Follow Turner, a rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills in his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village. Uncover a far-reaching conspiracy involving the corrupt leaders of the rabbit republic and the wolves of the nearby lands. Streamlined Combat: Gone are the days of combo memorization and button mashing.
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Julkaisupäivä: 1. tammi, 2005

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Osta Lugaru HD


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Follow Turner, a rebel bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills in his quest to find those
responsible for slaughtering his village. Uncover a far-reaching conspiracy involving the corrupt
leaders of the rabbit republic and the wolves of the nearby lands.

Streamlined Combat: Gone are the days of combo memorization and button mashing.
Lugaru uses a context-sensitive combat system to put all the moves at your finger tips. It’s
up to you to choose the right move at the right time and think your way through the fights.

Open-Ended Strategy: Each level presents you with an environment and a series of enemies.
How you choose to defeat your adversaries is entirely up to you. Storm in from the front and
fight everyone at once or ambush your foes one at a time with stealth attacks.

Ragdoll Physics: Not only does striking your enemies do damage, but so does colliding with
the environment once you’ve knocked them off their feet. Nothing does more damage than a
swift rabbit kick that sends the enemy hurtling into a stone wall.

Environmental Detail: Factors like wind direction and whether or not you remembered to clean
the blood off your knife affect your ability to sneak up on the enemy undetected.
Brutal AI: Enemies in Lugaru prefer unfair fights. Expect them to shout for back up, attack in
groups, and exploit any superior weaponry they can find.

Moddability: Turning on Lugaru’s debug mode gives you access to the map editor so you can
build your own levels, campaigns and mods. Debug mode also enables crazy cheats that allow
players to fly, have infinite health, explode enemies’ heads and set themselves on fire further
igniting anyone who comes too close.

New HD Textures: The original Lugaru has gotten a more modern, graphical makeover while still
staying true to the game’s spirit. Special thanks to Tim Soret for his HD texture pack.


Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Windows XP, Vista, 7
    • Prosessori: 1Ghz tai nopeampi prosessori
    • Muisti: 512Mt muistia
    • Grafiikka: 128Mt OpenGL yhteensopiva näytönohjain
    • Kiintolevy: 40Mt vapaata kiintolevytilaa
    • Ääni: Vakio äänikortti
    • Käyttöjärjestelmä: Mac OSX 10.5 tai uudempi
    • Prosessori: 1Ghz tai nopeampi prosessori
    • Muisti: 512Mt muistia
    • Grafiikka: 128Mt OpenGL yhteensopiva näytönohjain
    • Kiintolevy: 40Mt vapaata tilaa
    • Ääni: Vakio äänikortti
    • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or equivalent
    • Processor: 1GHz or faster
    • Memory: 512MB RAM
    • Graphics: 128MB OpenGL compatible graphics card
    • Hard Drive: 40MB space free
    • Sound: Standard sound card
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Enimmäkseen myönteinen (302 arvostelua)
Lähiaikoina julkaistu
( 2.2 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 26. kesäkuu.
rip euros ;_;
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 1.0 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 22. kesäkuu.
this game is pretty good if you can keep up lol fast paced AND super addicting
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 5.3 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 21. kesäkuu.
I was mashing my keyboard like crazy when the game crashed and I accidentally pressed the Uninstall button. Then I decided to reinstall it and I didn't regret it!

You won't like this game at first because you'll most likely get your ♥♥♥ kicked, but as soon as you understand how to destroy your enemies, you'll have a lot of fun!
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
Hatty Mikune
( 1.4 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 23. toukokuu.
i hate video games
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 9.5 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 17. toukokuu.
This game is pretty cool.
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 1.5 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 13. toukokuu.
Hotline Miami's furry grandfather
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 3.9 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 30. huhtikuu.
Broken in every way on modern systems. Mouse freezes up every couple of seconds, despite constant framerate, no support for changing the resolution to anything but 1280x1024 (there's an option in the menu but it's broken and changes itself back), sound frequently glitches, the list goes on. Do NOT buy.
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 4.9 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 5. huhtikuu.
Lugaru comes from Wolfire Games, the company that spawned the Humble Indie Bundle. Their idea revolutionized the digital games market, and drove millions of copies of excellent games into the hands of users who otherwise would have never played them. Lugaru was their first release as a developer, and it’s an interesting, although rough, experience. It is a game about loss and revenge. It is a game about morality and justice. It has brutal hand-to-hand combat. And rabbits.

You might think a game about anthropomorphic rabbits would be cute. You would be wrong. This game is dark. The combat is visceral, tight, and bloody. After Turner the rabbit sees his entire family ♥♥♥♥♥ and slaughtered by bandits, he sets out on an island-spanning quest for vengeance. The vast majority of the game consists of different combat scenarios, with different numbers of enemies equipped with different weapons like staves, knives, or swords. Kill them all to progress. In between these fights are text cut scenes, and dialogue is harsh like an 80s action movie. “I swear, I will kill them all,” etc. This is a little tough to get past when you see a rabbit with huge eyes and a cute chirpy noise for a voice say this. Immersion is not the strong suit of this game.

Where this game really shines is the combat. The developers were wise to not depend on lengthy combos or meters; your only commands are simple punch, jump, and crouch. Combining them results in different attacks. There is no health meter, you can only tell Trevor’s condition by the blurriness of the screen and how he will pant and slump after hard hits. There is no on-screen notification of your enemy’s actions, and even if there were, you wouldn’t be able to react to them fast enough. You’ll have to watch your enemy carefully, and parry at just the right moment to disarm or incapacitate them long enough to get in a solid hit. You can perform instant kills by stealthily approaching your opponent from behind (and in the case of wolves, from downwind) and snapping their necks. Failure is not punished heavily, as you will restart at the beginning of the stage, most of which last only a few minutes.

The music matches the tone of the game well; a slow, unease will set over you on the main menu, letting you know this is not a game for the faint of heart. When combat starts, your blood will get pumping as drums drive you to commit acts of rabbit violence. The sound effects when you land hits are crucial, as they inform you of what’s happening in the hand-to-hand scrum faster than your eyes can probably process it. Often, when delivering a killing blow, time will slow down and you will see that perfect kick to the head or knife throw in glorious slow motion.

The graphics are sparse, and the polygon count is low, even for the main character. Structures are basic cubes and rectangles, and the ground is little more than a few rolling hills populated with the odd tree. However sparse things are, though, it is impressive how much the team was able to build. The graphics are lacking, though mildly impressive when you read Wolfire’s blog where they detail all the work that went into it, and the spiritual sequel that is still in Early Access, Overgrowth. Everything in both games was built from scratch by the small development team.

Lugaru is a fast-paced game, and while the tutorial is thorough, the fight design leaves little room for error. Oftentimes a well-placed hit by an enemy will send you flying, not only doing direct damage, but leaving you at the mercy of the ragdoll physics. Land on your head, and you’ll potentially break your neck and have to start the fight over. Aside from Trevor’s campaign for revenge, there is also a challenge mode that pits you against groups of enemies, and you can compete to achieve a high score against each group. This is good practice for campaign mode, letting you quickly learn the systems and effective strategies against certain enemies and how to use different weapons.

While the graphics are unpolished, and the story feels “adult” for the sake of just being edgy, instead of in service of a grander point, the quick and weighty combat is entertaining. For $9.99, it is a good few hours of entertainment. I think of it more as a preview of what Overgrowth will offer. Perhaps Overgrowth will deepen these systems while overcoming Lugaru’s faults, but I will wait until it is out of Early Access to find out.
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 2.5 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 5. maaliskuu.
I love, this game. It's really difficult and the combat is fluent and makes you feel like a badass. The only con is that the game is way too short. Screw Half-Life 3, I want Overgrowth!
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
( 0.5 tuntia pelattu )
Julkaistu 20. helmikuu.
Game- 4/10
Dogs I Think-10/10
Actually Maybe They Were Wolves- 10/10
Hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
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109/137 (80%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
182 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
10.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 20. joulukuu, 2014.
every bunny was kung-fu fighting
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
45/51 (88%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
7 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
44.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 26. maaliskuu, 2014.
Wind simulation!
Knife throwing!
Stabbing corpses! (And when enemies go down, it doesn't necesarrily mean they're dead. When they die, their mouths will open! Attention to detail!)
Blood simulation!
"There maybe mothers and children in this den...
And I'm not so sure that I care anymore." (Heavy!)
Pretty good AI!
Jeez, this game is SWEET!
I seriously recommend it.
...Wolves are hard.
SWEET music!
Enemies can be shaken off your tail!
Wolves have a realistic smell system! Wind blows your scent, watch the way it blows!
Neck slitting!
Sword penetration!
Crushing of spines!
Cereal-related references!
Enemies will run away when they're injured to get a friend!
Oh yeah...
Did I mention...
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
38/42 (90%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
13.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 16. heinäkuu, 2014.
This game is underrated as ♥♥♥♥♥. I mean. Have you ever heard of it? No?

Well then.

This game is a hidden jewel. I can't believe it was overlooked.
Maybe because of how much skill you need for it.

This game is like fighting an actual person. You need fast reflexes and a way to take them down easy

Either if its stealth, or brute force, you need ways. And sometimes the game makes you change your tactics and get used to new ones.

And you need to be VERY calm during all of this. Spamming isn't an option.

But still. I can't believe Overgrowth is praised so much, and this is an outcast.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
31/33 (94%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
46.6 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 28. huhtikuu, 2015.
Lugaru is about ten percent of the most brilliant game I've ever played.

It's really, really unfinished -- the levels are piles of cubes and trees sitting in the middle of vast, otherwise featureless plains, and the story mode has nasty visible scars where all the player choice was removed -- but what's there hints at a huge amount of unrealized potential. When you find yourself paying attention to the direction of the breeze and cleaning the blood off your knife so you can avoid detection by a wolf's sensitive nose, you know you're playing something brilliant.

Or, rather, a slightly broken demo for something brilliant.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
24/29 (83%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
12 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
3.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 27. marraskuu, 2014.
Like 7 years ago I used to play the demo every day, got a key generator and finished it after hours of raging because of those ♥♥♥♥ing wolves. Sorry David, I hope preordering Overgrowth and then buying two copies of this makes up for it. Pls no hert me.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
25/31 (81%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
2.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 16. toukokuu, 2014.
This game is one of a kind. It has solid gameplay and is actually pretty brutal, emotionally. It still stands as one of my favorite games. Can't wait for the newest installment Overgrowth. Keep up the good work David Rosen.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
23/30 (77%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
4.2 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 30. marraskuu, 2013.
A very fun little game. Don't expect a detailed story or anything like that, but it's a great game with a bit of a challenge - for those who don't mind the dated graphics.

Worth checking out its sequel currently in development, Overgrowth.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
15/18 (83%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
7 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
2.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 29. lokakuu, 2015.
I had great times with this game.Its my childhood game and it changed my perspective about rabbits :D
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
11/11 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
1 käyttäjän mielestä tämä arvostelu oli hauska
3.3 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 9. syyskuu, 2012.
So I downloaded this in a fit of boredom the other night, having acquired this game in the first Humble Indie Bundle. I'd heard a bunch of negative responses to the game, with implications that it's some kind of "furry" sim. That's not the vibe I'm getting at all. Story-wise this game is a pure revenge tale that grows into story about betrayal and conspiracy. But forget about all the fluff for a moment and let's take a look at the meat of the game; The combat system. This is Batman Arkham Asylum with the difficulty cranked up to 11. And that's on Lugaru's Easy mode. The reversals and context sensitve hand -to-hand and melee combat feel very much like a prototype for Rocksteady's Batman games. But you won't find enemies timing their attacks for you here. They will gleefully all attack at once, pounding your rabbit head into a sticky paste. Timing, stealth and smart response are absolutely necessary for success. If you want a great 3D brawler then this may be your game.
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska
10/10 (100%) arvioi tämän hyödylliseksi
6.7 tuntia pelattu
Julkaistu 23. marraskuu, 2015.
Holy **** it is so good!!!
People are saying it is outdated - it was made in 2005/2006
They say the combat is unrealistic - that makes it more fun...
There is a level editor - but it's kind of hard to find
You can install mods

Don't play this for the story - play it for the ~12 different challenges on insane difficulty >:)
Oliko tämä arvostelu hyödyllinen? Kyllä Ei Hauska