Dragged by her parents, a young and rebellious teenage girl – Violett, moves to an old spooky house in the middle of nowhere. Forced away from her friends and life in the city; she imagines how boring life in countryside will be: spending day after day, bored in her room with absolutely nothing to do.
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Mixed (442 reviews) - 61% of the 442 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Dec 13, 2013

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“It has a bunch of strange and clever puzzles, and it resides in a bright and cheery world.”

“A visually stunning alternate world.”
70 – http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/violett-review/1900-6415618/

“An interesting adventure for fans of the genre.”
70 – http://www.3djuegos.com/juegos/analisis/18117/0/violett/

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About This Game

The new ultimate version of Violett brings even more of the best point and click adventure fun, right onto your screen. In this expanded version you'll see a pair of completely new levels, full of entirely new puzzles and specially composed music. Upgraded graphical effects in the game making the hand-painted, Escheresque surroundings look even more stunning. Redesigned and improved game mechanics as well as controls will let you solve the riddles presented to you with much more ease. If you ever get stuck by a particularly tricky puzzle, a redesigned system of tips will help you move forward. And newly added gamepad support will make your game much more pleasurable to play on your big screen TV or your PC's monitor.

Set in a world full of wonders, quirks and things from beyond our reality, Violett is a remarkable adventure game that will push your brain to the limits and engross you completely.

Dragged by her parents, a young and rebellious teenage girl – Violett, moves to an old spooky house in the middle of nowhere. Forced away from her friends and life in the city; she imagines how boring life in countryside will be: spending day after day, bored in her room with absolutely nothing to do. But what she cannot imagine, is that in just few moments, she'll have the adventure of her life.

A spark of light from the nearby mouse hole catches her attention, she reaches inside and in a blink of an eye she's in a completely different place. So familiar, yet so distant. So magnificent, and yet dangerous. A place where frogs singing operas are daily occurrence, garden gnomes are emissaries from another dimension and power of telekinesis is not freaking anyone out. Now only your wit and luck can help her unite with her parents.

Rack your brain on intricate puzzles. Use the power of telekinesis to get you out of your troubles. Fight the evil spider queen that wants to make you her new trophy. Use your touch to roam the beautiful and slightly psychedelic world, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Dali and other great works. Immerse yourself in the soothing sound track, that is also available as a DRM free download

- Fantastic 2,5D point-and-click adventure game
- Unique world inside the 'rabbit-hole'
- Multitude of puzzles and riddles
- A spooky atmosphere of mystery and uneasiness
- Evil Spider Queen who's trying to prevent you from ever coming back
- Paranormal forces to manipulate objects
- Beautiful hand-painted graphics full of quirkiness and style
- Full parallel reality inspired by Alice in the Wonderland and other great works
- Gamepad support

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.0 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: OSX 10
    • Processor: Intel Dual Core
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia 320M or higher, or Radeon 7000 or higher, or Intel HD 3000 or higher
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.4
    • Processor: 2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGl 2.1 compatible
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Graphics: GeForce 8800
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Posted: December 10, 2015
For a point-and-click adventure, you're either going to enjoy this game or you're going to hate it. The initial premise evokes strong deja-vu of Coraline almost to the point of feeling like a blatent ripoff. You play Violett, a goth girl who moves into an old house and finds herself lost in a strange world - complete with a spider antagonist. This is where the simularities end however... as well as the depth of story. Simply put, if you're someone who prefers a heaping dose of narrative and gets annoyed when things are left vague, this game isn't for you. If you don't mind a game that gives you the breadcrumbs and encourages your own interpretations, you'll find an adventure reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland or The Neverending Story.

Each scenery you'll encounter is incredibly imaginitive, from opera singing frogs who can control the weather with their voice, to haunted teapots that torment their owners. The puzzles can be frustrating, but for the most part are never truly illogical. At least, they're generally as logical as a Wonderland-esque world ruled by the phrase "we're all mad here" is capable of being. The overall aesthetic is unique and (I felt) fascinating. The soundtrack is alright and comes with the game automatically.

And now the bad side. First off, the controls can more often than not be frustrating to deal with, especially if you're moving between several rooms at once. I also encountered some bugs. For example, one achievement failed to pop because one of the criteria glitched and I was forced to start a new game to complete it. Another bug involved ants that forced me to exit and enter the area several times to correct. The "boss fight" at the end is also a complete joke.

Bottom line, I would say the game is worth looking into if you're a fan of the aforementioned stories, but due to the potential problems with bugs I can't recommend paying full price. Get it during a sale.
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18 of 21 people (86%) found this review helpful
8.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 19, 2015
In my opinion this is not a Point and Click Adventure so if you're looking for that don't buy it, I don't understand why it has that tag.

But I recommend it as a Hidden Object and Puzzle game with a very wonky controlled boss fight at the end, (but it's the only scene where there is anything like that and I got the hang of it after a few tries).

The puzzles are for the most part logical enough when you get used to the style of thinking for the game, these types of games useally differ in how the person who made the puzzles think and it always takes me a puzzle or two to understand what's going on, but after you do they aren't really hard just some of them are a little wierd.

Alot of review mention alot of bugs but I've only played the remastered version and appart from the game crashing twice (it had autosaved where I was so that wasn't really an issue), other then that I encountered only one bug, which was the green orb on the queens hat was not clickable for me, that seems to be a known bug though and I found all other orbs so I got the Supercharged achivement without getting that one orb.
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18 of 28 people (64%) found this review helpful
20.0 hrs on record
Posted: December 30, 2015
It's too bad they didn't bother to make a real story based game out of this and just went with random nonsensical puzzles and no story. The pieces were there for a good game if the developers had tried harder.
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22 of 36 people (61%) found this review helpful
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Posted: November 18, 2015
pros :
-awesome scenes
-cool main character
-good story

-weird puzzles (nonsense)
-bug bug bug bug .. stuck restart
-still bug bug bug bug bugggg
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3 of 3 people (100%) found this review helpful
11.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 14
Violett is a delightful point and click game, though partially also a hidden object game, containing engaging puzzles, colorful and creative landscapes, and a memorable soundtrack. It's a bit of a blend between Coraline and Alice in Wonderland; you fall into this world of intelligent, sophisticated insects and tiny mammals, and are working towards freeing them from tyranny, and yourself from being tinier then a mouse.

What I liked best about this game was easily the setting and the audio. The maps were colorful, a creative mix of exotic flavors and household objects, and the mini game of finding all of the hidden objects (there's an achievement involved with that) helps you explore and appreciate it a little more thoroughly. The music...it's charming, and cute, and gets stuck in your head easily. I'm a fool for a neat artstyle, and both the powers you use in the game, and the style of the game, reminded me a bit of Psychonauts. While the plot isn't directly spelled out for you, journal pages and direct observation provide the bulk of the simple, age-old story.

Mechanically, the game was decently smooth. It was always clear where you could go, the pathing was very fluid, and the animations never glitched or did anything unpredictable. There was no mad clicking, and whenever it required anything different then clicking, a helpful icon would appear at the bottom of the screen telling the player to drag the mouse in a certain direction.

There are a couple of known glitches at the time this review was made, though they didn't retract from the game. One is an unclickable orb, which does not prevent the achievement from granting, and the other is around an area called the Labyrinth, where the game crashes while saving. It saves successfully, and autosaves frequently, so you won't lose any progress, but might need to restart in that area a couple of times. While yes, it's not perfect, it hardly bothered me and was the last time I saw a glitch in the game, in that early area.

The major topic of the puzzles...The one every fears and has a great deal of conflict on, whether puzzles are understandable and readable, or if they are counter-intuitive and too hard. To my perspective, Violett is not difficult to understand. There's visual cues in every level, detailing what you should be focusing on. In every level, there's either interaction with NPCs who directly tell you what they require from you, or a visible problem that you must correct to proceed. A couple of the early levels are actually the toughest, involving long puzzles with back and forth steps required, and items from different areas necessary to complete puzzles from previous areas. The game actually gets progressively easier and more intuitive, which I wasn't expecting, the puzzles later on being far more isolated within their given screens or pathway forks.

Over all calls? This game is worth playing for it's creative atmosphere and decent puzzles. It has a couple of issues, but the puzzles follow the logic of the story, and at no point did I ever hit a wall. New content and glitch fixes have been added recently, so it clearly gets attention from it's developers.

((Ways to improve the game? More visual cues, looking at the reviews. Maybe unique sounds for when the screens are complete, or all the orbs are gone from a screen, or a puzzle mechanic is finished. The newly added content was maybe even a little better then the original content, and didn't feel forced or shoehorned in.))
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