Speedball 2 HD is a modern reincarnation on the classic, futuristic cyberpunk sports game Speedball, originally developed by the Bitmap Brothers and first released for the Atari ST in 1990. A brutal mix of handball and ice hockey placed at break-neck pace.
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发行日期: 2013年12月5日


注意: Multiplayer support is local only.

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"A futuristic sports game comprising of 2 99 second halves, with a simple, enjoyable management mode. A great way to kill a few minutes / hours."


Speedball 2 HD is a modern reincarnation on the classic, futuristic cyberpunk sports game Speedball, originally developed by the Bitmap Brothers and first released for the Atari ST in 1990. A brutal mix of handball and ice hockey placed at break-neck pace. Now Tower Studios, Vivid Games and The Bitmap Brothers have created a glorious fusion of classic gameplay and modern technology to launch this game into the 21st century.

Game Description

In 2326, rival gangs formed an ultra-violent street sports league called Speedball to settle their deadly disputes. Two teams face each other in bloody battles for a steel ball: Nine on nine – in an all-out rush on the opponents’ goal. Almost any malicious move is permitted. The winner of the matches secures supremacy over the city.

The highly anticipated PC revival to the legendary Amiga classic transforms the futuristic game setting with state-of-the-art technology into a high-speed sports spectacle.
There are a huge variety of game modes and options - quick matches, single player tournaments, one-on-one multiplayer and full career mode. Your ultimate mission is to assemble your own Speedball team to win the Speedball Intergalactic Champions League and bring the greatest prize in Speedball back to Earth.

Choose from 28 teams across 6 new Speedball Arenas, Speedball 2 HD includes all the intense gameplay of the original with new teams, more formations and in particular the new Fire, Ice and Cyber teams.

Key Features

  • HD Graphics in classic Speedball style
  • 6 brand new Speedball Arenas
  • Choose from 336 unique players and 28 Teams across 4 Planets
  • Full Player Transfer Market and Player Upgrade System
  • Ability to create and customise your own ultimate Speedball team
  • 5 different Formations allowing strategy changes during play
  • Score with Goals, Bonus shots and Brutal Knockouts
  • A host of Steam Badges, Cards and Wallpapers to collect
  • Over 20 power-ups and special effects
  • Multiple game modes including 10 Season Career Mode and 10 Single-Player Game Modes
  • Supports game pad and keyboard controls for 2 players at once
  • Local multiplayer mode includes customisable tournaments for up to 8 player teams
  • Plenty of Trophies and Achievements to collect
  • The World famous “Ice Cream... Ice Cream!!” sample


    • OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8.
    • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (2600 MHz) or Intel Pentium D 950 Extreme (3400 MHz)
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: ATi Radeon X1300 Pro, NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache or Intel HD Graphics
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 300 MB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible.
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Got this as part of a Humble Bundle, and it was the sole reason I bought it.

Well, needless to say it's a complete mess. After playing through the tutorial (which is hidden in the options menu, by the way), I got the jist of the scoring system. While constantly trying to put my newfound training to use, I quickly realized that running diagonaly makes the player or AI carrying the ball virtually invincible to most tackles. The AI on the player side seems to know nothing about offense or defense and bumbleclucks its way around the arena while the AI throws the ball at bumpers, stars, and somehow teleports the ball around the arena at unpredictable intervals. (And at one time, right into my goal. Hooray for cheating!)

The power-ups system is nice, except for the part where it's practically useless. I can run faster... Until I get sacked 2 seconds later by a tackle spanning about 10 feet. There also seems to be a complete lack explanation as to what in the apple sauce they do. A purple negative sign? Armor on the ground? A can of... Something with an S on it?

This game had a lot of promise - and I'm sure 23 or so years ago the original was fantastic - but this one isn't.
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I bought this because it is a game whose Amiga version I loved and played so much.

It is a game that shouts for an online mode, which it doesn't have.

The Solo Career mode is far too easy and when a bug deleted all my team going into the seventh season, I decided to quit it for good. I already wasted my money. I'm not doing the same with my time.
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I was a huge fan of the series, I had my amiga 500 and the 2 original floppies of this wonderful game.

What remains of the original game in this lousy remake?

The sound effects, nothing else. All the rest is ♥♥♥♥ed up. The game feel, gameplay, atmosphere and even some cutscenes (like the violent images of bleeding team mates when you knock out enemy players or the team cheering after winning a game) are gone.

Don't buy this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ hoping to find a remake of the original game with a better graphic (which anyways looks childish and ridiculous)

Just check the other reviews, most of the people who recommends this crap is either new players which have no idea of what this game comes from or completely braindead people.

Don't buy it.
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I played the Amiga version and loved it. Read the reviews and bought it irrespective of the negative comments.

Thank goodness I did that because I love it. It's a faithful representation of the original gameplay and a blast to play! I use a wired 360 controller and find it to be amazingly similar to the original I so loved when I was a kid. Definitely fun to play and if you're into nostalgia, you'll love it. Believe the hype, Speedball 2 HD is great!
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