Infinity Wars is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC and Mac. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. Conquer parallel realities with or against your friends now!
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Release Date: Sep 5, 2014

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April 3

[Patch Notes] Version 1.5.0

Hey Infinity Warriors!

Version 1.5.0 is now LIVE! Thanks to everyone who jumped on the PBE and helped us test out the new desync trap, experiment with the cultivated draft changes, and provide us with feedback and discussion. We're very excited to take version 1.5.0 to the live servers for everyone to check out!

In addition to the changes outlined in the patch notes, we've also started our first Penta-Pack promotion! In the store you'll find a collector's edition of the standard Collection Pack, which has a high chance of dropping a new alternate art version of Wealthy Noble! We've also swapped out the Oppression Penta-Pack for the Ascension Penta-Pack - we'll be rotating in and out the different expansion sets on a semi-regular basis, so look forward to them! Lastly, Star Trek is back, BUT only for a very limited time! The Star Trek Pack, which contains 1 copy of every card in the Star Trek set, will be available on the store until April 9th 12 AM (GMT), after which they will NEVER be sold again, so get 'em before they're gone!

Again, thank you to everyone who helped us out! We're very excited to see this version go live and hear what everyone thinks of the new changes. As always, please share your feedback and suggestions with us after giving everything a try for yourself - we'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

Version 1.5.0 Update Notes

New Features:

Cultivated Draft and the Desync Trap have now been implemented!
  • With cultivated draft, the drop rate for premiums and epic/legendary cards have been increased. As such, the cost to buy a deck in Draft has been moderately increased but will still reduce with each win, becoming free to purchase after 33+ wins, the same as before.
Cards NOT available as commanders:
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Demon Hunter
  • Spec Op
  • Defense Golem
  • Field Engineer
  • Martyr Golem
  • Mortar Cannon
  • Shikana, Who Demands Tribute
  • Jubalia, the Messenger
  • Tech Knight
  • Rita, Mistress of Shadow
  • Daode, Sage of Strength
  • Yaunshi, Sage of Ferocity
  • Emberstarter
  • Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer
  • Unstable Bomb Bot
  • Logarithmatron
  • Aleta, Immortal Caretaker
  • Hunted Dragon
  • Sydern
  • Flame Dawn Fanatic
  • Agent Coyle, Alpha One
  • Cartographer
  • Zuza, Angelic Siren
  • Aleta, Immortal Sufferer
  • Collector
Cards NOT available in deck, but available as commanders:
  • Aleta, the Traveller
  • Gao Han, the Stalwart
  • Radariah, the Untouchable
Cards NOT available in draft at all:
  • All swarmer cards
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Demon Hunter
  • Spec Op
  • Azael
  • Gather Thoughts
  • Solace's Gate
  • Honor Hill
  • Immolation Drone
  • Orion, Master Engineer
  • Shirazius the Cruel
  • Ultra Unit
  • Waste Chucker
  • Brimstone
  • Decrepit Crystal
  • Defender of the Realm
  • Enyah of the Endless Possibilities
  • Tithe Collector
  • Purify
  • Scramble
  • Temporary Mass Reality Shift
  • Uncontrolled Rift
  • Wheezer, Demon of Smog
  • Bad Bot
  • Conscripted Militia
  • Explore
  • Grave Rob
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • Mega Unit 01
  • Rita's Thrall
  • Shrine to the Heavens
  • Varyus, Master of Choice
  • Denial of Advancement
  • Redirect
  • Honorable Farewell
  • Cowmmando
  • Shattered Veil
  • Die Another Day
  • Ablaze
  • Boyo, Who Everybody Likes
  • Candit's Thrall
  • Emp Grenade
  • Single Combat
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Genesis Researcher
  • Power of the Underdog
  • Ruins of Veroria
  • Silfurstar
  • Deflect
  • Jailan, Guardian of Life
  • Misery Stone
  • Recycle
  • Shield Generator
  • Unfazed
  • Yobo, Who Nobody Likes
Card Balance Changes:

Rite of Rage (mostly when combo’ed with Fight) and Intimidating Rally (...when combo’ed with… the attack zone?) are both super strong cards. Both cards have been moved to double purity so that only decks that really are dedicated to that faction can use them, and their power is kept contained somewhat. We will continue to monitor these two cards closely and make further adjustments as necessary.
  • Rite of Rage is now double purity.
  • Intimidating Rally is now double purity.
Minor Changes:
  • Fixed many bugs which would lead to desync situations.
  • The code for loading card choices in draft mode has been rewritten to be more efficient and quicker.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause two characters transforming into the same alternate art at once would cause the game to crash (for instance, two Agent Coyle Alpha One using the same ability at once).
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the Global and Friend leaderboards to get mixed up if they were rapidly swapped between.
  • Created a system so that players don’t have to be kicked off the game anymore when a hotfix is released. (The servers will still be shut down for an extended time when an entirely new patch is released however.)
  • If Vasir, the Chained Prince ends up in the graveyard through an effect such as discarding, he will no longer be shuffled into the deck (previously he did despite what his text reads).
  • Fixed an issue where come into play abilities would not trigger if they happened due to another card’s effect at the start of the turn (For example, a Nysrugh the Hungry returning a Lucca would not trigger Lucca’s effect.)
  • The in-game options menu now says “Done” rather than “Cancel”, as that was confusing.
  • There is now an option in-game to turn off full versions of a card appearing if hovered over.
  • There is now an option in-game to move the camera to a card when clicking on it, rather than the default behaviour of the card moving to the camera.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking on a card just as the game moved into the resolution phase would get a card “stuck” on the screen.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Raa’s token generation to inconsistently trigger.
  • A copied Verorian Hydra will now have the proper stats.
  • Dehumanize now once again properly creates tokens with 0 morale cost.
  • Updated Klore’s text to clarify that his ability triggers upon directly attacking the enemy fortress, rather than when dealing damage. This is a text update only, the effect of the card remains unchanged.
  • Cards which have continuous effects while in play, (such as Azael, Lilariah, Blazing Swarmer, etc) will now correctly stop applying those effects if they are transformed into a different card.
  • Fixed a bug where a single Wheezer, Demon of Smog could only trigger once per game.
  • Fixed a bug with Overcharged Bolt where it would cause desyncs.
  • Fixed a bug where killing a Black Bind Witch with Mark of the Demon would cause a card execution error.
  • Fixed a bug where Infest was not properly creating a token on resolution.
  • Fixed an issue with Grave Rob making cards hidden when attempting to target cards beyond the first.
  • The AI in the Initiative academy mission will now properly have enough resources to cast Mass Death and will stop cheating.
  • Vasir, the Chained Prince’s popup text has been updated to be clearer to the opponent about the consequences of the choice they are making.
  • Returned button hover and click sounds to the main menu.
  • Fixed a longstanding bug which caused the frames of the drafted deck’s cards to be offset incorrectly.
Rarity Changes:

As part of our effort to cultivate draft into a better experience, we’ve been looking at certain cards and how often they appear in draft. As a result, some cards have adjusted rarity so they appear in draft at a more desirable rate.

Factionless cards tend to show up very often due to how the behind-the-scenes algorithms of choosing cards work. As a result, some situational factionless Common cards showed up far too often and have been moved up to Uncommon.
  • Contained Parallel Rift (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Vandalize (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Field Engineer (Common -> Uncommon)
Verore had several niche cards that, while we are happy to have in draft, we don’t want being offered over and over when a lot of decks don’t want them. Because so many cards were moved up to Uncommon, some cards were moved down to Common to compensate, otherwise we found the Common picks to be too repetitive.
  • Void Split: (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Demoralize (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Devil’s Bargain (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Rubble Golem (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Verore Brute (Uncommon -> Common)
  • Anger of Veroria (Uncommon -> Common)
Flame Dawn
Not a whole lot of changes here, but rather a single impactful one. Flame Dawn Commando is a super strong pick, and pretty much an auto-pick each time it comes up, especially when compared against other Commons. It’s been moved up to Uncommon so that nearly every Flame Dawn deck isn’t automatically running three, and so that players occasionally have the hard choice between it and another strong pick.
    [li]Flame Dawn Commando (Common -> Uncommon)[/li]
Genesis Industries
Much like Verore, Genesis had some niche picks that we’ve moved up to Uncommon. Additionally, Give Him a Jetpack! and Laser Cannon were coming up a little too often for such powerful cards (in draft, at least), and were also moved to Uncommon. Also like Verore, some cards were moved down to Common to compensate. The outlier here is Mechanism, which was previously a Rare and has been demoted all the way down to Common. This was done to give Genesis a low-cost, Common Artifact card they could reliably get and build around which was previously not really an option in draft, but is now a viable strategy with Weaponize also at Common.
  • Construct (Uncommon -> Common)
  • Weaponize (Uncommon -> Common)
  • Give Him a Jetpack! (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Laser Cannon (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Zom-B-Gone 4000 (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Overload (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Mechanism (Rare -> Uncommon)
Once again, situational cards moved to Uncommon, while some Characters that can form the basis of a solid deck moved to Common. One card to note that has been left alone is Fight! which is being left at Common, which we decided we like at Common because it gives Warpath some form of removal… but we have our eye on it.
  • Unstoppable (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Taunt (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Guard (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Track (Common -> Uncommon)
  • They Who Rampage (Uncommon -> Common)
Descendants of the Dragon
Not many rarity changes for this faction. The only odd card to see at Common was Resolve of the Dragon, which is a fairly high cost, situational card and really belongs at Uncommon.
  • Resolve of the Dragon (Common -> Uncommon)
Sleepers of Avarrach
Feast on the Dead and Drag Down are pretty niche cards, and were cluttering up the Common picks (which should form the solid foundation of a deck), so both have been moved to Uncommon. The Common picks for Sleepers also needed a bit more variety, so Plaguebearer has been moved down to Common to promote Zombie tribal decks.
  • Feast on the Dead (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Drag Down (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Plaguebearer (Uncommon -> Common)
The Exiles
For Exiles, two of their best removal cards were sitting at Common. Removal in general is being moved to Uncommon across the board (with the exception of Verore, who gets some limited removal at Common). To compensate, Alpha Demon has been moved to Common, which helps promote Demon tribal decks.
  • Wholesale Slaughter (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Spontaneous Combustion (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Alpha Demon (Uncommon -> Common)
Overseers of Solace
Again, some cards which don’t belong are taken out of Common.
  • Serennia, Champion of Life (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Consecration (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Intervention (Common -> Uncommon)

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March 16

[Patch Notes] Version 1.4.12

Version 1.4.12 Update Notes

General Changes
  • Players will now get up to 1,000 XP for a win in PvP, up from 600 XP. This was done for two reasons. Firstly, we were receiving a lot of feedback from new players that the time taken to reach max level and get into Ranked Play was too long, so we’re adjusting the values so it’s a faster journey. Secondly, with the size of booster packs being reduced in this patch, the rate at which new players get cards would be much slower if left unadjusted, so we’ve increased the rate at which they get levels.
  • Introducing, Penta Packs! Each Penta Pack will consist of 5 cards, 1 of which is a guaranteed Rare+ card (the other 4 cards can also drop Rare+ but are not guaranteed).
    • The chances for getting an epic, legendary, or premium card in a Penta Pack has been significantly increased compared to those of the old booster packs.
    • There will be a minimum of 10 different kinds of Penta Packs available in the store at all times: the Collection Penta Pack, the Expansion Penta Pack, and 8 different Faction Penta Packs.
    • We may also introduce or rotate promotional Penta Packs that may, for example, have a better chance of dropping premiums, alt art, etc. These kinds of promotion packs will never be permanent and will change on a regular basis.
    • The price for the Collection Penta Pack and Expansion Penta Pack will be set at 150 LP or 3000 IP per pack. The price for each Faction Penta Pack will be set at a higher price of 300 LP and will not be available via IP purchase. Faction Penta Packs cost more because they allow players to draw from a much smaller pool of faction-targeted cards, allowing players to more easily acquire cards to complete a specific deck/combo.
  • The Daily Reward system has been readjusted to the following:
    • Day 1: 3 Random Commons or Greater
    • Day 2: 2 Random Uncommons or Greater
    • Day 3: 1 Random Rare or Greater
    • Day 4: IP/XP Boost (72 hours)
    • Day 5: 1 Collection Penta Pack & 1 Random Rare or Greater
  • The Rift Run Win rewards and Rift Run Leaderboard rewards have both been significantly improved to make Rift Running more attractive for players of all skill levels. Here is a sneak peek of the new leaderboard rewards (Note: all cards, except for Infinity Cards, will be tradable):

    1.................3 Infinity Border cards & 3 Gold Rare or Greater cards & 5 Penta Packs
    2-5..............2 Gold Rare or Greater card & 5 Penta Packs
    6-25............1 Gold Rare or Greater card & 5 Penta Packs
    26-50..........1 Gold Rare or Greater card & 3 Penta Packs

  • The Rift Run entry cost has been adjusted to 2000 IP or 75 LP to compensate for the revamping of the Rift Run rewards.
  • The reward table for leveling up has been changed to take into consideration the adjustments we’ve made to the other reward systems and the introduction of Penta Packs.

Card Changes
  • Ability cards now require that they be in your hand when they resolve. If the card is not still in your hand when it’s the card’s time to resolve, it will not resolve. This is actually a reversal of a stance we took earlier (in 1.3.12) and we apologize, but we have discovered that not having this rule in place causes exploitable loopholes in the game. This rule change has several important gameplay ramifications that players should be aware of:
    • Random discard effects just got weaker. Previously, you could use a random discard effect, then play an ability card. The random discard could choose the ability card you played, discard it, and then your ability would still go off. Additionally, it would be considered discarded for effects like Exile. This exploit is the main reason for the rule change.
    • Some cards, such as Demonic Presence, would be extremely strong with this rule change. As a result, Demonic Presence’s effect has been changed so that it doesn’t happen until the end of the turn.
    • With this change, the “Denial” cycle (Denial of Magic, Denial of Flight etc) would function very differently. Since we like where these cards are, in order to keep the gameplay of these cards relatively the same all these cards now read that they will cause the discard to happen at the end
      of the turn.
  • Engine of Reincarnation has been reworked. The previous wording of not creating the tokens until a turn later was a result of old token creation technology, which has improved greatly since then. The updated code is much cleaner and not prone to some of the strange bugs the card previously had. The card now reads “Pay 4: Exhaust: Until the end of the turn, if a Character you control dies, that Character is raised from the graveyard and transformed into a 4/4 Zombie.”
  • The order of simultaneous effects for Start of Turn and End of Turn is no longer arbitrary. At very high levels of play, the order that card’s effects go off can be very important, but previously players had to way to know or control this order. Now cards follow a specific order. For instance, when all End of Turn effects went off, previously the order was completely arbitrary. Now the order is this, in player initiative order: Defense Zone, Assault Zone, Command Zone, Support Zone, Deck, Graveyard, Hand, Removed From Game. Within a zone the order is left to right.
  • Effects that force you to choose cards to discard (Mindbender, Chalice of Madness, Mind Splinter) now cause those cards to become greyed out in your hand and aren’t discarded until the resolution phase, preventing several desync bugs and allowing clean undoing.
  • Chalice of Madness’s effect (and several similar effects, such as Mindbender and Mind Splinter) has been reworked so as to avoid bugs (particularly with Exile). They now read “At the start of each turn, that player must discard a card from their hand. Cards drawn during the turn are not eligible to be discarded.” Previously, this card attempted to have a “start of turn” effect before other “start of turn” effects, causing various bugs.

General Bugs
  • Deck legality now properly checks against card limits by name at all times, rather than just when adding a card to your deck. Previously, some decks made in older deckbuilders with illegal amounts of cards were passing legality checks if they had multiple cards with the same name, but different keys (ie 3 normal Death Rays and 3 Gold Death Rays).
  • The deckbuilder now states which card you have too many of if this is the case.
  • Turn resolution should now happen more smooth, with less pauses after a card resolution.
  • In the Buffs and Debuffs Academy mission, the initiative should be consistent and not display one player when it’s actually another.
  • The AI will now properly discard cards when forced to, rather than just ignoring the effects like dirty cheaters.
  • Drafting will no longer incorrectly give picks based on your last draft run if you rapidly abandon a run and start a new one.
  • After purchasing an item in the store, the items in the store will no longer display “Loading Image”.
  • Implemented new behind the scenes features to alleviate desync issues when one player temporarily disconnects when clicking End Planning.
  • The ch

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“[While at the Australian EB Expo] Nothing even came close to the level of quality of Infinity Wars. It almost shouldn't have been in the same area; it should have been in an open space, where everybody was guaranteed to walk by. The game deserved that level of foot traffic.”
ABC Tech

“The single best designed digital card game on the market!”
Colt Hallam

“I have been waiting for a TCG like this for a long time.”

About This Game

Infinity Wars: Animated Trading Card Game is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC, and Mac. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. With over 13 million games played in Beta come and see why Infinity Wars has been hailed as the best designed digital trading card game.

Delve into a world of shattered realities where factions fight it out in the rift spanning battlefields of the Infinity War. Choose between eight factions and make your deck match your play style. Though simple to learn the game has endless strategic depth. New cards being added to the game evolve the possibilities. Simultaneous turns add the element of nerve, guile and wit as you need to predict your opponents actions.

Infinity Wars also offers genuine card trading! Cards bought in the game can be traded, sold or swapped with other players. Collect cards, create your own decks, and battle against others to see who is the greatest strategic mastermind in Infinity Wars!


  • Simultaneous Turns: Both players plan and resolve their turns simultaneously.
  • Animated Card Art: Animated art is free for all players!
  • Deckbuilder: Create the deck you want to play with from over 8 factions and 420+ cards.
  • Card Trading: If you buy a card you are free to trade, sell or give it away.
  • Genuine Free-to-Play: Every card in the game can be earned simply by playing the game! Get cards simply by logging in!
  • Over 13 Million Games Played!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 5 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
30 of 43 people (70%) found this review helpful
2 people found this review funny
217.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 19
Changed to a "not recommended" because of the recent shop changes. Long story short, you basically have to purchase lightmare points with real money to buy cards like you used to.


They've made changes from the original card packs to these new "penta-packs." You can purchase faction packs, which made me really excited, until I realized you have to use lightmare points, 300 of them for 5 cards. 300lp =~ $3 dollars if you start with 0lp.

$3 dollars for a 5-virtual-card pack guaranteeing no more than ONE rare.

If you want to buy cards using in-game currency, you only have two options, where you used to have 8ish, one pack from each new set of cards released. Now, you can pick from the original card set, or the entire bunch of cards available. The IW2013 Penta-pack and the Collection Penta-pack. These each cost 3000 infinity points, where you used to be able to buy a pack of 3(?) for a little over 1000. We can no longer buy packs of 15 for a little over 5000, they removed that feature entirely.

When they made these changes, it became practically impossible for me to card hunt like I used to. I would buy card-set packs containing the cards I was looking for, 15 cards for 5000 like I said before.

These are the changes they made to the shop, and were the last straw for an otherwise avid player of the game. I cannot and will not recommend the game because this has crossed the line and become pay-to-win.

Infinity Wars has a history of making the game harder and harder to enjoy for those who are not willing to purchase from the shop with real money, which should never be the case for any sort of game, free or not.
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37 of 63 people (59%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
448.9 hrs on record
Posted: November 23, 2015
Honestly I do not know why there is a single dislike for this game, oh wait I forgot about all the salty noobs that refuse to put time into a card game, my bad.


1.) Simultaneous turns, honestly I do not know why people complain about this because the longer you play the easier it is to know EXACTLY what your opponent will do.

2.) New game, there are not too many cards like in magic the gathering meaning you still have a chance to learn all the cards and learn about new cards as they come out.

3.) Although the community is small the community is extremely kind, I have gained 1/4 of my collection via gifts, new players get plenty of advice and gifts thanks to the community.

4.) The A.I. is decent, although it needs alot more improving, it is easy to grind out IP with the A.I. and its a great way to test new decks.

5.) The game is BALANCED, some might say other wise but honestly all the factions are balanced.


1.) Like I said the community is small which causes PvP match searching to take 5-120 seconds usually (sometimes even more).

2.) Most players in the game have maxed out and for new palyers this can be a problem because when searching for games it is likely you will play a player with better items than you.

3.) There are still a few glitches, although most are just annoying visual glitches some are actual card glitches although from what I have encountered none are game ending.

4.) Drafting in the game is great but when you loose 3 games you get 5 random prize boxes that usually give IP or cards, but you can buy the deck you do not freely get the cards and the price is kind of high.

I hope this review helped, my in game name is efefrs and good luck!
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5 of 7 people (71%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: March 15
this game is really great it just seems dead, wish more people played it
Was this review helpful? Yes No Funny
6 of 9 people (67%) found this review helpful
151.1 hrs on record
Posted: February 26
Great game. I was about to stop playing because it can be tough to make a viable deck when you're new, but then I noticed the weekly premade decks where you can use cards you don't own and I started stomping people who had played over 500 games!

Lots of depth
Simultaneous turns!
Awesome card animations and effects
Active devs, they are going to revamp the card buying and it looks really smart.

Should help new players get viable more quickly (think there is some work on this coming up)
Would be nice to have daily missions like other games

Overall, really the best online card game I've seen available.
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10 of 17 people (59%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
494.5 hrs on record
Posted: February 16
The best Trading Card Game in any medium, period.

A blend of traditional TCG with features only available in the digital medium to achieve a depth of tactics and strategy that is simply unparralled. Add in that this game is ridiculously affordable for a TCG and can be played for free while still amassing a large card collection.

Magic definitely has richer, deeper, card library (as is to be expected) but in the playing of the game the tactical choices are both more numerable and more impactful. Out is the feeling of being beat by a more expensive deck or being screwed by a bad mana draw. In is the feeling that strong choices can overcome better decks or bad draws.

Hearthstone has a super polished presentation and fantasic developer but after that Infinity War has it beat on every front. So much so that there really is no reason to compare the two, it is like checkers and chess. I compare it to Hearthstone because the developer support has been Infinity Wars' biggest issue.

Infinity Wars' had a fatal flaw, however. The developers had begun a game they lacked the resources to maintain and grow. The bug list was/is extensive. Many promised features had been shelved. The game seemed to have been abandoned and the player count began to decay. I stopped playing for months at a time. I would not have recommended investing in this game at all but everything has changed.

A new partnership has been announced (information on the game's forums) and suddenly this game has surged forward again. The main bugs are being tackled and a new plan to relaunch the game is underway. Players are returning and optimism is high. This game is a gem. It is the best TCG I've played and every replacement I've looked for since has left me unfulfilled.

While the game still needs a lot of polish and improvment, the new injection of engery and resources from the developers has my hopes high. Try it for free. Play the rather basic campaign mode. Trial some of the free decks in pvp. I think a lot of you will agree:

This is the best puffy TCG ever made.
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