After jumping through a wormhole and landing onto this forsaken planet far from home, you are standing in front of a huge interstellar Casino where everyone plays air hockey for a living! Plug your Oculus Rift (or not!) and master the finest Shufflepucking techniques!
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 6 dic. 2013

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Recomendado por mentores

"DK2 Compatible. "


Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR

"There are good VR games, and there are others... Good ones are designed to work on VR from the start, Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR seems to be one of the firsts. Agharta Studio succeded at sublimating its game sceneries and ambiance, this little title may not look much but promises to be one of the first VR successes!"

"The results are impressive. We can scan the whole scenes while moving the head, and we keep stopping at details we never noticed before, like those UI windows. We almost feel like we can touch them! The same goes for characters, you can't prevent to look at them at every possible angle."

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe

"Once upon a time, when Apple and Commodore were personal computer rivals, Brøderbund Software released a little game called Shufflepuck Café. If you played that game back in the day, prepare for an overload of nostalgic air hockey goodness. If this is your first trip to the Shufflepuck Cantina, well, nostalgia won’t do anything for you, but the air hockey goodness sure will!"

"Hop over to Steam and pick up your copy as soon as it unlocks. The game is loads of fun to play and works great whether you have 5 minutes or a whole afternoon!"

"It's an excellent surprise with a big life span. The game looks really nice too."
90% - Canard PC

"To be clear, I loved Shufflepuck Cafe when it came bundled with my Amiga 500 in the late 80′s, and this hits all my nostalgia buttons without the “not as good as I remember” feelings."
88% -

"Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe is highly recommended. This is a nice year-end surprise that a simple game of Air Hockey is something challenging with many special moves and content that never get the player bored."
86% -

"Shufflepuck Cantina took the original and brought it up to 2013 standards. I’m sure Shufflepuck Cafe fans would have been more than happy with a straight remake but Agharta did a fantastic job of making a modern Shufflepuck game while retaining the spirit of the original."
80% -

"All together Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe lives up to the legacy of its predecessor in every way. It’s an easy to play game within a mostly well rounded gameworld and will have you playing for hours on end."
80% -

"Your opponents are varied and it takes time to learn how to defeat them while a steady stream of unlocks will keep you coming back for more. Whether you want to play for a few minutes or a few hours, Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe is a good choice."
80% -

Steam Greenlight

Acerca de este juego

Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR is also very enjoyable without a VR headset!
Note: In case the game fails to launch, switch to the winopengl version in BETAS tab.

After "accidentally" jumping your spaceship through a wormhole, you’ve crash landed onto this forsaken desert planet a billion kilometers from home. The only thing between you and the horizon is the seemingly endless dunes of sand, save for one strange, huge building. Inside, it appears to be an interstellar Casino where everyone plays air hockey for a living.

You’ll have to fight hard to grind down all your opponents until they are utterly defeated to earn the critical parts needed to repair your ship. Once you’ve obtained all the spaceship pieces you’ll have to defeat the owner of this insane Casino so you can go home.


  • Extremely responsive game controls.
  • 5 Floors populated with 13 vicious opponents.
  • Quests and missions system to unlock loads of game content.
  • Track your progress and gain experience through an advanced levelling system.
  • Full and extensive Oculus DK1 and DK2 plug and play support.


Use [Tab] to choose the best display setting depending on your graphics card performances.

Use [Esc] to access the settings menu.

Requisitos del sistema

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Processor: 2.33 GHz or faster x86-compatible processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 Compliant Graphics Device, 128 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: OS X 10.6.6 or later
    • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor or faster processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 Compliant Graphics Device, 128 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04.3 or later
    • Processor: 2.33 GHz or faster x86-compatible processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 Compliant Graphics Device, 128 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive: 100 MB available space
    • Sound Card: OpenAL Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: 32 bits binary & a usb mouse is required & /dev/input/event* must have read permission. VR DK2 support is not ready yet, in the meantime you can fully enjoy the standard version.
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Publicado el 16 de febrero
Gran juego de Air Hockey mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba. Cuando era pequeño me encantaba jugar a estos juegos y por eso lo compré y me sorprendió desde la primera partida.

Es el juego de Air Hockey perfecto. Han intentado llevar al máximo las posibilidades en este tipo de juego y además incluso han añadido una historia y diálogos completamente traducidos al español.

Buenos gráficos, buena música y decenas de horas por delante para poderlo completar al máximo (el tiempo que me marca steam es inferior al que he jugado ya que el juego lo tengo también en Desura).

Hay multitud de enemigos diferentes cada uno con sus ataques especiales, diferentes escenarios, más de una decena de paletas (mazas) cada una con sus características especiales, multitud de discos y algunas cosillas más que iremos desbloqueando conforme jugamos (yo aún no lo he terminado).

Por el precio que tiene es muy recomendable, si te gustan este tipo de juegos (yo he jugado a muchos) creo que es el mejor.
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Publicado el 8 de junio
Nice way of wasting your time while listnening to your favourite records just like playing Pinball.
Handeling the mallets, pucks and timing your effects feels great and you'll get better with every game you play.
The oponents you'll face all have their different style of gameplay. Hunting the achievements is fun.
I don't like my games frustrating but with shufflepuck I don't mind very much. The games are fast, short and fun.
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Publicado el 8 de mayo
This is a mobile port.

The good:
- Nostalgia
- Smooth fast paced gameplay
- Steam Cards
- Achievements that are actually hard to get
- See your steam friends scores

The bad:
- Annoying dos box on startup
- Game causes windows to change to "basic" color mode
- Clunky drag and drop interface
- Grindy unlocks
- Game screen size bugs out when you alt-tab and come back

I haven't found the 2player mode yet... but other than that, it's a decent game so far.
I'd give it 5/10 due to the poor port and bugs, but steam only allows positive or negative reviews and no neutral ones.
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Publicado el 7 de mayo
i love it :)
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Publicado el 2 de febrero
Shufflepuck cantina introduces you an astronaut whose ship just crashed and he needs to find a way home , lucky for him he landed near a cantina where they take shufflepuck (air hockey) very seriously so he can make money and win spaceship pieces out of the vip players.
The gameplay is quite simple you need to score X amount of points on the opponent and depending on your results you will get bronze,silver or gold medals to unlock missions, said missions are mostly score X amount of points against someone , during the air hockey matches you can collect more coins on the board, grab buffs and debuffs like double point, bigger mallet, shielded and etc and every opponent has a special shot which consists on crazy spins and bounces in order to distract you, the first times it will be hard to counter them but eventually you will know how to counter them all.
The game gets kind of repetetive since you need to complete all 10 missions of each character in order to win their spaceship part so you end up playing thousands of shufflepuck matches against the same people over and over again.
Fun game in small doses and tons of achievements to grab , a lot of them are not easy to get though if you're into this kind of game the full price is not a lot considering how many hours you must sink into this game in order to beat it.
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