Gravity Ghost is a physics game with a twist. Run, jump, and soar around planets, using gravity to glide through the air. Explore a shattered galaxy and rescue its survivors, armed with powerups and mysterious terraforming powers. Meet the 7 magical guardians and best their challenges. There's no killing, no dying, and no way to fail.
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Very Positive (219 reviews) - 96% of the 219 user reviews for this game are positive.
Release Date: Jan 26, 2015

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“Gravity Ghost is heavy on fun”

“The little indie Mario Galaxy that could”

“It’s just really really satisfying and [...] downright relaxing”
Northern Lion

About This Game

Gravity Ghost is a peaceful gravity hopper: Run, jump, and orbit your way through a handpainted galaxy. Join Iona the ghost as she searches for her lost best friend, the ghost fox. Explore a shattered galaxy and rescue its survivors, armed with powerups and mysterious terraforming powers. Meet the 7 magical guardians and best their challenges. There's no killing, no dying, no way to fail. Just hours of blissing out to buttery-smooth gravity goodness.


  • 100+ Levels of unique gravity challenges

  • 10+ magical powerups, including a gravity-warping 'terraforming' mechanic

  • Dynamic new soundtrack from the composer of FTL: Faster than Light

  • Beautiful handpainted graphics and wildly original creatures

  • Voice acting by Logan Cunningham, Ash Burch, and Sarah Elmaleh

  • 25+ minutes of fully animated story, hidden throughout game

  • Keyboard, mouse, and controller support

  • Optional English subtitles

  • Available For Windows, Mac, and Linux

  • Steam Achievements

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel i3 2.2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 5000 or better. 384 MB VRAM, Shader Model 3.0.
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
    • Processor: Intel i3 2.2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 5000 or better. 384 MB VRAM, Shader Model 3.0.
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
    • OS: Ubuntu 13 or greater
    • Processor: Intel i3 2.2 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel HD 5000 or better. 384 MB VRAM, Shader Model 3.0.
    • Storage: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Any
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Very Positive (219 reviews)
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3.9 hrs on record
Posted: August 19
This game is so cute and preety.I bought it with birhday money and I dont regret it. I tottaly recamend it.
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4.0 hrs on record
Posted: August 13
Gravity Ghost is a fantistic game with a heartfelt story.

It's a puzzle-platformer with emphasis on platforming. While you have to determine the appropriate way to execute each level, the challenge comes from the actual execution.

The artstyle is bright and beautiful and the story is lovely and riviting. The story is worthwhile but doesn't come at the expense of game mechanics. This is no walking simulator.

Definetly a must-play for anybody that enjoys captivating indie games in the vein of Braid, Limbo, or Fez.
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4.5 hrs on record
Posted: July 17
It's quite rare to experience a game that evokes such raw emotion as Gravity Ghost does. The narrative of a young lady and a friend from the forest, the families and relationships from both sides, and the sudden realisation and reality that everything can be turned upside-down in an instant.

The game's physics and mechanics make this game fun, but challenging enough that it won't bore new or veteran players. Between utilising gravity to collecting the spirits of animals lost in the void, this game tugs on the heartstrings of casual gamers and those seeking more challenging logic puzzles.

The story is played through a series of vignettes, often out of order, but provides the background and the story leading up to the events within the game. Late game, the story suddenly takes a dark and emotional turn, and can hit with such ferosity that you may end up having to sit back and take a breather from the realisation that the story has unravelled and revealed the hidden emotional turmoil that we all face when we find that someone is no longer in our lives, and the void that they have left can be covered over, but will always remain.
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van der Lin
2.6 hrs on record
Posted: July 6
A mix of great aesthetic, soundtrack, writing and fun mechanics. It's short, but sweet.
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56.7 hrs on record
Posted: June 17
A truly wonderful, heartfelt game. My children (4 and 2) also love it—they play alongside each other and I can't imagine a better first game for them to enjoy. Peaceful, graceful, and mature.
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0.4 hrs on record
Posted: May 16
Worth picking up on a sale.
Short, but sweet!
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3.8 hrs on record
Posted: May 8
Gravity Ghost was released in January 2015 and was designed and published by Erin Robinson of Ivy Games which is an American independent game studio currently consisting of a team of four staff.

There are an impressive assortment of people involved with this game. Most noticeable for me when starting to play through the game initially was the soundtrack which was done by Ben Prunty (of FTL soundtrack fame) - the music is very similar to that of FTL which though made the composer very easily recognisable, I feel the game is so different to FTL it would have been nice to have had the soundtrack sound a bit more unique as good as it still is.

Voice acting was undertaken by Logan Cunningham (who was Rucks in Bastion - one of my favourite characters of all time in terms of voice-acting), Ash Burch (who has been a voice-actor in Adventure Time, Saints Row IV, and Borderlands to name but a few), and Sarah Elmaleh (who voice-acted in Gone Home, a great narrative driven game).

Gravity Ghost is a short physics based puzzle game in which you play as a young girl named Iona who is flying through a version of space that is revealed as being an analogy for purgatory.

The story for Gravity Ghost is relatively straight forward, and is revealed to you through a variety of animated cut-scenes that play as you progress through the levels. I will not go into the story here as I think with this being such a short game (with around 30mins worth of cut-scenes detailing the story) it would detract from the revelations that happen as you see it unfolding first-hand.

This game has a Mario Galaxy feel to it as you fly from level to level, solving puzzles to collect stars to unlock yet more levels. There are also spirit animals that you can reunite with their bodies/bones, and geoms that you can collect which are basically a variety of power-ups.

Each level within the game contains a star, and the world-map is rather impressive. There are 94 stars in total to collect. Each 'branch' of levels is unlocked with every 10 stars collected.

This game was a delight. Though it can look a little child-like in animation style, and it is about a young girl with flowing hair, and I guess could be classed as a rather 'feminine' game stylistically, don't let that deceive you. I've seen reviews from guys who have thoroughly enjoyed the style of this game, and the story line though comical in places is quite dark also and has, I feel, something for everyone.

I did, at times, struggle with the physics/mechanics of the game, and found 1 level in particular particularly difficult to complete towards the end of the game, but that did not put me off wanting to stick with it.

I do feel £10.99 for 4hrs of gameplay may seem a little steep. If you were going to play through another two/three times to get all of the achievements then this is maybe not too bad a price, but I would say to definitely give this a try, but maybe wait until it hits an inevitable Steam sale. A great game, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it.
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4.1 hrs on record
Posted: May 1
This game is something special. Gameplay is solid, and it sticks to its core concept: using gravity to collect objects. Over the course of the game, you get more tools to help you on your way. The levels combined with the mechanics are good enough to stand on their own, but where the game truly shines is the story and the art. The story is told like a book. It starts at the end, and you need to piece together what happened as you play through the game. The crayon art style meshes very well with the childy outdoorsy tone.

At first, I wasn't thrilled by the gameplay. I remember it being an adjustment. The mechanics and the themes that built up over time did leave an impression on me, however. I know a humble indie project when I see one, and gravity ghost makes the best out of what its got. After a while, I found myself gleefully soaring from orbit to orbit. It's that childlike freedom that really ties in together with the story. This game does present some serious subject matter towards the end, which leads into a very nice ending that ties everything together.

Gravity ghost may not be the best designed game, or the most attention grabbing, but there's a lot of merit in making what you have work.
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8.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 12
Gravity Ghost is a fun little puzzle-platformer based around jumping in a 2D plane with various sources of gravity to deal with. The graphics and sound combine to form a nice relaxing atmosphere. The puzzles a not too hard without being insultingly easy. It's a short game, but given the core mechanic it probably doesn't want to be too much longer. While the idea has been done before, it's done well here with enough variation to make the whole experience quite fun. Don't expect too much and you won't regret this.

The biggest weakness comes in the story. The story is told in anachronistic order. Indeed, it's possible to view the cut-scenes in almost any order. Immediately we have a problem, as this means that there's no narrative structure. Things happen, and it's your responsibility to put it all together afterwards. Worse, once you do that, the result isn't that rewarding. It's not that the story is bad, exactly; rather, it's underwhelming and doesn't carry much weight.

Still, despite that I have no issues recommending the game on the basis of the gameplay. As I said above, it's fun light entertainment for a few hours.
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 26, 2015
I don’t know how to deal with loss; I sometimes wonder if anyone does. When my grandfather passed away a few years ago I’d have expected tears, depression, the sort of symptoms you see in others that seem required to properly grieve. They didn’t come to me, or at least not how I would have assumed them to. There was just this feeling of something suddenly missing, having been taken away with no way to get it back. I found myself more angry than sad, wondering if that made me a bad person and then getting more angry of myself as a result.

When my pets died growing up it was often my family that appeared more upset than myself, as I sat in solitude trying to block out the realities of the world with easy distractions. At the time I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with myself, failing to find the emotions others were clearly expressing in myself, like I was somehow defective or simply didn’t care about the person or animal that had disappeared from my life as much as I thought I did. It’s terrifying and disorienting, maybe more so than if I had just been able to open up and bawl my eyes out like everyone else.

I didn’t expect to see this part of me in Gravity Ghost, or in any game for that matter. It’s a surreal space platformer, full of interesting mechanics, gorgeous artwork and a masterful soundtrack, but it’s the side of it that it never told you about that hit me like a train into a brick wall.

Flying through the stars and landing on planets, you become wrapped up in a world full of analogies to one less abstract and impossible; a lighthearted blanket over the much more real and unfair reality underneath. Seeing this story unfold is a slow series of vignettes, often out of order and incomprehensible by themselves, asking you to draw the lines and outline the narrative underneath.

When Gravity Ghost finally comes into focus it does so with alarming emotion and sincerity. It isn’t trying to manipulate you into feeling the way its characters do, it manages that by writing them as human and flawed the way we all are. Characters reactions and dialogues with and between each other are awkward and raw, but in a way that connected with me the way a articulated, perfectly timed script couldn’t have. People often aren’t eloquent, or tactful, and Gravity Ghost presents that side of us that often comes out during times of grief in a way that really resonated with me.

Gravity Ghost is a great game, certainly a more mechanically robust and sophisticated one than I would have expected, and you could play it for that side and come away impressed. You could play it because it’s beautiful and inspired, bursting with creativity and this sort of creepy but endearing sensibility to its extraterrestrial character designs. Or you could play it for its most unexpected and impressive side: a narrative that’s struck me emotional for what it was, and for how it managed to show that this part of me I’d chosen to ignore wasn’t something I needed to feel ashamed about. I’m not sure what Gravity Ghost will be for others who play it, but if it has anywhere near the same effect on them as it did me, that’s something worth experiencing however it might manifest.

You can read more of my writing on Kritiqal.
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34 of 37 people (92%) found this review helpful
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10.2 hrs on record
Posted: March 1, 2015
In each of the far corners of this dreamlike galaxy are the spirits of guardian animals, whimsical creatures that seem close and sentimental to a wandering soul of a young girl who explores ceaselessly through the cosmos. Floating between planets with the most graceful elegance and encountering this realm's many colorful entities, each with their own history and past of mysteries for the playful space girl to discover.

Each node on our galactic map presents the player with a single stage of different planetary arrangements, some solid, some bouncy, some composed of water for you to splash through to the other side. Each maze of differently sized planet obstacles hides one shining yellow star to obtain and bring to the exit through skillful navigation and manipulation of gravity. Different plots on the sprawling and sparkling map hold the key to important elemental powers allowing you to become light as a feather and floating at a consistent level or heavy as a rock and plummeting towards the surface of a nearby planet. Successfully harnessing the power of these natural elements guides you easily through the galaxy.

All forms of inventive mechanics are slowly brought into play as the stages progress and they seem to add just as much to the colorful and calming visual appeal as they do the fluid feel of playing, from expanding circles of light that expand as you coast around their radius revealing new items to elegant clockwork puzzles of complex moving gears.

Gravity Ghost strikes just the perfect balance of visual wonder with fresh interactivity to keep your mind, heart, and fingers all equally busy. Some levels will test your reflexes and your accuracy with concentrated shots into clusters of small planets to reach that one important star, whereas other levels feel more relaxing in nature and entice the player into losing themselves in the flow of gravity and take in the sights and sounds.

The deeper you go and the more you clear, the more stars light up the interconnected galaxy and awaken the spirit animals whom reside in each of its corners. As you complete each level and free each lost animal spirit the pathways behind you glow radiantly until eventually the entire map is alive with the twinkling of stars signifying your completed trail. The sense of satisfaction from watching your cold unlit surroundings resurrect from the ashes into a beautiful booming system of lights is a most euphoric reward.

Scattered throughout each of the different systems belonging to a different animal spirit are the skeletal remnants of the once magnificent beings, and its your task to connect the wandering spirit with its earthly remains. You can then lead these now free spirits back to the center Blackhole hub where they stay giving life and color back to the galaxy, reminding us that death is not just a gloomy end but a hopeful start of new beginnings.

Gravity Ghost is clearly a game made by the free-spirited for the free-spirited, a potpourri of concepts so lighthearted anyone of any age or background could enjoy. You'll glide around effortlessly to the flow of gravity, terraforming colorful planets to your liking and collecting bits of star to grow cosmically charged hair. Gather the remains of your spirit animals to reignite their creative energies in order to soar into the cosmos with new found powers.

The space-y and emotional atmosphere given by the music is strongly evocative of the sound in FTL, and if you were a fan of Ben Prunty's masterful soundtrack there you are in for a serious treat with the sounds of Gravity Ghost. Prunty has really outdone himself with the soundtrack and I feel like I can hear his growth as a musician into different styles since past works. We are treated with a much wider range of sounds and instrumentation beyond just the synth-y soundscapes, with natural elements presented from the strings of guitar painting colorful melody across this galactic landscape. This evolution in his style makes me insanely excited to see where his music is headed in the future.

Despite the lack of any real threat, the lack of challenges or the prospect of death I was still heavily drawn into the gameplay in a way no other game of casual nature has hooked me. It could be the fantastically vibrant and psychedelic visions of a spiritual and magical Outer Space, or the fact that instead of the usual throwaway plots of casual games have been replaced with a deep and effective story containing rich characters ranging from the comedic to the downright tragic.


Forget brain eating zombies, forget lazer-blasting spaceships or epic boss battles. Gravity Ghost is a game that shines in areas where gaming should be all about to begin with; free-spirited fun with the freedom and expression of imagination. It's a display of pure creativity and has the power to stir powerful levels of said imagination in those who hold it.
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11.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 28, 2015
Gravity ghosts is a 2D long hair terraforming ghost girl star collector simulator! The game can be completed under an hour in a speedrun however a normal run will probably take around 2-4 hours depending on how slow you go through all the content.


+Saving pets bring out memories

The story follows a ghost girl collecting stars in the sky looking for not only her memories but how to help those in her past. Along her adventures she will meet many guardians who will challenge her for the planet cores. Upon returning the cores to the black hole thats formed in the middle of the galaxy, the planets will be return suspended in cryostasis state until terraformed by her powers.

The story was interesting to see unfold as the series of events clashed since I did it somewhat out of order though I was still able to grasp what happened, I redid all the memories at the main hub to fully comprehend the story. None of the characters were the typical good/bad types but rather humans who were trying to live their lives by their own accord. Collecting the memories was really worthwhile especially to grasp a better understanding of what was going on..


+Stars unlock doors, levels, and branches
+Each branch requires only the power achieved within it
+Heart levels give abilities to your character

The stars are the main way of progressing through the game. Once you start getting stars you will notice the dotted lines on the map becomes solid which means you can proceed onto the next level. The branches have optional ways to proceed, which results in the ability to miss abilities that could help, or memories to explain more of the backstory.

Note: Only the planet cores are necessary to beat the game.

Heart levels give abilities that are helpful in proceeding through levels with ease. The abilities range from being able to jump higher, making you weigh more, being able to float higher in the air, becoming immaterial, and having the ability to terraform without using hair. These abilities have a variety of uses throughout the levels and will generally be helpful.

The immaterial ability for example makes it possible to phase through planets, which helps get to a star or exist when normally blocked by other planets that you gravitate towards.


+Gather all the planet cores/activate them
+Memories can be replayed

Bringing back the planet cores earned from the guardians, to the black hole rebuilds the planet in a chronic state that requires you to use a certain element in order to awaken it. This element required is the same one you earned within the branch you also got the core from.

The memories unlocked can be replayed anytime in the hub area simply by interacting with the animals that are on the floating asteroids. Keep in mind there is normally 2 of them per location so if you happen to be missing any of them they should be indicated on the map with a skeleton.


+Gravity between planets depends on terraform
+Hair is used to terraform

The physics on the planets is pretty well done considering that there is a variety of effects you can achieve through changing the terraform of the planet. For example changing a planet to the extremely hot type will make you propelled further from it.

Playing around with terraforming is a great way to learn how to grab stars though its not necessary for the most part if you have been collecting those power abilities for your character.

Collecting leafs will make your hair grow which is used to not only carry animal spirits but to terraform planets. Running out of hair makes you unable to terraform however you can go back and collect more leafs from any level since they respawn. This I thought would be useful until later on where I had the ability to terraform without consuming hair than I completely ignored leafs altogether.

The game has some elements of a puzzle game however it felt more like playing a game purely for the atmosphere attributes and having fun with the terraforming abilities of your character when fight against gravity in order to succeed. I found myself enjoying the race against the clock the second time I played the game in order to try and get the achievement for beating it under 50 minutes. Sadly, I failed quite miserably but felt like I enjoyed my time and will attempt it again in the future.


When first opening the game I noticed how good the soundtrack was when it went from the tick tocking of the night to a more tranquil space outwardly feel. The game features a soundtrack that ranges from indian music to space which is a nice mix of both the background of the character and the current situation she found herself in.


The game’s appearance story wise feels like a old style pop up book especially with the animations of the mouth. The voice acting I thought could be better however the overall presentation was pleasant. During the gameplay itself I enjoyed the surreal mix of indian and space appearance you took as a ghost the mix was somewhat comical but effective.


I always thought what if Orbital Gear decided to take its gravity components and focus strictly on single player experience and I got my answer. A well made puzzle space game going through a journey and tale of a girl’s memories with mechanics that expand the experience that gravity has to offer.
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3.0 hrs on record
Posted: May 27, 2015
It's freaking fantastic. My indie GOTY so far. It also needs to win a Best Music award, mostly because of the Mouse Guardian's song. (It actually took me a little over 4 hours to beat, Steam just lost some of my playtime somehow)

Also, my mom died last year, and in some weird way, this helped me deal with that? I can't explain it, but it... well, did. So it has that going for it too.
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8.4 hrs on record
Posted: November 16, 2015
Gravity Ghost is a beautiful physics platformer wrapped around a sweet and touching story. I'd rather not go into the story as it unfolds slowly and anything I say about it might be a spoiler.


Super gorgeous artwork
Fun music
Novel gameplay
Wonderful story


Controls can be a little annoying especially when trying to catch a star in a specific location
Story gets revealed slowly with lots of metaphors
Game kinda short

I recommend this game for anyone looking for an original experience, fun gameplay, and a great story.
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2.0 hrs on record
Pre-Release Review
Posted: January 26, 2015
Gravity Ghost is 2D "gravity hopper" and that's a description I like and hope it's used more, because it somehow fits the description of games likes these, so I'm on board with it. Going to talking about the game

The look and sound of the game reminds me of some shows (or a show) from Nickelodeon that I watched when I was a kid, and to me that's honesty kind of neat and I really like it. The voice acting, while some might find it in the low quality area, I find it extremely lovely, same with the art, same with the story.

Speaking of story, it's a simple one. It riles up a few emotions, but the most apparent ones were happiness and sadness. While the story is nice, it's not good at story telling, at least in the begging. I had a hard time trying to know what the story was almost half of the game, not until later on that I started to put pieces together and sort of figured it out, but once everything was sort of clear, I was happy with it and loved how it progressed and ended.

The gameplay is just straight out simple and fun, but not empty though. It's filled with a loads of levels to finish, and as you jump around from planet to planet, collecting stars to move on to the next level, the game gets more complex, and it also gives you new power to to help you finish levels, like the ability to stay afloat, or drop like a big boulder, dashing..etc, with other power that's connected to your hair in which you change the type of planet like from a water-based planet to an ice-based one, with each type of planet having their own unique passive ability that would affect you while you progress through levels.

Also, the music is great, filled with a sort of mystic and wondrous vibe to it, fitting nicely with the games setting, image, and with how it plays. Worth a listen and worth to be liked. At least I liked it.

I didn't really have this game in mind until I was given the opportunity to get it and check it out, and after playing through it, finishing it, I was really happy that I did get the chance to play it. It's a wonderful game that's simple, relaxing, and oozing with charm. It looks great, plays great, and the story hits you right in the feels. Would definitely recommend Gravity Ghost to those who want to take a step back from all the complexities and the action-packed games that we get so much of.

Shameless link to original post.
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6.1 hrs on record
Posted: January 27, 2015
Gravity Ghost is a very pretty, elegent and atmospheric game, there is no violence and you never die, just lots of puzzles to solve. I really love the handdrawn art and everything about this pretty game. While i cant describe this game very well, the store page describes it very well I think. :)

I'd like to thank the lovely friend who gave me the opportunity to experience this lovely game, I thankyou greatly for the game. Its definitely worth the asking price in my opinion. Alot of love has gone into this game, and I would love a very pretty badge to represent this adorable game. ; )))

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4.4 hrs on record
Posted: January 28, 2015
I'm quite cautious on puling the trigger on a review, but at around 2/3rds of the way through my first playthrough (at 2.5 hours) my verdict is already clear. This is great stuff.

Gravity Ghost is a "gravity hopper." Your character manuevers around in the gravity fields of systems of planets/asteroids. Your character gets more agile as the game progresses and can start to change the properties of the planets, while the tasks you have to accomplish in each system grow more complicated. The difficulty curve is quite smooth and gentle so far, at least for me. Plus there's no failure, you can keep trying until you get something right. You could even skip some levels, although you may miss story elements and/or achievements on that playthrough if you do. The core gameplay is fun, flying around with an extremely agile character that needs every bit of it at times.

The visuals are 2D with a very colorful hand drawn look. I like it a lot. You can easily judge for yourself from all the screenies around. The soundtrack is great imo. The script doesn't really lend itself to standout voice performances, but they're quite solid. And the story has been quite interesting so far, pieced together from scenes earned by doing clearly indicated stages. Plus the game just drips with atmosphere and cute factor.

For achievements, there are some that will almost certainly require extra playthrough(s) with a different pattern of collecting items. Plus there's a 50 minute speedrun that may be pretty difficult. Nothing broken or ridiculous though, and I don't consider extra playthroughs of this a problem. :)

In short, plenty of pros, no real cons to speak of. A very easy recommend. I'll leave the price point to buy at as an exercise for the reader, but it's a buy for sure.
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37.7 hrs on record
Posted: January 26, 2015
If you haven't already played this game for yourself, I highly recommend picking it up. The gameplay starts off rather simple at first, making it easy for beginners to get into. As it progresses though, it throws new challenges at you, keeping it from becoming stale. Even once you complete the game, there's still more ways you can challenge yourself, especially with a certain achievement, meaning you'll be going back to play this a few times. The artwork for this game is very well done, and the soundtrack is phenomenal. All in all, if you haven't already played the game, you're missing out on an amazing indie title.
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2.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 30, 2015
Childlike without being childish, Gravity ghost is a much deeper experience than the first few moments suggest. The game follows a young girl named Iona as she traverses the cosmos to piece together memories that will ultimately tell her story. Gameplay revolves around (ha ha) making the most of Iona's ever-expanding control over the physical rules of the world. Some examples of her powers include becoming more massive to fall faster or becoming incorporeal to pass through objects. She also learns "terraforming" abilities that allow her to change the properties of the planetary bodies that form most of the game world.

Just like the game, the story is a mix of whimsy and challenges, this time in the form of human interaction between Iona's family unit. The characters are voiced by several indie darlings such as Ashly Burch and Logan Cunningham. The story is told in snippets so at first it can be difficult to even understand the relationships between the characters. However, as you learn who they are and how they relate to Iona, you realize their connection to her celestial journey. The game's music is also noteworthy, as it is the work of Ben Prunty, the man responsible for the excellent FTL score. You can expect the same lonely and beautiful music in Gravity Ghost.

I finished this game in one sitting (I clocked about 4 hours for 10% completion) so the game doesn't outstay it's welcome. The rate at which Iona gains new powers and abilities kept me completely hooked the entire time. I won't claim the story is mindblowing, but it is a touching tale of family and the way we, like the planets circling our star, have an invisible force keeping us together. I recommend it highly to fans of whimsical, innovative indie titles.
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