Dans l'univers de Majesty, vous régnez sur le royaume d'Ardania. Vous avez à votre service vos loyaux, quoique désagreables, serviteurs qui ont leur propre façon de faire les choses. Majesty est le seul jeu où vos héros décident d'eux-même des actions à accomplir, vous ne pouvez les contrôler qu'en leur promettant des récompenses.
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Date de parution : 17 sept 2009

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À propos de ce jeu

Dans l'univers de

Majesty, vous régnez sur le royaume d'Ardania. Vous avez à votre

service vos loyaux, quoique désagreables, serviteurs qui ont leur propre

façon de faire les choses.

Majesty est le seul jeu

où vos héros décident d'eux-même des actions à accomplir, vous ne pouvez

les contrôler qu'en leur promettant des récompenses.
  • Jeu de stratégie en temps réel

    avec système de contrôle indirect - vos héros ont leur propre volonté.
  • Parcourez les 4 chapitres de la

    campagne pour un total de 16 missions, sans compter les scénarios annexes

    et les cartes pour le mode multijoueur.
  • Construisez la cité de fantasy

    de vos rêves et découvrez un monde fascinant, mais attention : des monstres

    sont prêts à assiéger votre domaine.
  • Defendez votre royaume à l'aide

    de valeureux guerriers, de puissants magiciens ou de barbares sanguinaires.

    Choisissez parmi plus de 10 classes pour assurer la protection de votre

  • Multijoueur via Gamespy pour 4

    joueurs en LAN ou sur Internet, avec classement mondial et tournois.
  • La suite officielle du best-

    seller Majesty : The Fantasy Kingdom Sim.

Configuration requise

    Minimum :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP/Vista
    • Processeur : Processeur double cœur de 2.0 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 1 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : GeForce 6800 GTX comportant 512 Mo de mémoire vidéo ou meilleure, supportant Pixel Shader 2.0
    • DirectX® : 9.0
    • Disque dur : 4 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : Compatible DirectX
    • Supplémentaire : Connexion Internet LAN requise pour le multijoueur
    Recommandée :
    • Système d'exploitation : Windows XP/Vista
    • Processeur : Processeur double cœur de 3.0 GHz
    • Mémoire vive : 2 Go de RAM
    • Carte graphique : GeForce GTX 280 comportant 1 Go de mémoire vidéo ou meilleure, supportant Pixel Shader 2.0
    • DirectX®: 9.0
    • Disque dur : 4 Go d'espace disque disponible
    • Carte son : Compatible DirectX
    • Supplémentaire : Connexion Internet ou LAN requise pour le multijoueur
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Posté le : 22 décembre 2015
I really wanted to like this game, what with being a huge fan of the origianl, but I found myself screaming at the stupidity of the A.I. way too much to find this game entertaining past the first few levels. And since the only way to have any sort of control over the units is to plant reward signs over objectives, having competent A.I. is important, and yet Paradox managed to make the the "heroes" even dumber, greedier and shortsighted than in the original. Yes, I said greedier: Finding yourself wasting thousands of gold on glass cannon wizards because they repeatedly get tunnel vision and attempt to run past hordes of enemies for a pitiful bounty, only to act surprised when they're brutally mobbed, is nothing short of infuriating. Other times, heroes will ignore their homes being burnt to the ground because they're too busy buying new armor (and yes, in the original, they WERE capable of noticing when their home buildings were being attacked) or attempt to take on targets WAY above their league.

Trial and error is a huge part of this game, which shouldn't be the case. Take the forth mission: I wouldn't have a problem with a massive dragon coming almost instantly to wreck havok to set the stage, but half the time it starts by immediately burning the buildings I just built to the ground, wasting huge amounts of my precious resources. And this was AFTER the narrator told me "be careful not to alert the dragon, or he'll attack you before you're prepared"... which turns out is complete misinformation because the brute comes after you immediately no matter what.

Get the original. Don't touch this garbage.
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10.4 heures en tout
Posté le : 3 août 2014
Injustement méconnue du grand public, la série des Majesty est pourtant bien réjouissante et originale. Ce second opus est bien plus sexy visuellement que le premier (ainsi que dans son interface) et propose toujours ce gameplay très particulier, qui consiste à payer vos héros pour qu'ils accomplissent les actions que vous souhaitez. Attaquer une petite antre de monstre ? Fichtre, combien va-t-il falloir cracher pour qu'ils daignent bouger leur derrière ? Quoi ? Il faut que je place un panneau pour encourager l'exploration et il faut encore que je passe au tiroir caisse pour qu'ils viennent fouiner par là et me permettent de faire reculer le brouillard de guerre sur cet endroit de la mini-map ? Pfff. M'en fous, je vais construire une belle forge que je vais upgrader à mort ! Retour sur investissement, ces ingrats imbibés de vénalité vont s'y précipiter et dépenser leurs écus pour acquérir la dernière épée à la mode !
Bienvenus dans l'univers un peu spécial de Majesty ! Je fais toute une mission de découverte dans cette vidéo pour en découvrir plus:
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13.6 heures en tout
Posté le : 30 décembre 2013
Un bon jeu, quoi que un peu hard au début.
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11.1 heures en tout
Posté le : 27 novembre 2013
I really liked the first Majesty and played it for dozens of hours (back before I had steam... now I have Majesty Gold and Majesty Gold HD for some reason). This is a very competent sequel to a great game. It iterated on a couple things and changed a few things that were already established but all in all it was a pretty good game.

-Great fantasy sim type game. I don't know of many games like it where you recruit heroes but don't control them.
-The added party system is my favorite thing by far to come from the sequel.
-The graphical update to the series was well done.

-The difficulty can easily spike and you can't recover from lost heroes. You will have to restart the mission and it can be frustrating.
-I don't like what they did with temples; you can only build them on certain holy sites. I prefered Majesty where you could build them where ever but building one temple would lock out other temples.

I would certainly recommend this game. Especially for people who were fans of the original. I certainly was and I like the sequel a lot. I would also recommend picking up the orignal.
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82 personne(s) sur 121 (68%) ont trouvé cette évaluation utile
6.7 heures en tout
Posté le : 22 mai 2014
This game is terrible. Anything you may have liked about the first Majesty has been changed for the worse or altogether taken out of the game; I'd make a list, but it would take entirely too long. Big defects of this game:
-AI is terrible. Characters hang around the castle area more often, accomplishing nothing. Flags do little to motivate and when they actually manage to catch the attention of a hero, the hero usually rushes to his death - they are either too stupid to run away or, more likely, one of the unimaginative monsters are overpowered and heroes have no chance against it.
-Stories are poorly thought out or are nearly the same as quests found in the first game. It seemed that the developers focused more on the mildly humurous jokes made by the advisor/narrator and less on anything novel or interesting for former Majesty fans. Even if you could get past the monotony of the quests, there are only a handful of quests available.
-Finally, the largest problem in my opinion is the fact that every quest other than the tutorial, regardless of the supposed difficulty, is nearly impossible to beat without finding loopfole or cheap trick to finish th mission. Now, I'm not saying it's annoying because it's a difficult game, I'm saying that I have repeately run into situations where, had I not already attempted the quest several times, I would have had no chance of surviving regardless of the tactics or steps taken. Amost every quest I've played allows you a mere minute before waves of rats, skeletons or even more powerful creatures bombard your town. If you manage to take care of them, there's bound to be another directly after that one. Basically, every monster spawning point continously creates monsters who, instead of wandering aimlessly as was seen in the original Majesty, run directly toward your town to assault buildings or heroes. The sheer amounts of these monsters is astounding. And after a small number of in-game days, your city will be filled with sewers and a graveyard that also spawn large numbers of monsters. Basically, these monsters that aren't even a part of the mission's plotline truly ruin the mission at hand and cause the player to focus on defending the city for the majority of quest. Only once EVERY creature spawn point has been destroyed can a player even BEGIN to focus on the quest itself.

Tha game seems like it was thrown together with little thought put in to the story or the ease of playing the game; I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that it was never even tested before release. I know this review probably just sounds like the rants of a noob who can't deal with the difficulty of the game, but I honestly think that this is one of the worst games I've ever played. Actually, writing this review has gotten me so worked up, I think I AM going to list all of the problems, little and small, that I've found so far:
-Poor Artificial Intelligence
-Too many monsters to deal with -always attack your town
- The quests are nearly the same quests found in the original game
- Few things are explained or have tips; If you haven't played the first one, you probably won't know what is going on
- Fewer buildings and types of heroes
- Can't control which buildings should be taxed/ repaired
- Many areas of the map cannot be built on - No apparent reason.
- There is no more "seriousness" to the plotline as told by the advisor. Everything is a less than hilarious joke, usually about the same apparent alcoholism the narrator suffers from.
- Everything in the game has a cartoonish/ childish look to them
-Quest opening screens scroll through seemingly unrelated and aesthetically displeasing screenshots
- Player can only build a limited number of buildings of a given type. This means a limited amount of income and heroes
-Only one marketplace; Trading posts can only be built in predetermined areas.
- Every quest about a single, powerful monster (Giant, dragon, etc.) begins with them attacking your town with no chance to prepare. They then continue to raid our town without relent.
- All enemies are incredibly powerful against buildings. A rat/skeleton or two can take down several buildings if unattended.
- Heroes do nothing on their own: Ranger do no explore anymore, rogues don't steal/ collect chests, warriors no longer hunt, clerics (healers) rarely follow and heal people, dwarves don't build (gnomes don't exist as far as a I know), elves no longer bring in lots of money, etc.
- There is a "party" option which is supposed to aloow you to keep a group of four heroes together, however I could never get the party to accomplish anything of worth.
- The ONLY way to make a decent amount of money is to search for trading post areas, build trading posts and hope that they aren't destroyed during or after the building process (Which they most definitely will be).
- Buildings are weak (or, as mentioned above, the monsters destroy them very quickly.
- Poor attempt at a map editor (too much too explain)
- Camera views are awful - Can't zoom out very far
- Camera panning controls are slow
- Live cutscenes will interrupt any action you are currently doing
- Sewers pop up often and spawn at least three rats at a time in the center of your town
- Many quests require you to convince heroes to go to a certain location on the map. The only way is to use an explore/ defend flag which tend to only attract rangers and rogues
- Rogues are melee and incredibly weak
- The same hero spells/ improvements have to be researched at every building - not a central one such as a library
- "His Majesty's" spells can also be researched multiple times if accidentall clicked, accomplishing nothing but loss of gold
- Annoying voice actors
- Many buildings/monsters have no description
-I've played 6 quests and still can't build many of the buildings
- As new buildings/ heroes are introduced, they're purposes are not always clear or explained
- There is no explanation to what upgrading a building does.

I'm sure there are many more issues I could find or have forgotton to list, but I'm done. Once again, don't expect anything fun or exciting if you decide to buy this game. I am most likely never going to run the game again; my interest in Majesty 2 has died as quickly as it started.
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