There is an unusual cabin deep in the woods. It had served as a laboratory and a dwelling for three generations of Lodgers. But as of late the latest Lodger has been noticing weird changes in familiar surroundings; things are missing, noises and rattle heard. Something odd is coming out of the woods.
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Release Date: Oct 4, 2013

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August 23

Pathologic Reimagining on Steam
The not-yet-real existence of the new Pathologic has just found additional tangibility: the game has a Steam page now. If you want to keep an eye on the game’s progress and news, there’s no better way of doing so than following said page.

And you may need to do the eye-keeping for a bit longer than we were hoping. The game’s release will be postponed until Autumn, 2017. Why? Basically, Pathologic has grown in scope and ambitiousness since its inception, so it demands additional time and man-hours now. Find out more here.

But hey, at least it has a Steam page.

It’s like we’re halfway there.

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About This Game

There is an unusual cabin deep in the woods. It had served as a laboratory and a dwelling for three generations of Lodgers.

But as of late the latest Lodger has been noticing weird changes in familiar surroundings; things are missing, noises and rattle heard. Something odd is coming out of the woods. Come night, it seems like someone's made himself at home in the twilight of rooms, attics, and cellars.

You need to stay awake and sane till dawn.

The Lodger is wandering the rooms, evading the unknown, counting minutes till morning. But it's only in the night that he can solve the main puzzle and find the answers. What's going on? Are the Guests real, or are they just figments of his insomniac imagination? What'd happened to the forest? What's happening to the cabin? Is there a line between reality and imagination?

Gameplay details

  • Hide! Play hide-and-seek with denizens of your nightmares.
  • Don't look now! The goal of each night is to reach dawn while still sane.
  • Fill in the gaps. The house aids the Lodger. You only have to fix it up and keep it in order.
  • Seek. The Lodger has lost something very important. The reason for what is happening is somewhere inside. Everything that is happening can be explained, you only need to find the key and bring it to light.
  • Wait. In this game you need to watch and listen carefully. Inspect and scrutinize. You only have to last until the sunrise.
  • Follow the rules of the game! Of course you must first understand the game being played with you.

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS: Windows XP or later
    • Graphics: GPU that supports shader model 2.0
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • OS: Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
    • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    • OS: Ubuntu 10.10 or later
    • Graphics: GPU that supports shader model 2.0
    • Storage: 700 MB available space
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149 of 174 people (86%) found this review helpful
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3.4 hrs on record
Posted: December 4, 2013
Knock-Knock is the proof that video games really can be an art. It is a very deep and complicated game. It is not a horror nor a puzzle game, and critics who blame the game for not being scary or something like that have completely missed the point. Knock-Knock doesn't just tell you a story, it plays with your mind and asks YOU the questions.
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96 of 103 people (93%) found this review helpful
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13.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 21, 2014
This entire game takes place in one night(watch the clock when you have the lantern) in spasms of sleep walking and brief bad dreams. I loved it, but it made me angry, and I am sure it'll make you angry, too.

My girlfriend and I played this together, off and on for three days, trying to get the "good ending." Two things: One, it deliberately obfuscates its own systems. As in, learning the rules and dying in the process is part of the game. Two, it is about general tension and anxiety-- the atmosphere of absolute ick, not shock scares but pervasive questions about what you accept as real. It is a strangely gross-feeling game that manages to put you in a completely agitated state. Not terrified, not disgusted, not creeped out. Just agitated. To the extreme. You know, like an insomniac. Which is the point of the game. That skin-crawly, nothing-is-quite-right feeling. A world out of place.

-IF- that kind of tension and weirdness appeals, and you think it might be a cool experience to live through/conquer/think about, this is an excellent game. But I also get the feeling it'll ♥♥♥♥ a lot of people off. Whether you'd like it or not, worth experiencing.
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59 of 66 people (89%) found this review helpful
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6.6 hrs on record
Posted: June 6, 2014
After playing for some hours I may be somewhat stuck in Knock Knock. The game is not clear on what you must do or how you must do it. It's okay, many games do this and it's nice for us to discover on our own (Dark Souls). However I reached one of the last levels and it seems that if you do not proceed to the next level/room/dream/nightmare whatever you want to call it, you may be getting a "Game Over" screen the next time you will try to advance to the next level just like you normally would do.

Knock Knock have a very creepy and depressive atmosphere. Seems to be a great game to play in the upcoming Halloween. You will always feel that you are surrounded by someone or something, yet, you feel alone at the same time.

Now this is very clever: There are things that really help to create a tense mood in the game with such basic gameplay elements. Let's say something is approaching you. You hide but you are still visible. It's okay, because it does not matter if they can see you since it's you that can't see them, because, if you see them/it then it means they are real and if you believe they are real, then you must be hallucinating meaning you are losing it.

The game have more than one way to end, or to not end at all, in fact. Depending on some actions across the game, when you proceed further a larger enemy may be something for you and a very different one for me.

Immersion tip: In this game the sound of doors opening and closing are quite regular. If you have a sound system with a Subwoofer, placing the Sub below your desk near one of the corners gives you a much more real feeling that something or someone is really knocking a door in your house. This adds to the atmosphere giving you a more intensifying experience especially when everything is silenced and then "BAM!", someone shuts a door, and you feel the vibration.

In my opinion you don't get those jump scares we sometimes see (faked or not) on Youtube videos from games like Amnesia. In this game instead of "AAAH, Oh my God & Buddha, that is scary!!!" I got something more of: "That is creepy... go away, please, I don't want to look :( Just... leave me alone... :( " and that, is really rare in a game.
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43 of 53 people (81%) found this review helpful
6.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 5, 2014
I can recommend this game only to those who are not afraid of experiments: few gameplay, lots of reflection and, perhaps, a pinch of horror.
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40 of 49 people (82%) found this review helpful
8.8 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2013

To conclude, Knock Knock is certainly a very different type of slow methodical game that relies on its solitary experience, the unexpected and its simplicity to ram home its point - which it does with an unabashed aplomb. And to think that fixing light bulbs in a game could be considered interesting is well proven here and it's this factor which makes the game a joy to play - even if you don't "get it" right away. For the asking price, the entertainment value is well worth it and a must play game if you like unconventional gems such as this one.

Score 8.5/10 - Review by Robert Cram
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26 of 30 people (87%) found this review helpful
3.1 hrs on record
Posted: July 6, 2015
Knock-knock is a deeply unnerving game that manages to succeed at what it sets out to do.

From the start you get to meet the charming Lodger as he briefly teaches you just how things are in his home. From there it's up to you to figure out the rest. You have six days and nights to adjust and learn, and then from there the game really begins. The time limit is pretty strict, so if you haven't figured out what you're doing by then, don't expect to survive. I barely managed on my first time with just a teensy bit of time left. Overall that stress of time and all the things out and inside your home coming after you is something that sticks with you for quite a while. Though the game does begin dull, once things speed up it truly feels like a game and all those horrifying things out there become all the more horrifying. I'd rather not say much since there are some great ideas in place and it's better to experience them for yourself than not. That's what the first six nights are for after all, just experimenting and figuring out the most effecient way of doing things.

There are flaws though, this game is heavy on RNG. Though skill can help you through most of what you're trying to accomplish, exploring the forest on a time limit is a bit much since there's no easy way to find your way home again rather than just go forwards and hope for the best. There's no guarentee that you'll figure out just what you're supposed to be doing out there without a hint or two either, though thankfully there are enough hints to make people explore the forest at least once or twice early on. Even worse, once you enter the night phases, enemies can and will spawn near you and remain there for long periods, often trapping you in a corner. Or worse, a roaming enemy will follow with it. Touching a solitary enemy is a minor time loss while touching a roamer will set you back a massive amount, but even a minor time loss is a lot here. The game's pretty well designed however and you figure out just what you should be doing before long, though there's little room for error so a few hints are always welcome.

So yeah, Knock-knock surprises though you need to give it a bit of time to shine and be patient through the less enjoyable segments. Not recommended for those who are effected by surrealistic imagry as half of this game's horror is based on that with the other half being existence and dementia based. If you think you can take it, pick it up.
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27 of 33 people (82%) found this review helpful
22.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 14, 2013
Knock-Knock is a little rumination about what is more dire, demons from within or from the outside? In this game you must figure out all by yourself how to play it to revel in its entirety. There are general rules told imperceptibly but each one of them has sides it takes time and retries to grasp. Knock-Knock is frustrating, hard and irritating at times, but it remains captivatingly horrifying all through the end. Lend it your ears, pay attention and believe in what you see or decide not to — control the outcome with the help of your senses.

With ingenious intended glitches like those from Anodyne, beautifully drawn visual style similar to Don't Starve's and cunning survival horror mechanics which really do improve the genre. Knock-Knock, despite not being the same game it was intended originally, is still a "phenomenon" which you absolutely should observe.
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24 of 28 people (86%) found this review helpful
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3.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 1, 2015
Any game that claims to not be a game is throwing up a pretty big red flag right there. Knock-knock does that in the opening splash screen, and if anyone besides Ice-pick Lodge made it, I probably would have taken a pass on it. But the creators of Pathologic and The Void know what they're doing on that front, and the result is an intriguing little journey that definitely has its moments.

You take on the role of the Lodger, a wired little fellow that looks like Calvin ditched Hobbes and took up meth. Something odd is afoot in his isolated home in the woods, and if I get any more specific than that I'm bound to spoil something. Much like all of Ice-pick's games, the actual game is figuring out the rules of the game. You can turn lights in the house on and off, hide behind furniture, force open doors, and advance time with a strangely narcissistic clock. Ostensibly your goal is to survive until morning, but the house and its... inhabitants are randomized every other day, and on the other days you spend a chunk of it in the woods. Even the goals themselves get muddled as you progress, and the game is not afraid of throwing entirely new mechanics at you a few hours in.

Once you understand the pattern to the game, it can admittedly get pretty repetitive. New challenges are introduced the further into the game you get, but the core gameplay of lighting up rooms and wandering the woods does not change. One thing it does do well is introduce new threats over time, and some of them are absolutely terrifying despite the almost cartoony presentation. Information on the story comes from many different places, including the Lodger's diary, notes between days, and the Lodger himself, who talks in a charming nonsense Sims language. Most of the way through the game I'm still unclear on much of the rules and plot, but I admit it's fulfilled its original promise of "interactive meditation" and kept my attention. Definitely worth a look if you are at all curious, but be prepared for the mystery and horror to carry some rather bland gameplay.
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25 of 32 people (78%) found this review helpful
4.1 hrs on record
Posted: October 18, 2014
A rather creepy randomly generated roam-a-thon, you as the main character living inside an old
house, attacked nightly by nightmares, and sleep-deprived as a result.

Keep the lights on, and escape the nightmare if you want to keep your sanity...

Nice art, nice sound direction, but the lack of direction in the story and gameplay sort of
put Lasharus off. Still, an enjoyable game.
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17 of 20 people (85%) found this review helpful
1 person found this review funny
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: March 10, 2015
It's essentially a creepy game of Hotel Mario plus hide and seek where the rules are different for each level and you kind of have to figure them out from narration and sometimes failure. If you still don't understand what this game is about, well, join the club. However, half the fun is figuring it out.

And it's really friggin creepy. I know the art style look like something out of a Tim Burton film, but this game scares the crap out of me and stays with me long after I play. That's why this game gets my recommendation.
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Recently Posted
10.7 hrs
Posted: September 18

Let me level with you. I played the game and ended up in loop where I couldn't escape from.
I failed to understand quickly enough what needed to be done and the game punished me for it and only way to escape this fate was to restart the whole damn thing.

And I hated it for it.

The game was really athmospheric, I gave that to it. But rest of it I honestly did not like.

But the game stuck to my head. I still bondered it. I decided to gave it an other shot. Since I didn't get it on the first time, maybe now that I knew what to do. It would be ok.

Well it wasn't, I barely made it passed the ending but managed in the nick of time to finish the game. There done, never again. Bad game, 'nuff said.

And a day later I Realized it was me who was at fault. The game was just difficult, and I didn't get it at first. The game was suppossed to be hard, I just missintepreted it.

Do I recommend this game I only understood after some time. Yes, yes I do. But no for everyone, definately not for everyone.
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4.2 hrs
Posted: August 3
A simple idea can go a long way. You play as a man trapped in his own house/nightmare trying to survive by lighting your house and hiding from the shadows. As you play you will be challenged to make sense of this odd, small world you've been thrown into. You have to figure out the mechanics as you play. With its unquie art style, excellent sound effects, and well-placed narrative you'll be in for a treat when you start this game up. I think it's a good mix of charming and creepy.
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Jinx McGee
0.1 hrs
Posted: July 21
This is the shell of a greater game. It's pretty and has elements of a good backstory, but there are huge gaps. It also gets very repetitive very quickly. Now there are quite a few 2nd side-scrollers that are "horror" and "psychological thrillers" and they all suffer from the same problem: cheap jump scares and simple tales based around sanity or the lack thereof. A pyschological thriller needs more than a forgetful character who can't tell the difference between dreams and reality to make it good, and there has to be more than jump scares (monsters appearing out of nowhere) to make it a horror. If you're young or you haven't been exposed to many movies or books that are really in the horror and pyschological thriller genre, you'll probably like this. If you're an old gamer like me who has been out of the house and read a few scary books, you'll be disappointed with this.

Not sure why my time has not beed registered -- I played offline nearly the entire time. I guess that's why. I played it to the end in the hopes things would get better but it never did. I always enjoyed the visuals but the gameplay? Meh.

How much should you pay for it? Well, I believe that it's worth something. It is worth $4.99 or less. If you pay any more than that, you've paid too much.
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5.1 hrs
Posted: July 18
Suprisingly deep and ambiguous story packed in simple, yet well crafted hide n' seek horror game.
It's scary. It's interesting. It's something you won't find anywhere else.
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0.7 hrs
Posted: July 4
Loved it wish to see more from the makers.
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6.9 hrs
Posted: July 2
Knock, Knock ... The game let's say, very interesting, although at first glance do not think so. Simple gameplay, hand-drawn graphics like in the cartoons, not able to move freely on the playing prostoranstvu, and it is only restricted with only one forest and home. But it just does not fade in the background of most inventions. Game learning a some strange atmosphere of fear. Just not sure what it is and what to call it, but it attracts. The more you play the more insane to become the game itself, it is clear that the SG himself starting to go crazy. Surprisingly, only one, what's the meaning of this game? In fact, everything is very simple, there is no sense of any or any particular storyline. The only objective of this game is just to survive until morning, and skazhdym new level is becoming extremely difficult. You visit a very strange thoughts and ideas. As if someone or something is near.
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10.6 hrs
Posted: July 1
I love this game. I first saw it years ago, but even as just a viewer, I was sucked in by the strange atmosphere and style. It's probably not a game for everyone, though.

The entire workings of the game are shrouded, hinted at by Lodger, his journal, and even the voices you can hear whispering to you, but it's not entirely clear what actions you take really are helping or harming you. It can take a bit of thought and practice to get a sense of what you feel you should do. But that's exactly what I like about the game. It's like you're walking through an unfamiliar house in pitch darkness, trying to feel your way through with just your hands, uncertain of what you're really touching on but trying to get a sense of it. It's a lovely thing that describing what the game is about is exactly like describing what the gameplay is like. They've certainly captured it well.

Few games gave me a feeling of tension like this game does. Sure, some games can be investing and I can feel a sense of urgency, but the only other game that gave me a pressing feeling of imminent danger the way Knock-knock did is probably Silent Hill 2. It has that same sort of atmosphere that imposes paranoia on the player, feeling uncertain if danger is really present, or how to cope with it. Even though the gameplay itself is simple, that doesn't really diminish it in any way for me. It's a simple experience, but a very effective one.

The story is a favourite of mine, because they don't really give you much of one explicitly. It is left to interpret with the scraps of information and tidbits Lodger is constantly interrupting the game to chatter about. What does it all really mean? It's hard to say for sure, as there are many ways one can interpret Lodger's own state of mind, which is crucial to interpreting the rest of the goings-on around him. If you like a full, fleshed out story laid out in front of you, this game probably isn't for you. But it's the kind of game for me, where it leaves just enough visible to keep your interest and just enough hidden for you to wonder what it all really is. It's well-suited, again, as it fits with the idea of the game, with Lodger's paranoia filling in the emptiness of his home. Your own guessing and reguessing at what's really going on puts you in the headspace of this character and cements your immersion in the atmosphere of the game.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
1.4 hrs
Posted: July 1
this is a good 2D Horror Game.
all horror fans out there buy this game :D
Helpful? Yes No Funny
5.8 hrs
Posted: June 26
I have only played this game for a short while. i love it. I have vowed never to play it at night. I am actually terrified within minutes of game play. But i still love it. I love how creepy it is. I love how there are random voices that say the creepiest of things. I love how they so far haven't used cheap jump scares. In fact the entire game just gives off this creepy vibe, I may be stuck on this one part and keep repeatedly dying, but i love it, and I am already addicted even though i haven't played even an hour yet. I don't think i will be able to sleep today. TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY. It's tricky and it doesn't straight out tell you what to do. But thats what makes it fun. If you don't like games that will keep your heart racing then don't buy it. if you love to be scared to death, buy it.
Helpful? Yes No Funny
5.6 hrs
Posted: June 14
I really love this game. The mechanics are weird and take a second to get used to. But once you have them figured out it is very fun and addictive. Would highly recommend this game.
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