Get ready for some seriously stylish action from renowned designer SUDA51. In this exclusive version for PC, players will be slicing, dicing, and shooting as the suave executioner Mondo Zappa. Prepare for the thrill of love and kill in KILLER IS DEAD!
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Release Date: May 23, 2014

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About This Game

Get ready for some seriously stylish action from renowned designer SUDA51. In this exclusive version for PC, players will be slicing, dicing, and shooting as the suave executioner Mondo Zappa. Prepare for the thrill of love and kill in KILLER IS DEAD!

Exclusive Features for Nightmare Edition:

  • New difficulty mode called Nightmare Mode. In this mode, enemies can only be defeated using the following attacks: Adrenaline Burst, Dodge Burst, Headshots, so the gameplay requires far more skill and tactics. Players will not be able to use the Final Judgement finisher (QTE mode) to defeat enemies.
  • Theater Mode - Rewatch cutscenes and get extended background information on characters, helping to unravel the story after your 1st playthrough
  • Smooth Operator Pack for console will be included, which includes X-ray glasses, bewitching outfits, stunning beauties, and a killer new mission and boss!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows Vista 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.3 Ghz or AMD Phenom X4 2.3 Ghz or above
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GPU that supports Shader Model 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 10
    • Storage: 13 GB available space
    • OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel/AMD Quad Core 2.3 Ghz or above
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250 or AMD Radeon HD 2900
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 13 GB available space
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Mixed (77 reviews)
Mostly Positive (2,308 reviews)
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Super Drunk Guy
( 9.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 25
This game is to me, as trident layers is to the mailman... 19 sec.
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( 12.0 hrs on record )
Posted: July 25
Product received for free
I've been a big fan of Suda51's work ever since No More Heroes. That game had such an incredibly layered look at the video game industry while also poking fun at the fan's of it. It was subversive in design and devisive in execution, but no one could deny it's pure style. Gory, sleezy and full of awful puns, No More Heroes truly is a modern day classic.

The years since then haven't been so kind to Suda51. He still retains a cult following, but you'd be hard pressed to find a fan of his that would deny his games have lost some of their luster. Shadows of the Damned was an interesting follow-up to No More Heroes, if only because the sheer style of Suda51 mixed with the mechanics Shinji Mikami perfected in Resident Evil 4 led to a satisfying shooter.

Lollipop Chainsaw had a very well written and thought provoking story, but it sort of gimped itself in the gameplay department. Combos with no real purpose and combat that lacked a lot of presence were the order of the day, despite the characters feeling more fleshed out then Suda51's previous games.

Sadly, Killer is Dead seems stuck somewhere in between the accessibility of Shadows of the Damned and the simple nature of Lollipop Chainsaw's gameplay. There is definitely plenty of style and the game moves at a brisk pace, but I haven't been this confused at a game's plotline in quite some time.

I get the feeling that this was written to be a different take on something like Cowboy Bebop. Killer is Dead features a ragtag cast of "assassins" who take jobs to fund themselves. After the midway point, the story shifts into focusing more on the main character, Mondo Zappa. He has a robotic arm and wears a suit...and that's really it.

I'm lost as to whom he is supposed to represent or what his real purpose is. Yeah, he kills things and has a flamboyant method, but he never speaks a lot of logic. I suppose the whole thing can be a celebration of machismo, but it never event goes full out on that.

The "controversial" aspect of this game are some missions called, "Gigolo Missions." These have you leering at women and showering them with presents until they take their clothes off. It's utterly pointless (apart from some small upgrades), but the real disappointment is just that it's boring.

Sure, I guess it's sexist in some way, but I could live with an "edgy" game if it kept me entertained. These "Gigolo Missions" really only bore me while I'm distracting myself from the main campaign. There are other side missions, but they require putting up with the combat, which isn't exactly fun.

Since Killer is Dead is a beat-em-up, I guess I'm being a bit harsh by saying that it's combat is simplistic, but I never felt the need to delve into it's unlockable moveset. Mashing the attack button works on every single enemy in the game. You build up a "Blood" meter that allows for some powerful one-shot attacks and lets you tinker with your sidearm, but those aren't necessary.

I played through the game on the "Hard" setting, so it's not like I was gimping out on challenge. Playing on "Normal" is a literal breeze and I can't imagine how mind numbing "Easy" must be. "Very Hard" also makes the mistake of simply increasing the enemie's health, so you end up spending more time mashing attack.

Digging through the upgrades, you can change things up with an upward slash and a guard break, but most of the upgrades consist of dealing more damage with the basic attack or health recovery. Nothing allows you to mix heavy and light attacks or chain together different button prompts to create new combos. This feels like a really poor man's Devil May Cry.

I only bring that game up as it's clear Killer is Dead is attempting to go so the flair of Capcom's action series. Enemies explode into particle effects and blood splatter and the screen changes into various colors, but it feels devoid of gravity. That and the damn camera often gets obscured, leaving you prone to an unseen attack.

Speaking of which, the level design is just utterly boring. It's certainly pretty to look at (the Unreal 3 engine is put to incredible use), but you could substitute each arena with a hallway and get the same effect. The few levels that do offer up anything unique are padded out that they eventually feel like a chore.

It's strange to even say that as the game is a pretty short play. If you simply focus on just the main story missions, you could reach the last boss in about 7 hours. Sadly, the final confrontation is a joke, so even the resolution doesn't leave you feeling satisfied.

There is one very interesting boss encounter at the midway point. You visit Mondo's dreams and expel a witch that is altering his memories. The game locks the camera in a way that is reminiscent of Turtles in Time or Battletoads and has you shooting at the screen to deal damage. It's the only entertaining moment in a level that is basically one long cutscene.

For the general consumer, I would say you could safely skip this game. Suda51 has far better work that you could experience. If you're a diehard fan, you will find something to like about the experience, but it's simple minded combat style might not produce enough joy to sustain the entire runtime.

As for myself, I kind of dug the game, but not really. I love the flashy artwork and crazy themes, but I couldn't latch onto the gameplay. There are only so many times I can tap my X button before I start yelling about how another enemy broke through my wall of swords.

The price isn't so bad, though, and there really aren't many action games on PC. To play any of Suda51's other titles, you're also going to need to have a console, so Killer is Dead isn't the worse purchase you'll ever make. I just wish it could have risen to the heights of Suda51's other works.

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Dank Vape
( 10.0 hrs on record )
Posted: July 24
If you like SUDA51 games, it's another one! Weird story, fun artstyle, and grindable stuff to grind. Apparantly took me 10 hours to play through the story once. If you like fun Japanese stories, this one's for you!
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Mr Santi Clause
( 13.3 hrs on record )
Posted: July 21
I enjoyed watching the cyborg man get hit by the train...but thats pretty much it after 10+ hours of gameplay
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( 13.5 hrs on record )
Posted: July 19
weird and wonderful, highly recommend anyone and everyone trying it.
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( 0.4 hrs on record )
Posted: July 16
Kadokawa dropped the ball this time. framerate spikes, touchy controls, I legit started watching youtube vids while cutscenes went on and on and was shocked when i realized i was looked back and they were still talking (I had forgotten i was playing).
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( 12.0 hrs on record )
Posted: July 15
this game looks great in gigolo glasses
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Chevy Da Hoe
( 0.8 hrs on record )
Posted: July 15
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Suicidal Will Smith
( 0.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 15
I don't get the story lmao.
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( 6.9 hrs on record )
Posted: July 14
The combat can be greatly compared to something like MGR:REVENGENCE, but with swift dodging instead of parrys. One thing this game does not have that MGR does, though, is a good experience outside of bossfights. The bossfights in this game are crazy challenging and I enjoyed every one I got to fight, but getting to them is tedious as hell. There's literally only 2 main variant of the main mob you will find, with bigger and stronger enemies occasionally showing up, and after the fourth episode or so I began to get tired of this game. Yea MGR barely had mob variants as well, but atleast MGR had a much deeper combat system that mixed the hack n' slash genre up by letting you cut your foes into little pieces and ripping their still beating cyborg hearts out of their bodies. Killer is Dead doesn't do anything new that you haven't already seen, and this artstyle gets real boring after a while. You just get bored after seeing the same enemies, the same sceneries, and the same repetitive combat. I actually didn't even finish the game.

There are 13 episodes in the game that drive the slow paced boring story Killer is Dead has to offer and I was commited to finishing what I had started, but during the beggining of episode 1, after the boring cutscene explaining the situation in area 151 of course, you have to clear a room full of enemies, which is standard up until I realized that some of those said enemies are on higher unreachable elevations and I had kill them with my period blood squirter gun, which I had not upgraded all game because it's a ♥♥♥♥ weapon and I preffered to put my money into something I would actually use, so my period blood gun did no dmg against them and I had no way of regaining blood to try and finish them off, which is the ammunition for said period blood gun. At that point I realized I would have to replay some of the previous episodes to get more money and upgrades said ♥♥♥♥ weapon. I realized now that the game was trying to pan out its length by forcing me to do this. Why the hell would you put mandatory crappy shooting sections in your hack n' slash game? I was ♥♥♥♥ing done.

Only hardcore Sudo-51 fans should tackle this one, which are those who are more for style rather than substance, since what little substance this game has is pandered by poor design choices and low effort content. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a copy of Metal Gear Rising:Revengence. You don't need to have played any previous any Metal Gear games to fully enjoy Revengence and unlike Killer is Dead, Revengence manages to create a real sense of difficulty and accomplishment at all stages of the game, rather than the artificial difficult Killer is Blood creates alongside it's uninteresting story and character progression. If you already played MGR, go ♥♥♥♥ing play it again, that game and its bosses are timeless.

I might just have another go at this game someday in the distant future just to get a fresh feel at the combat system and have another look at the story to see if maybe I missed something deep that you would usually find in Sudo-51 game, but the only thing this game has going for it is that vibe of badassery and style that this game oozes from every angle. That vibe will wear off quick though and you will find the many unforgivable flaws found in the design of Killer is Dead. I'll probably just keep this at the current 6.9 hours playtime I have as a crude joke just to show how much I feel about Killer is Dead as a fun game. The joke is it's not fun.
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Most Helpful Reviews  In the past 30 days
6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
8.2 hrs on record
Posted: June 27
Who is this Game For?
Fans of Suda 51’s will be right at home, but those unfamiliar to his style of games might fight the story to bizarre for their tastes. You need to be looking for a tight brawler with a story that’s both nonlinear and left for interpretation.

Is it good?
The gameplay is that of a hack and slash and somewhat reminiscent of Devil May Cry. Mondo’s main weapon is his beloved katana, Gekkou, which absorbs blood and boosts his fighting ability. Most of the time, however, expect to be hacking and slashing. Perhaps the most shocking feature about the game is that of the “Gigolo Missions,” which is surprising in a game that has a character sprout legs out of her back and crawl around the ceiling. These are mini-games that can be completed in-between missions, with the ultimate goal being to seduce a woman for pleasure and weapons.

Does it have any problems?
There’s a lack of options when it comes to visuals as it’s summed up in a single quality meter ranging from high to low. That’s not the concerning matter – it’s actually more stunning a nine month old console port of this caliber had any graphical selections at all – but it’s the five supported resolutions and limited frame rate that’s worrisome. It’s only disappointing because the game actually supports more than 30fps and any resolution possible, but to unlock these, players will have to go into ini file and manually change the settings themselves. Besides that, though, the Killer is Dead really shines on PC, showcasing the studio’s beautiful artwork.

Final Thoughts!
Killer is Dead is not everybody’s cup of tea. It’s avant-garde, darkly humorous, hyper-violent and different from most every game out there. It’s like the weirdness of Killer 7, Lollipop Chainsaw, Anarchy Reigns and Catherine rolled into one game, but narratively removed from anything that’s come before it.
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9.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 29
Thought about this game
The developer really make a good hella hard to beat game with less punishing death mechanic game and the sword combo system is really unique compared to Devil May Cry series.

Be careful if you're planning to use cheats like trainers, because it might corrupt your save file and make the game failed to load completely. The only way for you to fix it is to delete your save file. After you finish chapter 3 you're free to abuse the trainers or cheats as much as you want.

Mika is love, Mika is life. The purchase button is above, buy it.
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10.5 hrs on record
Posted: June 28
The only reason I am recommending this game is because of the awesome art style and the gameplay which is kinda basic, but it gets really cool.

Other than that, it's really short (8.5 hours, not counting challenges), the story and plot is like grabbing a weird anime artist and writter blend up with a bunch of random words like trains that speak, unicorns, soft boiled eggs, and many more and just blend them together, the result is what you see.


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6.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 8
Gameplay :

It's nice and it feels good to master, it may feel a bit stiff at times, but hey, it works, it's not devil may cry or bayonetta, but it has it's own hack n' slash flavor to it.

Visuals :

As always, Suda51 games has a lot of style visually, this resembles a lot Killer7, which is, outlines made by strong shadows and it's overall a dapper look!

Story :

Suda games often has as much plot as you want it to have. Most of the times it feels like all the dialogue are written to be cool and meaningful in a mysterious way, but let's be real here, it isn't, it's style over substance, everything you'll get here will be your own personal interpretation, but really, it's just a story of ''what comes around goes around''.

Soundtrack and sound:

Pretty awesome, i mean, some tracks are forgetable, but other's are as cool as it can get! Voice actors do the job BUT they sometimes are too low and the music just eats it up, which is not cool, i tought we knew better after Sonic Adventure.

Hotness :

Mondo is pretty hot, the girl's are pretty hot too, there's hotness for everyone,

Performance :

Ok, this is where i don't know what the heck was going on, but it really stuttered on my pc, and i've played this on the pc before, and IT WASNT like this. It's weird, maybe it's because i'm using Windows 10 (Oh, whyyyy...shut up, everyone always does this, oooh, the new windows is garbage, blah blah blah, and then after two years you're all using it, bloody ♥♥♥♥♥♥.) so, well, it's playable, it just stutters at the beggining after starting a lever or restarting it, it's nothing game breaking. Also don't use th 60fps thing, yes it's nice, but it just breaks stuff, you'll be exiting and launching constantly to fix it, it sucks.

Overall :

It's a nice game, it's fun to play, it's kinda short, but hey, better be short than repetitive, plus, replay value is high, so i'll say this, if you enjoy any Suda game, you'll enjoy this one, otherwise, I dunno. Just wish they re-released killer7 for pc, just sayin'.
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6.8 hrs on record
Posted: July 13
Killer is Dead is pretty cool, I guess.

You play as Mondo Zappa, the man with the coolest name. Mondo is a contract killer for an organization that's subsidized by the government. So they're pretty much the CIA, only they kill people with cool swords instead of trafficking Cocaine from Bolivia.

Mondo is armed with his “beloved” sword called Gekkou, a blade that apparently feeds of the blood of his enemies. He is also armed with a shape shifting prosthetic arm that he can use as a gun, drill, larger gun, FREEZE RAAAAAYYYY, or a beam gun.

Killer is Dead is a Suda 51 game, and if you know anything about Suda 51, you know you're in for a wild ride. Killer is Dead has it's own universe, setting, time line, characters, and happenings and expects you to just roll with it. It's rarely ever explained whats going on, and characters just happen to act like whats happening is completely normal.

In one scene, a character explains that she “Took a vacation to the moon.” and Mondo is just like “Yeah cool, I get it.”
Are there towns on the moon? What is there to do on the moon? Is there a moon beach to visit? Can you eat moon ice cream and take a ride on the moonacoaster in the moonmusement park? I know there are otherworldly characters that come from the moon, but can anyone go there? How much does it cost to go to the moon? Do you take a moon taxi? A maxi? Why is that one lady I'm nailing a vampire? Are vampires common? Is my neighbor a vampire? Is vampire sex amazing or what? What are wires? Are wires something that just happens? Who made the wires? Is this all explained in extra content that I was just too stupid or too high to find?

Suda 51, why do you do this to me? And why do I like it so much? You beautiful oriental sex god.

The combat, at first, feels pretty run of the mill and standard, but like a lot of hack and slash games that don't give everything to you in the tutorial, Killer is Dead's combat is surprisingly deep. You have an attack button, a secondary attack where Mono punches a sucker with his biometal Blade Runner hand, a dodge button that also doubles as a block button, and a button that allows you to use your arm's secondary attack.

So when you first start, all it feels like you have to do is hit the enemy a few times and you're good, which you can go through the entire game with if you're patient. But then it opens up to you as you unlock more skills and gives you a plethora of abilities that makes Mondo look and feel like the suit wearing assassin he actually is.

You can just block attacks, if you're a huge nerd, sure. But why do that if you can time the block just right and completely counter basically any melee enemy? Why just dodge if you can wait last second and dodge to get a devastating and cool looking counter attack? The higher your combo chain goes without you getting hit, the more powerful and wild Gekkou, Mondo's sword, becomes. Get enemies to low health with a high combo score and the game rewards you by letting you choose what kind of resource the enemy drops. But get hit during your onslaught on booboos and it's back to square one, with slower attacks and less crowed control potential. It's a nice system that rewards you for knowing what you're doing and punishes you for messing up.

The art style is pretty slick, the characters look similar to characters from other Grasshopper games like Killer 7 or No More Heroes, but there is this overlaying shade that almost feels like you're looking at your monitor at a weird angle. I thought it was annoying at first, but it grew on me after the first mission.

But Killer is Dead isn't perfect, it has it's own share of problems similar to Brendan Fraser's acting career. For one it's a little on the short side, taking only six or so hours to complete. Though you can also go back and do side missions and go at it again at a higher difficulty. There is also an entire mission where you just walk forward until the end where you get a lackluster boss fight. It's weird design choices like this that hamper down Killer is Dead, but not enough to make you not want to go back and play the game.

But should you play Killer is Dead?

I think you should, though I don't think it's worth the standard asking price, especially if you're only going to go through the main story and call it quits. But Killer is Dead goes on sale for the same price of food at Five Guys so you could probably pick it up on the cheap with a side of fries.

They always put way too many fries in that bag, and now my game is all greasy.

Killer is Dead gets 12 taking off glasses and brushing back your hair with one hand out of a possible 8.

Wonder Woman shouldn't have a belly button.

The job? Curator is dead:
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12.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 15
this game looks great in gigolo glasses
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10.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 24
If you like SUDA51 games, it's another one! Weird story, fun artstyle, and grindable stuff to grind. Apparantly took me 10 hours to play through the story once. If you like fun Japanese stories, this one's for you!
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13.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 19
weird and wonderful, highly recommend anyone and everyone trying it.
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194.1 hrs on record
Posted: April 19, 2015
This game is like Takashi Miike, Tarantino, and Frank Miller had a baby.
And that baby had a dream.
And that dream took some peyote and rode through the desert on a unicorn for a few days. Surviving on nothing but cactus juice, sake, and smooth jazz.
And just as it started to come down some rat basterd jacked it up with methamphetamines, clamped jumper cables and a car battery to it's nipples and forced it to develop a video game.
Then the baby woke up slightly dazed and spoke it's first words...
"Killer is dead" is all it said.
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11.3 hrs on record
Posted: October 5, 2015
Playing as an assassin named Mondo Zappa (a pretty metal name) you take on missions for a bald black man with half a robot face in which you......i really don't know, there's vampires, monsters, a 200ft giant with laser eyes, spiders with human faces on their backs, a demon train, a talking unicorn, aliens, spaceships, someone steals the planet Earth (??), you travel back and forth to a moon you can breath on without a spacesuit and use x-ray glasses to oggle women's boobs and lingerie then they have sex with you in exchange for a stick of gum.

I liked it.
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