1933 will go down in the history books as the year America passed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution. Prohibition is over. To the delight of millions, alcohol can now flow freely across the thirsty land. Two days before the official announcement, bars and clubs across the land are stocking up on quality whiskey.
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"The 30's is a cool setting, and this game uses it to its full potential."

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1933 will go down in the history books as the year America passed the 21st Amendment to the Constitution. Prohibition is over. To the delight of millions, alcohol can now flow freely across the thirsty land. Two days before the official announcement, bars and clubs across the land are stocking up on quality whiskey. This is the absorbing story of a scruffy but shrewd private investigator who becomes the prime suspect in a mysterious murder case through no fault of his own. Jack now has only 48 hours to slip the noose and find the real offender. The sands of time are rapidly running out for Jack – he must unravel the threads of the mysterious plot in which he finds himself – a race against time!

You, my friend, are the main suspect in a murder case! You’ve been given a chance to prove your innocence, so you better get your Sherlock Holmes act together – fast! In the character of JACK ORLANDO - the down-at-heel detective who’s never at a loss for words – you’ll come across cunning characters, garrulous gangsters, endless enigmas and tense situations throughout this fantastic comic-style adventure. There are 4 entire episodes containing over 200 action-packed scenes in dark alleys, fine saloons and seedy brothels – and the actors are a multitude of tough and sly underworld characters. You’ll have to keep your eyes wide open for clues, no matter where you are... only by putting two and two together will you reach your objective.

The Director's Cut Version of the game offers six new scenes, normal and easy game mode as well as a lot of additional puzzles.


  • Hand-drawn animated 2D graphics adventure
  • Professionally synchronized voices
  • Smooth scrolling and light sourcing
  • Over 200 Scenes in 4 episodes
  • Nearly 100 characters and thousands of dialog lines
  • Playable in window and in full screen mode
  • 2 difficulty modes: Easy and Normal
  • Musical Score in 5.1 composed by Grammy Award Winner Harold Faltermeyer


    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Singlecore CPU
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: any Windows compatible GA
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard
    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
    • Processor: Intel or AMD Singlecore CPU
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce, or ATI/AMD Radeon
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 700 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
    • Additional Notes: Mouse, Keyboard
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Easy, Orlando. What's it all about?
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*cut to windowpane, upon which is printed "Biggles, P.I."*

The game walked in. Immediately, I could smell trouble as strong as a cold slap after the night's last scotch. She wanted results, the kind of results you don't get on a rainy night like this.

Her speech was slurred, but clear. Something hadn't been treating her right. Something on her mind. I knew right then my only friends left were a bottle of single-malt and a special someone I slung on my right hip. He was the cold type, but loud and effective. He'd only speak 6 times in a row, but his words got results. He was a gun, is what I am saying.

Suddenly, the dam- GAME spoke again. Something quick and brunt. The night smelled like murder, a scent I knew too well. These alleyways had seen enough.

The stiff was a two-bit chump, damp and lifeless. The type no one would miss. I stumbled in, still drunk on the night-mistress I called whiske- ERR SCOTCH and got myself arrested.

Experience taught me you gotta think like a chump to catch a chump. This was no ordinary crime. Like the thriftiest crook nurses a cold vodka sour on poker night, I too took the bait and wound up in what I can only call...


And I found it wasn't very good.
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Best Jazz CD ever bought!.

a spoon saved the cell guy, after me whooping his ♥♥♥ thinking he will cry for help and i will be out in no time.
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I never knew it was possible for a game to make you really feel something, until Jack Orlando: Director's Cut landed in my steam library. Some say this game is "too bad to be good" or "I wanted to strangle myself after playing such a catastrophe", but not me. When I played this game, I was BEYOND the edge of my seat, I was on the floor dammit! The voice acting only adds to the ambiance of the time era, when I managed to put this piece of art down, I came to the sudden reality that it was the 21st century, and not the early 1930's. I hope all get to experience such a piece of work, and that the course of their lives will be forever changed, as mine has.
5/5 hot peppers
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The top review is correct in my opinion. I got this game in a bundle, unfortunately. As a gamer that owns a few point and click games, I can honestly say this is the worst one in my library.

The controls and gameplay mechanics are clunky and can be frustrating at times.
Bad voice acting.
Story that goes all over the place.
If you don't do certain things in the beginning, you will have to restart to an earlier time in the game.
Unless you do everything right from the beginning, you will need a strategy guide.
Not fun

The music was good..

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I like point&clicks, even older ones but there's a reason why this one isn't as famous as others are.

The art is about the only thing that's positive about this game. The story is incoherent, the controls and the navigation through the city are clunky and the voice acting is mechanic at best. It also doesn't help that there's a lot of scenery in the game that isn't used at all and the random catacombs and libraries were just bizarre in a 1930s noir setting.

Get it in a bundle and play it with a guide if you really want to, you'll just end up dead or with a broken save otherwise.
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Jazz Music + Noir Detective = A swell time ! I love this game it has a great story line thats simular to a D I C K Tracey film or a Hardy Boys book. ( Originaly released in 1997 ). The game is truely a classic point and click game but sometimes the controls are slow but thats just because the game is old so i can appreciate that aspect. The game is also tough and challanging when finding out what to do next, which can be annoying aswell. Heres a link if you ever get stuck. http://www.gameboomers.com/wtcheats/pcJj/JackOrl.htm ! I would really only Recomend this game to someone who likes Point and Click adventures otherwise you probably wont enjoy it. But going off all that, all and all i believe this is a great game and i hope you agree to. So have fun and check out the Masterpiece that is Jack Orlando.
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For completing my Papers, Please card set, I got a 75% discount on this game. I've been playing LA Noire and like adventure games, so I figured why not if its only $1.25.

The first line of dialouge sets the tone for the entire game. The voice acting is the perfect amount of hilariously bad. The inflections, tone, and delivery are universally bad and I had a smile the whole time I was playing. Everything that any person says or does is hilarious. In the opening, Jack is given a Colt pistol by the Mayor and just waves it around. Its so hilariously bad, you can't help but smile.

Impressivley, the entire game is done in hand drawn animation and it shows, usually in a good way. Although very early on, someone gets shot and the artist just drew a hole in the victims suit. No blood, no wincing or leaning over, the suit had a hole in it and the victim fell over. Additionally, the game calls itself a "Cinematic Experience", but between the art style, the way talking heads pop up in a box, and how any action is done in a seperate bubble (leaving the main scence as static characters who are only capable of moving their feet unless specifically in an animation), the game feels more like an interactive comic book.

You have some choice of what your character says, but they seem to lead to the same result or they are not representive of what you want to say. Early on (I don't feel this is a spoiler since its in the game's description) you're read your rights by a cop and they want you to say something. There is no "Remain Silent" option, all you can do is act like a smartass at all times. This is even worse when Jack visits his next door neighbor who tries to set him up on a date and his only response is to be a total jackass to her. Its so hilariously bad, you really have to see it for yourself.

Something that is instantly a problem is lack of direction. The very first time I was granted use of the mouse, I had to look up what to do, because I had clicked on everything and was totally stuck. Turns out, you need to right click to select an action: Observe, touch, punch, or talk. Later, I picked up a feather duster and Jack's neighbor said "I need a new feather duster", but I couldn't figure out how to open my inventory, turns out you press F1. None of this was told to me prior to starting the game. There is no tutorial, you're just dropped in the world and that's it. I understand that this is a game from the late 90's and was rereleased in early 2000's, but when compared to modern adventure games, it falls short because of how little slack it gives to the player.

I recommend this, only because of how hilarious the first five minutes are. As I continue to play, I hope it maintains that standard of terrible.

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A walkthrough is REQUIRED to play this game. There are multiple ways you can get permastuck that are absolutely absurd and if you're not saving constantly they will cause you to lose hours of progress. And it's not like these are hard to make happen either. Some of the solutions for items are really out there... for example giving a bellboy one of the three newspapers you've picked up without any sort of hint.

Even if you're willing to put up with this lack of fundamental design concepts for some sort of experience, there's really not much to see. The graphics look like CD-I Zelda and the voice acting is even worse. Apparently they used Jack's voice for placeholders or something, except they forgot to remove it from several lines, some on female characters! Not that it really matters, most of the women sound like they're voiced by men anyway. The only reason to get this game is to laugh at how bad all of this is. Good thing Valve's giving out coupons for it like mad!
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Hm, I love classic point and click adventure games but after about 15 minutes of this one I'm feeling quite nauseated by it.

The controls are fiddly and annoying and you often have to do things several times before they register and you can progress. However I've played a good many of these kinds of games and I've dealt with worse for the sake of a fantastic storyline, so that in itself is not a deal-breaker for me.

The voice acting is terrible, there is no flow to dialogue and it sounds like each line was recorded separately with actors who've never seen the script and who do not understand the syntax of English.

The lead character is fundamentally oboxious and unpleasant. That's probably the point, and maybe they are planning on doing some amazing character building and turning it around, we shall see.

My real problem with it so far is the rampant sexism. I know they're trying to invoke the spirit of the 1930s but they're really massively overdoing it on the gender stereotypes. I'm literally on the 2nd scene of the game and have heard at least four negative statements about women. As if the world of gaming really needed any more kitchen jokes! I'd understand an undertone of it to set the scene of the game, but at the moment it just feels like being bashed over the head with the blunt, narrow-minded opinions of someone who doesn't usually get an outlet for them. Have a little subtlety and empathy for your burgeoning female fan-base before you alienate them entirely.

I plan on finishing the game and altering this review accordingly once completed, but as it stands at present I'm proceeding with extreme caution and not particularly high hopes that I'm not totally wasting my time.
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I love me some point and click adventures but the short time I've spent with Jack suggests this isn't for everyone, or anyone.

The animation is off putting, the scenes seem random, the charactisation laughable. It'd be great to see someone do a good modern adventure set in the 30's but this is really poor.

Get ready for unskippable scenes, random re-starts and some awful looking gameplay. Feels like a game that'd be nice as a shareware download for AGS but as a real game for sale in public marketplace it falls way short of the mark.

Hey, it's cheap though so there's that!
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Classic point and click adventure. Gameplay is sometimes too anoying.
The soundtrack is really great. Buying Jack Orlando is like buying great music for less than 3 euros, the gameplay is just a free addon ;)
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If you want a laugh, get this game. So bad it's good. Best laugh I have ever had from a video game. Worst game ever. It's great.
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I'm trying to play through this without laughing my ♥♥♥♥ off
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The plot is pretty shallow and poorly executed, most of the characters have nothing interesting to say, and the voice acting is laughable.

The game has places where you can die without warning, and dead ends: maybe you forgot to pick up an item in another place, now the game is impossible to complete. Or maybe you gave an item to the wrong character, and lost it forever. I hope you have a saved game before that, otherwise, time to start the game all over! You have to play it with a walkthrough open, which defeats the purpose of a point and click adventure game.

If you're wondering what's the director's cut content, it seems like they had a bunch of a backgrounds from a different game they didn't finish and they just shoehorned them into the game. They make absolotely no sense, because they're like, medieval catacombs and fantasy dungeons, and they have nothing to do with the plot of the game. It's terrible.

The music and the art are the only good thing about this title. If you really like adventure games and you're the kind of person that wants to try them all at least once, wait until it's in a bundle, or on sale for less than 4$.
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"Ca'eful he not get angly," says the only Chinese character in the game, "when he angly, he always hitting."

"This manusclipt velly intelesting and velly plecious!"
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It was the game of my childhood. When i saw it on Steam it was simply that i had to buy it :)
Game has a good plot with well written story of Jack Orlando. This game force you to use sometimes your brain and think more than 5 minutes. Jack Orlando has a nice looking graphics, colorful locations and environment. Another plus of it is awsome music. You can play the game only for music taken from USA in 20s of 20th century, especially song "I close my eyes and think of you". You can also visit a lot of streets, bulindgs and so on which look cool. Well constructed dialogues which are sometimes funny.
Maybe game is short but it deserves money. Nowadays there aren't a lot of games like Jack Orlando.
Oldschool game, so you have to buy it ;)
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The game is just too hard and complicated ,and boring the most. All the carecters are stif,boring and like dead no enjoyment out of them when you talk too them,no humor or similarly .
I like point and click adventures like Siberia ,The Longest Journey ,Black Mirror etc ... All these games are really fun and enjoyable to play even whit puzzles.
But this game is just not fun,just too hard to enoy the gameplay !!!
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