Infinity Wars is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC and Mac. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. Conquer parallel realities with or against your friends now!
User reviews: Very Positive (1,616 reviews)
Release Date: Sep 5, 2014

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September 30

IWGold Tournament Archive and Final Results!

Congratulations to Nickellicker on his victory of the IWGold Launch Tournament!

Here are your finalists:

Supreme Champion: Nickellicker

Worthy Adversary: big_ZANPAKTOU

3rd Place: Vexbane

4th place: BDHeart

5th place tie: Logadd, BestSakuyaNA

Here was the prize distribution for those that missed it:

1st place: $50 in IP, 5 pack pre-order for Order upon release, Title: "The Golden"

2nd place: $10 in IP, 5 pack pre-order for Order, and "The Golden"

3rd-5th place: $5 in IP, 1 pack pre-order for Order

Match Commentary Video Archives:

Third place match between Nickellicker and Vexbane

First BO5 set between big_Zanpaktou and Nickellicker

Final BO5 set between big_Zanptaktou and Nickellicker

(Yes I know my audio balancing isn't proper. I'll work on it.)

For those that wish to see the brackets, Click here

Thank you everyone for making this an enjoyable and competitive yet friendly tournament. I enjoyed hosting it and looking forward to more and more competition as we move into the more regular stream schedule.

See you on the battlefield!

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September 25

Tournament Finals Stream!

Food will not be provided. BYOP (Bring your own Puffy)

Join us live on our Official Twitch Channel on Friday, September 26th at 2pm PST for the exciting conclusion of the Infinity Wars Gold Launch Tournament!

The results of these matches are completely unknown, and we'll be seeing the outcome of the tournament together live on the stream!

Joining me will be a member of the Infinity Council, and a yet to be named prominent member in the community for semi-professional (Who am I kidding. It's not really going to be very professional.) commentary on the events we watch unfold before our eyes.

This will be a completely blind stream, as I have not watched the footage beforehand so it should be a lot of fun!

The stream will take as long as it takes to get all the way through to the end of the final match, so pull up a chair, pass the popcorn (there better be butter on that puffy) and let's see who the grand prize victor is.

See you there everyone!

Tournament Brackets for those interested.

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“[While at the Australian EB Expo] Nothing even came close to the level of quality of Infinity Wars. It almost shouldn't have been in the same area; it should have been in an open space, where everybody was guaranteed to walk by. The game deserved that level of foot traffic.”
ABC Tech

“The single best designed digital card game on the market!”
Colt Hallam

“I have been waiting for a TCG like this for a long time.”

About This Game

Infinity Wars 2014: Animated Trading Card Game is traditional trading card gaming completely reimagined as digital free to play for the PC, and Mac. Featuring every card fully animated, open player-to-player trading, modes eliminating pay to win and animated 3D battlefields. With over 13 million games played in Beta come and see why Infinity Wars has been hailed as the best designed digital trading card game.

Delve into a world of shattered realities where factions fight it out in the rift spanning battlefields of the Infinity War. Choose between eight factions and make your deck match your play style. Though simple to learn the game has endless strategic depth. New cards being added to the game evolve the possibilities. Simultaneous turns add the element of nerve, guile and wit as you need to predict your opponents actions.

Infinity Wars also offers genuine card trading! Cards bought in the game can be traded, sold or swapped with other players. Collect cards, create your own decks, and battle against others to see who is the greatest strategic mastermind in Infinity Wars!


  • Simultaneous Turns: Both players plan and resolve their turns simultaneously.
  • Animated Card Art: Animated art is free for all players!
  • Deckbuilder: Create the deck you want to play with from over 8 factions and 420+ cards.
  • Card Trading: If you buy a card you are free to trade, sell or give it away.
  • Genuine Free-to-Play: Every card in the game can be earned simply by playing the game! Get cards simply by logging in!
  • Over 13 Million Games Played!

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Graphics card with DirectX 9 capabilities.
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Helpful customer reviews
121 of 135 people (90%) found this review helpful
87.8 hrs on record
The best online deckbuilding game there is, if you ask me. Lots of interesting cards, various rather original factions with their own strategies and nicely animated cards. (EVERY CARD IS ANIMATED!) As for the free2play - well I never spent a dime on it and still had a lot of fun. You earn a decent amout of ingame currency just through the campaign, challenges and just normal games. Plus you get free cards and booster packs for wins and for levelups. It certainly could be better - but compared to basically every other online CCG on the market it's pretty good.
Posted: September 5
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64 of 72 people (89%) found this review helpful
82.0 hrs on record
This game is probably the least pay to win card game I've ever played. It's just overall really really good and it's still expanding to be even better. Play this game!
Posted: September 8
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48 of 58 people (83%) found this review helpful
25.8 hrs on record
I'm far too lazy to write long & tedious reviews so i'll keep this short & sweet.
This is a card game that ACTUALLY feels like a real card game. If you played Magic the Gathering & have been looking for an alternative, this may be what you were searching for.

-First & foremost, the cash shop: all card packs can be bought with in game currency or money, the only thing that can only be bought with money is purely cosmetic. You get a free card every day & another for winning every day & they can be of any rarity (from what i've seen). Basically you can play the game without paying globs of $.

-I'm not going to go in depth of it's mechanics because 1. it's free you can play it yourself, 2. I'm lazy & 3. I suck at explaining mechanics & strategy, just know that it's fun.

-Graphics I guess? I mean it's a TCG but people expect mind blowing graphics sometimes. It's beautiful, the cards are all animated and the battlefield is in 3D. Also the game runs really well.
There's not really much else to say, I enjoyed it enough to write something about it & since it's out of Early Access (whoa that never happens).

APPEND: If your going to compare this to Hearthstone, don't. If your going to have a comparison, most would say Hearthstone is casual & this would be more towards... not casual, but that's just a
bad way to compare things.
Posted: September 7
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41 of 49 people (84%) found this review helpful
52.3 hrs on record
Ah, Infinity Wars. Right off the bat, it's a good game. As you get more cards, though, it just gets better.

The art is good, the gameplay is balanced, it isn't Pay to Win, the devteam listens, and the range of cards is beautiful.
What more do you want?
Posted: September 6
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19 of 22 people (86%) found this review helpful
73.1 hrs on record
I rarely ever write a review for anything.. but in this case I should make an exception.

I've been a longtime Hearthstone player so naturally a new card game is bound to pique my interest. And boy, has it ever! Just two days in and I can't stop playing this thing. In fact.. I can't really go back to Hearthstone after this.

At first it all seems straightforward enough but once you mix enough complex cards and mechanics in then the gameplay becomes ludicrously deep. Every move becomes this intricate puzzle with many different possibilities. There are MANY ways you could position your character cards around on the map and you could even JUKE certain enemy spells. Its mind boggling.

But the most important part of this game for me is the style. The factions are all oozing with it and ALL of them are fascinating in their own special way. A huge amount of imagination went into the art of every card (which are animated, some of which to incredible effect). Did I mention this game has the most badass Angels I've ever seen in any game.. well.. ever? They've got these techno halo things going on with ornate dual revolvers, its so awesome!!
Posted: September 9
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386 of 435 people (89%) found this review helpful
542.8 hrs on record
Early Access Review
While there may be some big name digital card games on the horizon that you hear people murmering about, it would be unwise to discount Infinty Wars because they are a smaller company.

Infinity Wars takes the classic TCG genre that we know and love, and truly digitise it and make full use of the medium. This is not a Magic the Gathering clone that keeps track of the numbers for you. This is not a simple basic TCG built around your favourite MMO mythos. This is an actual strategic masterpiece that requires use of both advanced planning and bluffing mechanics.

It is free to play, in the true sense of the word. At no point are you required to spend large amounts of money to get a collection started. After two hours of the campaign, you should have enough cards to make a deck of any faction, and won a few free boosters along the way. Meanwhile, you can acrue Infinity Points by playing, which are awarded win or lose. You can then use these points to buy more boosters or enter the Rift Runs and win more cards! And there is a trading system already in place, so you can trade cards you do not want for those that you do without hoping to open the super mega mythic rare i-win card in a random pack!

So while your collection would certianly grow if you spend money on the game, it is not impossible to walk away with a complete playset of everything without spending a cent!

The point is, it's different to the other exciting games out there now, and risk-free and worth the look of anyone with even a passing interest in the TCG genre!
Posted: February 7
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