A charming puzzle platformer starring Filo and his band of misfit clones as they attempt to save a world threatened by an ancient, malevolent evil. Using their combined powers, Filo and his fellow Me must puzzle their way through a land of exotic creatures, devious traps and evil minions.
Brukeranmeldelser: Veldig positive (56 anmeldelser)
Utgivelsesdato: 17. jul, 2014

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Anbefalt av kuratorer

"Honestly, I haven’t had this much fun with a puzzle platformer in a long time."
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“A wonderful game. Very well designed and highly playable. The only thing letting it down (and this is probably merely a matter of taste) was the boss fights.”
90 – CalmDownTom

“So Many Me is an outstanding puzzle-platformer that fans of the genre should pick up. It makes brilliant use of the doppleganger mechanic allowing you to both solve puzzles and beat the crap out of enemies at will.”
80 – Hardcoregamer

“So Many Me is adorable. It’s clever. And it’s punishing. If you are looking for a fun puzzle platformer that’s easy on the eyes, I highly recommend So Many Me.”
80 – Twinfinite

Om dette spillet

So Many Me combines puzzle-solving platform gameplay and the careful resource management of classic games like Lemmings!

You play as an unassuming green blob named Filo, who has an incredible ability: to control his many, many clones -- referred to as the “ME”. These clones possess all sorts of fun abilities that can be used to solve puzzles throughout the game. As you progress further through Filo’s adventure, you will find a variety of new types of clones. Understanding and harnessing their unique powers are key to your success.

Filo’s myriad of adventures take him to a whimsical universe. It features a colorful art genre filled with adorable characters in their world’s mysterious environment.

  • Honorable Mentions, Main Competition – IGF China
  • IndieCade E3 Showcase – IndieCade
  • Unity Showcase – GDC, China Joy, Tokyo Game Show, Korea Games Conference & G Star Global Game Exhibition

Key Features:

  • Discover new transformational abilities as you progress through each chapter. Learning to master these forms and using them in sequence, is key to solving the game’s many puzzles.
  • Filo’s endless adventures take you to a wondrous world of color filled with delightfully, intriguing characters.
  • Ride massive and powerful creatures. Utilize their unusual abilities to solve special puzzles and to smash through pesky obstacles on your way to the goal!
  • Boss monsters, each with their own distinct characteristics, will try to eliminate you. Challenge and overcome them.
  • Earn your rewards when you have solved the puzzles! Dozens of adorable costumes, ancient artifacts, and bonus levels are waiting for you!


Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
    • Processor: Intel Core™2 Duo Processor, AMD Athlon x2 Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 series, ATI Radeon HD 2400 series
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectSound compatible (DirectX 9.0c or higher)
    • OS: OS X Maverics
    • Processor: 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphic 3000
    • Hard Drive: 1 GB available space
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Publisert: 7. oktober, 2014
Puzzle platformer where platforming ends up being part of the puzzles thanks to the abilities you gain. At the most basic, you get a queue of critters to run around with, with the ability to turn them into fresh platforms and other helpful things to hlep you get through the stages.

Ridiculously cute, geniunely funny and surprisingly tough without getting unfair. Haven't gotten that far yet, but it does keep introducing new mechanics at decent pace, and then mixes and matches them with the ones already established in interesting ways.
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Publisert: 14. oktober, 2014
Smooth gameplay and really fun. (^-^)
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Publisert: 17. juli, 2014
Given the charming, cutesy art and some emphasis on riding creatures, my initial thoughts were that So Many Me would be akin to Nintendo’s favorite kid-friendly pink puffball, Kirby, with some added puzzle elements to round out the package. And in some ways, I was right. The aforementioned art design is adorable and inviting, and riding the animals, (especially the dino), brought back fond memories of riding Rick the Hamster or Coo the Owl from Kirby’s Dreamland. But this is where the similarities to Nintendo’s friendliest series end, and for the better, in many respects. So Many Me’s emphasis on expansive, challenging puzzles and platforming prowess provides an exceptionally demanding cerebral and dexterous experience that I never expected. And I absolutely adored every moment of it.

From the moment you boot up the game, you’re assaulted by one of the cutest and charming art styles this side of Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and from the get-go, the bubbly movement of the characters and the world they inhabit put a big smile on my face. But as adorable as they are, the graphics disguise the true nature of So Many Me. It’s extremely challenging. It’s easy to reach the end of each level, sure, but by only doing so, you’re missing out on more than half of what the game has to offer. Of the main worlds, (of which there are four, each with their own specific gimmicks) reaching the end, as I said, is easy to do. Rather than simple exercises in moving rightwards whilst jumping over small pits, levels range from small to expansive networks filled with traps and tricks for you decipher your way around. Most are avoidable, unless you aim to collect the three collectibles in each stage. Each level hides a costume, an extra Me, and an artifact. And these aren’t hidden in the traditional sense; you’ll be able to see them, plain as day, as well as the seemingly impossible-to-bypass trickery blocking your path to each. This is where the true game lies. The puzzles between you and those delectable collectibles range from the small and simple to the overly complex and level-wide. Even once you’ve figured out what you’re supposed to do, it’s an entirely different matter pulling it all off without screwing up.

And you will mess up. A big part of what makes these often complex puzzle layouts complex , is that in congruence with an often demanding level of dexterity on your part, you will have to carefully manage the use of your me’s which provide you with stepping stones, switch presses, bounce pads and other varying abilities dependent on world. Mess up the proper order of tasks even once, and it’s back to step one. It’s as much about strategy as it is making each clean jump. I often found myself stuck on figuring out several of the more complex puzzles in the game for nearly a half hour or more, since there are often so many pieces you can experiment with, but it made the satisfaction of finally getting that artifact or costume so much sweeter. But most importantly, the collectibles matter. Besides the obvious use of having extra mes or new costumes (which you can use to uniquely dress up each and every me), artifacts are used to purchase perks, which range from the purely aesthetic to the all-but-necessary in reaching certain collectibles. There are no superfluous “good job!” collectibles here, and when the game really makes you earn each and every one, it truly feels like an achievement.

Luckily, checkpoints are forgiving, and so long as you remain in the level, enemies do not respawn outside of specific instances, even after you fall into a spike pit a half dozen times. And thankfully, you’re never asked to find every collectible in a single go; you’re free to try again at any time, as each level is easily selected from the game’s pause menu. Allow me to iterate: Once you find a me in a given level, or a costume, or an artifact, it’s yours. Once you kill an enemy, outside of specific instances, that enemy remains gone, as long as you remain in the level. This all leads to levels feeling more like contained little worlds, rather than just levels, each with their own sense of progression, especially in some specific instances, where smaller puzzles act as cogs leading into a whole. Further variation in mechanics come in the form of your creatures, which you’ll utilize plenty, and the boss battles ending each world. These are generally of no real concern once you have their given patterns down, and it’s only until the final boss that you might have any real trouble, as the difficulty is dramatically increased here from what you’ve faced previously. But again, it’s all a matter of pattern memorization and careful movement.

For anyone more inclined toward the purely platformer aspect of So Many Me, in addition to the four main worlds and end boss levels, the developers have kindly opted to include a fifth bonus world, filled almost entirely with exceptionally challenging platformance gauntlets. Many of these courses demand perfection on the part of the player to succeed, even more so than some of the later levels in the standard worlds, and each offers two elusive artifacts just out of reach for all but the most skilled platformer aficionados. With no checkpoints to speak of, a few skirt the line of frustration that lies between the game’s mechanics and your own inability to succeed, though it typically lies closer to the latter. I cannot stress how challenging some these completely optional segments are, and along with the larger puzzles provide some of the most satisfying moments in the game to best, especially with both artifact pieces in tow.

So Many Me is brilliant. If it wasn’t clear in the preceding paragraphs, know now that I adored the entire experience. Despite looking more kid friendly in nature, So Many Me offers a fantastic challenge for puzzle and platformer fanatics alike, with some extremely intricate puzzles requiring serious forethought as well as dexterity and finesse. And to that end, allow me to make clear one final time: more than half the game lies in collecting the various trinkets. Failure to even attempt would be denying yourself the immense joy in besting the devious designs keeping them from you, and would keep you from experiencing the best of what this game has to offer, since reaching the end itself contains comparably little challenge on its own. Try and best each level, trinkets and all, and I guarantee that you will love the adventure as much as I. It took me 10 hours to complete everything, and that included plenty of screen-staring just trying to figure out many of the given puzzles. A keener mind than mine will finish it much more quickly. Me offers an adorable world, filled with beautiful scenery and character design, a silly and very self-aware sense of humor, plenty of seekables, and puzzles and platforming designed for a matured gamer wanting an actual challenge in their cutesy puzzle-platformer. That challenge is delivered in spades, and you’ll be grinning ear to ear, in between bouts of cursing at your own ineptitude.

If you have a question about So Many Me or this review, leave a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability.
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Publisert: 16. juli, 2014
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So Many Me is a breath of fresh air in a genre that is plagued with mediocre at best games. The gams is first off is a very visually stunning game, I can't help but feel like I lost 50 points to my manliness scale when I play it because the artstyle makes me gigle like a schoolgirl. What I didn't expect on top of the great visuals is a great puzzle platformer as well. The mechanics are very solid and challenging, the idea of utilzing multiple replicas of yourself in unique ways to complete levels or get that epic hat that you've been wanting makes the actual gameplay experience very rewarding. The replayability is there as well, there are loads of unlocks that give you cosmetic items throughout the map. Obtaining these will allow you to customize ALL of your replicas. I HIGHLY recommend So Many Me for any fan of puzzle platformers or just simpily cutesy games.

If you prefer video format of basically what I said up there I do that too!

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Publisert: 18. juli, 2014
this game is charming , adorable costumes , the puzzle is interesting and clever
i like it :3
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Publisert: 17. juli, 2014
The character (or characters? because they are the same) is (/are) absolutely adorable. But the part that make this game best is well-designed challenging puzzles that you can play with relax atmosphere in game.

Though the first look is just another of blah blah game but after you played through few levels, you'll fond with the game mechanics, which is, very special crafted and well-blended for the game. Background music is really great, in relax tone. Sound do help chilling your brain down from squeezing it to solve puzzle.

This is a MUST for ones who want to enjoy solving puzzle with a good graphic, music and gameplay !!
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Publisert: 19. juli, 2014
Wait, don't you even know So Many Me? Do you know Kirby, or at least Mario? If yes, then now start reading. So Many Me, yes, as it seems, it is 2D puzzled platformer game, like Mario but with some more features and puzzles, of course! From the first of gameplay, you including me will think this game is just sold for kids who just love soooo cuteee <3 arts. Yes, sure, it's cute and graphics are super goooood... It is not burning your eyes like some 2.5 or 3D games. It will be good and relaxing in your eyes. What makes this game fun? Just when you played about half hour, you will forget game's cuteness like others said. Because puzzles are surprisingly harder than you expect, it requires quite some thinking to get past. I mean, to get all items, of course. Because going to the end of each map is too easy, and doesn't even require brains. Although storyline and boss battles are not really good, much. But overall, game is good to try. Try it, and you will know it worths.
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Publisert: 23. august, 2014
This is a great game, the art style, the cuteness, the story and even the puns.
It deffinatly isn't for the faint hearted it requires alot of patiance and thinking outside the box. It will drive you nuts at times trying to solve the puzzles and the bosses.
There isn't really much Killing its more so trying to work around the enemies and the enviroment but in saying that it doesnt mean there is no killing at all.
You can customize your many me's with cute different outfits, and you also get the opportunity to be a Bird, a Jellysaur (yes thats right i said a Jellysaur!) and even a tank!
If this was intended for children well i feel sorry for them, I can already picture many controllers being thrown across the room or even a desk flip.
Worth every cent!
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Publisert: 14. juli, 2014
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So Many Me is a fun and simple puzzle platformer. It's easy to pickup and play with it's simple control scheme. The idea of the game is that you are saving a world where you run into yourself many, many times. You can use yourself in your adventures to turn into blocks and solve puzzles. It's a fun and interesting concept, but doesn't bring anything excitingly new to the table. If you have a soft spot for platformers, this one will fit well into your library.

Here is my commentated video with more of my thoughts along with gameplay footage.

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Publisert: 15. juli, 2014
Great visuals and gameplay. There are hats and boss battles too, lots of stuff to unlock and explore basicly. The puzzles can be challenging sometimes and this is a good thing.
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Publisert: 16. juli, 2014
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Possibly one of the most charming games of all time with a
great soundtrack, a interesting main character / characters.
Challenging puzzles and also unlock able outfits,
like seriously you can freaking get a fez and be "Doctor" Filo if you want
The game is truly enjoyable and one of the best games I have ever played pretty much ever.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43tbUppr0sg I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzle platform games and also has a liking for comedy because this game has a fair amount of it.

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Publisert: 23. juli, 2014
Fun gameplay with really cute characters and story.
Interesting puzzles which are well thought out keep bringing you decent challenges as you collect cute costumes as your rewards.
New gameplay mechanics are introduced as you advanced through the stages which keeps things fresh.
If you like puzzle platformers then I really recommend this.
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Publisert: 14. august, 2014
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This is the game that I worked on Visual style, Art-direction and animation directing for the whole passed 3 years. So, on the visual and graphic stuffs this is my best effort so far in my Game-Artist career.

And I very hope that you will enjoy Filo's world. As much as I do creating them.
Thank you very much!
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Publisert: 17. juli, 2014
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A Great Plat Former But Not With Out Flaws

Good Plat Forming
Funny Story
Awesome Collectables
Pretty Game
Good soundTrack

Boss Battles Are Horrable
No difficulty option to promote another playthrough

A video If you Want it
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Publisert: 17. juli, 2014
This has been some of the most fun in any platformer I've played, even if I've only played an hour of it. It's super adorable and the costumes are a fantastic addition (I might have squee'd at the Fez a little because it reminded me of one of my favorite Doctors). I can't wait to play this some more and update this review with a final stand on the game. But as far as first impressions go, I love it.
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Publisert: 20. juli, 2014
Just played it a little but I can say this game is awesome! It's cute, it's funny and very simple to play. I was really needing to play this kind of game :)

EDIT: oh yeah... the puzzles are difficult :( not that it's a bad thing :)
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Publisert: 20. juli, 2014
Good puzzle and cute characters. the puzzle lover should buy.
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Publisert: 13. juli, 2014
Beautiful little title, definitely worth a purchase!
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Publisert: 21. juli, 2014
It's an adorable looking and sounding puzzle platformer with some actually REALLY hard puzzles.

Here's a video I made about the game.
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Publisert: 18. juli, 2014
Kirby meets Enough Plumbers.
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