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Off to the next round! Experience a new omnibus simulator with OMSI 2 and start discovering Spandau while driving the omnibus. OMSI 2 is the successor of the well-known and awarded omnibus simulator "OMSI - The Bus Simulator".
Release Date: Dec 11, 2013
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Weitere Bugfixes für OMSI

February 11th, 2014

Die neue OMSI Version 2.00.024 kommt mit einigen wichtigen Bugfixes. Beim aktivem Multithreading ertönt nun auf allen Rechnern Sound, die Bereichsfehler beim Fahrscheinverkauf wurden behoben und die „Kolonnenfahrten“ bei KI-Bussen sowie Probleme beim Tour-Wechsel auf fernen Endstellen wurden beseitigt. In der neuen Version kommt es zu keinem E/A-Fehler beim Konfigurieren von Tastatur und Gamecontrollern mehr.


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More bugfixes for OMSI

February 11th, 2014

The new OMSI Version 2.00.024 brings a few new bugfixes. While playing with multithreading everybody hears sound, the “Bereichsfehler” while selling tickets are fixed and the “Group grivings” of AI buses as we as problems with tour changes on far termini have been corrected. There is no E/A-Error while configuration keyboard or game controller anymore.


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About the Game

Off to the next round! Experience a new omnibus simulator with OMSI 2 and start discovering Spandau while driving the omnibus. OMSI 2 is the successor of the well-known and awarded omnibus simulator "OMSI - The Bus Simulator". OMSI 2 not only offers the routes and buses you already know from OMSI, but adds lots of exciting new features. In OMSI 2 you can drive the first ever articulated bus in the OMSI history, the MAN NG272. Explore the new omnibus line 5 covering a total distance of 12 km from the subway station Ruhleben to the psychiatric clinic Spandau. Thanks to the newly added chronology function you´ll not only be able to drive through Spandau in 1986, but also to relive the changes taking place in Spandau between 1986 and 1994.

Enjoy the charm of the 80s and 90s and find out how the period after the fall of the Berlin Wall was. And this all at wheel of a double-decker or articulated bus.

New features in OMSI 2:

  • The articulated bus MAN NG272 with the exact physical and visual recreation of the joint kinematics as well as corresponding sounds and systems (bending protection).
  • The MAN NL202 as well as reworked and added models of the known types SD200 and SD202 (more years of production, emergency door openers, destination boards, sound variations depending on vehicle number).
  • The Spandau omnibus line 5 from the subway station Ruhleben to the psychiatric clinic Spandau covering a total distance of 12 km, several new buildings, a squeezed timetable and a tight 5 minute rhythm with various bus termini and assignments for diverse and long lasting driving pleasure.
  • Replication of original timetables and tour plans for omnibus lines 5 and 92.
  • Chronology function: Relive the change taking place in Spandau between 1986 and 1994! OMSI 2 now replicates the exciting years following the German reunification and all the innovations and route expansions (line 137 to Falkensee) that came along with it. This function also allows temporary changes to maps or routes caused by construction sites or special buses.
  • Advanced and improved AI traffic (better road- and steering behaviour, railway- and subway traffic)
  • System damage model including different malfunctions which take time to fix
  • OMSI 2 supports a world coordinate system so it is possible to import a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) with the help of a DLL you can even program yourself.
  • Animated real vertical profile on the Spandau map
  • New script functions such as full matrix view, advanced access to system variables.
  • New editor functions: automatic import of aerial imagery, terrain adapts to run of the road, improved spline connection algorithm, rotation of objects around all axes. Intersections can easily be equipped with individual vertical profiles.
  • Saving optimized loading of maps which allows considerably larger maps

Additional features:

  • The classic versions of the MAN double-decker buses SD200 and SD202 are included
  • Realistic and intelligent traffic and detailed landscape
  • Realistic and controllable weather and seasonal effects
  • Realistic day and night effects
  • Many animations and animated objects
  • Fully functional IBIS (integrated on-board information system)
  • Four different views: driver sight, passenger sight, exterior view or free view
  • Script engine to influence the handling characteristics and functions of the bus
  • Easy to use, map-based track editorInsert your own vehicles
  • Compatible with TrackIR 5

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: 2.6 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce or comparable AMD with minimum 512 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    • Processor: Dual core processor with 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce or comparable AMD with 1024 MB
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
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Where do I start... Oh well, what I like about Germany? Beer, maybe sausages? No. It's MAN bus manufacturer, and OMSI. It's been almost 3 years since OMSI 1 came out, and a long journey from 2012 announcement has ended. It's finally here, but does it stand up to the name of great simulation like the last one? Is it worth the asking price? Let's find out.

After starting the game, pretty simple menu greets you. It has everything including tutorial, options, starting new game. Everything is self explanatory. Options may be confusing for people who aren't really into computers and configurations, but I'd say, set overall settings to PC 2006 or 2011 (options names) and you're good to go. Controls could be confusing too, but driving on keyboard (even is game is designed STRICTLY for steering wheels) is pretty well done, and is fun. I've had no problems setting up two steering wheels in it. After short configuration, I've finally started the game up. After pretty long loading, game had no bus whatsoever. So I've pressed ALT, and then a simple menu came out of nowhere. That little thing is handyas from here you can get new bus from there, fix it, choose timetable or change the Bus display. There is a lot to have fun with. So I've choosen Advertised MAN NG272 and then the fun began. First of all, this game is not for casuals. You need to know what exatly you need to do in order to start the electricity, engine, and then finnaly move your bus. You need a basic knowledge of how buses work in order to find OMSI 2 fun. So after some clicking with mouse on virtual cockpit of my NG272, I've finally heard this bearutifull beast. WOW the sound design is AMAZING. Everything is in place, even creeking of the joint of the Bus. Sound quality is TOP NOTCH. It's better than most games out there.

Graphics however aren't that great. 2D trees crossed to make a 3D like impression, 2D bushes, and blocky buildings with pretty low-res textures and berlinians who walk pretty badly... but who the hell looks at graphics in simulation? Bus Models are top notch. Well detailed, well textured. However the deal breaker could be optimisation. It lacks a bit, but it's certainly better than the first one. After configurations you can get most out of it, that's why everything is so complicated in options menu. I'd recommend setting Texture Max Memory to max of your graphic card. Lags in game could be a little annoying while loading next map tiles, but you'll get used to it. Ai can also be pretty jerky, and pretty tough to cooperate with, but hey, when you get used to it, it doesn't really matter. We all need to give credit to Marcel Kuhnt and Rudeger Hulsmann (yes, those two guys created this game) for even doing such a great job on other aspects of the game.

Physics are top notch. Every bump has it's feeling. You feel the mass of the bus, and also how well in handles (when of course you know HOW to drive a bus). You will feel significant difference driving on snow, and or dry asphalt. It's incredibly well made. What shines in this game is it's flexibility. You can do everything you want in bus. Open windows, manually open doors, press all buttons on cockpit and see what they do. It's like, literally, you can do EVERYTHING you always dreamed of with a bus, including even manipulating Roll-Band displays.

Another great thing is it's modability. You can install user created buses, maps, scenery objects, sounds, Ai etc into this game. What's even more awesome, is that OMSI 2 is backwards compatible with all user created content for OMSI 1. Yay!

For what it is, and for what it provides, yes, OMSI 2 is worth the money. Your childhood dreams of being bus driver finnaly came true, and what's more important, they are on steam, available to everyone. Aswell as Euro Truck Simulator 2, HEED THE MOCKERS. Don't listen to anybody who say that simulation games suck, because you will miss the pinnacle of simulation games on PC. However you look at this game, it's maybe not perfect, but it's excusable, due to low human resources of MR Software. I mean, come on. I've never saw two people creating such good game with such attention to detail. After starting up OMSI 1 and OMSI 2, I felt like they were both passionate about busses. Bus driving seems boring to some people, but believe me - it's a hard job. Those two guys captured the true feeling of that job. Game itself shows how much they loved what they did in this game. It shows how dedicated both Marcel and Rudiger are to simulation and re-creation of real-life feeling of such universal job. Yes, animations are lacking, graphics too, and optimisation a bit aswell, but we cannot deny the fact, that nothing beats the OMSI 2 in terms of physics, sound and design. Other companies (Including TML Studios) cannot even think of being close to what OMSI 2 did. I won't spoil how many new things are in game. Certainly MAN NG272, thus argiculated bus support is there, which is a very nice touch. There have been improvements, and they certainly add even more depth to already impressive and deep simulation.

It's a good game, for a good price. Pick it up if you're not affraid of it's downs.


(Original review restored)
Posted: December 11th, 2013
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UPDATE 13/12/13: After a few days of playing I must say it is quite buggy and poorly optimized, I've found that some problems like crashes on startup and random freezes can be solved by either validating the game cache multiple times or reinstalling; but I cannot recommend this simulator until there is a patch. I mean, I've personally enjoyed my time with OMSI 2 so far, and having looked forward to it for so long I really didn't want to have anything bad to say about it but who am I kidding, it's a mess. A great simulator hidden behind a mess of bugs and crashes.

UPDATE 14/12/13: M-R are fully aware of the issues people have been experiencing and have posted an official statement. Looks like a patch is on the way, so don't abandon hope yet! When it arrives and if it fixes the game-breaking issues I will change this review back to "recommended".

Original review:

OMSI is an excellent bus simulator, but not in the same respect as Euro Truck Simulator 2 - buses are a very niche subject, a lot of people can relate to wanting to be a truck driver, a pilot, or even a train driver. But a bus driver? What?

Well, OMSI mainly caters to those of us who grew up on buses, and developed a liking for how they work and all the sounds that the various parts made. It does that by offering astounding levels of detail and realism in the sounds and models. As a result OMSI is a proper, full-on SIMULATOR. If you picked up ETS2 in a sale, enjoyed it, and thought "hey, these simulators are actually pretty fun, and people are raving about how OMSI is one of those good simulators, I should try it" then I fear that you MAY be sorely disappointed by OMSI.

Don't get me wrong, both OMSI and ETS2 are fantastic simulators but in very different ways. With ETS2 there are simple controls and tutorials to make it easy for people that are new to driving simulators, or just want to finish the objective without a care for how realistic it is - and on the other hand for the enthusiasts there are options to enable things like realistic air brakes, set up a steering wheel and so on.

As for OMSI, there are a few tutorials and arrows to guide you through the routes but apart from that there is no hand-holding. (almost) everything on the dashboard works, and you have to do everything yourself. I mean, anyone can play it, don't get me wrong. The physics are clearly optimized for a steering wheel controller but it still works very well with the mouse too. It's just that when you go into OMSI you need to understand that it is a simulator for enthusiasts, and have the patience to forgive its little flaws, figure everything out and play it properly.

If you go into OMSI with the right mindset, and especially if you are a bus enthusiast, I can assure you that you will have a great time. Sure, the graphics for the environment look a bit dated, the pedestrian animations are hilarious and the AI can be a bit wierd at times. And, of course, it being a niche simulator on Steam means it will recieve endless hate from idiots who have bought it without doing any research beforehand, and then complain about finding it boring. But you have to remember it was only made by two students, and the level of detail that has gone into the things that really matter is truly incredible.

Some may find the price unreasonable, but the bottom line is anyone who can truly enjoy this simulator will find that it is worth the money to them. Otherwise, wait for a sale.

In conclusion, OMSI is a fantastic simulator but is more akin to Flight Simulator than Euro Truck Simulator, and as a result is not for everyone.
Posted: December 11th, 2013
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OMSI 2 is a hard core bus simulator. As a warning its not like Train simulator 2014 or Euro truck simulator, in that it is a pure simulator and does not really have missions and "game play" in the same way as those games. 


Still if you want a solid bus sim and want to drive around 1980's Berlin in very well simulated buses then this is awesome.


At this point in time the game has quite a few bugs takes a long time to load and is very confusing to use , so it might be worth picking this up in a few months time ether on sale or when it has had more work done to it but if you are crazy about buses then you will probably want to pick it up.
Posted: December 13th, 2013
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EDIT: BEWARE! There are currently problems such as crashes, map glitches, bugs with the game but hopefully they will be patched soon. The performance is also still pretty poor no matter how powerful your PC is.

If you like simulators that are actually accuarate and have at least some interest in driving a bus with passengers, then this is the game for you! But beware you're going to need to do some learning when you get in-game since this accurately simulates the various MAN buses, unlike many other garbage simulator games. You can use the manual that comes with the game or watch YouTube videos. This game is up there with Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The graphics are not amazing, but this game was made by two students and I'd say they did a great job for such a small team. They're good enough for a simulator like this.

Pickup passengers, apply real world weather, follow schedules, free-roam, and more.

The sounds on this game are outstanding and I've not seen a single simulator that has sounds as accurate as this game. The buses sound really realistic since they recorded the sounds from the same real buses.

The game comes with a level editor that can only currently be accessed by creating a shortcut to omsi.exe with -editor as a startup parameter but I'm sure they'll make that easier and accessable through Steam soon. A multiplayer option was spotted in the level editor but it's unknown whether that is in the works or just the leftovers of a test.

You get two maps, the massive Berlin which is extremely fun with two fully modelled and accurate routes and a small town called Grundorf which you can use to practice your skills. With the level editor available you can create your own maps and routes.

You get a series of MAN buses, including the double deckers MAN SD200, SD202 and the single deckers MAN NL202 and the articulated bus MAN NG272. You can compare the screenshots with real life photographs to see the level of detail:


This game still has some issues with it but I expected that since it's only just been released. They're working on a patch for the current common problems.

Overall it's a really great game and I'd reccomend it to anyone looking for a relaxing simulator game to play. I'd reccomend getting a steering wheel to play this game but you can play it on keyboard and mouse fine. Xbox controller doesn't work great though from what I've seen but that may be fixed.
Posted: December 11th, 2013
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This isn't your grandfathers bus simulator. This one doesn't just simulate picking up passengers and dropping them off, but instead simulates the sounds almost exactly. The buses look, sound and feel like they should.
Posted: December 12th, 2013
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