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Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is a turn-based strategy/role-playing game based on the award winning Call of Cthulhu RPG. Set in the midst of World War One, the game pits your team of investigators and soldiers against an ancient enemy, one older than humanity itself...
Fecha de lanzamiento: 4 Mar 2012
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Updated version released!

13 marzo 2014

Hi all - we've released an updated version to the address the control issues and a few other minor fixes. Thanks!

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“I was totally addicted to this game for weeks….”

“This game is worth your time if you like a good story and RPGs.”
9/10 –

“Stunningly complex turn-by-turn strategy-based SIM”
5/5 – T3

Acerca del juego

" MUST download today...Awesome..." Guardian
"Joyously thoughtful..." 9/10 PC Advisor

The fate of humanity is in your hands...

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land is a turn-based strategy/role-playing game based on the award winning Call of Cthulhu RPG. Developed in conjunction with Chaosium and based their multi-award winning Call of Cthulhu RPG. Set in the midst of World War One, the game pits your team of investigators and soldiers against an ancient enemy, one older than humanity itself... Can your team of investigators keep their grip on sanity long enough to stop these diabolical plans?

The game features:
- Full 3D graphics with high quality textures, images and effects to bring the action alive.
- Select from a range of authentic period weapons, equipment, armour, skills and more.
- Build your team up to match your gaming style; will you shred your foes with massed rifle fire or blast them with powerful spells gleaned from forbidden tomes? It's your choice!

Call of Cthulhu was originally the title of a novella by cult American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft (1890–1937) which has, since it was published in 1928, captured the imagination of generation after generation of fans. Returning to the horror from Lovecraft's original 'Reanimator' set during the dark days of WW1, Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land draws the player into a nightmare world where the terror of mustard gas and trench warfare are but a foretaste of what is to follow.

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel 1.6GHz Processor or equivalent
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: OpenGL compatible
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 400 MB available space
    • Sound Card: Any.
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Este juego lo jugue en la version Android en mi Galaxy Tab 10.1 , mezcla estrategia y rol que nos llevara a los horrores de la 1ª Guerra Mundial y las pesadillas de los mitos de Chtulhu introduciendonos en una apasionante historia .

En el juego moveremos nuestras unidades por turnos , estas unidades ademas tienen un arbol de caracteristicas en los que podremos ir añadiendo puntos conforme avancen y especializandolos en aquello que creamos mas coneveniente . No es facil saber en que gastar los puntos pues las necesidades y las opciones son muchas , entre ellas el psicoanalisis , que necesitaremos para mantener la cordura de nuestros hombres en el campo de batalla cuando se enfrenten a criaturas sobrenaturales .

Para enfrentarnos a los enemigos tenemos un amplio arsenal de armas de fuego , melee e incluso opciones magicas con las que defendernos y atacar , tambien ayudas en forma de botiquines , mascaras antigas , petos , cascos y todo tipo de parafernalia tipica de la guerra de trincheras .

La ambientacion es buena y la historia trabajada , eso se agradece hoy en dia . Este es un juego que recomendaria si buscais algo que no sea un mata mata , en ocasiones la dificultad puede ser desesperante incluso , pero con perseverancia es facil acabar el juego . Yo lo recomiendo , es bastante barato y si lo pillais en una oferta por apenas nada tendreis bastantes horas de diversion .
Publicado: 16 mayo 2014
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DO NOT BUY THIS! The controls are abysmal at best. Loved the original paper based RPG, so I felt compelled to try this little strategy game which looks like a turn based X-com style game. After reading how it is supposed to function in the in game guide, I still cannot get my soldiers to do more than walk around. They will not target or shoot enemies. When you attempt to select an enemy target, it does select the enemy; however, it is as if it simply jumps to an information screen about that enemy while forgetting the original player's unit who was supposed to be 'targeting' the enemy unit. Thus no attack options pop up. Reading some of the producer's website, it sounds as if this might have been developed as a touchscreen tablet ap game, where it may work well for all I know. I'm not a touchscreen tablet user. I have a PC. I opted out of the 'new' Windows experience, not wanting a glorified tablet operating system on my PC, and I do not have a touch screen on my PC. The game currently feels unplayable. I may tinker with it enough to get it to 'unwieldy,' or I may just save the data space on my HDD, as I don't feel much need to trouble shoot games that are supposedly post production.

[After more effort to play and to respond to some comments]:
Oh I've done both. There is some sort of indeterminate lag on input in this game that makes no sense at all. The UI in this game is TERRIBLE. Appearance is fine, but over half the time it doesn't detect the presence of the cursor over a button, or, alternatively, it simply doesn't register most mouse clicks. Since there is no UI feedback to let you know you _are_ hovering over the hotspot for a button, it's anyones guess as to which is the case. I have finally got to see a targeting box, or I'd have deleted long ago. A diehard Cthulu or Lovecraft fan might tolerate this game, and I don't feel cheated at the price I payed for it since I am a Lovecraftian, but most 70's Atari games had better response/detection of user input than this game does, AND IT'S NOT EVEN REAL TIME, it's a turn based strategy game. Clicking a random number of times from 2 to 20 to get the game to acknowledge input, from character upgrade screens, dialogue screens, and combat turns doesn't make for smooth game play. Feels like the developers were pushed to roll the product out before it was fully play tested, like most EA products are done. Don't really expect that in indie type games.
Publicado: 6 marzo 2014
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Chaosium should be ASHAMED to have their name splash in the intro to this dreck. The writing is infantile, the controls are almost unusable because they didn't even have the courtesy to polish it for the PC release. It's like they've never designed a game for a mouse before. Baffling.

The statistics, turn-based combat-style and "pen & paper" elements are buzzwords used as a ruse to lure you into purchasing something incredibly shallow.

Halfway through the first level they want you to hold a trench for 15 turns while enemies attack. All you have to do is continously end turn and overwatch will wipe everything. And that's a better alternative to fighting through the multiple clicks to get a single shot off (which ends up being a "miss" anyway.

TL:DR Some crap that would have been slightly better if outsourced to wherever.
Publicado: 6 marzo 2014
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A buggy mess that plays poorly when it actually plays.
Publicado: 6 marzo 2014
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Sadly one of those games where the PC optimisation is lacking if not totally absent. Commands work sporadically, focus changes without reason and the keyboard commands are not at all intuitive. It may have been a great tablet game but it is not living up to it on PC.
Publicado: 6 marzo 2014
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Winner Mobile Game of The Year 2012
Winner 2012 Best Smartphone or Tablet Game DigitallyDownloaded
Nominated Best Strategy/Simulation Pocker Gamer Awards 2013
Nominated Reader Award 2012, Pocket Tactics
1 of 7 Best Strategy Games on iPad, TechShout