In the world of Majesty, you are the ruler of the kingdom Ardania. At your service are your loyal and somewhat obnoxious subordinates, who have their own minds about how things should be done. In fact, Majesty is the only game where your heroes decide on their own what should be done and when, leaving you to try to control them through...
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Release Date: Sep 17, 2009
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About This Game

In the world of Majesty, you are the ruler of the kingdom Ardania. At your service are your loyal and somewhat obnoxious subordinates, who have their own minds about how things should be done.
In fact, Majesty is the only game where your heroes decide on their own what should be done and when, leaving you to try to control them through monetary incentives.
Key Features
  • Real-time strategy game with indirect control - your heroes have a will of their own.
  • Play through a campaign with 16 missions divided into 4 chapters, as well as a few quick missions and a variety of multiplayer maps.
  • Build the fantasy city of your dreams and experience an engaging world, but beware: monsters are waiting to lay siege to your domain.
  • Defend your realm with noble warriors, spell-wielding wizards or wild barbarians. Choose from more than 10 different classes to oversee the protection of your lands.
  • Multiplayer for up to 4 players over LAN
  • The official sequel to the best-selling game Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim of 2000.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 2.0GHz dual core processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 6800 GTX 512MB or better, Pixel Shader 2.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB free
    • Sound: DirectX-compatible
    • Additional:LAN required for multiplayer
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista
    • Processor: 3.0GHz dual core processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce GTX 280 1GB or better, Pixel Shader 2.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB free
    • Sound: DirectX-compatible
    • Additional:LAN required for multiplayer
Helpful customer reviews
3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
20.5 hrs on record
Loved the original game ... but this bad boy really defines anyone who's into masochism. The initial levels are easy but once you start venturing further into the game, the difficulty scaling becomes insane. Unless you are a RTS hero or really into replaying a level multiple times, some of the levels are truly difficult. There's no difficulty setting so your best bet is to just watch some Youtube players beat the game in order to see what build order they did.

But that seems to defeat the purpose of finding your own way and enjoying the "Sim" portion of it. Overall, I'm glad I got this on one of those holiday sales so I'm not too perturbed about the quality of the game play.
Posted: October 9
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4 of 8 people (50%) found this review helpful
72.3 hrs on record

Dragons fill the sky

Heroes fall like blue arsed flies

Wizards are squishy
Posted: September 26
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0 of 1 people (0%) found this review helpful
37.3 hrs on record
Too soon they respawn,
monsters of Ardania,
oh God, the horror.
Posted: October 11
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94.3 hrs on record
Overall, a worthy sequal to the beloved fantasy kingdom sim of yore. I admit there are some aspects of the game that I don't like- for example, temples can only be built on limited holy sites. Enemy AI directs them right at your kingdom, meaning that your town is under constant seige. Many of the missions are absurdly difficult.

However, they've made some excellent improvements to the gameplay as well. You can research special attacks for your heroes to use, increasing their effectiveness. New bounty flags are super handy, especially the "Protect" flag. While hero ai is still questionable, they can now recognize the collective threat posed by multiple enemies, which they couldn't in the previous game.

Overall, I'd say if you liked Majesty back in the day, go ahead and pick this up when it's on sale. It isn't an amazing game, but it is decent, and more importantly, its Majesty.
Posted: September 27
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95.3 hrs on record
A lot of fun with a wry sense of humour. Graphics very well done and some missions much harder than others.. You must learn to build your towns the right way , but it's all part of the allure of this game. Not as serious minded as Majesty,...wizardry with a lighter side
Posted: October 5
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33.4 hrs on record
Game is garbage now. Several missions are completely luck based missions, patches have made the game unplayable. Save your money for a worthwhile title.
Posted: October 5
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48.1 hrs on record
After all these years, I am still very enthousiastic about this game. I remember buying and playing it like hell (until it became too hard) when it first came out. Now, 5 years later, I have bought the expansions and I am replaying it.
This time, it's still very hard, but I am able to go further than before. Very nice game. Very nice concept.
Posted: October 12
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15.7 hrs on record
spend a bit of gold on an upgrade or lose heroes to chance and you lose the map. anything you do instead of rushing monster's den you lose. casual city building my ♥♥♥♥. RIP Majesty 1.
Posted: October 18
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54 of 80 people (68%) found this review helpful
6.7 hrs on record
This game is terrible. Anything you may have liked about the first Majesty has been changed for the worse or altogether taken out of the game; I'd make a list, but it would take entirely too long. Big defects of this game:
-AI is terrible. Characters hang around the castle area more often, accomplishing nothing. Flags do little to motivate and when they actually manage to catch the attention of a hero, the hero usually rushes to his death - they are either too stupid to run away or, more likely, one of the unimaginative monsters are overpowered and heroes have no chance against it.
-Stories are poorly thought out or are nearly the same as quests found in the first game. It seemed that the developers focused more on the mildly humurous jokes made by the advisor/narrator and less on anything novel or interesting for former Majesty fans. Even if you could get past the monotony of the quests, there are only a handful of quests available.
-Finally, the largest problem in my opinion is the fact that every quest other than the tutorial, regardless of the supposed difficulty, is nearly impossible to beat without finding loopfole or cheap trick to finish th mission. Now, I'm not saying it's annoying because it's a difficult game, I'm saying that I have repeately run into situations where, had I not already attempted the quest several times, I would have had no chance of surviving regardless of the tactics or steps taken. Amost every quest I've played allows you a mere minute before waves of rats, skeletons or even more powerful creatures bombard your town. If you manage to take care of them, there's bound to be another directly after that one. Basically, every monster spawning point continously creates monsters who, instead of wandering aimlessly as was seen in the original Majesty, run directly toward your town to assault buildings or heroes. The sheer amounts of these monsters is astounding. And after a small number of in-game days, your city will be filled with sewers and a graveyard that also spawn large numbers of monsters. Basically, these monsters that aren't even a part of the mission's plotline truly ruin the mission at hand and cause the player to focus on defending the city for the majority of quest. Only once EVERY creature spawn point has been destroyed can a player even BEGIN to focus on the quest itself.

Tha game seems like it was thrown together with little thought put in to the story or the ease of playing the game; I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that it was never even tested before release. I know this review probably just sounds like the rants of a noob who can't deal with the difficulty of the game, but I honestly think that this is one of the worst games I've ever played. Actually, writing this review has gotten me so worked up, I think I AM going to list all of the problems, little and small, that I've found so far:
-Poor Artificial Intelligence
-Too many monsters to deal with -always attack your town
- The quests are nearly the same quests found in the original game
- Few things are explained or have tips; If you haven't played the first one, you probably won't know what is going on
- Fewer buildings and types of heroes
- Can't control which buildings should be taxed/ repaired
- Many areas of the map cannot be built on - No apparent reason.
- There is no more "seriousness" to the plotline as told by the advisor. Everything is a less than hilarious joke, usually about the same apparent alcoholism the narrator suffers from.
- Everything in the game has a cartoonish/ childish look to them
-Quest opening screens scroll through seemingly unrelated and aesthetically displeasing screenshots
- Player can only build a limited number of buildings of a given type. This means a limited amount of income and heroes
-Only one marketplace; Trading posts can only be built in predetermined areas.
- Every quest about a single, powerful monster (Giant, dragon, etc.) begins with them attacking your town with no chance to prepare. They then continue to raid our town without relent.
- All enemies are incredibly powerful against buildings. A rat/skeleton or two can take down several buildings if unattended.
- Heroes do nothing on their own: Ranger do no explore anymore, rogues don't steal/ collect chests, warriors no longer hunt, clerics (healers) rarely follow and heal people, dwarves don't build (gnomes don't exist as far as a I know), elves no longer bring in lots of money, etc.
- There is a "party" option which is supposed to aloow you to keep a group of four heroes together, however I could never get the party to accomplish anything of worth.
- The ONLY way to make a decent amount of money is to search for trading post areas, build trading posts and hope that they aren't destroyed during or after the building process (Which they most definitely will be).
- Buildings are weak (or, as mentioned above, the monsters destroy them very quickly.
- Poor attempt at a map editor (too much too explain)
- Camera views are awful - Can't zoom out very far
- Camera panning controls are slow
- Live cutscenes will interrupt any action you are currently doing
- Sewers pop up often and spawn at least three rats at a time in the center of your town
- Many quests require you to convince heroes to go to a certain location on the map. The only way is to use an explore/ defend flag which tend to only attract rangers and rogues
- Rogues are melee and incredibly weak
- The same hero spells/ improvements have to be researched at every building - not a central one such as a library
- "His Majesty's" spells can also be researched multiple times if accidentall clicked, accomplishing nothing but loss of gold
- Annoying voice actors
- Many buildings/monsters have no description
-I've played 6 quests and still can't build many of the buildings
- As new buildings/ heroes are introduced, they're purposes are not always clear or explained
- There is no explanation to what upgrading a building does.

I'm sure there are many more issues I could find or have forgotton to list, but I'm done. Once again, don't expect anything fun or exciting if you decide to buy this game. I am most likely never going to run the game again; my interest in Majesty 2 has died as quickly as it started.
Posted: May 22
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34 of 59 people (58%) found this review helpful
40.8 hrs on record
This game sucks because it's called Majesty 2 and it's nothing like the original Majesty. If they had called it something else I would have given it a pass as a spinoff, but a numbered sequel should be judged by how well it lives up to the core experience of the game comes from.

Majesty 2 is not a spiritual successor to Majesty, it's not a sim game at all, it's an RTS. The AI Monsters just run straight towards the castle on auto attack paths never doing anything truly interesting or immersive. The heroes don't even wander about on their own and never take their time doing anything sim like. The indirect control sounds similar to describe but is functionally very different because the heroes don't act like heroes they act like mindless patrol drones.

This game has the base level charm but none of the soul of Majesty. I'm intentionally using metaphysical sounding words because I know a certain soulless corporate robot with contempt for Majesty fans is incapable of comprehending their meaning.
Posted: August 1
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9 of 14 people (64%) found this review helpful
11.6 hrs on record
Game broke after buying one of the DLC and their support forums require your 2nd born child just to view them. 0/10, would not buy again.
Posted: May 26
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10 of 17 people (59%) found this review helpful
7.3 hrs on record
Great game but none of the DLC works properly on steam. Once the dlc is downloaded the game just stops functioning.
Posted: May 30
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9 of 17 people (53%) found this review helpful
42.6 hrs on record
I am torn by this game. I loved the orignal when I was but a wee little kid, and I still do enjoy it, but this one... There is just something about it that puts me off of it, I still like playing it and it can be good at times but there is just something I can't really put my finger on about it. I would say though that if you loved the orignal game then this would be worth picking up, if not the gold HD version on steam now.
Posted: June 27
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7 of 14 people (50%) found this review helpful
1.8 hrs on record
For fans of the original Majesty, this one will come as a severe disappointment. It might be ok on its own, to people new to the 'series,' but for anyone who has played the first installment, it just doesn't measure up. Custom maps, afaik, are completely unavailable, which, for me, was one big plus of the original. Also, it does not have that same fantasy feel to it; probably something about the cartoony graphics.

I hesitate to say it's a 'bad' game, it just isn't that great, and replayability is low, at least for me.
Posted: June 14
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3 of 7 people (43%) found this review helpful
21.6 hrs on record
this game has a realy cool setting. you rule a kingdome of little heros who will do what they want, find quests, go to shops and get better equiptment, find tresure and level up. this is all fine and good. but it gets dumb when you get attacked and a ranger walks through a group of minatour destroying your main base inorder to just walk a round a bit. or when a level one knight desids that he is strong enough at 10 HP to take on a dragons den by himself. and the kicker is when he dies, you get puneshed with a graveyard that spawns more monsters that attack you and can not be destroyed. this has the potental for being a fun game, but becous the players choices have no real efect uther than incresing the liklyhood of wining, it falls flat real quick.
Posted: May 30
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3 of 7 people (43%) found this review helpful
180.0 hrs on record
Was never really into sim games tbh. This game changed that. Awesome game, really not 1 thing i could complain about. Top notch. Upgrade and level your heroes to defeat the bad guys. Very unique game.
Posted: May 22
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3 of 7 people (43%) found this review helpful
1.2 hrs on record
Jean Kirstein approves of this game.
Posted: June 30
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2 of 5 people (40%) found this review helpful
18.7 hrs on record
Having played the first Majesty, I liked this, but not as much as the first one.
You do feel like you have a more proactive presence in this one though, rather than just putting out bountys by and large.
Posted: July 10
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2 of 5 people (40%) found this review helpful
56.7 hrs on record
I like this Game, a lot. Look at the hours I’ve spent playing it.

It feels like a simple Simcity, but fantasy themed. Build your city, upgrade buildings, hire heroes and then pay them to go on quest, defend your city or kill monsters.

The Humor in Majesty II is fantastic. I stay amused by the “Plot” of the campaign, but this is not a deeply affecting story. Ultimately if you like the management part of an RTS (Like Command & Conquer, or Warcraft) but you don’t want to deal with all that pesky war stuff; then this is the game for you.

I highly recommend this for casual or serious gamers looking for something fun. Majesty II is low stress, lots of fun and it makes you use your mind in way that is just slightly different then you average RTS or management Sim.
Posted: June 25
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1 of 3 people (33%) found this review helpful
21.2 hrs on record
Fun top level hero management game. Unique game that's not really matched anywhere else.
Posted: September 15
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