Blood of the Werewolf (2.0) Become Selena, loving mother, devoted wife and -- powerful werewolf. Take revenge on the monsters that have slain your husband and stolen your child, in this love letter to classic platformers.
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Data di rilascio: 9 mag 2014
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"It provides a wonderful sense of atmosphere, the story is well written and well told, and the gameplay mechanics feel fantastic."
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Halloween Monster Party

Halloween time. Battle some awesome monsters and white knuckle platforming. ːwerewolfwolfː

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For Just a $1 in October.

Have fun!


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22 luglio

55,000 copies sold! Thank you so much for playing!

We just hit 55,000 units on Steam and to celebrate we are dropping the price 70% for one week.

Making a game is a rewarding experience on it's own but watching tens of thousands of you climb the leaderboards and compete for top scores and personal bests is a developers dream come true.

Thank you for being such an awesome community!

P.S. Please keep setting those sick scores for us to try to beat! ːwerewolfwolfː

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Steam Greenlight

Edizione speciale

New Features in Blood of the Werewolf (2.0)

Blood of the Werewolf now has 3 game modes (all with leaderboards)
  • Speed Run (Story) - You didn't start off speed running Mario and you won't here either. Experience, perfect, and execute THE RUN to compete on leaderboards for the fastest time.
  • Score Run - You think you have mastered the platforming? You can zip around the level in minutes? Try getting the highest score by collecting and destroying 100's of strategically placed sigils, time bonuses, and enemies for points
  • Endless Run - How long can you last and how far can you get in Selena's Endless Nightmare of procedurally generated platforms and obstacles.

Fixes and Updates

  • We spent 6 months in forums, answering emails, and play testing the game to gather as much feedback as possible.
  • We identified the top 20 issues/stuck spots and addressed them.
  • Polished/tuned the controls
  • New and updated animations
  • New and updated particles
  • Camera tweaks and fixes
  • Audio updates and fixes.
  • Thank you so much. You have made our game better, we now have more fun playing it, and we are grateful. THANK YOU!

Full Controller Support

Riguardo questo gioco

Blood of the Werewolf (2.0)

Become Selena, loving mother, devoted wife and -- powerful werewolf. Take revenge on the monsters that have slain your husband and stolen your child, in this love letter to classic platformers. Seamlessly transform from human to werewolf in light of the moon, as you shoot, slash and smash your way to fight Frankenstein.

Intense Platforming Action, With All Your Favorite Iconic Monsters
"A Love Letter To The Action-Platform Genre. If you want an action-platform game with great gameplay, challenge and a story that is simple but enjoyable, Blood of the Werewolf is the game for you." "Selena responds with perfection to the button presses."

"This game propelled me back to those halcyon days when I started gaming, and games were extremely difficult yet ultimately all the more rewarding."

"Overall, Blood of the Werewolf is a great platformer. It provides a wonderful sense of atmosphere, the story is well written and well told, and the gameplay mechanics feel fantastic. You may destroy a keyboard or controller out of rage, but you’ll want to buy another to see this great game to the end. Fans of platformers, especially old-school platformers, should give this game a serious look."

"An excellent action-platformer that wonderfully combines challenging but fair gameplay with a colorful and vibrant art style. "

"Scientifically Proven has managed to create a piece worthy of its platforming predecessors, where gore blends with horror creating an atmosphere that will captivate you." Dying too often gets frustrating at times, but not that much as to make you want to ditch the game. The beautiful visuals along with the multitude of monsters will keep you company while journeying in an adventure like never before."

"Blood of the Werewolf is a beautiful platform game - A classic mold with a ...unique garment that will not make you regret your investment and still promises to steal many hours of your day." (translation)

"Beautiful, rhythmic, and well done"

Blood of the Werewolf takes players on a ruthless journey of revenge through 3 level filled game modes of white knuckle platforming action while taking on hordes of creatures and iconic monster-movie bosses; Creature, Hyde, Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein. Selena has access to upgradeable weapons in human form and unlockable wolf powers when transformed. Additional modes like speed run and score rush will test your reflexes and memory, with online leaderboards to keep track of yourself, and friends.

Keep your wits about you, Blood of the Werewolf will test your limits and offer a challenge you haven't seen since the golden age of games.


  • Experience a rich, in-depth Story Mode featuring 30+ creatures, 15 button-grinding levels to master and five heart-pounding boss arenas
  • Score Rush mode offers the pro a whole new leaderboard driven experience as you compete for the highest score.
  • Endless Challenge is a nightmare of procedurally generated levels and monsters that increase in difficulty. How far can you make it?
  • Shift instantaneously between human and werewolf form when in view of a full moon
  • Hardcore, classic platforming gameplay with a modern twist; pressure sensitive, full air controls for precision moves
  • Unlock a bevy of achievements, pushing you to the limit of your abilities
  • Upgrade weapons and wolf powers, for the edge you need against the monster onslaught
  • Uncover hundreds of collectibles and hidden items to discover throughout the game

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 2.0Ghz Dual Core CPU (any Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 or better)
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB Video Card using Shader Model 3 or higher, AMD Radeon HD 2900 GT or NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: 3.0GHz Quad Core Processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1 GB Video Card using Shader Model 3 or Higher, AMD Radeon 7670 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 or better
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
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8.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 17 ottobre
If you love 2D platformers and a challenge with decent storyline, I recommend playing this game. There are some difficult levels where you will die multiple times but you eventually get the hang of it. Battle is pretty straightforward and boss battles are pretty easy once you know their attack pattern. Overall, a pretty awesome game XD
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15.3 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 10 ottobre
This game was... ok but I wouldn't say it was great, just good. It was certainly challenging though. For those who love aggravating platformers, then this is certainly for you. For those of you who don't, I suggest finding another game. Its hard to trully enjoy the game when you spend most of the levels being frustrated half the time. The story was meh, it was really hard to really sympathize with the characters so the story kind of gets glossed over. I also didn't particularily enjoy the cliff hanger ending. Their should have either added a diffaculty setting to make things easier or tried harder to make the story more interesting. Still, its a good game but I wouldn't spend more then a buck or two one it.
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4.9 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 11 ottobre
A very pretty and polished platformer with an awesome cartoon-gothic vibe. The difficulty approaches Super Meat Boy level in spots, but there are enough checkpoints to alleviate any serious pain. It may be hard, but it never feels unfair; to the contrary, all levels and boss fights are consummately well-designed and the controls are very precise. Further, no asset is ever repeated to the point of tedium. There are tons of different enemies and hazards spread throughout so gameplay never gets monotonous, and the music always changes to suit the atmosphere of the level.

I can't really think of anything bad to say about this great game! Heck, even the story is kind of interesting for a hardcore platformer! The inter-level dialogues are perhaps a bit lengthy and overly dramatic at times, but the voice acting itself is always pretty decent. By all means, buy this game! I cannot believe that it is so cheap!
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5.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 21 ottobre
A very very good platformer with a deep and very good storyline.
Even if the game gets pretty damn hard later on (at least if you try to grab all collectibles) you'll still try to get to the end, no matter what!
The endless mode is fun and the bosses are well made.
The following part is a spoiler and will be marked as such:
I think it's the worst Idea for an ending of a game to set up for a sequel. Unless it's planned to get the second game out, no matter what. Still I'm happy to hear there will be a second Blood of the Werewolf game(probably/hopefully; havent read anything about that yet xD), thanks to that awesome ending throwing out so many questions. I just hope it'll end it, I don't want thing like "Darksiders" to happen again...
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2.0 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 3 ottobre
Buy? Maybe.

TL;DR: Blood of the Werewolf has the impression of a Metroidvania or Shank style action platformer, but the game is clearly a semi-torture platformer more like Super Meat Boy. The action segments in the game are mostly obstacles and combat boils down to killing enemies to get rid of them as obstacles or platforming challenges. The combat is it's best at boss battles or platforming segments where you must properly time your jumps and attacks, but don't let the art style, inspirations/references, and upgrade system fool you into thinking this is truly an action RPG.

I think it makes for a pretty decent torture platformer. Perhaps the controls and level design are not as tight as Super Meat Boy, but it's close, and I think somebody who spends the time to learn the levels and controls may find themselves enjoying the game. However, I feel the game leans slightly to trial and error if you are wanting to S Rank the level (speed running and/or taking no hits). You play as a werewolf mother trying to get her kidnapped son back, Selena. Selena in human form can run, jump, shoot a semi-auto crossbow, and limited multiple arrows from pickups. When you enter an area where the full moon is in view, she transforms into a werewolf that can double jump, bite enemies, claw enemies after not attacking for 1.5 seconds (dealing higher damage), and do a smash attack in air. Also, the werewolf form is "wider" (in terms of size/hitbox) than the human form. The level design is based around this mechanic, so some enemies are place at range, throwing projecticles, requiring you to kill them to stop the project tiles. Portions of levels transform you into the wolf where double jumping and timing your attacks are critical to progression and survival. Level segments often reference classic video games like Super Mario Bros, especially one level that has segments like the Castle levels. Like Guacamelee, there are direct references to classic games on graffitti and billboards including River City Ransom, Castlevania, and Megaman.

Summary: Even though the game did annoy me at times, I think the gameplay is mostly fair, granted, you may have to play a level multiple times to get your rhythm right, especially since the timer on the level doesn't reset when you die. The control and level design may annoy many gamers, so I can only recommend this to gamers that love platformers that challenge your platforming skills. While there is combat, that combat is also part of the platforming so kills are only satisfying when you successfully time you attacks and make it through with little to no damage, and not how you fought the enemy. I think I got about halfway through the game (or the presented map) to learn that this game isn't for me. Though, if I had alot more time and a lot less games to interested me, I'd probably consider spending more time getting better at the game.
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8.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 5 ottobre

  • The graphic style was amazing! It had a "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" style to it, which was a welcome treat.

  • Sound effects were great and made it feel very full and satisfying when I killed an enemy.

  • The voice acting was superb, as it really brought the story alive.

  • The story was very interesting, and I'm psyched if a sequel is in the pipeline.

  • Control and movement felt very fluid.

  • Boss battles had an epic feel to them.

  • I thought you guys did a great job of making the universal monsters interesting and unique as far as the art style was concerned. I thought Dracula was pretty cool looking, especially when he turned into his shadow form. The Vampires that looked like Nosferatu in the City level were also pretty rad.


  • The charged up claw attack felt overpowered, and made combat too easy.

  • The wolf/crossbow powers should have been given to you AFTER you cleared the bosses, not as secrets.

  • The Wolf powers felt lacking, as I hardly needed to use them (besides the free heal, which felt very cheap). Instead, I think it would've been much cooler to see the powers given after killing the bosses and then utilized in making the platforming more challenging. For example, the dash ability could have been used to speed through areas/destroy stones that you couldn't have done otherwise.

  • The Crossbow powers could have also benefited from doing something much cooler with platforming. For example, perhaps puzzles where you had to use multi-shot to shoot two targets at once to open a door? Or maybe have a rope-bolt ability that allows you to swing over big gaps that you couldn't get past otherwise? The powers in general just felt like a missed opportunity.

  • I was using a controller, and I kept getting frustrated that I had to move with the left analog, aim with the right analog, hold the trigger to shoot, AND jump to avoid obstacles/projectiles. I kept thinking of how much easier it would have been to just having the crossbow shoot tied to just the right analog alone without holding the right trigger, as the system felt a little clunky. I didn't want to use my mouse/keyboard, but it felt like the MUCH better control setup if I used it, as I would've been able to do it all. This really came into play during the last platforming stage where you had to jump quickly, as the ghost summoning guys kept knocking me off if I didn't take care of them. I know the reason is because of the special crossbow abilities, but perhaps tie the abilities to the face buttons, or make the right bumper button toggle on/off the ability, so when you hold the right analog, it uses it instead of a normal attack? You could have gone with making it how Super Metroid's control setup is, and ignore the right analog altogether? Perhaps its just my opinion, but it definitely felt a little slow to me.

    Overall: 8/10

    I think the game was a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to the sequel, even if the changes I suggested don't make it. If anyone is reading this, please give this great game a try out!
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4.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 6 ottobre
Controls are good. Assets are good. Gameplay is infuriating.
It's a well made torture platformer.

The game keeps itself fresh and there are very few levels that rehash gameplay from previous parts without at least putting a new mechanical spin to it. It's over fairly quick, but the gameplay is satisfying.

It's the best dollar I've ever spent on Steam.
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0.8 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 7 ottobre
This particular style of 2D side-scroller gameplay isn't my kind of thing much anymore in this kind of game, but its a cool throwback to those old games.

It has its merits, challenges and flaws - but it does it in a good and engaging way. If you don't mind the stark contrasts in difficulty to dodge everything or die on occasion it makes for an i ntriguing and challenging game.

That, and for its price - especially on its current sale - give it a shot.
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2.5 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 13 ottobre
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166.3 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 1 ottobre
If you are expecting this game to suck, you are going to be terribly disappointed.
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0.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 4 ottobre
A decent and simple platformer, great art style, easy to play. I would recommend getting it on sale.
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0.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 4 ottobre
Nice game with stunning art, awsome graphics and addicting gameplay, but the problem is that the normal price is 7 euros and it feels a bit high for me, but overall good and i got it cheap and the gameplay matter most, and this game did not fail that =).
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3.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 5 ottobre
Excellent game
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1.4 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 6 ottobre
This is a terribly difficult game.
I'm gonna try to find a walkthrough of this game.
Regreting the purchase of this game and daring to play it by myself.
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1.6 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 6 ottobre
I can not in good conscience recommend this game. It's not a bad game, it's just not very good either. Its greatest crime is that it's mediocre in all respects.

The art style is decent, the premise is passable. It's basically a Bleed clone that occasionally switches flavors. The game itself doesn't seem to know what it wants to be.
Basic gameplay is a platform shooter with mouse aim. Sometimes the level will switch you up and let you play in Selena's wolf form, which is significantly more powerful but still rather clunky. In between levels you get some narration, Selena talking to her son as she's on her way to rescue him. It would have been a chance for good character exposition, but after level 2 the writers seem to have run out of ideas and begun rehashing "Selena is mad because her husband was murdered and her son was kidnapped." Which is fine if you're into that sort of thing. The level and boss title cards are clearly designed to evoke classic 1950s horror film. That would be great if any other part of the game had the same visual style, which they don't.

Level design is the bland "Stick obstacles in the player's way" variety. The werewolf is supposed to have a double-jump, but the heights and distances between platforms are stretched out so that you need that just to get around, which pretty much negates the mechanic. Level designs themselves aren't much of an obstacle once you get used to them, so the designers apparently decided to supplant challenging gameplay by punishing the player for making any kind of mistake. In other words, expect to breeze along through a level until you reach one portion, where you will die a dozen times in a row, then resume breezing along on autopilot.

It's not that the game is bad, per-se, especially not for the price. It just isn't good either. It's certainly interesting, it just needed some refinement... everywhere.

I would like to bring up performance issues. My machine is older, but by no means underpowered, and it's perfectly capable of playing games like Borderlands, Starcraft 2, Warframe, and even some newer games like Mechwarrior Online if I bottom out the graphics.(Why on would actually want to play Mechwarrior Online is another question entirely, and MWO is not on trial for this review) Blood of the Werewolf was prone to slowdown even at the minimum graphics setting. For a 2D game, even a game which uses 3D characters and models to represent 2D gameplay, this is unacceptable.
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Pubblicata: 7 ottobre
A guilty pleasure at best. It's a game that is less than the sum of its parts. The gameplay is generic platforming fare: fast paced and mildly entertaining but meshes neither with the game's bland soundtrack nor its interesting but poorly executed setting.
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9.2 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 13 ottobre
Tried it, gave up. Tried again, gave up. Uninstalled in frustration, reinstalled months later hoping I had changed my mind, deleting permanently.

It's official, I hate this game. Which pains me to say because I was totally excited to play this game. I saw the demos, the trailers, the dev interviews. I told my friends (who remained totally apathetic) how cool this game looked. What an exciting, nostalgic game that harkens back to the days of Castlevania and Mega Man. Sadly, it ain't no Meat Boy.

The developers WERE out to bring back the Classicvania style, but with more recent innovations that cut down on frustration. It has infinite lives, plenty of save points, your continued games start from last reached aforementioned save points. This game should be everything great about oldschool and new. But they forgot the most important thing.

The level designs are atrocious. Often filled with cheap instant kill death-traps and absurd platforming sections with enemies that take WAAAYYYY too many hits.

Which segues into my biggest gripe, Selena is too weak. Worse yet, the Wolf is a joke. It's one thing to be a tenacious but vunerable human, but what is the point of being a hulking badass wolf if you can't kick any ♥♥♥?

This is the gameplay in a nutshell. Selena: Jump, dodge, struggle to aim because the controls are awkward, kill an enemy with anywhere from 1-5 hits depending if you use your powered arrows, struggle past platforming section. Wolf: Move slow, wait for power to charge so attack will do decent damage, if more than one enemy run away waiting for power to charge and hope you don't take any hits, struggle past enemy, get blasted out of air by bird enemy 1/16 your size, repeat.

Simon Belmont wouldn't have taken this crap. Of course, Simon Belmont had more flicker time after getting hit. There's another thing. Selena not only has the Castlevania/Ninja Gaiden jumpback from being hit, something absolutely nobody has ever been nostalgic for Scientifically Proven. PLUS, she has next to no flicker time. She has none of Simon Belmont or Ryu Hayabusa's strengths and both of their biggest weakness'. What were they thinking?

Dev: "You know what I hate? Feelings of empowerment. Nobody plays a game where they play a werewolf, or a ninja, or a vampire hunter, or a coked up hedgehog, to feel stronger or unstoppable. They want to even more vulnerable than they currently are as real human being. I've got it, make every hit they take knock them back, force them to play most of the game as a human, then make the werewolf character so pathetic they'll beg to be a human again. I'm a genius."

This game hurts. So much potential wasted. If I were the head of Scientifically Proven, I would keep everybody involved with the aestethics of this game. Pretty much the graphics, story, and voice acting, the music is completely bland. But fire everyone who designed and programmed the levels.

3/10 AWFUL!
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Pubblicata: 5 ottobre
I spent only 99cent for the game but still think that it wasnt even worth the money.

it got every major design flaws that 90's jumpn runs like ninja gaiden and castlevania 1-3 had: Knockback when you get damaged, Repetitive Pattern design gameplay, stupid game encounters that are not even "hard" but just extremly boring.

dunno buy your gf or bf a cup of coffee instead of buying this game :)
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Pubblicata: 14 ottobre
This game reminds me of the time when I was finally able to sleep with my dream girl from highschool ....... I got crabs that night...
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1.1 ore in totale
Pubblicata: 31 ottobre
Treat me like dirt and knock me off that platform <3
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