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Infinity Wars is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. Conquer parallel realities with or against your mates now!
Release Date: Feb 12, 2014
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What the developers say:

“Infinity Wars is an amazing new Trading Card Game slated for a gold release in the first half of 2014. To help polish and balance the game we are giving Early Access players the opportunity to have their say in how our game is shaped by joining as a user in our BETA game. Infinity Wars has a strong community focus and strives to give our community the power to enact change. Most of the major features for Infinity Wars are already operating and below are features slated to go live soon.

Features coming soon:

Interchangeable Card art
100 new cards coming end of February 2014
2 new cards available to earn every week
Whole new reward and in-game achievement system

Even with the addition of these features, we are still committed to keeping Infinity Wars a free-to-play game for long after the release of the final product. We will also be ensuring that all card collections earned, including limited edition BETA cards, will remain in your account after release.

We are calling on the Steam community to come enjoy an early look and have a say in shaping the next generation of Trading Card Games. Wether you have not played a Trading Card Game in 10 years, or you won your local tournament last week, we want you to be apart of building something epic!”
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March 14-16th Quest Event!

March 13th, 2014

With the quest system getting fixed up, it'll be primed and ready just in time for a massive event that you'll want to get your hands on and tell your friends to enter! Who knows, you and your friend may want to split the cards if you win!

From March 14th to the 16th you'll have a special Event Quest on your quests page. Are you prepared?

Complete the challenge for 35 pvp wins with 50 or more Health and Morale, and earn your Infestation Booster!

Everyone who completes the challenge will be entered into a drawing.

9 players will be selected to win 10 Infestation (Non-soulbound) booster packs, while 1 lucky player will receive the grand prize of 20 boosters!

Spread it around, love it, claim your dominance over all who would dare oppose you!

See you on the battlefield!

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Patch 0.95 Notes

March 12th, 2014

New Features
Today's patch marks the release of quite a few major features: quests, medals, titles, a new profile screen, a new loading screen, and a new chat interface! Let's go over the changes!

Throughout Infinity Wars' history, we've seen players have a lot of confusion about how to get new exciting things for free. New players get lost, not knowing where to go next. Furthermore, long time players have no end-game goals to shoot for, and no way to show off their accomplishments to other players. The new quest system is our answer to these problems. As you play Infinity Wars, you'll complete various quests, giving you better and better rewards.

Many quests award Medals, which are used to show off your accomplishments in Infinity Wars. When you play against another player, our new (and much more optimized) loading screen will show off your medals.

Another reward you can earn through quests is Titles. Once earned, Titles can be displayed to other players. Ever wanted to be known as Champion Puffy? Well now you can! (Or rather, you could be if your username was Puffy, which it isn't. Also, Puffy's win/loss ratio is terrible.)

All these new additions can be found on the Profile screen, which has been completely redone.

This Quest system replaces our previous Faction Levels system, and all rewards from the Faction Levels system have been moved into the Quest system.

Last, but not least, we have an entirely new chat interface. It is now much better laid out, especially for talking to friends, and is persistent across all aspects of the game, making it much easier to talk to friends.

Balance Changes
We've introduced adjustments to a few cards released in Infestation, which will we explain here:

Infected Drone now transforms into a 7/7 (previously a 8/8).
When Infected Drone transforms, it becomes one the most efficient character in the game, a 8/8 for 2 (in addition to being Artificial, generally a benefit in Genesis). In Genesis, transforming the Drone is a fairly trivial task, and allowed Genesis to have early game aggression far beyond its curve, so we've turned it down a bit.

Aether Acolyte is now a 5/5 that increases by 1/1 when an ability is played. (Previously a 3/3 that increased by 2/2).
While in a vacuum Aether Acolyte's power level isn't overpowered (although it's a very powerful card), in the context of Verore it becomes simply too strong. Normally, Verore doesn't have efficient, fast beaters, and this is an important weakness of the faction. We've decided to bring up Aether Acolyte's base stats a little bit, but severely decrease how quickly she can get large.

Uncontrolled Rift now costs 2 (previously 1).
Uncontrolled Rift is arguably one of the reasons Aether Acolyte was so strong. However, we feel that Uncontrolled Rift is in too strong a place right now, and can be used with many other cards to overpowering effect, Aether Acolyte was merely the best option at the time. We never intended Uncontrolled Rift to be so furiously competitive, it's a card that while fun, introduces a level of dumb
luck that we don't want to push too hard, and are going to bring it down a bit.

Flame Dawn Fanatic now has 8 power, up from 6.
Not everything has to be nerfs! We felt that Flame Dawn Fanatic's stats were simply too low to be sexy as a three purity card, so we're making him stronger.

Ritual Master is now a 0/4, and his ability doesn't buff himself.
Ritual Master, if left unchecked, is a very strong card. However, in its previous incarnation he left very little room for any player to deal with him, and we wanted decks to be able to answer a Ritual Master.

Death Ray and Perils of Command have been moved to Uncommon (previously common).
Drafting Verore has been extremely strong, since its commons offer some of the best removal in the game. We decided to bring this back a bit, so that you can't guarantee yourself a full playset of premium removal when you draft Verore.

Bloodthirst health bonus has been reworked.
The health bonus from Bloodthirst has been reworked so that it acts as a buffer against damage, as in its previous incarnation, a Bloodthirsted character would usually simply die at the end of the turn.

Bug Fixes
  • Various fixes for various causes of the 'endless turn' glitch.
  • Swarmer characters should now get Consume functioning correctly.
  • Fixed a bug with Swarmers' display text being incorrect from increases/losses from Brutal Swarmer.
  • Swarmers now correctly longer apply in command zone.
  • Cyber Infested Dragon no longer leaves play if it dies in command (formerly token spawning wasn't occurring (correctly) although it was still getting removed from play (incorrectly)).
  • Dead Feaster will now correctly keep stats when dead.
  • Hubris of the Strong now flushes damage dealt, so it doesn't kill cards that have previously taken damage.
  • Splatterer, Devil of Despair, Ritual Master and Frenzied Monstrosity's discard now properly resolve in the resolution phase instead of the planning phase.
  • Infected Purifier should correctly become undead on transformation.
  • Agent Coyle, Zomborg's splash ability correctly hits battlefield now, instead of all cards in play.
  • Agent Coyle, Zomborg's ability can no longer be used when the player has insufficient resources.
  • Immortal Traveller can now create Survival Swarmers.
  • Preemptive should resolve correctly on several cards in Infestation where it did not.
  • Chalice of Madness now correctly discards a card prior to drawing for the turn.
  • Xi, who honors the dead should correctly check for valid targets.
  • Shield generator allows cards to be played the turn its owner chooses to sacrifice it.
  • Fight can longer target it's controller's cards for it's second target (as per card text)
  • Card abilities that trigger when entering the battlefield should no longer proc a second time if their zone changes from out of play.

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“[While at the Australian EB Expo] Nothing even came close to the level of quality of Infinity Wars. It almost shouldn't have been in the same area; it should have been in an open space, where everybody was guaranteed to walk by. The game deserved that level of foot traffic.”
ABC Tech

“The game that will drag me away from League of Legends.”
Half Decent

“I have been waiting for a TCG like this for a long time.”

About the Game

Infinity Wars is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. Conquer parallel realities with or against your mates now!

Long ago, the Old World was shattered by magic too powerful for reality to cope with. Reality was split into infinite mirror dimensions, each left to develop on its own path over millenia. In time, rifts between the dimensions started to appear, and thus began the Infinity Wars!

Infinity Wars is a game of unparalleled strategic depth. Collect cards, create your own decks, and battle against others to see who is the greatest strategic mastermind in Infinity Wars!


  • Completely Free to Play: Every card is able to be earned in-game, absolutely free.
  • Animated Cards: Every card in Infinity Wars is animated; the beautiful evolution of trading card games to digital.
  • Simultaneous Turns: Turns are planned out simultaneously in Infinity Wars, with little-to-no waiting for the other player to finish their turn. Unique potential for outplaying your opponent is born, a master can perfectly predict an enemy's moves, dodging every spell played against them with Infinity Wars' unique positional based system.
  • New Cards Released Regularly: Nearly every week, we release a new card for players to create decks with. New sets of cards are released every few months.
  • Trading Cards: Any card you purchase through currency earned by simply playing the game can be traded to your friends.

PC System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space

Mac System Requirements

    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
244 of 268 people (91%) found this review helpful
148 products in account
1 review
435.1 hrs on record
While there may be some big name digital card games on the horizon that you hear people murmering about, it would be unwise to discount Infinty Wars because they are a smaller company.

Infinity Wars takes the classic TCG genre that we know and love, and truly digitise it and make full use of the medium. This is not a Magic the Gathering clone that keeps track of the numbers for you. This is not a simple basic TCG built around your favourite MMO mythos. This is an actual strategic masterpiece that requires use of both advanced planning and bluffing mechanics.

It is free to play, in the true sense of the word. At no point are you required to spend large amounts of money to get a collection started. After two hours of the campaign, you should have enough cards to make a deck of any faction, and won a few free boosters along the way. Meanwhile, you can acrue Infinity Points by playing, which are awarded win or lose. You can then use these points to buy more boosters or enter the Rift Runs and win more cards! And there is a trading system already in place, so you can trade cards you do not want for those that you do without hoping to open the super mega mythic rare i-win card in a random pack!

So while your collection would certianly grow if you spend money on the game, it is not impossible to walk away with a complete playset of everything without spending a cent!

The point is, it's different to the other exciting games out there now, and risk-free and worth the look of anyone with even a passing interest in the TCG genre!
Posted: February 7th, 2014
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116 of 130 people (89%) found this review helpful
65 products in account
1 review
393.4 hrs on record
A while ago a friend dropped by and offered me an invite code he randomly collected at a PAX event. Ive been hooked ever since. The little business card with the code advertised the game to me as having amazing animated cards, but it was the level of strategy in the game and unique mechanics which immediately grabbed my attention. Since then I have played ALOT and have still not yet gotten bored because every game is different. The cards and mechanics combo with each other in a way that rewards creative deck building and making bold and creative plays in game.

There is always alot of discussion around free to play and pay to win and everyone has their own perspective. I believe that this game is one of the more truely free to play games out there. This is for two good reasons...
- First, I have built a full collection as well as pre-ordered many packs for the upcoming expansion and given away many cards including rares all while being almost entirely free to play. (I did purchase some alternate card backs/sleeves)
- Second, certain cards are powerful and rare but extremely powerful decks are able to be built without any 'valuable' cards at all. The emphasis on player skill and in-game decisions means that this game could never be pay to win.

I would recommend this game to anyone interested in trading card games and would advise playing before comparing to other games like MTG and Hearthstone because Infinity Wars has many unique features and I believe a bright future!
Posted: February 9th, 2014
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81 of 93 people (87%) found this review helpful
258 products in account
1 review
426.4 hrs on record
This is absolutely my favorite dTCG in the market. Both the strategic layer of deck building and the tactical layer on the battleground have new and unparalleled mechanics. The F2P model is fair and unobtrusive and you can legitimiately be a competetive player with zero-to-minimal investment, or spend some cash to enhance your card collection. I admit to being incredibly biased as I have streamed the game nightly for more than 3 months, but if it wasn't fun and deep I don't think it could have possibly held my interest. I whole-heartedly reccomend this game to anyone who has an interest in TCGs or computer strategy games. At the price of 'Free' you can't possibly be dissapointed!
Posted: February 10th, 2014
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91 of 108 people (84%) found this review helpful
64 products in account
3 reviews
50.8 hrs on record
THE best new cardgame. I love the graphics and the strategy is endless. In addition, the community is awesome and always ready to help others.

Edit: Many people ask how this game compares to Hearthstone. While they are both digital card games, Infinity Wars couldn't be more different. HS is targeted at a casual audience and is fairly simplistic. IW is targeted at tcg players and is much more customizable. I would think of this more in terms of the next generation of MTG. Give Infinity Wars a try, I'm sure you'll like it.
Posted: February 9th, 2014
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67 of 76 people (88%) found this review helpful
59 products in account
1 review
70.6 hrs on record
This is an amazing game! I've been a member of the community since Infinity Wars' early kickstarter days. The devs have made leaps and bounds and have made this one of the absolute best online trading card experiences available. The game has a HUGE amount of strategy and depth. Please do yourself a favor a give it a try.
Posted: February 10th, 2014
Was this review helpful? Yes No