit detection system.

In contrast, enemy hit boxes seem, at times, bafflingly arbitrary and with zero reference to their character sprites. More than once I've seen a projectile pass straight though an enemy without registering a hit, only for the next projectile on the same trajectory to instead register a successful hit. Again, this type of game thrives on tight, accurate hit detection, which at present, just isnt here.

A lesser issue is with collision detection on environmental objects. This could well be tied to the above issue of your slightly oversized hit box but occasionally you do get stuck on environmental objects, even though it looks as though there is room enough to get by.

-- pacing --

This is more of a personal one but I really feel the pacing of the game needs to be addressed, both in terms of character progression and item acquisition. In short, leveling up seems to take a little too long. Combined with the...underwhelming, shall we say, perks that you get on level up, this makes the whole level system seem honestly quite redundant. I never once found myself pleased, excited or glad to have levelled up, it just doesn't feel like much of a reward.

Item acquisition is probably a bigger issue, more specifically WHEN you get items. This game lists Binding of Isaac as one influencing game and it really shows. In Isaac however, there is a reliable and reasonable pacing to item acquisition. By and large each floor has one item room and an item from the boss room. There's no guarantee either one will be any good but at least there are reliably (keys allowing), AT LEAST two items per floor.

This game does not have item rooms on each floor nor does it provide items as rewards after boss fights. In fact your most reliable source of items are the occasional mini-boss enemies (like elites from Diablo). These enemies are fairly few and far between however, you MIGHT find one per floor and some floors don't have any by design. This means you end up with very few items and the majority of itemsa you do find are unremarkable. I'm being quite generous when I say unremarkable by the way.

I should note you can get items from vending machines but most are limited use and almost all are more than you can afford given the relative scarcity of money.

All in all, despite how critical you may feel I've been, I really do think this game has potential and there are some things to enjoy here but there are more things that I feel need to be addressed by the developer before this game can really be recommended.

In short, if you want to play an enjoyable but challanging twin stick shooter with tight controls and good pacing, play Binding of Isaac. It's pretty much all this game aspires to be and is considerably cheaper to boot.
Posted: January 29th, 2014
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I'm not gonna write about the good stuff in this game, 'cause there is no point. You MUST try it out. You like The Binding of Isaac? You will like this. You didn't like TBoI? You WILL like this, 'cause it's so same, but so different. What can make it better?
Steam achievements. Or at least in-game achievements, but all of them, not just the ones about the bosses. We want to know what do we unlock when we get an achievement. That's what kept me going in TBoI.
More items/upgrades. I just got to chapter 2 and there is not much items/upgrades when you levelup for now and that's the first thing that was driving me to play Isaac in the first place.

And there's no menstruating ♥♥♥♥♥♥s attacking you.

So, basically, what I want is more variety in items, especially the ones that can change my "weapon", like lasers, bombs and new tears in TBoI and list of achievements and what they gave you after you unlocked them,

Keep it up.
9/10 for now.
Posted: February 8th, 2014
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