Vanguard Princess is a 2D fighting game that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. Choose from ten girls with unique fighting skills and pair them with a powerful partner to form an unstoppable team.
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Data de lançamento: 28 Fev, 2014

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"An excellent game with lots of strong female characters. You owe it to yourself to experience this game, as well as the numerous pantyshots within."

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16 Março

50% Off Vanguard Princess Week Long Sale

Celebrating the Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize DLC Update with a 50% off sale of everything Vanguard Princess!!

  • 50% off on Vanguard Princess
  • 50% off on Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize
  • 50% off on Vanguard Princess Lilith

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16 Março

Updates for Hilda Rize DLC

Updates on Vanguard Princess Hilda Rize DLC are now available!!

  • Hilda Rize is Updated and Balanced
  • Exclusive Hilda-themed Battle Stage and In-Game Music
  • Alternate Ending for Hilda story mode
  • Hilda Rize DLC Soundtrack MP3s are included

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Acerca deste jogo

Government experiments on a young girl triggered a cosmic shock wave that gifted many young girls with mystical powers. She re-emerges into the world and vows to destroy all of mankind in an act of revenge. A brave group of girls who embraced their powers head to the battlefield to confront her; not just for the sake of the world, but to pursue their own personal motives and dreams.

  • Choose from ten girls with unique fighting skills and pair them with a powerful partner to form an unstoppable team.
  • Navigate the adventures of a Vanguard Princess in the Story Mode or engage in head-to-head battles in the Versus Mode.

Requisitos do Sistema

    • OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
    • Processor: Pentium III 400MHz, 128MB RAM
    • Memory: 1 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with 32MB Video RAM
    • DirectX: Version 7.0
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: 4-button game controller (Optional)
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Publicada: 13 Janeiro
Ganhei uma luta só apertando D,pq n entendi ♥♥♥♥♥ nenhuma dos comandos.

Menininhas Meigas - SIM
Pixelart Manera - SIM
Comandos comuns - NÃO
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Publicada: 13 Fevereiro
Nice game :)
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Publicada: 28 de Novembro de 2014
I have collected all of the trading cards, made a badge, have over a day played, and beaten the game on all dificulties. It is time for a review.
I personally love this game. Saki is my favorite character. Do I recommend this game? Yes, but under certain circumstances. First, let's dive into the true pros and cons of this game. [READ EVERYTHING, INCLUDING MULTIPLAYER]

+ Decent fighting system
+ The game runs perfectly fine (Even with WINE)
+ I got it for $1.50 or something like that on Amazon
+ Animations are great
+ Voice acting is good
+ Very fast pace
+Works 90% with Xbox 360 controller (Even through WINE[Still no D-Pad support])

To the cons:
-Little to no story
-Full screen is stretched if you have a widescreen monitor
-Full screen is just default window size and blurry
-Characters such as Lilith keep on spamming a move that will take down your health crazily. (Example: )
-The game does not tell you the commands for the support. (It tells you that Y [Xbox Controller] is the way to activate support, but to actually use them properly. It requires you to move the joy stick in certain directions.

Conclusion: I will recommend this game because it is definitely fun. Of course it's not the absolute best fighting game out there, but for $1.50 or ($5.00 on steam) it's not really that bad. In fact it's fun to play. Other review say that it's only good for about two or so hours of gameplay, but if you give yourself challenges such as beating the game on all difficulties, then you will get the most or even more out of your purchase. For those who may understand, this is basically Marvel VS Capcom (the original), but with an anime/Japanese art style.

I didn't include this in the review, but I think people should know about it. You can play multiplayer with Vanguard Princess. I'm not talking about local, I'm talking about online.
If you want to play multiplayer with a friend, (because I could not for the life of me find any servers) then follow this post:
Now, this explains MOST of what you need to do. But if you want to host your own server for your friends to join, you MUST..
*_ Open port 7500 to TCP and UDP
*_ Now that the port is open, open up MTSP
* In order to host a server for you and your friends, you must get your public IP here: (Your IP is: ###.###.###.### <-- that long number)
* Once you have copied that number, go back to MTSP
* The Startup window should still be open, click the tab named "Encrypt IP"
* Paste your IP into the Unencrypted IP box and press the button "Encrypt"
* The box below it should have a whole bunch of numbers now
* You need to copy those numbers and go back to the "Select Mode" tab
* If you are making the server for your friends, make sure the current mode is "Server"
* Paste the number you got into the "Server Name" box and press okay [MAKE SURE IT IS STILL ON PORT 7500]
* Now your server is made and your friends can join
_For your friends, they follow the SteamCommunity post, then open port 7500. (I don't have to do TCP and UDP, but have them do it just to be safe)
_Once they open MTSP , they should have that same Startup box
_They need to click on "Client"
_Then they need to put the number the host recieved got earlier (The encrypted thing) into the "Destination IP" box
_[Make sure DNS is off, unless you know what you're doing] and then press OK
_This should result in joining the server. Right click someones name to the left and press challenge to fight them.
You should be set up now for Online vanguard princess. The reason I'm putting this here is because I had to find that community post, and then go through an ancient MTSP post on a Japanese website in order for it to work. (Because the servers are empty and may cause a high ping)
Hope this was helpful!
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Publicada: 28 de Novembro de 2014
+ Lolis
- Cant touch the lolis

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Publicada: 18 Fevereiro
Proved my parents that I'm not gay.
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Publicada: 1 Março
+ Controls are simple and responsive
+ Smooth, fluid animations
+ Boasts a noticeably enjoyable soundtrack
+ Creative and interesting character designs, something the anime community is known for

- Each playable character has no more than 6 combos
- Very low maximum resolution
- Little replay value to speak of
- Virtually unplayable without an XBOX 360 controller
- No extras or unlockables of any kind
- No online multiplayer support (there is a third-party workaround, however, that can remedy this)
- Only two modes of play (story and local co-op versus)
- Cannot view move-list in-game; only availalbe via character selection or the game's manual
- Assist characters seem clumsy in practice, have a function that is not explained at all (no tutorial or practice included), and serve more to clutter the screen and distract one's focus
- The 'story mode' is, save for a few random injections of dialogue, virtually devoid of a story at all; what little there is consists of a brief paragraph before reaching the main menu, and is not built on or developed even remotely

If you enjoyed this review, please follow my curator page. Also, feel free to join my group, LockeProposal's Big Day Out for discussion and announcements. Thanks for reading!
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Publicada: 27 de Dezembro de 2014
+Anime Appeal
+Learning Curve
+Lots of combo

-Navigation is bad
-Combo List only during start
-Not enough characters
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Publicada: 14 Janeiro
Is this a joke? The game appears in some window with no steam overlay, only an arcade mode and versus mode, no practice which is vital in a fighting game. Stages must be chosen by windowing the game and clicking on the options tab, this is ridiculous. No online, not as ecchi as it looks, the game looks like some pre-beta. The assist characters are aconfusing and player characters are unbalanced.

Good thing I got this for free. Adds more games to my library for more cards and more steam exp. I guess all the positive reviews are horny otakus or trolls.
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Publicada: 16 Março
I don't think it's necessary to play two charcters at once, I get super confused. There should be a option were you could just have a normal battle with two people, but no... There's four people fighting at once! And since there's four characters fighting at once the voice actors just keep repeatedly going "AH! ITAI! AH! AH! AH! AH! OH! OH! ITAI! ITAI! AH! AH!" It's so annoying! But other than that, the game is nice. I recommend this game.
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Publicada: 11 Fevereiro
This game is no mere fighting game. It is a dangerous journey of self-discovery, but an important one. It is a ticket to ride to a far-off land. A strange, bizarre, sometimes even frightening place. A place where two-dimensional beings walk the land. A place full of peculiar hair style decisions, bright colors and the sex fantasies of reclusive Japanese animators and artists. A place containing not just vanguard princesses, but bubblegum crises, robots that drill through universes, homoerotic vampires being pursued by muscular men with magic demons, dandy guys in space, little girls running item shops, the most convoluted fighting game storyline ever written, women who interact through games of Match 3 and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Ready yourself as you step into this world, for I cannot promise you will come out the same person you are today, if you ever emerge at all. You may find yourself becoming unnaturally attached to one of the many denizens, claiming a so-called waifu, or a husbando, or some bizarre mix of both, and collecting frivolous merchandise to line the walls of your personal cavern of kawaii. As you descend into this world, you may find yourself growing distant from those around you, only being able to form a connection with those who have entered into the breach with you. However, should you accept these consequences, then it is time to enter the world of anime.

Be wary, my friend. Not all kawaii desus are as moe as they may first seem.
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Publicada: 14 Janeiro
Vanguard Princess is a 2d fighter known for it's all girl cast and fan service. Because of that many people overlook or dismiss that a very solid fighter underneath the visuals.

Graphically the game is very colorful, detailed and animated well. (Yes fan service included) The characters and stages look like a true anime is being played right on your screen! The voice acting is very good though the music is average. Looking at the game from a art standpoint it's very shocking that only person created and animated the entire game.

The cast of fighters is very unique going from your standard shotos to advanced characters who have different stances and strings. Special moves and combos are simple like the classic Street Fighter 2. You also have super moves and perrys similar to Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. What set's this apart from other fighters and adds depth is that you have assist characters. This is nothing new to fighters however how they are used is very unique. You always have them available and because of so, you are controlling two fighters at once. This can get hectic as you must not only pay attention to both of your fighters but also the other players two fighters. You have a assist bar that constantly refills like your super bar. You have a selection of attacks that your assist can use and each attack (depending on strength) will take a portion of the bar. Being smart about what attack to use and when is key as they can build combos or pressure strings. You must also be careful as the person on defense can use the assist perry and if successful, can disable your assist for a few seconds leaving you at a huge disadvantage. The key is to select the assist for your play style as some assists are better suited for combos, defense or pressure.

The main problem with this game is the fact that it was made using a very old fighter maker engine. Because of so you are limited to story mode and versus mode. Practice mode is available but you must go into vs mode and manually start it. This is different depending on your button set up but mine is the p and e keys at the same time. I have heard that this game have problems with some controllers but I had no issues. I used two different controllers with no problems so my advise is to use a controller to keyboard program like joy2key if your controller don't work. Being that this is a very old engine it has no net play however a external program was made so that you can play with friends online and from my experience, it worked pretty well.

Overall it's not the best fighter out there but it is definitely fun. The story mode is basic and tough (even on easy) thanks it its very cheap SNK style end boss. If you have a friend to play with locally or willing to seek and find some players online then it has plenty of replay value. If you like or don't mind a little fan service but want a decent fighter to play, I recommend this title. Gamers only looking for fanservice while mashing buttons.. Yes I reccommend this to you too.
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Publicada: 25 Março
Short Pro/Con Summary


+Still a rare genre (fighting game) on PC.
+Cute and funny graphics.
+Unique gameplay (fighting with main + support char. )
+Trading cards


-Only Arcade and local VS mode.
-No online matches (except of a mod that will allow you to play online)
-No tutorials. (So it's absolutely beginners unfriendly)
-Only few skills avalable per char.
-No true widescreen support (But I don't have any probs with the stretched screen)
-No original language in ROW version. (In my opinion original language of a game should always be implemented)
-DLC Policy. (Different DLCs avalable, but the latest DLC already includes the older DLC? That's a punch into the face for people who bought the old DLC and have to buy the new one as well)

To be honest, I like this game for casual playthroughs from time to time, but sadly there are no factors that keeps up your longtime motivation.

So, only recommandable for those who wants to collect all the fighting games avalable on Steam.

*I think $4,99 USD would be a fair price if the DLCs were included in it.
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Publicada: 15 Janeiro
Let's start off by saying the first ever time I didn't recommend a game in a review and i won't be using the typical CONs/PROs thing;

Vanguard Princess is a 2D Fighting Game with a retro-like fighting style, in which you can't do much combos and stuff(Something I dislike as a Skullgirls and Street Fighter player) that is really hard to deal with, and what helps with that is the fact that this game has no tutorial, no training mode, basically as you enter the game you find yourself with only 2 choices: Story Mode and Versus Mode, nothing else.The game has a pretty awful UI and HUD, something out of some flash game created in 2 minutes, In my opinion they spent all the budget on the ecchi animations and sprites you want to buy the game for and just forgot about all the rest.

Let's get to the fighting system itself.The game is totally optimized for a controller, not even for an Arcade stick, but you can still use your keyboard(Altough inputs are received quite poorly).
The kind of fighting in this game is nothing like modern Fighting games, Something I can't really explain in words(You should check out some videos) and I'm not saying it's bad or I dislike it, because I actually enjoy it, but playing it with a keyboard is a pain in the ♥♥♥.For example, you'll fail performing a special at least 7 times out of 10, and fail in performing some of the half-circle ones and do totally another one.But if you tryhard on all of this and just try to learn timings and such, it's a really fun and challenging game, especially because you have lots of different characters(Ranged, Melee, Grab-only and so on).
Then you have Support characters(Something i didn't see since some Naruto games on PS2) that have different kinds of attacks that you execute(Stuff like shielding, firing projectiles).

The story mode is something bad overall.It's confusing, you don't really get to know the heroines' stories nor the support characters', but you bought the game for boobies, you wouldn't care about the story anyways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but as a reviewer i gotta cover that too.The story mode is normal, you have 3 difficulties(Easy, Normal and Hard) and you just fight the characters in the game, sometimes you even see some dialogue scenes before fighting, and then reach the final boss, Hilda Rize.THE BOSS FIGHT AGAINST HER IS SOMETHING SO ANNOYING that you'll try to exit the game(Oh i forgot to say that it's IMPOSSIBLE to quit the game, you have to Alt+F4 pretty much) because of the constant SPAM of fast projectiles, explosions and stuff she throws at you and she even has near-infinite SUPPORTS.For example, for me it takes at least 10 tries with each character to finally beat her and once you do it you see some ending cutscenes and that's all.No achievements, no rewards, no unlockables, nothing.You just have to stay there and cry thinking of the time you wasted and the honor you lost by losing 100 times to Hilda.

In the end, the game is quite fun, but it's way too poorly-made and doesn't even deserve the discounted price in my opinion.But that's just me, if you want to kick some ♥♥♥ while staring at some bouncy goodness, get the game.But trust me, it will kinda disappoint you.

Vote: 6/10 (Boobies = +1)
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Publicada: 12 Janeiro
I really cannot tell anything more, except the game is not responding to my keyboard or mouse clicks, only thing I can do is press ESC button twice to skip brand names who created this... ahm game. Anyway then Intro starts and BAAAAAM, I been forced to watch that 2 mins long intro for 5 times as I were trying to press any button after, as it told me so... Unfortunatelly... Duck my life.

Ugh, also it doesn't have fullscreen and when you force the game to be in fullscreen via windows options it goes ugly.

Not going to recommend this to users who have Windows 8.1, haven't tried this on other Windows versions aaand thanks for the 5 cards, they mean to me more than this game ever going to mean.
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Publicada: 5 Maio
Not fun when you're alone.

If you're looking for a good fighting game, this is one of them. The two on two battles is an interesting concept and may have already been done before, but this game packs a punch.

Character designs are obviously fan-service centric, from loli to tsundere, but that doesn't make it less fun. The story mode isn't much, but its enough to get you through the basics and later the hard parts.

Have friends to play with is great as you can compare waifus and the like. An online feature can really help this game become better as the arcade mode won't take much time to finish.

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Publicada: 4 Maio
It's fun, but lacks polish. The game runs in a windowed mode at all times, and the control scheme for keyboard play is pretty bad (A controller is advised). There's no obvious training mode. Also, the only time your movelist is visible is during chracter select, making it hard to remember specials (can't pause to see them)

Despite this, the game is fun. Both the art and music are really good, with animations being fluent and eyecatching and music being crisp and memorable (Love the guitar riffs). All the asthetics help the combat feel powerfull and fun.

For the price, I'd say the game is well worth it.
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Publicada: 24 Março
I'm not going to talk about how the game mechanics are ridiculous and how the developers must've spent what seems to be only a few minutes into making this. 'Cause it does have amazing pixel art, sexy ladies fighting (ER MAH GERD FEMMENESM), oh and huge boobs. Who cares that the game otherwise is quite shettily made? (Or in all fairness, wellmade, but lazily scripted for a computer lol)

If you're looking for a decent fighting game in the style of Tekken, you've come to the wrong place. However if you're looking for nice graphics and sexy anime pixel boobs you're at the right place. Can't dislike on boobs so I have to thumb up
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Publicada: 10 Maio
- Negative Reviews are idiots simple as that. *Note how none of them have more than 3 hours or less on average?* They can say well if it sucks why play it? A better question is why review when you hate it so? You are not helping people make a good decision, just trolling for steam cred or some other none sense.

- Anyway. The Best 2D fighter I've ever played and owned. "My personal view, not thinking for you." Easily the best more responsive combat by far, great effects and ok music that fits fine with the combat. You have to be REALLY hardcore in playing 2D fighting games that lack online play. I play locally with my friends all the time. ( Except last few months. Life and such. )

- As always people shouldn't be allowed to review any game until they've put in 30+ hours. Not only will this remove the bandwagon trolls, who randomly buy games and get mad cause it's not the lastest CoD or other garabage. But for people who are on the fence looking for a review that has someone whose played it longer than 30+ hours be it, negative or postive. Will have more value and carry better weight vs 0.3hrs played crybabies.

- Simply put Vanguard: [ Best for Hardcore 2D Fighter players / People who have friends outside of online communities to play with locally. / Hardcore ecchi fans who want to support all things related. / Generally, anyone who enjoys 2D or 3D fighting games. ... Its cheap, its small download and it runs on anything with any controller your PC can handle. ]

10/10 ... Too this day I still play games like MK2 / 3 / Killer Instinct on my Super Nintendo. This game will no doubt be part of my gaming for life. I hope you will enjoy it too should you buy it. <3
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Publicada: 23 Março
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Publicada: 1 Abril
Loli WWE.
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