Infinity Wars is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC and Mac. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. Conquer parallel realities with or against your friends now!
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Release Date: Sep 5, 2014

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November 2

[Patch Notes] Version 1.4.9

Version 1.4.9 Update Notes

In this patch, we are introducing a new levelling system, and we’d like to talk about the reasoning behind these changes.

The previous levelling system had no upper limit, although the rewards stopped at level 50. Our intention with that system was to give players something they could always work towards, and have a constant feeling of progression. Unfortunately, we felt that system fell pretty flat on that front: levels never really had a meaning, especially past level 50. It’s just numbers for numbers sake, and we wanted to change that.

So let’s talk the specifics of our new levelling system. With our new version of the levelling system, we are making it into a much more focused tool. The rewards for levelling up are much more prominent, and unlock features of the game in an order that makes sense, and are very obvious to new players. Additionally, we’ve set a new maximum level: 20. A major issue we had with the old system was that there was no end goal for players to strive for. Arguably the end goal was level 50, but reaching that level was far too high for most players, and didn’t even really have much of a reward associated with it. The new max level will take a bit of time to get to, but it is by no means an unobtainable goal, once you’ve achieved it, you’ve achieved it and can move onto new goals (such as ranked rating), and has a very obvious reward.

What’s the reward for reaching max level, you ask? Your account now permanently receives +50% bonus IP from any match!

So what does the new levelling system mean for existing players? For starters, if your account was above level 20, your level will be dropped down to 20. However, we realize that many players worked hard (in some cases, VERY hard!) to reach high levels, and we want to recognize that. Once this patch goes live, every account that was above level 20 will receive a new title, with the legacy level they were displayed. Previously your level wasn’t shown publicly, people would just have to take your word for it (screenshot or it didn’t happen?). Now you have a way to show the world just what kind of monstrously high level you had. Additionally, you’ll have all the bonuses of being max level in the new system, including the permanent +50% IP gain.

Additional Changes:
  • The Inventory will now show most recent items first.
  • Fixed a bug with Aleta, Immortal Traveller listing One of Many twice, one of them causing an endless turn bug if selected.
  • Fixed an issue where completing some single player missions wouldn’t save progress, including missions that have already been completed.

Servers are expected to be down for quite some time, so make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter for live updates on when the servers are expected to come back up and progress as it comes.

Thanks everyone, see you on the battlefield!

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October 7

Infinity Wars Avatar Contest

So you think you can Art?

Infinity Wars Avatar Contest

What is it?

So there's been some pretty damn creative people in the Infinity Wars community. Whether it be with guides, videos, artwork, or even nail polish; there's someone out there who's got a knack for it.

This is my way of letting you express that and get rewarded for it.

Should you have an unquenchable desire to make artwork that is your own personal representation of something, here's your way to do it for IW.

How does it work?

You'll create an Avatar of your own, based on Infinity Wars themes. Doesn't have to be an existing character, doesn't have to be anything in-game if you don't want it to be. It just has to be Infinity Wars themed whatever it is.

How long do I have?

Submissions will close 10/23. So make sure you post your submission on or before that date.

How do I submit my glorious piece of artwork?

Well, I've tried linking the google form here in many different ways, but Steam refuses to accept the URL so I'll have to link you to the Official Forum post.

Submissions must be presented in a Square Shape, exactly the same as an Avatar. So don't go drawing a card, this is an Avatar.

When the winners are selected I'll contact you to export your image in a 512x512 resolution, the resolution that our Avatars use.

Do I need to be a master artist to submit an entry?

Absolutely not. I want this to be more about creativity and vision rather than skill with a drawing pad.

What do we get for rewards?

Glad you asked! The community will have final say on the winners, which there will be two of.

Grand Prize

Your avatar will be given to your account for you to show off to the world. On top of that, you have the option of telling us what you'd like done with your Avatar. Do you want it put in the store to be sold? Do you want it given to you and your friends? You tell us.

You'll also get a lovely $20 worth of Lightmare Points!

Runner Up

Your avatar will be credited to your account for you to show off to the world, and you'll get $10 worth of Lightmare Points for your awesome effort!


So let's see what you got! I'll be monitoring the submissions every day and compiling them to show off to the community once 10/23 rolls around. Once submissions are closed I'll make another post for all of you to vote on who you think deserves to win!

See you on the battlefield!

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“[While at the Australian EB Expo] Nothing even came close to the level of quality of Infinity Wars. It almost shouldn't have been in the same area; it should have been in an open space, where everybody was guaranteed to walk by. The game deserved that level of foot traffic.”
ABC Tech

“The single best designed digital card game on the market!”
Colt Hallam

“I have been waiting for a TCG like this for a long time.”

About This Game

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC, and Mac. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. With over 13 million games played in Beta come and see why Infinity Wars has been hailed as the best designed digital trading card game.

Delve into a world of shattered realities where factions fight it out in the rift spanning battlefields of the Infinity War. Choose between eight factions and make your deck match your play style. Though simple to learn the game has endless strategic depth. New cards being added to the game evolve the possibilities. Simultaneous turns add the element of nerve, guile and wit as you need to predict your opponents actions.

Infinity Wars also offers genuine card trading! Cards bought in the game can be traded, sold or swapped with other players. Collect cards, create your own decks, and battle against others to see who is the greatest strategic mastermind in Infinity Wars!


  • Simultaneous Turns: Both players plan and resolve their turns simultaneously.
  • Animated Card Art: Animated art is free for all players!
  • Deckbuilder: Create the deck you want to play with from over 8 factions and 420+ cards.
  • Card Trading: If you buy a card you are free to trade, sell or give it away.
  • Genuine Free-to-Play: Every card in the game can be earned simply by playing the game! Get cards simply by logging in!
  • Over 13 Million Games Played!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
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Posted: June 23
What's so great about Infinity Wars?

1. It has simultaneous turns (which means, you and your opponent decide at the same time what to do, so it has much more pace than eg. MTG DOTP and triggers many more mind games)

2. It has different zones of play:
- Command (where you put the cards you build your deck around, also they define the pool of cards you can include in your deck)
- Support (where your creatures you just played are placed due to summoning sickness, you can also pull already in play creatures back to it in order to dodge spells affecting ATK and/or DEF zone)
- Attack and Defense (The two players decide at the same time, if they want to attack OR defend)

3. It has different modes:
- Infinite (you can play every card that has ever been "printed")
- Ranked (it takes a while to be playable for a beginner, you play a best-of-three with a sideboard to get a better rank that provides special cards at the end of each season, also some cards are restricted)
- Pauper (every card BELOW rare is allowed [there are common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary])
- Draft (you pick one out of four cards 40 times [plus the command zone picks], it's not really recommendable for a start but incredible fun if you know the pool a bit)

4. Each day you get a reward for logging in and for playing three games (those can be common cards up to legendaries, it can be any card in game)

5. Every card is obtainable without spending any real money

6. The cards are like GIFs, with nice artwork and all do have an animation to admire

7. The new campaign mode provides many essential cards for further deck building for free just for crushing bots

8. It has a win option that eg MTG does not have: reducing the so-called Morale of the opponent. It has 100 points, just like the "normal" health bar and can be reduced by killing enemy creatures.

9. Last but not least: the community is just great. I've played more than 1000 matches and i was insulted ONCE, true story. Also the Lightmare Forums are really recommended here, where people can exchange about eg. deck building, certain card mechanics and also are able to have direct contact with the Lightmare Staff, who always answer every single (yeah really) question [thx Teremus btw].

So.. What's actually bad about IW?

1. Cards obtained from Log In Reward or LVL UP boosters are not tradable. Only the ones you bought with IP (you also gain them by just playing fortunately) and the ones you won in draft. There is no forging system or else [yet].

2. There are some bugs sometimes, that can make one really angry tbh. But the LM staff is quite aware of those and does bug fixes regularly.

3. Cards you do not own yet are not displayed.

4. It can take some time to gain a booster from IP in the beginning.

5. The saddest point: the community is not that big yet. Though I'm quite sure the community will become bigger, because the game is just awesome and one can see the effort Lightmare puts into it.

Finally I have to say: for people who don't play TCGs usually: give it a try at least. It's obv the most exciting and challenging TCG there is atm (admittedly I never played Hex).
For people playing MTG/HS or else: this game has a unique playstyle, it's more modern than MTG (you don't depend on drawing islands), it's more challenging than HS: join the community already, what are you waiting for? :D
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Posted: September 13
With the new reward system, giving you a pack of 15 cards every 5 days. option to play pauper(no rares or higher), plenty of poiints and cards given out, the spectacular art and lore, and deep, deep gameplay. I am totally on board with this game. Awesome stuff. Uninstalled hearthstone and Mtg
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Posted: June 22
Generally great game, but personally, pushed me away!
Since turns are solved simultaneously, there is a lot of psychology and unpredictableness involved, which means, that you can never be sure if your strategies are going to work, which i dislike greatly...
Additionaly, rewards for winning are bad to a degree that id almost call them shabby, the learning curve is extremely high and cards are very extreme, and especially the rare ones, which means, that it is generally hard to keep the control, and that new players dont stand the very least chance in ranked (including the free decks), and wont for a long time if they dont spend much money!
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Posted: July 28
Some of the Reviews below are old... so here's mine


Let me preface this review with my history - I used to play Magic, I do play Hearthstone. I have tried Hex, and the recent Spellweaver game (spellweaver also looks very promising, give it 6 months)

Infinity wars is really good. It is my favorite and now only TCG that i play. I like it better than Magic or Hearthstone. The simultaneous turns, attacka and support lanes, 3 "commander" cards (aka 3 cards you guarantee to have playable, dont need to draw), make this game have incredible depth.

-You can trade cards wiith other players - really good. I hate how in Hearthstone I can only disenchant.

The superficial, but still important, graphics and theme put it over the top for me. I love the animated cards, art, and kind of science/fantasy fiction lore.

The combos you can perform are many, unique, and very clever.

This game will become more and more polished as time goes on. It is not as clean as Hearthstone atm.

There are a wide variety of match formats (although I pretty much just play standard and standard ranked)

2v2 is in the works (cant wait)

Give it a shot. Play the tutorial levels, which unlock multiple decks and introduce the different colored decks. If you arent hooked by the end of the tutorial missions, id be shocked.
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Posted: July 9
No fun at all when the matchmaking system matches you with a level 50 player while being level 2 yourself...
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