Vanguard Princess is a classic 2D fighting game that features an all-female cast each with their own unique fighting style. Choose from ten girls with unique fighting skills and pair them with a powerful partner to form an unstoppable team.
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Дата виходу: 28 лют 2014

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5 лютого

Vanguard Princess Lunar New Year Sale

Lunar New Year Discounts on Vanguard Princess and all its DLCs on Steam! Now until February 12th!

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4 лютого

Update: In-Game Character Moves List is now available

Vanguard Princess now has an in-game move list for each character. When you pause the game within a battle, you can see the move list of your character as well as your opponent (CPU or 2nd player).

The updates are immediately available for Vanguard Princess and DLCs (Director's Cut, Hilda Rize, and Lilith).

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Government experiments on a young girl triggered a cosmic shock wave that gifted many young girls with mystical powers. She re-emerges into the world and vows to destroy all of mankind in an act of revenge. A brave group of girls who embraced their powers head to the battlefield to confront her; not just for the sake of the world, but to pursue their own personal motives and dreams.

  • Choose from ten girls with unique fighting skills and pair them with a powerful partner to form an unstoppable team.
  • Navigate the adventures of a Vanguard Princess in the Story Mode or engage in head-to-head battles in the Versus Mode.

Вимоги до системи

    • ОС: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, 2000
    • Процесор: Pentium III 400MHz, 128MB RAM
    • Оперативна пам’ять: 1 MB ОП
    • Відеокарта: Graphics card with 32MB Video RAM
    • DirectX: версії 7.0
    • Місце на диску: 470 MB доступного місця
    • Додаткові примітки: 4-button game controller (Optional)
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Додано: 19 серпня 2015 р.
My Dad Gave Me A Straight Look In The Eyes And Simply Said
"You Stole My Credit Card For This?"
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Додано: 22 серпня 2015 р.
Let's get down to this.
The gameplay is akward and clunky.
The gamepad support is non-exsistent.
The art is good.
If you're playing this... You are probably playing it for the anime style.

I would not reccomend this to anyone unless you're just looking for anime games with cards.
Go buy Skull Girls.
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Додано: 29 грудня 2015 р.
Buyer's remorse kicked in too late for me to get a refund...oh well.

I can't recommend this game and here are my reasons:

1 - This is a free doujin game and no one has ever heard word from the original developer about this localisation. That and the publisher never explained how they got the rights to sell it.

2 - The characters they're selling as DLC have always been in the original game.

3 - Not all DLC characters work together which is ridiculous, just look at what I wrote on top of this. All these characters were on the original game to begin with, how come they won't work together now?

4 - The gameplay is dull, clunky and awkward. You don't need to go for combos at all, you can just break the AI by spamming any kind of attack when they perform a wake up.

5 - The game gets boring really fast. REALLY. FAST.

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Додано: 15 жовтня 2015 р.
Not a bad fighting game, but there is too much missing. No Legit practice mode. No way to access the move list while your playing in-game. No explination on what the helpers do.

It's would have been fine a few decades ago, but not for a modern game. Can't see many beginners playing this or veterans pulled away from other fighters.
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PART 01:

It's the new year, and with it comes healing.
Both figuratively and literally, as Summer-Rain
stirs from her sleep, the attack on your game
by Mr. Hollywood and his now-wife, Ms.
Novocaine. You've brought a paltry offering
of chicken soup as rain patters down lightly
outside your house. Summer-Rain smiles
weakly as she sits up, looking at you.

"Starboy." She mumbles, rubbing the sleep
from her eyes and yawning, before holding
her jaw in annoyance. Your hand finds its way
there and you try to soothe her pain. "Oww..."
she welps, her injuries from Prelude still a
discomfort to her.

"Don't move much..." You start, as she looks
at you with a mixture of irritation and pain.
"Come on. Soup's here." Summer-Rain pouts.
"It's been close to two weeks I've been resting,
and we even missed New Year's! I wanna do
something, Starboy!"
She yells, before her
jaw stops her with pain. "I know... I know...
Maybe we could play a fighting game?"

"Ok...! After soup then!" Summer-Rain nods,
clapping her oversized pyjama sleeves and
hands together.


You boot up Steam and look through your
'FIGHTING' section of games, when she
orders you to stop and points to a game
called 'Vanguard Princess'. Summer-Rain
holds her hands on her hips, her face says
that she demands an explanation.

"Look, I was in a rough place in the first two
weeks Ms. Novocaine left. Of course I bought
a game like that!"
You sputter as Summer-Rain
rolls her eyes. Smiling, she shrugs and takes
up a second controller while you reach for
your own. Vanguard Princess boots up and
both of you are taken to the menu screen.

The game has a decent selection of both
lady fighters and their chibi partners, which
can be mixed-and-matched before any given
match. Optional color palette swaps are
available as you both thumb through them.
Summer-Rain looks at you for a while before
speaking, as she selects 'Saki' who looks like
herself, but comments on your choice of the
Vanguard Princess 'Kaede'.

"Why did you pick her?" Summer-Rain asks,
while the screen blinks the loading screen
momentarily before the match loads. Puzzled,
you ask what does she mean. Summer-Rain
explains that you could have picked any one
of the Princesses, even a mirror-match-up
between two Sakis would have been nice,
but the fact you picked Kaede... who has
more than a suspicious resemblance to the
evil Ms. Novocaine... says something about

"Are you... implying something, Summer?"
You start, as both of you begin to fight
against the backdrop of an unassuming
High school. "Yes... what if I am, Starboy?"
She says coldly, her eyes looking glazed
over as she uses Saki's sword attacks. You
can barely hold up with Kaede's own
counterattacks and realize that she might
have a point... Kaede does look like how
Ms. Novocaine was when you were with

"This entire game makes no sense." You
suddenly hear Summer-Rain candidly say,
as both of you return to the menu screen
after Summer-Rain wins the match-up.
"How do you mean?" You ask, as your
tired girlfriend rolls her eyes. "The story
is laughable, but in a good kind of way.
The game is so short, even with all the
different match-ups, and although each
of the characters have their own
motivations, let's be honest..."

"???" You tilt your head to the side.

"This whole game is just an excuse to
see hot near-nude women go at each
other and occassionally glimpsing
upskirt and pantyshots. Right?"
puts down the controller and gives
you a quizzical, 'I told you so' look.

"....right." You reply, thinking better
not to explain yourself when she gets up
and pushes her controller to you. You
instinctively hold it as she walks past you,
where you feel an indescribable sadness
radiate from Summer-Rain. You call out
to her as she makes her way to the door.

"...Summer...?" She turns to you, eyes
glistening and a look of sadness is her
response to you. "You... still think of her,
don't you?"
she asks, her voice trembling.

Your mouth parts in shock of what she
said, what she accuses you of, and also it
parts in disappointment. Disappointment
at yourself, where silence emanates from
your mouth, unable to respond to the girl
standing in front of you, where she is right.

"Summer... I..." Summer-Rain lifts her hand
up to prevent you for saying anything as
her she turns her head away. "I'm just
going to the bathroom, Starboy. I... Don't
wait up, ok? I'll be back before you know it."

She opens your room door and makes a
beeline for the bathroom, as you look at the
different characters of Vanguard Princess on
the screen, Saki and Kaede staring down
each other. The door to the bathroom clicks
shut and you spring forward, rushing towards
the bathroom as you finally snap out of your

Playing Vanguard Princess allowed you to
avoid the pain at a dark time in your life, but
now it has reopened old wounds. All it did
was gloss over lingering moments and
memories from a better time. Your choice in
Princess was evident from that.

You hang your head down in shame mere
inches from the locked bathroom door, and
you cannot bring yourself to say the words
of decency to help Summer-Rain feel better.
When you muster the courage half a second
later, it is too late.

You hear your Vanguard Princess crying.
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