For some time now, Leafmore High School has been the setting for unexplained disappearances. In this survival horror game, you take control of a group of 5 American students. With your friends, you try to unravel the mysterious happenings at this unremarkable-looking school. The night will be long and survival not will not be easy...
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Release Date: Apr 6, 2005

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“ObsCure's really cool!”
8.0 – Worthplaying

“One of the most innovative horror games of 2005.”
7.6 – IGN

“The team drew inspiration from Resident Evil, Alone In The Dark, Project Zero, and, of course, Silent Hill. They also chipped in a whole slew of their own ideas.”
7.0 – Eurogamer

About This Game

For some time now, Leafmore High School has been the setting for unexplained disappearances. In this survival horror game, you take control of a group of 5 American students. With your friends, you try to unravel the mysterious happenings at this unremarkable-looking school. The night will be long and survival not will not be easy...

A few years ago, strange things started occurring in the usually quiet American school of Leafmore. Some students are said to have heard awful screams, and there is talk of mysterious disappearances.
After one of their friends mysteriously disappears, a group of students decide to investigate the disturbing events. One evening after class, they stay behind and are locked inside the school, determined to discover what is going on.
Down long, dimly-lit corridors and in dark classrooms, Shannon, Kenny, Ashley, Stan and Josh will try to find out why their school has become so terrifying - and will try to stay alive.

- Discover the game that has become a classic in the survival horror game genre.
- Every student in the group has a special ability.
- All kinds of weapons can be used: baseball bats, handguns, shotguns, and much more.
- Solve puzzles.
- Play alone or with a friend in co-op mode on the same screen.
- Soundtrack composed by award-winning composer Olivier Derivière.
- Compatible with the Xbox 360 controller.

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Pentium III 1 GHz
    • Memory: 256 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Cooperative mode (2 players): gamepad required.
    • OS: Windows Seven
    • Processor: Pentium IV 2 GHz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
    • Additional Notes: Cooperative mode (2 players): gamepad required.
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9.0 hrs
Posted: September 22
why it doesnt see my joystick ? just showing keyboard so i cant play with some players. help me pls
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1.0 hrs
Posted: September 18
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4.5 hrs
Posted: September 15
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0.4 hrs
Posted: September 4
This is quick review for all console gamers sick to death of having to re-buy thier favourite games time and time over on new console ports.

I would just like to say that even though this states heavy supported by keyboard and mouse, I can confirm that the xbox one controller via usb dongle works perfectly. Even the prompts are coded to the xbox controller.

I will continue to make useful reviews like this so you don't have to do all the research like I did.
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Derek The Magnificent Bastard
0.6 hrs
Posted: September 3

Controls are too damn wonky and no full screen, plus the "1080" looks more like 720. My main issue though was the controls. You do not use the mouse at all.
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7.2 hrs
Posted: September 3
This game is a pretty good throwback to old school survival horror. The game is pretty much the french version of resident evil. So expect some creepy opera music and sound effect. Story is pretty mysterious with some things you will probalby see coming. It's got a good feel and even some special things that bridge it from other suvival horror games. Character selection is fun as hell, you could roll with one character the whole game to make it a little more personal, or watch in desperation as the CPU gets itself killed. Speaking of such, if you're not cooping it up then expect to babysit, a lot. The CPU does good if you give them a gun and watch its ammo, but if they have a bat or such, expect to see them die. I beat the game in about five hours, I plan to beat it on hard and special mode before moving on to the second game. All in all it was a good game, wish they would have went with a more open story but its good how it is.
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0.2 hrs on record
Posted: September 10
Product received for free
If you've ever played a survival-horror game, you've seen all of this stuff before. The only addition to the mix is the Leafdale High School setting and a cast of five teen protagonists who are grungy versions of the kids from The OC. Hydravision has designed Obscure as a veritable reproduction of the Resident Evil series, including a "greatest hits" package of story, atmosphere, and even architecture (hmm, we've seen that double-staircase foyer before). The story, however, is more of a ripoff of Robert Rodriguez's 1998 high-school horror flick, The Faculty, with tentacled monstrosities reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft's nightmarish creations and mutated human zombies replacing the movie's aliens.

At any rate, these creatures smash through walls and doors just like similar beasties did way back when. Gameplay is structured around scrounging through rooms for items that can be combined into tools and weapons, collecting keys, pushing bookshelves, and saving progress with collectible CDs (space-age technology compared to Resident Evil's typewriter ribbons). You can reach the ending in six or seven hours, depending on your survival-horror experience. That experience really comes in handy, too, as some situations here precisely mimic those found in earlier Capcom games. A room with a missing lever and sliding shelves is a near-perfect copy of a chamber that puzzled Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 2. Well, at least Hydravision seems to have done its homework.

A few interesting concepts liven up the same old, same old. Light is a weapon almost as potent as pistols and aluminum baseball bats. Turn a flashlight on high-beam or smash away boards covering windows and you can drive back or even kill creatures. Duct tape a flashlight to a pistol and you've got a great one-two punch for dealing with many of the game's nasties.

Also, you work in a two-person team for the most part, and can give orders to your buddy, switch between the duo on the fly, or head back to a gathering area to pick and choose a pair from all five members of your group. This sometimes comes in handy, as you need to team up to kill many monsters, and each kid in the Scooby Gang has a special attribute. Josh, for instance, is an investigative reporter with the school paper, so he can sniff out clues and let you know if there's anything else to be done in a room or hallway. Stan is tops at forcing locks, making him a wise choice when it comes to breaking into a room. Kenny can run and punch like the varsity athlete that he is. Smart Shannon provides tips on current puzzles. And Ashley can rapid-fire a pistol.

None of these abilities is generally needed, though. Sure, Stan is more efficient at breaking locks than Josh, but the latter can still get the job done given an extra few seconds. Shannon's skill more or less duplicates that of Josh, and since the game isn't going to hurt your brain anyways, you don't need their tips to solve puzzles. Only Kenny and Ashley are truly useful, because of their fighting talents. And even those two aren't indispensable, since--just like in all good teen horror movies--anyone can die at any time, and you can complete the game even if some of your pals bite the dust.

At times, you'll be tempted to thin out the ranks yourself. Each member of the gang is an irritating teen stereotype. Kenny's the jock. Josh's the adventurous nerd who always gets the girl in John Hughes movies. Ashley's the pretty, snotty cheerleader. Shannon's the bookish one who nobody notices is really sexy. Stan's the stoner, who calls everyone "dawg" and describes things he doesn't like as "whack." After a couple of hours of listening to this crew, you'll find yourself rooting for the monsters.

Co-op play is a great idea poorly realized. There is no LAN or Net support, so players have to play side by side on the same machine. Gamepads are supported, but not mice, an omission that leaves one player stuck with the clunky yet serviceable keyboard. And the camera sticks with the lead player at all times, forcing the second player to trail closely behind or get lost. Co-op play betrays Obscure's PlayStation 2 and Xbox origins. Clearly, the mode of play has just been tossed into the PC version with no real concern for how to properly enjoy it on that platform.

More care has been taken with the translation from console to PC where visuals are concerned. For a console port, this is a great-looking game. Leafdale may look more like a run-down hospital or mental asylum than a functioning high school, but it serves its spooky purposes nicely. Much of the furniture and assorted rubbish can be moved, too, so you're not adventuring in front of static 2D backdrops. Animations are very well done, particularly when characters are swinging baseball bats or metal pipes in fight sequences. Moving shadows add eerie possibilities to every corridor, giving you the impression that something's always about to leap from a nearby door or locker. The tense atmosphere is further enhanced with distant roars, banging noises that can't be explained, and a hair-raising music soundtrack that features Latin chanting and a title track by Sum 41 (not nearly as scary, unless you're creeped out by boy-band metal).

In the end, Obscure lives up to its name. It's competent enough as far as blatant ripoffs of the great-granddaddy of survival horror go, but so much has been cobbled together that the game has no distinct identity of its own.
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 29
An... "Obscure" game from a small French game dev company.

This is absolutely a game that is worth playing.

I will say if you are younger than 20, you may or may not remember playing it, so it is much more fun to re-explore this game as an adult, but for someone new to the game; simple by choice or the fact you were too young to experience this on the PS2 or Xbox, you may not find it as fun. Nostolgia adds a big boost to any game you play.

For me I'd say it's a 9/10 must play for the Nostolgia.

If you are new, and are used to the AAA games coming out now, probably a 7/10, save this one for a rainy day, but is worth playing. You will find the script in this game to be cringy, and the game it's self not too scary with today's standards.
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7.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 3
Never played it on the ps2, but got it on sale for 3.50 and was amazed, I beat it and while the ending was underwhelming, it was a blast to play! And it being co-op is even better!
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1 of 1 people (100%) found this review helpful
12.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 8
"Obscure" is a surprisingly good survival horror game in the vein of "Resident Evil 1-2". It is set in a college setting (a la "Faculty" or "Suspiria"). You find and use objects, solve puzzles and battle monsters, just like in other games of the genre. There are mutliple characters, each with a particular skill and you're free to switch between them almost anytime (you can still finish the game if you lose a couple of main characters). An interesting feature is that you can have a human or AI-controlled sidekick (tha AI is quite good, it didn't cause me problems, unlike Daikatana and many other gaems). The story isn't groundbreaking, but not too bad and has some twists. The levels are varied and well-designed, you feel like you're actually exploring a monster-ridden high school. The monsters aren't too frightening or ineresting, however, except perhaps the final boss. The game is a little short (5-6 hours to finish on Normal), but an enjoyable and satisfying experience. It even has some cool extras (making of videos, new costumes and weapons after the first walkthrough, unlockable soundtrack etc.). Recommended.
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10.5 hrs on record
Posted: September 9
You could say this review is quite OBSCURE (Please don't hate me)
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1 of 2 people (50%) found this review helpful
2.7 hrs on record
Posted: September 10
if u like horror games this is one to get :)
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: March 10, 2014
I played Obscure back on the PS2 at its original release and remember being pleasently surprised. This game utilises "fixed camera angles" like the classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill games but mixes it up with a cheesy high school teen slasher flick story, and combining gameplay from both franchises. This survival horror has alot of the classic elements you would expect; variety of actual puzzles, limited supplies, dark and tense atmosphere, unique monster designs and since this is a co-op experience, reliability on your partner.

Speaking of partners each different character you can play as, and switch to at any time, have their own special abilities - so it is advisable to use different characters in the appropriate situation, I think this adds depth to the gameplay.

The story is cheesy, not serious, but there is a charm to it. It also features my favourite "game fetish" storyline in which everything is normal at first, but slowly devulges into the horror you came to expect, and you have to fight and learn the mystery behind how this all happened.

The combat is basic, there is auto-lock, power attacks and standard attacks, but that's all this game needs I feel. The good thing is that the controls are easy to learn and complexity is not needed here.

Unfortunately, for me, the music is quickly forgettable so don't expect some Akira Yamaoka level of quality here. That being said, what I hear fits what is happening, just that it isn't something you would listen to casually.

I recommend this game to fans of the classic RE and SH games, and looking for their fix on survival horror with some original concepts to it. However, this game was originially released back in 2005, so expect some outdated mechanics compared to modern horror.

Also, this PC port is a re-release of an older port but adds native widescreen support and full controller support, among general optimisations to work on modern Windows systems. The only bummer is that there is still no mouse support. I should also mention the game does indeed run at 60fps.
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20.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 3, 2014
I first got my hands on Obscure back in 2004, on PS2. Was quite surprised to see it on Steam. It's one of the games which reserved a spot in my memory. I remember having a lot of fun playing it, and i got the same pleasure replaying it after 10 years.

Obscure is an old-school horror survival game which manages to entertain by offering a cheesy story, influenced by the Robert Rodriguez's "The Faculty" movie. It uses the music from the movie and even contains a character based on it. Even though i heavily disliked the movie, Obscure succeeded in offering me a whole different perspective.

You have 5 students trying to escape their school, from an entire horde of monsters created by their Principal who was experimenting on students. You can choose to play for any of them, and at any time a second player can join the game for any other character, which doesn't force you to start a new game if you want to play local co-op with a friend. Each one of them has a different special ability like running faster, better healing, or picking locks skills. I loved especially the method of saving the game. You do it using a CD which you need to find in-game, and i consider it to be an important aspect in a survival game, so that one won't be able to save every 2 minutes since the amount of CD's you can find is limited. The outstanding soundtrack composed by Olivier Derivière, in this particular environment, creates a even creepier atmosphere. There are few types of monsters, and also limited types of weapons, but what makes it better is that except weapons there is something else that hurts monsters - light. So when you are in a room with windows, and got yourself cornered - you can always break some windows and let them know who the boss is, as for the rooms with no windows - one can combine any firearm with a flashlight. I didn't notice for the light of the flashlight to inflict any damage, but at least it keeps the monster at distance for a short period of time.

There are also some cons of course, but none which caused me any inconvenience. You can choose a resolution up to 1920x1080 but the game does not support widescreen so you'll just get a 4:3 aspect with black borders on the right and left side. Playing it with keyboard & mouse is possible, but not entirely comfortably. At least i couldn't do it, so i just used a Xbox 360 controller which worked just great. Graphics are not the best, but also not awful, especially for a 10 years old game. I enjoyed Obscure very much, and would recommend it to anyone who likes old school survival games. Looking forward to play the second game. Hope i'll enjoy it as much as the first. Cheers ;)

* NOTE > The game also includes all the Deluxe Edition content: Soundtrack, Artwork, Screenshots, Sketches...
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85 of 90 people (94%) found this review helpful
11.9 hrs on record
Posted: March 10, 2014
I remember playing this years back on PS2 and PC.

If you like survival horror games, you will like this one.

This reminds of those high school horror movies played out at as a 3rd person survival horror game.

The gameplay, action, suspense and camera movement is much like what you would find in games like Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Silent Hill and Cold Fear, except in this game you play as several high school students, Stan, Kenny, Ashley, Shannon and Josh, that you can switch over to at any time and you will need to for teamwork to pass certain obstacles. The game feels good in that way because it brings extra life to the game rather than thinking you are playing as a lonely character. Each character has a special ability which will make progressing through the game easier if you don't let them get killed.

Stan by far is the best character. His personality is just too carefree and cool. :P

But if you want to have real fun, invite a friend over and grab an extra controller for 2 player Co-op playing out the story of the game. It is a lot of fun! You can even share items and weapons, passing them to each other when needed.

A couple of downsides are that the game hasn't been updated to support wide screen monitors, so you will have a 4:3 aspect ratio unless you lower the res to 1600x1200, 1280x1024, 1152x864 or lower to get a full screen without side borders. Also, use of a controller is highly recommended as the game really wasn't optimized for mouse and keyboard.

Obscure is a great game though and yet another surprise to appear on Steam. :)
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49 of 54 people (91%) found this review helpful
12.9 hrs on record
Posted: May 24, 2014
If you only plan on playing, say, ten or less Resident Evil and Silent Hill-styled third-person "survival horror" games in the course of your brief and precious time on this planet, you probably shouldn't make this one of fact, the best of the aforementioned franchises as well as that of the Dead Space universe should keep you more than rewardingly occupied. If however, like my unfortunate self, you are incurably addicted to games which remind you of that first-ever magical experience of playing the original Resident Evil on the Playstation 1, and have been seeking to recreate the unprecedented terror and freshness of that experience ever since, then you could do much, much worse than this particular game, 'cause for better or for worse, it's still one of the better Resident Evil rip-offs around.

Obscure certainly owes an extraordinary amount to the first two Residents. The high school it's set in looks a little uncannily like a spooky mansion at times, and heck, there's even a large emphasis on sinister plants and underground labs and what-not. Add the flashlights from the Silent Hill games, and the monsters-who-are-adversely-affected-by-the-light elements from Alone In The Dark: A New Nightmare (another oldie, but goodie), and you pretty much have this game. But really, if you're the kind of person I described at the end of the last paragraph, this ain't exactly gonna be something you'll complain about, right?

I somehow never got around to this one when it was on the Playstation 2 - the high school setting somehow didn't inspire me at the time - but I'm glad to say I was wrong to abstain for so long. Not "classic" exactly...but certainly respectable enough to be a must-play for the likes of yours truly. Sure, it's nothing to write home about (unless your mother is also a fan of such games), but also not something for the horror-faithful to pass up, especially on sale. I personally bought it at full price, and even then didn't feel ripped-off. It's about the length it should be (i.e. mercifully shorter than the otherwise superior Dead Spaces), about as difficult as it should be (i.e. not overly so, with the possible exception of a slightly questionable save system and a truly ♥♥♥♥♥♥ final boss fight), has all the expected weapons (well, for an AMERICAN high school campus, anyway), and an actually pretty darn excellent soundtrack (which comes free in a separate folder with the game). Hell, the AI for the single-player version (wherein you babysit a fellow high-schooler/"partner", who you can switch to at any time) isn't even that bad, as these things go...sure the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s get in the way occasionally, but only about 20% of the time, which is pretty acceptable all things considered.

In short, not too shabby at all. Not terribly scary for a game of this type, with a story as poorly-constructed and real-world illogical as you would expect, and the characters make those in Friday the 13th movies look positively layered by comparison (the distinct "special skills" of the characters is certainly a nice touch, but do we honestly need the guy who runs slightly faster than everyone else, or the guy who picks locks slightly faster than everyone else?)...but lower your expectations suitably, and you just might be pleasantly surprised. I certainly was, and look forward to playing the sequel.

Verdict: 8.5/10.
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