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Nether is a first-person urban survival experience unlike any other. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Nether forces players to make life-saving decisions in a fast-paced struggle against players and the environment. Join tribes to battle for territory. Scavenge, craft , trade and loot your way to stay alive another day.
Release Date: Jun 5, 2014
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July Update #1 - Fixes! Fixes! Fixes!

July 2nd, 2014

July Update #1 - Fixes! Fixes! Fixes!

The patch is ready and will be going live with the server maintenance this morning! Server maintenance info: https://forums.playnether.com/showthread.php?10789-Server-Downtime-Wednesday-July-2nd!#post95048

-Decreased the load time for servers by a large amount.
-Fixed an issue resulting in the playable Nether Crawler not appearing first when appropriate.
-Nether Players can no longer spawn in Safe Zones.
-Player Crawler max health and hunger levels increased.
-Added collision to some models.
-Fixed a bug resulting in excess loot drops.
-Set the default resolution down and fullscreen off for players experiencing difficulty. These can still be changed with the in game options menu.
-Fixed some collision issues in the subways.
-Chosen cosmetics can no longer be found in crates.
-Fixed areas around the edge of the map that would cause players to fall through the world and die.

Content Balances
-Reapers are now faster, stronger, and more deadly. Bring friends!
-Crawler is now the default character if available and Golem is not available.

Happy 4th Everyone! Enjoy the discounted Uncle Sam hat for sale at Safezone stores and another surprise at a few of the safezones (make sure to be there at night)!

Note: the launcher will no longer reliably update the game. The game will need to be downloaded and run through Steam to update reliably. All website players should have been emailed a Steam key - check your spam folders and any other email folder. If you still cannot locate your email, please message game support here: https://nether.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new

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“it sets itself apart from similar games such as Day-Z”
4/5 – Invisioncommunity

“its impressive recreation of a fallen city, proves to be a game you can get lost in for quite some time”
8.5/10 – Cramgaming

“Nether is a fantastic experience that, in the end, comes down to personal preference on how you choose to play it”
8/10 – GodisaGeek

About the Game

Nether is a fast-paced survival game that forces you to make quick life-saving decisions in an unforgiving environment. In this post-apocalyptic urban world, death is waiting around every corner, at the top of high-rise buildings, and in the grasp of powerful teleporting creatures known as 'Nethers'. These creatures and the other players are real challenges to overcome, requiring tactical gameplay, awareness, stealth, and cooperation. To navigate this high-tension environment, you must use skill and cunning in order to scavenge, trade, craft or loot for food, weapons, supplies, and other resources necessary to stay alive in a desolate and dangerous city. Team up with other survivors and take advantage of group play, as a tribe, to complete treacherous world objectives, or play as a lone wolf in an attempt to endure the hostile environment. In the end you must decide whether to Prey or Pray.

Key Features

The game's landscape is a beautifully conceived vision of a post apocalyptic Chicago, ravaged by disaster and time. Almost every low and high-rise building can be individually explored in a cityscape that stretches 150 blocks. Beyond the city lies the Wastelands, an unforgiving desolate landscape that is slowly sinking into the earth.

Start off, armed only with a kitchen knife and scavenge your way through an environment on a daily battle to stay alive. Beware the Nether, poor mutated souls who roam the city in search of human flesh. Scavenge for food and water to stay nourished, and search for useful items that could be crafted into makeshift weapons to help in your battle for life. Hunt and kill Nether to trade their body parts to the mysterious Cult located in the few markets that scatter the city. Over time, build up your skills and earn rewards for surviving each precious new day. But always beware of the other survivors who may be only one moment away from death, and see killing you and looting your possessions as their only salvation.

Find safety in numbers by joining a tribe. Only tribes can capture and own territory, and the urban landscape is the perfect setting for turf domination. Compete with rival tribes in territory wars for control of the city by capturing strategic landmarks to reap resources and experience; prove your dominance over all other tribes. Spy on rival tribes or infiltrate and kill them by playing as a Nether. Ambush them from above by swooping in for the kill using the wing suit. Tribes change the survival experience by establishing a true social construct, with all the consequences of behavior that you would expect in the real world. Your actions have real repercussions enforced organically through reputation and standing.

Players can complete an assortment of individual or group missions to earn money, experience and reputation. Perform vital supply runs between the markets, work with your tribe to take down the swarms of Nether lead by the vicious boss Reaper that sporadically surge to attack neighborhoods, or keep the creatures out of the Safezones by working in groups to repair the anti-nether devices when they fail.

Nether offers a wide variety of character customization and allows you to play as a male or female character. There is a huge selection of cosmetic items and player taunts to assert your individuality along with entire outfits to play roles like survivalist, soldier and biker - or even just play in your underwear.

  • Valve Anti-Cheat servers protect against hackers
  • First-person perspective creates a true survival experience
  • Meld of PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player) gameplay
  • New weapons and items become available as players explore the game world
  • Up to 64 players per game server
  • Single purchase, downloadable client allows full game access without subscription

Chosen Pack includes:

  • 50 Nether Gold
  • Chosen-Only Exclusive In-Game Item
  • 5 x 72 hour Guest Keys
  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

  • Special Highlighted Name/Rank in Nether Forum

Believer Pack includes:

  • 20 Nether Gold
  • 3 x 72 hour Guest Keys
  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

Watcher Pack includes:

  • Participation in Forums to Define Upcoming Game Features

Guest Keys

Nether "Believer" and "Chosen" packages come with Guest Keys that you can award to anyone.
For each guest key activated, you will receive one gold coin in game.
After creating an account and logging into the game for the first time, you will be able to see these keys on your www.playnether.com "Account Profile" page. You can award one to a friend by copying the corresponding URL link into an email. Once the key is activated there is a seventy-two hour window of real time in which they can play without charge.
  • Note: Our guest keys will only allow players to join our unsecured servers. Please look for the [Unsecured] tag in the server browser.

System Requirements

    • OS: Vista/Windows 7 *64-BIT OS REQUIRED*
    • Processor: 2.4 GHZ Quad Core or Better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 460/ATI Radeon HD 5850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
    • OS: Windows 7 *64-BIT OS REQUIRED*
    • Processor: 2.4 GHZ Quad Core or Better
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
    • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Card
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Do you like wastelands? Do you love guns?? Does the idea of having no fear whatsoever of horrifying monsters send a tingle up your spine? Then this is the game for you! In Nether you can find an assortment of things to do such as: Getting killed by a monster! Starving to death! Blowing your brains out over your keyboard!

Welcome to Nether, where our slogan is, if you see it, shoot it! We'll get you hyped up over Co-op and helping eachother out, while showing you that you can be betrayed at anytime. But ♥♥♥♥ that ♥♥♥♥! If you loved getting tied up and force fed a rotting banana in DayZ, you'll love mercilessly getting shot every time you spawn in Nether! Don't want to get shot? We introdue a brand new feature of spawning in a safezone! But guess what, ♥♥♥♥ you because it will be breached by Nether and will infact be a terrible place to spawn!

You'll be thrilled when you finally lose your ♥♥♥♥ and join in the murder frenzy! Kill on sight and loot corpses then discover that you've paid $15+ for the biggest game of Call of Duty ever made! Minus the assortment of guns and perks you're prety much just trying to kill other humans.

But wait, there's more! The totally no existent story will leave you in tears begging for more, and the newly added tribes will make you wish you had just spent the extra $15 for pretty much any other ♥♥♥♥ing game!

Did we mention all of the special features? Boss battles that totally suck, nether surges, which you'll just avoid because ♥♥♥♥ that, and cosmetic items!

Last but not least, the player base! All 300+ of our regular players will swear up and down that Nether is the greatest game ever and there is nothing more fun than sitting outside of a safezone and sniping new players. Because who wants their favorite game to be successful? Not our playerbase, that's for sure!

So if you're a homicidal maniac who sucks at Call of Duty and feels the need to kill people in an indirect fashion; then this games for you! And if you're on the fence about giving it a try, here's some words of advice: Don't waste your ♥♥♥♥ing money.

Edit: Games you'd do better spending money on-Dark Souls, DayZ, Dark Souls 2, Demon Souls(PS3), State of Decay, Banished(Hardest/most enjoyable game I've played after Dark souls, oddly enough).
Posted: June 11th, 2014
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Early Access Review
First: I'd verify what most people say about the graphics and shooting mechs - they're nice and they work well enough.
Second. here's how I feel about the overall design of the game:
I'd like my money back at this point. I enjoyed this game for about three hours. I think I was getting lucky. I WAS also very excited about the prospect of completing missions in a survival game. Here are some things that ruined the game after the initial glow wore off.
1. Big missions seem more or less impossible to beat in games with random marauders running around.
2. Courier missions (sounds fun, right?) End with PCs camping the goal zone. So you run for ~ 15 minutes and get shot.
3. Camping PCs have crazy/scary equipment that they bought with real money. F@#$ off. Get the F@#$ out of here. Unnacceptable.
4. Stuff spawns into the world randomly and without logical placement. I realize this is a genre standard - but it is a pathetic genre standard.
5. The world is too small for the style of gameplay. I saw the whole thing.
6. The buildings are SO similar that they may as well be proceduraly generated - which would massively improve this game BTW.
7. Here's an important one that nobody seems to mention - the Nether (monsters) TELEPORT and are UNESCAPABLE. I understand that this may be a clever way to prevent them from glitching but it also randomizes and renders unrealistic combat with them. It is ultimately annoying to fight them as a result. You run backward while they teleport toward you over and over - It's neat that they're dangerous but it is sad that they TELEPORT.
8. The level system is . . . uninteresting and seems not worth paying attention to. I think it'd be much better to just start everyone out fully leveled because 1. my fat cousin can run farther than my "survivor" and 2. My "survivor" eats loads more than my fat cousin. WTF. If there MUST be leveling, I'd like it to be under-the-hood pracice based leveling.
9. Prey or Pray is a dumb slogan - was before I bought - just throwin that in here. Please just stop saying it.
10. The masks that the serial-killer veteran players wear are. . .juvenile. I wound up hating all of them. In the time I played I remained a noob and the game felt VERY much about vets mercing noobs. To me that seems like a poor design. Noobs dont want to be bullied and vets dont (in most games) enjoy bullying noobs. These guys do it anyway - which makes me hate them. The juvenile masks make me hate them more. I don't want to spend my free time with these people.

I know the game is in Alpha and that's why I've left out coments on glitches, completion, lame lighting effects and so on. These gripes are deep design issues and. . . well they aint likely to go away. Sorry.

Here's some things that could improve it for me:
1. Non PVP server for doing some of those sweet lookin missions. Also a no paid-content option would be nice. I feel like paid add-ons in a PVP game is a bit of a deal breaker for me.
2. Bigger (Way) map, preferabley proceduraly generated - I know it's too late for that.
3. More sensible item spawning, perhaps mildly instanced item spawns - i.e. if I'm hurt it'd be nice to find bandages in an ambulance - ever. I should be able to make logical descisions about where to go for what.
4. No lame outfits. Lame means - anything 13 year olds think looks cool. Just do a test group and delete everything they like.
5. Some way to punish Vets for mercing noobs. If there is some system for that it isn't working.
6. Color. The apacolypse will not dull the color of leaves. Leaves will be leaves. Paint will not dull inside away from UV damage. The post-apocolypse will be in full color spectrum color. Please stop this idiotic mistake. Thanks Bethesda.
7. Make the Nether escapeable. It WOULD be more fun for EVERYONE to be chased by big scary stuff and have to hide.
8. Make it so players can run. Like a real person can run. Most adults could run across this map in one go at a good clip. It's like four city blocks on the long side.
9. Get rid of safezones.
10. Share rewards within vicinity with cooperation thus encouraging teamplay.

Out of 10:
Graphics - 9 <- point off for the lame old post-apocolyptic color pallette blunder.
Sound - 6 <- good but thin and repetive.
Community - 2 <- Vets mercing noobs with "Manhunt" style Jason masks ruins this game for me. How about some goggles or some scarves or something. . . why phychopathic serial killers?
Concept - 7 <- In theory this game could be good. In practice most of the ideas aren't realized at all.
Design -5 <- The monsters are great, the city is pretty good, the People are REALLY lame. (bright green napsacks?) Where are these halloween masks coming from? I actually saw witch hunting hats like the ones from Warhammer 40k. Seriously, they're in there. hahahahaa.
Mechanics - 2 <- Game mechanic integration ruins this game for me. It just isn't fitting all together. Random spawns. There isn't much to do - or you don't get to do it with jerks randomly killing you.
Fun - 6 at first then on down to 1.

Game over.
Posted: January 25th, 2014
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Early Access Review
Gunplay against wall hackers and aimbotters- Lose everything on death including all xp towards character progression respawn with nothing but a kitchen knife at lvl 0.

Spend 5 hours gearing up encounter hacker die lose everything, respawn random area lvl 0 kitchen knife, 8 nether attack you die respawn, gear up an hour die lose everthing respawn nothing. Am I beating a dead horse yet?

Nuff said
Posted: June 2nd, 2014
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This game fooled alot with awesome promise in early access . Seemed thay just had to work out hacks and do a better job of loot placement and quantities. Developers promised a giant map which they abandonedand and substituted with the new crap to the west. They declared alpha just in time for the summer sale and discounted 50% to 80% off on release....who does that? you can get it as cheap as $3.00......why? Because without warning they removed weapon loot drops and added a bunch of containers to the map that you have to buy keys to open. Sound familiar? This game is nothing more then a cash grab to sell keys . they went this rout when they realized peeps would rather grind then open the wallets to buy cosmetic items. When it was just 50% off the servers were full,then Oh what happened? Everyone realized it was a cash grab and now the servers are back to the normal 11/64 max. what do they do. 80% off.. This really bummed me out especially because i believed from the beginning that this woul;d be awesome. Fooled me once. Spend your money elseware or dont and wish you did!
Posted: June 22nd, 2014
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Junk title. It left early access quietly, brushed away under the rug with only a pop of 300+ people playin. People asked for PVE servers and didnt get it, the engine is ok as it goes, but that's about the extent of it. THe nether monsters AI is really bad. AS a PVP game, it's ok, nothing special, there's much better out there. I wouldn't waste me money on this again if I had the chance. EA's from indies seem to be going south by the dozen...
Posted: June 6th, 2014
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