The new reference in RTS at its best! The Wargame series returns to duty, larger, richer and more spectacular than ever before. In Wargame Red Dragon, you are engaged in a large-scale conflict where Western forces clash against the Communist bloc.
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Release Date: Apr 17, 2014

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"Wargame: Red Dragon is bigger and more impressive than ever, but its poor naval combat is an anchor weighing it down."
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June 1

WARGAME FRANCHISE PACK on sale on Steam today!

For the next 30 hours, you can get all three Wargame instalments for 12,49€.

Don't miss it! :)

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February 13

Patch v610 is now available on Linux too

New coalitions (LANDJUT and NORAD) were not taken into account ingame, thus not granting permission to use prototypes and not even showing up in the lobby.
All of this is fixed with this patch.

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About This Game

The new reference in RTS at its best!

The Wargame series returns to duty, larger, richer and more spectacular than ever before. In Wargame Red Dragon, you are engaged in a large-scale conflict where Western forces clash against the Communist bloc.

1991: the two blocs confront each other in a new theater of war, Asia, joined by various other countries: Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

You command the military resources of all 17 nations involved, assembling your fighting force from a phenomenal selection of 1,450 units that have been meticulously reproduced from their source! Command tanks, planes, helicopters, new warships and amphibious units in intense battles of unequaled tactical depth. Master the relief of varied, ultra realistic battlefields, dominate the new maritime areas and rewrite history in a conflict that has been directed and designed in stunning detail by development studio Eugen Systems.

Wargame Red Dragon is thrilling in single-player mode with its new dynamic campaign system, and also offers an extensive multiplayer mode where up to 20 players can compete against each other simultaneously.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DIRECTX 9 COMPATIBLE
    • OS: MAC OS X 10.7
    • Processor: INTEL CORE 2 DUO 2.4 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics: 256 MB ATI RADEON HD 4670/NVIDIA GEFORCE GT120/320M OR HIGHER
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
    • OS: UBUNTU 12.04 LTS 64bits/UBUNTU 12.10 64bits/SteamOS 64bits
    • Processor: AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.5 GHZ
    • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
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19.9 hrs on record
Posted: February 11
The Game
The premise of the game is to play on Korean War, and for conflict between Western bloc and Eastern bloc on East Asia. The primary addition of this release is naval warfare, instead of just air and land battle that has been covered in previous series. This release will also (realistically) adds new units to all nations, as years shift to 1990 era. Like in previous series, Wargame series focus on "combined-arms" approach, where tactics and strategies are required, as just simply roll out your best tanks will only see them turned into scraps in a space of few minutes. Like in Wargame series, there are no base building, the only building you would have is the FOB (Forward Operating Base).

Before the battle, you are given option to compose a "deck" of units. Each unit have limitations and advantages. For example, you could bring out newest US armor, the US M1A2 Abrams, but you could only field 2 of them in the battle, and it costs a lot. Or you could bring out M8 AGS tank, it is weaker than Abrams, but you could field more of them, and is more cheaper. You could also set the focus and the theme of your deck. You could focus your deck on Soviet Union units, where you could only field Soviet Union units but be able to field prototype Soviet Union units. You could also focus on the type of your deck. For example, you could focus your deck theme on "Airborne", where you get bonus of deployment to helicopters and aircrafts, but may not be able to field some type of units.

The battles are fought in standard RTS mode. The game uses "true line-of-sight" where trees and buildings could block your vision and your firing solution, creating tactics to hide in the forest, hide in urban areas, etc. Because of this feature, scouting before advancing is really important, so that your tanks did not run into enemy soldiers with anti-tank weapons, or small vehicles with anti-tank missiles. As usual, tanks are the king of open field battles, where their guns and armours could be really beneficial. In the urban areas, it is the areas where infantry and special forces, like SPESTNAZ and Green Beret shine. Aircrafts are fast, but can be shot down by SAMs if they are not careful. Some aircrafts have better counter-measures than the others, allowing greater risk to be taken. On the other hand, careless SAM, who kept their radar on at all times, will also falls prey to SEAD (Suppresion of Enemy Aircraft Defenses) aircrafts, who uses the radar electromagnetic pulse to target the SAM system.

Important gameplay features and observations:

Complex Games
As outlined above, tactics, mixed arms approach, and fluid tactics are required. There are no units that are truly superior, each unit have weakness that could be exploited. Even in some circumstances, units that usually can't defeat other units could do that. Helicopters could wreak havoc on tanks that are open terrain, but if the helicopter gets close to a tank without detecting the tank, the machine guns on tank could do shot down a helicopter.

Lots of Units
This is quite clear. Each nation is unique, each faction is unique. For example, as historically accurate, the Scandinavian nation don't possess much armor, but possess a lot of mechanized units. US and Soviet Union, as superpowers, have extensive choice of units. The Soviets, as their armor tactic, is focusing on superior armor and ability of their armor to destroy other armor, hence a lot of Soviet units and tanks could fire anti tank missiles. On the other hand, focus their armor strategies on mobility, thus US tanks have better stabilizers to better fire on the move. Soviet choppers are focusing on gunship choppers like the Hind that can mete out huge punishment and took a lot of damage without failing. The US choppers on the other hand focus on mobility, optics, and more accurate AT missile. Each nation have unique units, each nation have different tactics.

Naval Warfare
The naval warfare, on the other hand, have some limitation on units. All naval units on this game is not tied into a particular nation. For example, the US could use a Kongo-class ship, which is obviously not a US ship but a Japanese ship. In some maps, there could be naval and land-air warfare, but there are some exclusive maps that only allows naval and air units. Naval battles are fought with anti-ship missiles, that could be launched by smaller crafts, helicopters, ships, and aircrafts. Interestingly, bigger ships have CIWS to stop missile, thus modern ships that have modern CIWS like Russian ships need to be overwhelmed with missiles.

There is nothing special in the multiplayer. I find it interesting, you could play in 10v10 map. There are people who despises newbies, though they are usual but I find them in bigger numbers in this game. Though honestly, most of the "newbie-haters" hates newbies because newbies sometimes don't want to listen. Most of the newbies mistake in this game are using too much artilleries, consuming a lot of team supplies (it is limited) and uses aircrafts without thinking.

Look and Feel
The unit looks great, sound great. The maps theme of South Korean and East Asia are great, but we do need maps that represent Europe, as in previous games. The units are richly detailed, a very distinctive. You could find out subtle differences in M11P and M1A1 Abrams. Same tanks, different series. If you compare distinctively different units, like T-90 to T-55, you would see clear differences.

Final Verdict
A great game that should be played for all RTS lovers.
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Posted: May 29
The first Wargames was pretty awesome, totally new. The second Wargames introduced some interesting stuff, but really could be best described as "now with airplanes!"

Red Dragon of all the series is least functional. It had a half-hearted "navy" layer added that was so comically broken that it was more or less left unchanged after it was terminally broken in the beta. There's such a lack of focus, while there's thousands of units, only maybe a few dozen are actually relevant, and frequently they're represented by marginal quality models clearly done by the lowest bidder. Worse, the developer itself refuses to change models that are 100% wrong, or entirely substandard quality because someone on their forums hurt their feelings once.

Please note the last statement is entirely 100% true. They call the no-updated-models thing the "UGBEAR" policy after said poster.

In terms of gameplay it goes more or less like the following:

1. Single Player:

Terrible. It's your more or less bog standard skirmish maps arrayed in a sequence, with a tissue paper thin "strategic" level. The AI is frankly too ♥♥♥♥♥ to do anything but "drive towards things!" which it will do with gusto. The key to any mission is successfully destroying whatever blob the AI has summoned forth before it destroys whatever much smaller blob you were allocated for the mission is destroyed.

Then pair this with some really stupid choices in terms of campaign design (Fact: Did you know South Korea's defense hinges on French and German intervention?), and just how many damned times you'll fight on the same map, doing the same thing, with the same units against the same total lack of objectives except "DESTOY TANKS," and it's really quite telling how few folks play singleplayer more than a few missions.

Which is rather a shame, the campaigns in the first Wargame were quite well put together, challenging missions with a wide variety of objectives and terrain.

Additional caveats:

a. This is the least Asian game to be set in Asia since video games were made. You basically have two terrain types, Europe with Pagodas, or the American Southwest with Pagodas. These two terrain types represent everything from the Russian far-east, to Tokyo.

b. Again, despite being a game oriented on events in Asia, most of the effort went into making the European countries in game larger and more full of weirdo stuff that never actually reached service. The Asian factions, the ones that you would think would command some attention in a game called "Red Dragon" are very poorly realized and hardly worth playing. The Chinese forces are a curious mix of equipment China never had, and total exclusion of several key systems they used extensively, the Anzac formations are pure crap, and the North Korean force, which arguably are pretty central to a game that spends so much time in Korea are....terrible. Not gameplay terrible, but poorly researched, poorly realized, and ultimately best skipped.

2. Multiplayer

The best way to describe it is whatever broken cheesy tactic of the month on a loop. MRLS type rockets are powerful this week? STANDBY FOR ROCKET SWARMS ALL MATCH AND NOTHING ELSE. Super-cheap planes spammed out? It's going to be raining planes for a few days. Somehow crappy bottom tier infantry becomes way too cost effective? Waves of mans for forever.

You'll note a recoccuring theme. It's not even like "the heavy tank shuffle!" or some other weird tactic just works really well. From the first Wargame, to the last most of your games start with a spammy spam rush or artillery spam and end with same.

It's all right if you're playing with a friend, or folks you know aren't douches. But public matches are an exercise in pulling your own teeth out.

Which ties into a few subtopics on multiplayer:

a. There's only a handful of "good" maps, which is to say, ones that are not broken/unbalanced etc. And you'll play on all those maps within the first day of playing the game more than once. It gets old, fast.

b. Many of the maps are...boring. Like imagine a flat open field. Put a river through it. Add some trees. CONGRATS! I just described several of the maps you'll be playing on.

3. Eugen is a terrible company.

Here's things they do okay:

+You do not have to pay for any of their DLC.
+Wargames EE was pretty good!
+As far as I can tell, none of them are terrorists.

Here's things that make them marginal

-They do not deliver on promised features, and then lie/have really bad excuses why it's your fault those features do not exist. Examples:
a. Red Dragon was promised to have sufficent ships to fully flesh out the smaller combatants of all the factions that had Navies. This is several times over not the case. If you want to play Naval stuff (which you shouldn't do anyway because its pretty terrible), as NATO your force is an all nations dreamteam of Japanese, French....and really skip the American and British stuff because it's not like either of those countries had Navies anyway (and are represented by a bad frigate and a not really used in number missile boat, and a terrible frigate respectively).
b. A map pack was promised with the last major patch. It was claimed the maps were being withheld because...well either to give the dev team more time to work on fixing a HUGE exploit that went more or less un-fixed for a month or so, or because we're sinners and don't deserve maps I guess? Either way the maps have never showed up, and asking about them on the game's forums will get you either banned, or at the least the thread locked without comment.
c. Think of it like this. You know those Twilight Zone episodes, where the guy finds a Genie in a lamp, and he gets his wishes, but the wishes are some jacked up terrible version of what he wished for? That's Eugen in a nutshell. Folks who played mostly US forces were concerned that oddly enough, despite the USAF being the largest air force in the world, is having some major issues with air to air combat. Eugen's fix to this was to add in the PATRIOT missile system, which did not fix the US's lackluster air to air capabilities, but did totally break the rest of the air force part of the game as now there was a SAM site that could shoot down things over half the map. Broken part broken, and new game breaking element added in for giggles.

-Their community manager is pretty much the biggest troll on their forums. You have a problem with how things are balanced? Honhonhon, you watch too many movies. You say something unkind about France? He's going to be insulting as he can get away with, and then get you banned if you say so much as anything but stating a devout love of froglegs and terrible movies full of ennui.

- Things stay broken for reasons known only to God. You can shoot down helicopters in this game with artillery. Like seriously, here's Mr. Helicopter hovering along, and OH NO INDIRECT FIRE! helicopter is dead. This is stupid. This is also the reality of the game since the first one. This has never been fixed, or addressed. This is also but one of several brokey broke features that have remained with Wargames since 2011 or so. You get some vague answer about "the engine cannot handle it" but that's a bit like saying the Ford Pinto is designed in a way that causes it to catch fire, so drive safe! vs fixing it when you make a new one.

I really could go on. I'm still annoyed enough when I see this game on my list though to finally write this review. This really is not the game for you. If you want a good RTS, there's plenty of better ones out there. If you want a good cold war game? God avoid this mess, it's pretty much like if Tom Clancy was french and mildly mentally handicapped version of the cold war. If you want realism, this game is just as much not for you.

Perhaps you could instead try a nice game of chess?
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Posted: December 5, 2014
I love the concept of Real Time Strategy games, but am too damned old to play StarCraft or any RTS that comes close to the APM needed to keep up. Wargame delivers a beautiful RTS, at a pace I can keep up with, using units that I grew up reading about as a Cold War kid. What more could I ask for?

The learning curve is a little on the steep side, and there is definitely room for improvement on the interface front (selecting units, looking at the status of things, etc) but these are all aspects that you get used to with time. Are you on the edge of considering a purchase? Just buy it, you won't regret it, *if* you heed this one piece of advice:

Learn how to use your recon units first and foremost. Most people get frustrated because they never see the enemy before their units start to die. This is because they can't see the enemy, because they're not using their Recon units appropriately. Playing recon takes a little getting used to, but once you have it down, it opens up the rest of the game.
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45.8 hrs on record
Posted: December 7, 2014
Wasted all of my planes trying to drop Australian napalm on a Chinese UAZ-469 11/10
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Posted: December 20, 2014
Wargame: Red Dragon

Tl:dr (see bottom)

This game is a must have for all who love Commanding units of different capabilities and stengths.
You have a selection of nations to pick from two side, Allies and Pact.
Mind you that this is not a World War I or World War II game, this game is pretty much modern warfare just before the 21st century. So you have automatic weapons, modern tanks like the M1A1ABRAMS United States modern MBT.
As a continuation of Wargame: Airland Battle you now have control over ships except submarines, command ships, support ships, patrol boats, amphibious crafts, maps are now more coastal and or affected by rivers and or lakes.
Which means you're able to have vehicles or tanks that are amphibious. Also there are more advanced Military air units with more advanced weaponry at their disposal than in Wargame: Airland Battle.

This game is a very huge improvement to the Old versions of Wargame, alot of new additional units ranging from Special forces to Artillery (that are now very devastating as in Wargame:European Escalation). You can call in Naval units. There are a few bugs especially the small bridges at the flanks of big maps that can be fixed, but overall and generally speaking this game is has been a satisfying experience to participate in, despite the difference in skill level and awareness that can be taken by playing with diverse players you meet online it's been fun, and now still playing after months of release. You can make your own deck of hundreds of units ranging from almost all major and minor existing states around the globe e.g USA, USSR(old soviet union of russia), China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan.
Ever since the release of the game there has been hundreds of updates and everytime new units and new modifications has been done and bugs fixed, a very active developing team that responds to user's complaint of bugs and unbalanced units, new units have been added from time to time, and all downloadable content are free of charge once you paid for the game.

Also a new addition is the specialization in the game, where you can specialise and make a deck that is dedicated to your playstyle; for example you can choose to be a support general, in which you would be exempt from using the more advanced tanks and elite infantry, but you get to field more numbers and more experienced artillery units with an additional boost on logistics which makes you a very supportive player that assists your team on support which means long range attacks with artillery and the same time you can call in more volumes of logistical supply units to assist your allies in the frontlines.
This is also just one of the specializations you can pick. you have Airborne, Mechanized, Armored, Marines, Navy, Mechanized. With another additional option to pick the periods that limit the availability of units to be used, a 1985 or 1980, which allows you to play with older units with an added feature with the naval units!
So much options and startegical avenues that you can experiment with without contraints that most developers forget in their games.

Now the badside from this good developing team is that they decided to trash this and go to Act of Aggression which is totally going to be a failure because they can't compete with Bilzzard's Starcraft II. They were working on this wonderfull project Wargame with large battlefield which provided tactical creativity. But since EE the team has gone from Exciting to boring by bringing in repetitive and without adding new features with new abilities like rappling or do something more with what they have and improving on their game. The Terrain is still static and no change whatsoever, the earth and the mountains don't have other functions than blocking sight and provide high ground, artillery rounds can still go through mountains, Forests and trees don't burn out after napalm strike, no forest fires >_>. Pilots from planes don't eject from they aircraft. No rescue boats or life boats on cruisers or battleships. Some units with obvious differences have same price for deployment.

However in conclusion this game is a very huge improvement to the Old versions of Wargames but lacks in adding more features and new units who do new things, especially when Seal/UDT special forces equivalent can't even dive and have explosives to plant on enemy locations is not present even after the third game, it becomes repetitive because of the lack of new abilities that should be present. But aside from the lack of a full step forward the game itself is not horribly mundane, but does quite get to that when maps and the terrain and again units can't do more than what they actually could in reality. (hint try to add more features to what you already have). But to all strategy gamers if you haven't played this game you're missing out alot on a breakthrough on Real Time Strategy games but allas it seems the developers have lost creativity and gone to more mundane and StarCraft II genres with base buildings with spam like Supreme Commander. Its a pity this game has so much potential to be fluid in both gameplay and strategy that I can even name a few things, that they would use this engine to make a traditional medieval or ancient warfare with swords and arrows, and maybe even add cities for siege and what not. Its truely astonishing how its not being done.

The Good points

- Replayability YES
- Online Very much an active Community - again a knock out playing with friends or a dedicated gaming team
- Maintainence Developers keep a very close eye on servers and bugs aswells as adding content at free of charge. (currently I think the only game developers who do that!)
- I don't know why some people own the game buy don't play it, but this game is absolutely a awesome game, you have free reign on how you approach the battlefied; either by an airassault (helicopter launch) or go conventional land or even more interesting naval approach.

The Cons

- tanks and other vehicles face automatically and persistently towards the direction that they insist on disobeying the player's command such flaw such embarassment!
- limited maps
- old maps from EE and AB are not reused
- unit pricing between pact and nato are more advantageous towards nato especially tanks
- no new features only new units but no added abilities.
- sniper units of two men are priced as a ten man recon special forces just because the sniper unit has exceptional stealth which isn't even that exceptional to be honest.
- some elite units like Delta force and the LiJian have verty poor anti tank skills eventhough they are Special Forces <__<.
- no penalty for leaving game.
- tutorial is inadequate for many new players to understand units capabilites.
- units like UDT/Seals or other proffesional diving units are not able to dive under water.
- no submarines
- limited in choosing armored personnel carrier by air or land.
- no paradroping/parachuting from planes eventhough you have paratroopers in the game.
- no tactical nukes or bombs
- no female officers no chicks.
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Posted: February 19

1/0 not disappointed
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Posted: February 9
France can win a battle.

10/10 would french again
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Posted: January 18
Wargame: Red Dragon (AKA Chatgame, AKA Warchat) is a military technology debate forum where players actively debate on the topic of whether one country makes a better/more-efficient/practical/overpriced piece of war machinery than another. It never ends, nobody ever gives ground, nobody's views change, and essentially nothing is accomplished other than wasting eachothers' time. Endless gameplay.
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Posted: February 13
The fact that I can play as North Korea pretty much makes this game a 10/10
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Posted: February 10
Margaret Thatcher Simulator.
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Posted: December 6, 2014
No matter how many hours you put into this game, everybody is still better than you.

6/12 - Rotten Bannanas

Edit: I have been getting some serious life threats due to this review.

glaDes 24 Feb @ 9:37am
Im sorry if i'm good at stratergy games. I bet you suck just as much at starcraft ♥♥♥♥♥. So don't go and write a review on something you kinow ♥♥♥♥ all about.
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Posted: February 27
- Every unit is based off a real counterpart and they seem very accurate and realistic
- Thousands of units to choose from so there is a huge amount of replayability
- Great fun with friends

- Small and typically immature multiplayer community
- AI is extremely overpowered (Even on the weakest difficulty levels)
- Extremely difficult to get into and certainly not for everyone
- The amount of units can also be classed as a negative considering they all are different and its difficult to understand what each of their special abilities are at first
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Posted: March 17
Welcome to Wargame.
This is one of the best RTS Games out there that has a mixed community and devs that actually care about the game (Free DLC Woot) In this game you will fight for a nation of your choice by creating decks, since I have mention decks I am gonna start on decks.
Decks are a highlight of this game, you will either spend more time in the chat room or making decks than playing the actual game. You can spend hours crafting decks just to learn you forgot to put in AA and get obliberated by bombers or you lack armour support. (Cough Norway Cough) A Deck in wargame is a unit selector were you pick the units you want and your style of play style, so airborne for the person who likes airborne etc.
Up next is the maps in this game.
The Maps in Wargame Red Dragon are massive, battles will rage on for ever unless you lose your command zone to bring in units, the maps can vary from a jungle hell hole to a island in the middle of the map that you have to conquer or a map that has several bridges as chokepoints or finally, an Urban deathmatch. There is also navy only maps were battleships and all will slug it out with each other.
Next is the brand new feature of Naval Warfare!!!
The naval warfare is an anchor weighing this game down since it is mainly, how many ships you can blob together and rush towards your enemy and missiles will always get intercepted by flares so anti ship planes are litreally useless, the naval warfare though can have some intense moments in it and it just looks beautiful.
Now we are gonna go onto Graphics.
The Graphics in this game are gorgeous, its one of those few games that balances Graphics with Gameplay making for a superb experience, the maps are so lovingly detailed from watching a missile go towards its target to blades of grass sweeping in the wind or been crushed by a tank or watching the Earth be charred by your bombs and Napalm, also looking at the reflections from your ships on the water.
The community though is a mixed bag to be honest.
The community has given this name the unoffical nickname, Chatgame Red Dragon due to you been on the chat more than playing the actual game, the chat will always descend into one of these discussions:
World Domination
Glorious Leader Kim Jong Un
Australian attack Hamsters
Going Topless Fishing with Lord Putin
Things going boom
Why there is no India or Pakistan faction in this game
Why we all trust the VAB
Why the Nighthawk is powered by fairy dust and lucky charms
Why some unit is OP
Why there are no Dragons in this game
That gives you an idea of what the community is like, we are mainly humorus, helpful, no spammers and all, but then there is the darkside, that is filled with racists and spammers, thankfully there is the mighty mute button. You can also 1 to 1 chat with people so you don't spam the chat with help.
Now this game also has a steep learning curve, if your good at the singleplayer campaigns (Trust me the Dynamic Campaigns are better than ALB's) you will normally get your ♥♥♥♥ kicked in Multiplayer or get kicked from the server for been crap. In skirmish against bots though, the AI will probally cheat but teaches you some things like why recon is vital etc.
Overall a superb game with such wonderful attention to detail with caring devs and a great community only let down by the awful Navy Combat.
This game gets a 9 from Hen
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Posted: April 27
This is not a review of the single player campaign but of the online multiplayer.

After play 200 hours of this game I feel as though I have earned the right to write a review. The first thing to say is this is a spectacular game. The game has so many good points I cannot list them all but here are some.
Firstly the number of units is incredible. There are over 1,450 units spanning 17 nations. This gives a huge variety in game play and no two games are ever the same. The second point is the maps. These are huge, covering vast areas of terrain, oceans and rivers. This allows players to use the terrain to their advantage (for example sneaking through forests with tanks or going over mountians with infantry). Thirdly all DLC (at time of writing) is free. This goes back all the way to European Escalation where DLC was also free. Another point about this game is that although the devs had said it needs a 2.5 GHz processor it doesn't. My computer is very low end and can still run this at 15-30 FPS.
A word of warning though! This game it not a layed back RTS where you don't have to do much accept order where units go. There is a lot to micro manage and if you don't micro manage then you stand not hope in winning. There is also a steep learning curve and from my understanding no tutorial though i'm sure YouTube will have the answers.
All in all this is a great RTS and in my opinion the best out on the market at the moment and certianly the best in the series so far. Don't be put off by the price in my opinion to get your monies worth you should play at least the same number of hours as pounds you paid and its certainly done that!

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Posted: May 19
Pros :

This game is a very advanced strategy game set in and around the fall of the Soviet Union. Unlike other modern strategy games you aren't just looking at a black and blue map seeing missiles being dashed across the board and that's the most combat that the game ever witnesses. Wargame : Red Dragon allows you to enter the battlefield and control your units down to a single soldier. In the Air, on land and wait for it... sea. There are many powerful western and eastern countries to play that you might not expect in a video games when it's usually just US/UK against USSR. Countries like Canada and Denmark or even North and South Korea. This game offers so much with its many maps for multiplayer or singleplayer battles. Very fun Strategy game

Cons :

Personally. I found it very difficult to learn how to play. It's not like minesweeper where you just mess around and figure out the basics in five minutes. It takes time and even now there are still new controls and options I find out about.

Other than the learning curve the only other issue I had with the game is in a multiplayer game if you, your teammate or your opponent are having bad internet connection and constantly hopping in and out of connection it pauses the game until you reconnect as opposed to having you fight against a blind General. As fair as this is to the other team it does make it hard to play a match when someone is disconnecting literally every 10 seconds. As well, after you disconnect you are given 30 seconds to reconnect and if you don't you are kicked from the game and your forces are then given to one of your allies which this could really go into the pros stage because it doesn't just make a game go from bad to great right away if you're being destroyed by the guy with bad internet. It keeps it fair.
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Posted: May 31
This game taught me that without any fuel helicopters and jets can't fly and tanks don't advance even when I'm commanding them with my deep RUSSIAN voice.
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Posted: December 22, 2014
This is quite lengthy but I've basically split it into FAQs which I see new players often ask in the game chat (this is mainly for people who have never played any of the Wargame series before instead of people coming to this from EE and ALB):

Q: Is the game hard to learn?

Yes and no. It's easy to learn how to play; it's very hard to learn how to play well (which in my opinion is where a lot of the fun lies).

Q: Is it a bit overwhelming to new players?

It was for me, and I think that can be what puts some people off this game before they've really gotten into it. The huge number of units is quite scary if you've never played any of the Wargame series before (I hadn't). Perseverance is key at the start, but once you get used to the game, you'll find this a joy rather than something to be afraid of.

Q: Should I play the tutorials first?

There are actually no playable tutorials in RD. The tutorials are basically just text with instructions on what to do. It is worth giving these a read to start with, but I appreciate that this is likely to be quite boring for some players (although if you really dislike this idea, I'm not sure if this is really the game for you).

Do not despair, however. There are plenty of people who have made Youtube vids to give you instruction not only on the mechanics of the game but also on deck-building (which is important to this game but not something you need to spend tonnes of time on if you don't want to). I can highly recommend ICBMRaptor (I love his tutorials and other Wargame vids, it's worth watching them if you're new since watching someone else play multiplayer games can be a good way of learning), Bubblebox (nice, clear explanantions of stuff), Boltsauce and VulcanHDGaming.

Q: What's the community like?

When I first started out and was resorting to the general chat for questions, my experience was pretty good (and I maintain that the community is better than a fair number of other multiplayer games I've played).

However, recently the game has obviously been on sale and it seems that lots of people have picked it up while it's cheap. This has led to quite a few - how can I put this - "not-so-nice/mature" people entering the game and general chat. My mute list has been filling up a bit recently :( (prepare for spam sometimes)

On the upside, two things: 1) you can just close the chat window if you don't want to see this, and 2) a lot of the people who helped me and people who are good players are still around and willing to help out :)

Q: What's the gameplay like?

Sometimes intense, sometimes slow-paced. It depends who you're playing against and what your opponent's play style is like. I won't say a lot more than that because it is quite hard to generalise due to the vast amount of unit combos/deck types you can have combined with the different play styles of different people.

However, one thing I will add: beware of spammers and stacked games. If you enter a lobby and you see 3 people on, say, the BLUFOR team and RED is empty, check their stats immediately. This will help you decide whether these are just 3 friends who want to play together (and maybe aren't that good) or if they're 3 pro players who want to ROFL-stomp some newbies.

Spammers can also be an issue, especially in 10 v 10 or 20 v 20 games. Some players will just chuck tonnes of helos/artillery at you, which can be frustrating if you're not ready for it and they crush you. However, if you and your team are ready for it - and act accordingly (i.e. making sure you deploy enough AA to keep yourselves covered and not taking predictable routes to avoid arty, as well as coordinating) - the boot will be on the other foot when you smash their spam and then utterly wreck them ;)

Q: Is the AI any good?

In general, it's fine. Sometimes it will do smart things (i.e. try to flank you, change its attack approach according to what you bring against it, especially if you thwart it once, etc.) but often it will also do some stupid things (e.g. advance infantry across open ground towards tanks).

I would always recommend when starting out that you go into Skirmish mode and play lots of games against the CPU, as this will let you become familiar with the various maps and gameplay. The CPU will punish you if you make mistakes, so this will also teach you some good if basic things to be aware of when playing and basic tactics. Contrary to what some may think, I would NOT recommend immediately jumping into the single-player campaigns - you will likely just get frustrated unless you learn the game mechanics in Skirmish mode first.

I have spent a lot of hours in this game just playing against the CPU because it is good fun :) if you find it boring by yourself, team up with a friend and go comp-stomping. If you have general chat open, you might see some good players also opening comp-stomp lobbies for games vs the CPU.

Q: Does the AI cheat?

Yes. As far as I know, Easy mode AI gets the same number of deployment points as you (you'll learn what these are when you start the game) but it gets a slight bonus to how fast it receives them during a battle. Medium gets more of a bonus to this and gets c. 1,000 extra points to start with (don't quote me on that, I just remember seeing it somewhere), and so on. This might put some people off playing against the CPU.

However, it really isn't that bad for the most part. The CPU, while making mistakes, is sensible and plays well enough that it can be a challenge, even without resorting to spam (which it can do on higher difficulties). It can also be fun sometimes to face off against a vastly superior force than you and be able to defeat them with the right defensive tactics (or offensive if you're particularly good/bold/brave/stupid :P).

Q: I hear the naval combat sucks. Is this true?

There are definitely some issues with it. It isn't as varied as land combat, that's for sure. However, saying it "sucks" would be too harsh. Naval combat is fun, especially on maps with mixed land/naval action! Playing against the CPU can prevent issues with spam which may occur when facing players - otherwise I actually enjoy it and don't find it "imbalanced" as some say

Q: Am I good at it?

Hehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehe no.

Q: Do you care?

Nope! :D


Q: I see people in chat using flags/coloured text. How do I do that?

There you go ;) (but please don't spam. Don't want my mute list getting any bigger! :P)

Q: When I try to join games, it says that I have the "wrong version" (or something similar). Why is that?

Make sure you read the Steam news feed for this game - recently, Eugen (the developers) released a beta version of their latest DLC for this game (coming out officially in January). If you try to access most servers without using beta (unless it is a specific non-beta server), you likely won't be able to join.

Joing is easy, though. Simply right click on the game in your Steam library, select "Properties", then select "Beta" and choose "Opt in" on the right-hand side of the window.

If you are any sort of RTS fan, I can highly recommend this game! :) come and join us for some great fun! I hope people found this helpful.
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Posted: December 25, 2014
Huge scale
Highly potential cybersport discipline
Fun with friends and smart teammates
Big variety of tactics and units
Seems to be historical accurate(as for US and USSR). Each side has a huge advance somewhere.
Good community

Singleplayer is dull and useless
Not so many players
Too many units: few guides could help you
Naval warfare is ♥♥♥♥ and killing the game.
I want more difference between sides. Unbalanced warfare is fun
Laggy servers

7/10 and 8/10 if you did not played previous Wargame -- Airland battle. Good game if you buy during the sale.
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Posted: April 19
This game is like Arma and Ruse having a baby.

Pros: Everything
Cons: No Terrorists (like isis or al qaeda)
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Posted: December 22, 2014
0/10 no dragons
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