It’s 2741 and the universe is at war. The Terran Empire is laying siege to the NSA, a treaty of colonies that upholds freedom and democracy. After losing the battle in space, the NSA is forced to retreat to its last stronghold. Can you snatch victory from impending doom?
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Release Date: Jun 18, 2004

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“If you consider yourself an RTS gamer of a more strategic bent, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy.”
4.5/5 – GameSpy

“Revives the series with just as much style and polish, a beautiful new engine, a good story, and a lot of frantic fun.”
8.8/10 – IGN

“If you enjoy sci-fi or action RTS games, this is a good one to get … and you’re missing out if you don’t.”
8/10 – GameZone

About This Game

Command an Army. Fight for Freedom.

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus delivers real-time strategy with the flair of an action game.

It’s 2741 and the universe is at war. The savage Terran Empire is laying siege to the Northern Star Alliance, a treaty of colonies that upholds freedom and democracy. After losing the battle in space, the NSA is forced to retreat to its last stronghold. The situation is desperate, but for the NSA, destiny is at hand. Its only hope now lies in an ancient legend...

Ground Control II: Operation Exodus includes

  • The original Ground Control II

Key Features

  • A singleplayer campaign spread across 2 factions and 24 squad-based missions.
  • Play through the campaign in co-op with up to 2 other players.
  • Drop-in competitive multiplayer* for up to 8 players across 10 different maps (LAN ONLY).
  • Lead your squad of infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft to freedom.
  • Command the alien Viron army and meld your troops into more powerful units.
  • Enjoy a fascinating, futuristic story with thrilling plot twists.
  • Top-quality graphics that look great – even by today’s standards!

*Multiplayer notice: Because Massgate is no longer operating, playing over the Internet is no longer possible. Playing through a LAN is still available.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
    • Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible 3D graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 1 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9 compatible sound card
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113 of 121 people (93%) found this review helpful
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Posted: July 8, 2015
Oh boy, I've been waiting long for this one to be released on Steam. It's been on steamdb for more than a year!
Anyways, Ground Control II is an RTS game made by Massive Ent. (who made World in Conflict afterwards) and initially released in 2004. The key feature of the game is that you don't build bases here, you earn points by killing enemy troops and capturing control points and call in reinforcements to the landing zones you captured.
The game doesn't have a lot of units and only two playable factions, but every unit has an alternative mode that can drastically change its capabilities (a standard NSA trooper can turn into a heavy rocket trooper that is very effective against vehicles, but can't move); two identical Viron (the second faction) units can meld together to form a unique third unit (that has an alternative mode as well). So the game offers a lot of freedom as to how you use your soldiers.
The highlight of the game for me has always been the campaign. I would go as far as to say that it is at least on par with campaign of Startcraft II. It has cool cinematics, very neat sci-fi aesthetic and surpisingly good story. I am a casual RTS player, so this game is one of my favourites because of it. Not to mention that the game still looks gorgeous. I remember how astonished I was as a kid by sky reflection in the water. The music is very good and extremely fitting as well.
One thing needs to be mentioned however, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER IS DEAD. You can still play locally though.
As for this version of the game, it works fine on a modern system, but has no improvements over original release (not even Steam features like cards and achievements, which is a shame).
That being said, for 5$ it's a steal. Buy it, have a blast with campaign (it's pretty long) and it would be well worth it already.
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Posted: November 8, 2015
This was the best childhood game of my life.

Controls are easy to pick up and understand,
Not too many unit choices though.
Then again, I wouldn't want to have to remember the abilities of too many units.

Storyline is good, with a little plot twist.
Battle scenarios are not based on a scissors-paper-stone kind of fight.
Eg. Infantry units are supposed to get beaten by tanks, but their secondary ability (once activated) allows then to even the odds abit.

I did enjoy playing as a 12 year old and I still enjoy this game from time to time!
Get it now before the sale ends! Definitely worth your money.
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19 of 21 people (90%) found this review helpful
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8.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 9, 2015
Now, if you enjoyed Ground Control 1 and love RTS/Tactical games, you cannot miss this one.

Graphics are amazingly better than the previous installments, storytelling is much more captivating, gameplay is challenging, fun and rewarding. It feels good when you beat a mission. It feels even better when you finish the game, and it makes you want a sequel. I'm still waiting for Ground Control 3. :P
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25 of 34 people (74%) found this review helpful
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8.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 1
10years ,I waitting for 10years!!!!!!!!!
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Posted: July 9, 2015
Man Finaly is this on Steam
Ground Control series are my favourite no base RTS.
You have a spawn point and cann buy any units, from ground troopers till air craft.
I really liked this game. So let us rejoin in old good glory.

Even if Ground Control 2 is pretty old, 2004
It still the most best looking game ever produced.

By the way the Terran Empire Mod work here,
just download from here the mod, put it in the game folder and start
GC2 Reviron 3 - NSA v Terran or GC2 Reversal 3 - Terran v Viron and Campaign

So you can play the awesome third Mecha/Walker and Hovercraft faction, The Terran Empire.

They do have Additional maps by the way there.
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Posted: April 13
I don't need to play a second of the game on Steam, never mind the 5 minutes in order to post a review as I've owned on CD-Rom since it was new & it is a truly outstanding RTS. It made the C&C franchise look like the tired, worn out beast that it was & was a match for it's contemporary; Rome: Total War every step of the way on graphics, right down to looking in the eyes of individual troops.

Throw in a simple resource system, truly beautiful environments & a really atmospheric story line that from minute 1 you're convinced is destined for tragedy & defeat for you & your people... In fact, I got really attached to the characters throughout, something a lot of story-based games struggle to do, never mind a strategy game!

The game play stands up to close inspection as well; whether you're defensive or aggressive, infantryman or tank-man, there are units to suit all styles. You even get to control an alien species who can combine two of the same unit to create a totally new one. It's even reversible, so offers real tactical flexibility.

The only downside is that you still can't play as the 'evil' faction in the multiplayer, despite the game offering just as much detail & info about the units as your own.

Basically, it's a truly superb RTS & all fans of strategy games should own this fabulous addition to the genre.
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Posted: July 11, 2015
Great RTS! I never knew this game even existed until it came out on STEAM; I'm really glad it did! just in the short time I have played; I have seen many gameplay mechanics that make this the precursor for so many great RTS games made after 04! Buy it! its fantastic!
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23.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 31, 2015
Incredible game and I haven't found an RTS like it to date. Would love to play some MP again, but need someone with more computer smarts to do so than I have. Add me if you fancy some MP and can make it happen. Gutted there has been no support for MP.
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26.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 4
Still the best RTS game... even after 12 years... i played it since i was 10.. and i still enjoy playing it :)
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25.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 1
This series is great and still this particular game is one of my all-time favorites.

The story is very enjoyable and flows. Not a ton of continuation of the original game however which initially disappointed me until I played and completed the game.

Over the years, I have played this game continuously. The graphics, even today, are great and better than a lot of other RTS considering the age of this game.

Units have a primary attack mode and a secondary. Utilizing the secondary does come at a cost to the unit, though. Infantry has rifles in primary mode and rockets in secondary. In secondary though they lose mobility. Every decision about a unit comes at a cost. Be wise.

This game isn’t about gathering resources but is about spending your command points wisely and deploying the necessary units to complete the mission. You want be overwhelming your enemy with a superior number. You will be overwhelming them with superior weapons and firepower if you deploy your units correctly.

I will recommend this to anyone who enjoys an RTS game. Definitely get this it is worth a couple of bucks and if you’re like me and so many others you will be playing this 10+ years down the line.

Still waiting for Ground Control 3.
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Recently Posted
6.0 hrs
Posted: September 13
good cold old game
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19.9 hrs
Posted: August 21
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5.8 hrs
Posted: July 18
Oh yeah terrans, take those rockets...

+ : #childhood, #memories, #nostalgia, easy controls and gameplay, ok graphics, good story, factions, units, 2 campaigns,

- : idk, it's a good game

8/10, gg, would remember all those moments from childhood again
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3.1 hrs
Posted: July 5
I see no reason why this game is a part of Ground Control series. Ground Control I and II are absolutely different games, and personally I'm very disappointed with GC II. Here are the reasons why.

In Ground Control I, I liked to manage my squad: select correct equipment and correct units (each have their own strengths and weaknesses), and then go with my party of battle-hardened veterans from one mission to another. They gain experience and start to fight better.
I liked naming my squads, I liked statistics, medals, ranks and other cool stuff, which kinda left some 'wargame' feeling, and make some bounds between you and your soldiers, the feature which was absolutely great.
In GC II, this part of a game was totally cut off.

Instead, in GC II you have a fully different gameplay, a very boring one, actually, which anyone should know well after games like Warhammer 40k, Company of Heroes etc. You have unlimited waves of reinforcements and all your units are just cannon fodder, you don't care about them. Instead you select them and throw to the enemy's face till death or till all control points are captured. That's all.
Yes, GC II has way better graphics than GC I, but that's the only advantage. Gameplay in GC II is boring and stupid. I don't recommend this game at all.

If you liked Ground Control I, then you should definitely play Codename: Panzers I and II. I guarantee that you'll be happy.
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0.1 hrs
Posted: June 26
Does not work. Will not boot up. Waiting on support
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15.1 hrs
Posted: June 23
Alrighty, GC 2, the successor to one of the most "interesting" RTS games of its time.
If you just played GC 1 and want to continue on beware that this game is VASTLY different.

Key differences:

- still no base building, BUT permanent landing zones and victory points that accrue AP, with which you can buy units and have them delivered to an LZ under your control. Capturing is easy...just get troops to the point long enough with no opposition. Holding those points is a lot more difficult, however, since you can't just leave them undefended. The enemy will just retake them. However, the more units you have, the less AP you get from your victory points, kinda like Warcraft 3.

- No more squads. Units are built individually.

- Healers. You have healing units, which are vital...unfortunately also extremyl fiddly...

- Units can finally hit things more reliably. Accuracy is greatly boosted.

- Units level up in the field.

- A functioning interface. Actually a pretty good one.

- Full HD resolution support.

- Actually different races.

- A ♥♥♥♥ing save feature!!!!!!!!! (but no auto save after checkpoints, so USE that liberally).

So, basically, as I said above, every mission usually has different goals, but to achieve those goals you always follow the same pattern: capture points and if possibly the enemy LZ. Denying all LZs means there will be no more units for the enemy, which basically means, you've won the game. The mission objectives are more varied and fair than in GC 1. The upgrades for your drop ship, however, are a bit weird. You can upgrade your ship with better weapons, more cargo space, more fuel, etc. but the upgrades are not persistent, so you do that every mission, which kinda sucks.

The pathfinding in this game is still HORRIBLE. Units get stuck on each other, formations split up randomly to follow completely different paths, etc. etc. You really need to babysit your units.

Graphics and interface are mighty fine for a game so old.

The story: You first play as the NSA (human colonists) and then the Virons (alien slaves) vs the eeeeevil (humans from Earth), who want to get all colonies back. The story could not be any more cliched. You have a British hero, a snarky sergeant, a redneck major, a hot doctor, a "Black" general (stereotypical racism. When you hear him talk you know what I mean), honourbound and honourless aliens and some really cheesy antagonists, the main one you only get to personally meet very late in the game and then poof. All in all the plot is not "bad", it's just cheesy as hell. GC 1 was a bit better in that department. Speaking of which, the story plays out 300 years later, so Sarah Parker and her ilk only receive some cameo ship log appearances. What happened in GC 1 is pretty much unimportant, apart from that one Pillar blowing up (you know the one).

GC 2 is a very slow and deliberate game, faster than GC 1, but still moving at mostly glacial pace, however the action is frantic, just your units move sooooo slow. Some units also die very very quickly. Moving a bunch of infantry over the map without having access to a transport is just masochistic in 2016.

All in all GC 2 is a pretty nice game with obvious flaws, which may mostly be attributed to it being over 10 years old by now. Safe buy if you like old school RTS without base building. Perhaps comparable to the CoH playstyle.
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59.8 hrs
Posted: May 17
What are the similarities between Ground Control 2 and its spiritual successor World In Conflict? Both ended in a cliffhanger, yet neither are getting any new sequels made to pick up where their endings left off.

Which is sad, because both games have yet to feel outdated (graphically showing its age but still held up well) and are as addictive as ever even after all these years. Ground Control 2 in particular is sold at an unjustified low price that its easily snatchable even during non-discount period. If you can't afford the latest RTS or looking for random curiosities in the bargain bin, consider picking up Ground Control 2.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: May 17
If you want to play this game, you're going to need to downgrade your system.

(And no, not downgrade as in get a Windows XP machine.)

I have an AlienWare M17 xR4 running all the latest updates on Windows 7 Professional, 64bit, with an i7 Quad-Core Intel processor with on-board integrated Intel HD4000 graphics card and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M with 6 GB of RAM, and I can't start this game (or the original Ground Control, however I can start Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon, and Star Wars: Dark Forces.... yeah, explain that to me, 'cause I don't know either.) on that computer.

(Before you think that it can't run anything because it's Alienware, I've rebuilt it from scratch so that the only thing Alienware is the case and the ports themselves.)

However, I also have a laptop that CAN.

It's a Lenovo G50 running an AMD A8 Dual-Core processor with 4 GB of RAM which came with Windows 8.1 which I have now running Windows 10, Standard edition, 64bit. Integrated graphics card of Radeon design.

You know how I got it to run?

I disabled the Steam overlay, and when I ran it the first time I ran it as an Administrator, which helped out quite a bit. But it still wouldn't start.

So I went into the Windows settings on Windows 10 and enabled drivers and updates for Legacy software (Which yes, that IS A THING you CAN do with Windows 10,) and after reading a few of the guides on the guides page in Steam, I got it to work.

Bear in mind that that Lenovo was bought at Wal-Mart, on the clearance rack, for $100.

And it runs. The ORIGINAL Ground Control too. No emluators or anything. It. Just. Runs.

Before you read anymore bad reviews and think that people who "can't get it to run but have never played it before so it must be crap and the developers are crap too because this game should be able to run and play on my 4K ultra machine blah blah blah.....


The ONLY game to get an update that hasn't been a COMPLETE remastering that basically meant you had to pay for the entire game as far as I know is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. (Before you ask about the new EA Star Wars: The Old Republic, yes, I know it is free. I have an account and regularly play it, but I like my classics better.)

This IS NOT a bad game. It takes some finnicking, but once you've gotten it started, you're literally half-way there.

And for those complaining that there isn't multiplayer support:


*Multiplayer notice: Because Massgate is no longer operating, playing over the Internet is no longer possible. Playing through a LAN is still available.

^The above was taken literally a half-mousewheel-down from the About the Game/Key Features Menu^

Remember that not all computers are the same. But before you discredit a very amazing game, that is literally older than most of the kids that are in Middle/High School depending on where you are, go to Wal-Mart and check the clearance rack. Most computers that are running AMD Dual-Core processors are generally going to run a lot more of the older games than a 4K Hyper machine will.

Overall? Really good game, just gets a lot of flak for being too old to be viable to update anymore. Yes, there are a couple of bugs here and there, but c'mon. 2004? This game ain't half bad for being a 2004 game.
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