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Loren The Amazon Princess is a fantasy epic combining intricate turn-based battles with a heroic tale of overcoming evil - with a twist! In this tale, you play as a loyal servant of the hero rather than the hero herself.
Release Date: Jan 15, 2014
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Battle speed update

May 26th, 2014

Hello all,
I've updated the currently live version with a fix for the battles.
In practice trimming the "battle log" so that would show only the 10 most recent actions resulted in a huge speed increase, in particular for long fights where the log was becoming very big.
The difference is more noticeable on low-end systems, but even on my relatively new system I can see the difference.

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Version 1.2.9 and Bonus Content + Deluxe Version now available

February 8th, 2014

Two big announcements. First of all the game was updated to version 1.2.9 with the following bug-fixes/improvements:

  • disables characters personal quests in chapter 4, preventing players from being stuck (you must do them before chapter 4)
  • should also prevent the "grid not full" crash that a few users are experiencing (replaced the grid UI completely so that should fix it! )
  • adjusted vertical alignment of actions so the "use item" icon is visible even if you have learned all the skills of the Thief class
  • some other minor bug-fixes

Also, now you can get the Bonus Content (Wallpapers+OST) on Steam too:

and in the store game page you can now buy base game + DLC + bonus all at once in the "Deluxe version":

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About the Game

Loren The Amazon Princess is a fantasy epic combining intricate turn-based battles with a heroic tale of overcoming evil -- with a twist! In this tale, you play as a loyal servant of the hero rather than the hero herself.

Travel by Princess Loren's side as she searches for her lost mother, the Queen of the Amazons. Guide her choices and act as her valiant defender, meeting many colorful characters along the way. As the journey progresses, everyone will grow and change -- character development in games isn't dead! It's also impossible to see all the content in just one playthrough, with so many ways to customize the characters.

Hardcore role-playing games with replay value are becoming rarer in today's age of simplification for the masses. The developers of the hit title Planet Stronghold have dedicated themselves to keeping old-school RPGs alive through this new adventure.

Game Features

Customize Your Hero: Play as a male or female warrior or thief. Decide their backstory, initial stats, and personality. Help them rise from humble servant to legendary hero!

Train Your Characters: Select everyone's skills, weapons, and armor. Over 500 items can be used in 13 armor slots. Class-based skill trees combine with unique character-specific skill trees such as "Gladiator" or "Assassin".

Battles Demand Strategy: Your tactics will be challenged by over 100 enemies: take advantage of weaknesses and achieve combos with your characters by inflicting and then exploiting status effects. All that character customization has a major effect on how each battle plays out. But never fear: choose between two different modes of play when you start the game, as well as your desired difficulty level.

Story-based Gameplay: Over two novels' worth of in-game text depict vivid characters and flesh out a strong plot that reflects your decisions. Optional interactions abound, such as talking with your party members at camp to learn more about them -- or even to uncover a romance.

Inclusive to all demographics. A wide range of romantic interests are provided.

Theme song composed by Matthew Myers and performed by Christina Vee, game soundtrack by Michael Chait.

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PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL compatible card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: Mac OS 10.4
    • Processor: 1Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space

Linux System Requirements

    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 150 MB available space
Helpful customer reviews
455 of 506 people (90%) found this review helpful
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2 reviews
13.6 hrs on record
Loren is a fantastic, polished game with well developed characters, fun turn-based battles and interesting, meaningful choices that affect the plot (granted, sometimes in small ways).

If you're on the fence about buying it, or not sure if you'll like it, here are a few details to help you make your decision.

* You can choose from one of two player characters - a male human and a female elf. Their backgrounds are pre-defined, and both have access to the same skills. Who you pick determines mostly how certain NPCs react to you (some may mistrust elves, for example) and what your romantic options are.

* Yes, there are romantic options in all flavors. Up until the very last screen of the romance, there's nothing risque - just a bunch of meaningul campfire scenes between you and your beloved (kind of like Dragon Age Origins). The last screen of the romances tends to be a little racy, but it's easy enough to click through it in a microsecond if you wish. Each completed romance also gets a rather sweet scene or two in the epilogue.

* Combat is turn-based, and reminds me of the old-style Wizardry games. The screenshots give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like. There's a priority system to attacks, with fast characters going first, slower ones second, etc. Each attack or spell lengthens your wait timer by a different amount. The end result is surprisingly intuitive.

* There are a ton of excellent skills to play with. Each character gets two skill trees. The first one is fighter, mage or rogue, and shared with other characters of that class. In my playthrough, I seldom put points there. Instead, I focused on the far more interesting second skill tree, which is peculiar to each character. There you find things like Assassination, Dark Magic, Nature Magic, Berserker, Martial Arts, etc. There's enough variety and 'oh, neat!' factors to keep you experimenting with them for hours.

* Though simple-looking, combat is strategic. You need to juggle placement (fighters up front, ranged in the back, etc.), status effects, buffs, debuffs, attacks with various AoE shapes (all enemies, just a column, just a row), and a Pokemon-like strength and weakness system ('You cast rainstorm at Fire Demon - it's super effective!').

* Let's talk loot. There's a lot of it here. You can find it by defeating enemies, solving quests or buying it at a shop. Shop prices drop as your reputation in each region rises, so it pays to complete non-plot-related tasks in the towns that produce your favorite plate armor, etc. Each of your followers has a loyalty quest, just like in Mass Effect or Dragon Age. If you finish it, not only will you have learned more about your companion, but you'll have a powerful piece of equipment they alone can wear.

* Speaking of Dragon Age, the story here is similar in outline to that of Origins: an ancient evil has resurfaced, but the factions that could take it down are too busy bickering with each other, and it's up to your band of adventurers to earn the respect and confidence of each region in order to unite them for a common offensive. It's a solid framework that kept me entertained for the 10+ hours I played - not once did I feel like skipping through a text box or chat bubble.

* Which reminds me.... the characters are not entirely silent. You'll hear their battle cries and comments in combat. It's a nice touch, but be aware that most of the rest of the game is text-based.

The first time I clicked 'play' it was early evening, and I 'just wanted to try it out'. I figured I'd do the tutorial, see if there were any glaring errors or red flags, then shut it off and go do something else. Didn't happen.

Instead, I found myself glued to the screen until 6:30 AM. This is a really, really good game, folks, and if you're into old-school Wizardry-style RPGS with memorable characters, you should definitely give this one a try.

Posted: January 15th, 2014
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145 of 196 people (74%) found this review helpful
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7 reviews
13.9 hrs on record
The game certainly has unique features, but is still very far from being excellent, although the beginning is promising. For once you do not play as the namesake of the game, but her servant - a "lowly" male by the Amazon's standard, or a female elf (both slaves), accompanying her to go rescue her mother. You make some choices about your past actions and here you go for your stats boost. And the whole thing is very verbose, as promised.
Problem being that for a game mostly a visual novel (the RPG aspect is just there to flesh out a bit the adventure), the story is too standard. After rescuing Loren's mother, you learn that Evil lurks. And yes, once again, it's an Evil that was already vanquished in the past, but as everyone know, there's not a soul in the multiverse able to properly seal any evil being whatsoever. Fost, said Evil is uninteresting and cliché.
Let's be honest, for the game's lenght, the background is detailed enough, but still... Too classic. Elves antagonizing humans, orcs, dwarves, dark elves, demons aplenty, lizardmen, etc., things we have seen a bijillion times before. And if there are some talks about tolerance and all that, do not expect much subtelty from the plot, neither originality. Gather all the nations, go to the Big Bad's lair, insert fights, slay said Big Bad, get the girl, the end.

Now the dialogs are quite decent, and some characters are delightful, like the female dwarf Dora (beg yer pardon, totally not a thief !) or the snarky dark witch Chambara. For what I saw, the romances are pleasant too- up to six possibilities, and yes, you can flirt with characters of the same gender as yours.
Concerning the dialog options, you will have three most of the time : joking, friendly or forceful. Of course other people will react differently depending on your choices, I couldn't estimate if having a majority in one kind really forged a real reputation, but that may very well be.

And where does the gameplay fit in all this ? Well, you'll have a great number of fights, six VS six at maximum, with some scripted ones (like having only two members in your roster). Back row cannot be targeted by melee attacks while there are still at least one unit in the front row, wich make it ideal for missile units (bow/magic). On your right you can see in what order characters and ennemies will act, then plan accordingly. There are three classes (warrior, thief, mage), and each of your characters has a skill tree rendering him unique, like the druid being able to cast a heal spell on all a row.
Thieves can use mana for special arrows (fire, ice...), warriors can force an enemy to switch position with one on the back row, etc. Insert potions when needed.
All in all it plays smoothly, but I really fail to see the claim of the developers : there's nothing hardcore in it. If anything, it's quite casual and simple, not much strategy is involved. Money and equipment are not being scarce, the game is quite easy. Towns have an infinite amount of replayable tasks for money, XP and discount at the local shop ; making the possibility of skipping the odd random encounters sound.

Now, I'm one of those stressing the value of story over gameplay for RPG, a reason why Planescape Torment is one of my eternal favorites. But I must insist : the game's intrigue has been seen too often to really be epic. The lack of artworks is rather grueling in that regard, many scenes would have benefited from a dedicated drawing to better depict them. Decently fleshed out characters (the personal quests help) cannot alone bring all the appeal. This not to say a simple story is something bad, here, it's just lacking in a genre where it should shine.

One great flaw is the DLC. I do not know about you, but 17 buckazoids is already a bit steep a price. 6€ for content which could (and should) have been in the vanilla game is a blatant rip-off. You'll even get a message in the base game stating that you could recruit Chambara and a certain monk, but, hey, show the money first ! Worse, those two characters can have a crucial impact on the game's ending, wich is just wrong.

And as for the replay value ? Yes, you can still change the starting character, romance other people, make a few other choices... But is it really worth going back to the same story without any surprise ? The game itself is not sure of that, as you can skip all the dialogs you want, and have cheat mode enabling you to win all the battles once you have completed the game for the first time.

I was intrigued by the aspect of Loren the Amazon Princess at the start and still enjoyed it. It made me think of a Fighting Fantasy gamebook with actual character development.
But if you are tempted, my advise would be to wait for a special promotion like -50%. 14 hours-ish of a classic plot (DLC accounted for) with marginal gameplay and satisfying protagonists are just not enough to be worthy of such a price. "Two novel's worth of in-game text", by the way, is quite meaningless : are we talking 100-ish pages sized novels, or Stephen King's sized novels ?
Posted: January 18th, 2014
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1 review
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The biggest issue the game has are the dialogue choices.

After the character creation, every dialogue option is: Joking, Friendly, or Forceful. (and sometimes "romance" >_>) These descriptions are simply not enough to make the choice you want. It forces you to either pick dialogue options you don't like, or (if you're like me) just save before every single choice and then try all three answers to see which one you like most.

Update: I've learned that you can use the mousewheel to scroll back to the dialogue choices, and choose a different option. This makes figuring out the dialogue choice less tedious, although it still is annoying to have to select and then back out of each option.

To give you an idea of how bad these dialogue options are, lets do a scenario. Person A Is arguing with Person B. They turn to you for your thoughts. Your options are Joking, Friendly, or Forceful as always, without giving you any indication of who those options side with. It's only through saving and reloading 3 times that you learn Joking and Forceful side with Person A, and Friendly sides with Person B. Very tedious. Very annoying.

Now imagine the above scenario for Every. Single. Dialogue. Choice.

The dialogue system is an utter failure. (and that's without mentioning my issues with the story or the problems with combat)
Posted: January 16th, 2014
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29 of 33 people (88%) found this review helpful
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6 reviews
11.9 hrs on record
I got curious about this game when I saw the idea of fusing RPGs and visual novels. Though I've seen the mechanic a few times, "Loren" seemed to focus on doing "more" with both of its parents.

I can't call the game an insta-buy at $19.99 - it's going to depend on wether it's for you. Me, a person who likes his RPGs with loot, skills, story, and choices (and now and then likes a game that you can sit down with for 30 minutes or 2 hours), thinks he got his money's worth. It is definitely a replayable game as well, so if you're the kind of person that likes to try different endings and plots, then that's a plus. I found a full playthrough is about 10 hours (winning unlocks cheat mode)

"Loren" is the story of an amazon princess who's mother vanishes, presumed dead, and promptly gives up her queenship to find her. She's given a single slave to help her - that's you by the way - and very quickly you're necessary as Loren is essentially a niave, unsubtle, combat machine. Very quickly Loren and your chosen hero/heroine (who you do get some customization of) end up caught up in wars and intrigue, and collect a ragtag bunch of somewhat familiar characters. So it's off to battle orcs, lizardmen, demons, and more because the world's problems are a LOT bigger than a missing queen . . .

The game mixes visual novel style branching storylines and classic "Camp" dialogue with point-and-click maps and classic RPG combat. It actually balances all of these pretty well - most events are "bite sized", combats don't drag on for long, and there's a pleasing level of detail in things like equipment, character development, and battle strategy. If you're an accomplished RPG player you probably won't find "Normal" too hard, though there are moments that will push you - you do have to pay attention.

The best part of the combat and character building are how different factors interact - Status effects are a big part of the game, and soon you'll be trying to figure the best way to put your foes off guard. Classes are meant to work together, especially in boss battles - and every character is "dual classes" with a generic class and a specialty class, adding a nice but of customazation to the usual trinity of Warrior-Mage-Theif. In short you're always "this basic class and . . ."

The story is the big selling point, and frankly, "Loren" delivers a giant heaping helping of common fantasy elements and characters that we're all familiar with (perhaps too much), but then actually goes the distance to add little personal details that bring the characters and events to life. Sure the prose has a purple tinge, and some elements border on stereotype, but it's fun and you'll find a few surprises - you actually get a nice amount of character backstory if you dive into it, as well as interesting romantic complications. There are parts that will definitely pull at your heartstrings, and I found myself geniunely liking some of the cast.

So a buy? I'd say if you like your RPGs with story, want a good RPG you can play in short bursts or long sessions, and if something a bit experimental like this appeals, go for it. I think this is also a game to encourage, because the fusion is quite satisfying - and I'd like to see more.
Posted: January 26th, 2014
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26.8 hrs on record
Wow, what a fun little approach to a lunchtime rpg w/ story elements, character development, Dragon Age/Bioware npc relationship progressions, and old school turn based combat. This may not be worth the full $20 price it's starting at--but, it's certainly an enjoyable game w/ much going for it. Even the soundtrack is worth keeping on during play.

Overall, the dialog is both detailed and brief enough to keep the story interesting and enjoyable. The choices in action and dialogue do have somewhat of an impact in the progress of the story. But, having played a bit more at this point, I'd have to say most of it is just 'when' you see events, rather than true story impacts. The 'camp' dialogues are limited in player options for responses (Joking, Friendly, Forceful, and the occasional [Romantic]) w/ fairly obvious outcomes from each. It gives the feel of relationship development, but at a graphic novel level rather than actually giving a role playing experience.

The fact that you play a supporting role instead of the lead is a refreshing twist on the entire experience. This may even be worth a replay to see what different choices may accomplish. But, the story follows a fairly straightforward direction. It is a standard high fantasy tale worth your attention if you're looking for a lunchtime break that includes some playable strategic combat, predictable but enjoyable 'relationship' elements, and dialogue that is decent and not excessive.

For the record, please don't rate this down just b/c you think the game's not epic. I'm not saying it's a Bioware title. I'm saying, it's a decent $10/$15 game that is worth spending some lunch hours on.

Hope this helps!
Posted: January 15th, 2014
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