Team up as Finn and Jake in a 3D adventure of epic proportions! The Land of Ooo has been transformed into a giant video game, and BMO has been kidnapped. Brawl your way through the Witch's garden, Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, and even the Land of the Dead itself to rescue BMO and uncover the evil mastermind!
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Julkaisupäivä: 11. huhti, 2014

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Osta Adventure Time


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Team up as Finn and Jake in a 3D adventure of epic proportions! The Land of Ooo has been transformed into a giant video game, and BMO has been kidnapped. Brawl your way through the Witch's garden, Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, and even the Land of the Dead itself to rescue BMO and uncover the evil mastermind!

Key Features:

  • 28 Levels of Mayhem: Slash and bash your way through the Witch's garden, Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, and the Land of the Dead!
  • Butt Tons of Enemies: Battle four terrifying bosses and loads of nasty enemies from the show, including Hug Wolf and Tree Witch!
  • Epic Powers: Collect secret spells to unleash algebraic attacks, like NEPTR, Jake’s Puppies, Knife Storm, and many more!
  • Tag Team Combat: Bust up some bad guys! Level up to unlock new swords for Finn and stretchy attacks for Jake.
  • Extra Spicy VO: The game features a brand-spanking-new story with original VO from Finn and Jake!
  • Turbo Rad Graphics: Sparkling hi-res graphics for your eyeballs to enjoy.


    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
    • Prosessori: Intel Core 2 Duo or Amd Athlon X2
    • Muisti: 2 GB RAM
    • Grafiikka: NVIDIA GT240 / ATI RAdeon 4850
    • Tallennus: 5 GB vapaata muistia
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Enimmäkseen myönteinen (405 arvostelua)
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Julkaistu 13. joulukuu, 2015.
(Scroll to the bottom for pros and cons)

What time is it? Adventure Time! That's right, you get to play as both Finn and Jake in this fully 3D game while defeating enemies and grabbing treasure and unleashing different kinds of powers.

Hmmm, alright, where to begin...I guess with the good sides. The game offers a lot of different actions to do, not just a single attack, albeit you will be using just two keys to attack. But the combos with the default weapons can be fun to execute as well as all the Enchiridion pages as they offer lots of different styles to attack with. The game is relatively short and can be passed in one day in some hours, but even so, it really drags you in and is a decent way of killing time. The levels are also big so you can explore very long if you wish to collect everything along the way.

So, attack variance is the best feature of the game as far as I can tell. The graphics aren't too bad either but obviously they aimed at a simple, cartoonish style which looks great and is clear, and, most importantly, works. And the music...most of the tracks heard ingame are straight from the show and extended. It's a very nice touch. And lastly, the way in which the levels are is quite clever, islands. They are warped around a sphere shape to create an illusion of a planet, sort of. It works and it stays simple.


However, that's it for the good sides unfortunately. Like mentioned above, the game is relatively short, and that is biggest of the cons. Just 4 different locations with a few levels each. The version on Cartoon Network has 7 different locations. I wonder why some of them were scrapped. But yeah, could be longer...I guess this game would do great as a speedrun game, I know there isn't much of a story, but it's kinda forced to have some sense as to why the game exists in the first place. There also aren't a lot of cutscenes, only ones appearing in the beginning of the game and in-between the locations. But that's understandable as the game isn't sandbox so you just complete the levels.

Then next, the soundtrack will get kinda annoying and unbearable at points since some tracks are fast tempo or 8-bit. You can always mute, but then it would eat some of the atmosphere, meaning you would be listening to sound effects only. Thankfully not all tracks are like that. Also, while the levels are quite clever and offer some sort of variance, it's not enough. Sure, all levels are different and you have 4 different locations but the gameplay stays the same. Just hack and slashing your way through while collecting things and perhaps completing quests. But that's it. It's a very simple game. And then...bugs and glitches. The game has a big number of them, although you might not even run into them. But having spent enough time in the game to nearly master the mechanics and run through the game quickly, I've ran into a few. Bugs include attack buttons being greyed out and disabled (only way to attack is using the pages, and the problem would persist until next level. I had to restart the game to fix it), characters disappearing, either the player or bosses, etc. Some bugs can really hurt the gameplay, and for glitches there are some funny ones, e.g. seeing a doppelgänger of Finn or Jake or seeing the Fire enemies spawning away once you kill them.


A few notes: Some things that really caught my attention include:

Jake's Stilts power. It's very tricky to use when reaching small islands. Now I know you have to think twice before using a power-up to reach islands, but I've fallen numerous times thanks to not quite making it on the other side. This isn't a bug or a glitch however, it's a part of the difficulty but can be hard to notice sometimes.

Dying: While it isn't a consequence since you can have plenty of lives, it does take a big chunk out of your treasure amount. You will get healed, but at the cost of (obviously) one life and hefty loot. Why pay lots of money for health when you can grab food for free or buy it or get healed for only 100 gold from the doctor...just saying, it's acceptable. It's like the same way how you lose all your rings in Sonic games, you need to watch it. Speaking of health...

Health: You'll notice that health is actually shared between Finn and Jake, so you can't switch the character to regain health. This does make sense however when talking about difficulty and the fact you wouldn't leave a dead friend behind as you would go on (lol)


Pros and cons:

+ 3 difficulties to pick from to suit every player type: beginner, casual or experienced
+ Lots of different power-ups and enemies, gives some freedom over gameplay style
+ Can run through levels quickly without the need to go everywhere
+ Finn and Jake's official voice actors have done plenty of lines
+ Play as Finn or Jake, both have their good and bad sides.
+ Clever level design, plenty to explore
+ The soundtrack is catchy
+ Gameplay mechanics
+ Graphics look nice

- Experience gained is miniscule when defeating enemies later on. Makes you think why you bother.
- While there is variety in attacking, it will still be spamming the attack button(s) pretty much.
- Fixed camera (debatable, but I feel like a self-controlled camera would've been cool)
- Has no proper cutscenes or backstory. It's all about the gameplay itself.
- Pointless features, e.g. floaties. You only use them in a few levels.
- Bosses have no lines, nor do the enemies. Only Finn and Jake.
- No hub world to visit previous worlds (or levels more quickly).
- Could have more achievements for those who like to get 'em.
- Lots to explore but not really worth it.
- Full of bugs and glitches
- Gets repetitive
- Too short.

Summary: 50/50. If you are a fan of Adventure Time or hack n slash games, consider grabbing the game. Don't get your hopes up too high though. While the game has a lot of flaws it's playable and will keep you occupied at least during the first time you beat the game. Just rest assured you will have to play a lot without being really rewarded with anything, save for a few cutscenes, credits and a happy feeling.

A few last words...well, left a bad taste in my mouth because of the bugs and lack of cutscenes/cinematics. Also the length of the game...if it was a lot longer it'd be very cool. The game had a lot of potential but it wasn't used to its full extent.
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