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Soundodger+ combines the twitchiness of bullet hell shooters with the sonic thrills of rhythm games to create a wholly unique experience. Studio Bean has updated the original Adult Swim Games title with all-new tracks, controller support, and a fully-featured level editor. Plus, auto-generate stages from your own music library!Update!
Data di rilascio: 11 Ott 2013
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Mega Coin Squad August 15!

5 Agosto 2014

Our new multiplayer game Mega Coin Squad is coming next week!


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Finally, meet us this Friday (Aug 8) at noon EST on our Twitch channel to see the game in action and chat with developers Big Pixel Studios:


Cool? Cool.


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Daily Deal: Volgarr the Viking 66% Off!

14 Maggio 2014

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If you consider yourself an old-school, 2D-action tough guy, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.


PS Your mom says "hi"

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“It’s a thing of beauty, this game.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“A lovely and brutal exercise in pure arcade music gaming.”
4/5 – Hardcore Gamer

“Soundodger+ is less a game and more an entirely different way to experience music.”
4.5/5 – PC World

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Informazioni sul gioco

Soundodger+ combines the twitchiness of bullet hell shooters with the sonic thrills of rhythm games to create a wholly unique experience. Studio Bean has updated the original Adult Swim Games title with all-new tracks, controller support, and a fully-featured level editor. Plus, auto-generate stages from your own music library!

Update! March 7, 2014

  • 6 new music tracks (see below for full track list)
  • Smooth Listening Mode: play for score without audio penalties when getting hit
  • Larger window sizes added: press F3 when in windowed mode to cycle between them

    Key Features

  • 29 music tracks, 17 new to the Steam edition
  • Artists include celebrated game musicians Disasterpeace (FEZ, Runner2), Danny Baranowsky (The Binding of Isaac) and more
  • Auto-generate levels in a snap using your personal music collection
  • Create and share original levels using the all-new level editor
  • Engage slo-mo for the trickiest sequences, or embark on a risk-free musical journey in Zen mode

    Full Track List

  • Anoctave - Frog of Lore
  • Austin Wintory - Lost Age
  • Bean - Senioritis
  • Bean - Sixteen & Dangerous
  • Bean - Solvalou
  • Bill Kiley - Foxtail Socks
  • Bill Kiley - Glowing Cubes
  • Bill Kiley - Rake Leaves Into Piles
  • Bill Kiley - Ye Olde Future
  • Chelsea Howe - A Walk In The Park
  • D.WIGHT - Outside Wars
  • D.WIGHT - Waves From Nothing
  • Danny Baranowsky - Kirkhope
  • Delasaurus - Fields & Reaches
  • Disasterpeace - Daisy Wheel
  • Ghost Kollective - Dummy (Radio Edit)
  • Lifeformed - Chloroplast Skin
  • Lifeformed - Forgotten Tea
  • Louis Gorenfeld - MIDI Murder Box
  • Mike Forst - I Do, What I Want
  • Mike Forst - Katapult
  • North Base - Overdose
  • Sonic - Distant Stars

    New Tracks! March 7, 2014

  • Bean - Shibuya
  • Ben Prunty - Crispy Static
  • Chipzel - Tokyo Skies
  • Doseone - Samurai Gunn (Title)
  • Eirik Suhrke - Menu (Super Crate Box)
  • Jukio Kallio - Nuclear Throne (Theme)

Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space
    • OS: Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8
    • Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 180 MB available space
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Just you and your little dot against the music, and it's glorious.

The game eases you into the nasty stuff, but doesn't take long to do so. Slow down and half speed modes make those nasty spots a little easier, but only just a little. Though things slow down, the bullet keep appearing, so there is more stuff on the screen to avoid. Use it sparingly, as the game itself recommends. This game plays with the turntable aspect nicely too, even making the pieces move backward when the music slows and starts reversing. Watch out :)

Another nice feature is that though you have to unlock newer levels, it doesn't make it difficult to do so. Getting scores in the 80%+ range on each level locks another level or two. Getting 80% is actually pretty easy to do, even if you get hit one or two times. But, you'll probably want to replay most levels until you get the 100%. Also, complete level editor - make your own, with your own music.

Controls? Pick your poison: WASD, mouse and game controller all supported.

If you like bullet hell games, mixed with a variety of music (mostly trance/dance/chiptunes/etc), this is well worth buying. At full price even. But, if it's on sale, most definitely.
Pubblicata: 14 Marzo 2014
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Just downloaded this game. I was pretty neutral, didn't know what to expect really.

I played this for a while and found myself just sitting there with a gigantic f***ing smile on my face just enjoying the hell out of this game. The sound is amazing, controls are fast and responsive, visuals are clean and stylish and the gameplay is fun and just puts you into a zen like state of flow and enjoyment that is the nicest thing i've experienced in a long time.

Yes, it's pretty simple but it's so very much worth its price (it's too cheap tbh). Honestly, if you don't get this gem you are missing out.
Pubblicata: 26 Giugno 2014
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Ok now picture this. Your old family boombox that your old Uncle used to use back in the 70s comes to life.
Now, this old boombox sucks up all your music and starts firing bullets at you. Arrow shaped, neon coloured bullets.
And there isn't just one, there's a million, all in a suicidal arm of death.

That Electro music you stored up as the bastion of computer based music? It's your death wish.
That'll teach you to start listening to slower styles of music.


Highly Recommend.
Pubblicata: 20 Giugno 2014
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Soundodger. A music-based bullet hell that scores you based on how perfect you can avoid sound.

The main objective, as aforementioned, is to be perfect at avoiding sound--bullets that spawn into the playing field and follow a particular rhythm and beat of the track. There are four different bullets: linears, bubbles, homers, and hearts. In game, the hearts unlock a new track that can be played as well if you seek to unlock special achievements.

Soundodger+ includes user levels, an editor, and auto-gen mode (creates a randomized level with whatever song selected). By default, there are six premade stages, five that, like the advanced stages, have the heart bullet that can help unlock the same bonus tracks.

My opinions of it all:
The Good
I'm finding myself enjoying the editor a lot, using my favorite songs to craft nice and partially fancy levels. And after achieving perfection with the standard songs, unlocking the advanced stages as well as a couple heart stages, I'm in a constant liking of this game. A nice time-killing on a boring day. I have yet to officially unlock all hearts and getting 100% score on more advanced and premade user levels.

The Bad
Part of me wish there were at least another mode to this game, possibly an alternative, where the game rates how well you can collect specific bullets. Auto-gen, too, isn't very good in creating stages either, but there must be a way they're done. I don't know what more to put here...

Soundodger is a pretty amazing game with all it already has. Plus, this game is accompanied with a worthwhile soundtrack that I fell in love with the more I kept playing those particular stages. Hopefully, I'll share some of my created stages with the public later on...

--Sir Hermes (the Samurai).
Pubblicata: 8 Luglio 2014
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This game is truly excellent. The music is beautiful. Whether you are in the mood for a song that will make you feel alive, a song that is fun and catchy, or a peaceful gentle song, it's there. The difficulty level is just right. It's hard enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, but it isn't so hard that you rage quit and never open the game up again. If you're looking for something that will most likely be played all the time in your library, something for when you're bored, killing time, or just want an hour full of good music and fun times, then I definitely recommend this game.
Pubblicata: 22 Giugno 2014
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Soundodger+ è un bullet hell con un’importante componente musicale al suo interno. La principale mansione del giocatore sta nello scegliere una canzone fra le circa 40 disponibili e passare indenne la pioggia di proiettili praticamente continua muovendo il cursore del mouse all’interno dello scenario in un’area delimitata circolarmente cercando di evitare il maggior numero di colpi possibili. A fine pezzo ci verrà assegnata una percentuale di completamento che dipenderà da due fattori fondamentali: l’essere riusciti a non farsi colpire e il non utilizzare lo slow motion, unico effetto applicabile allo scenario tramite la pressione del pulsante sinistro del mouse. Nessuno scenario ci metterà mai di fronte al Game Over. Per quanto solitamente i bullet hell siano pappa piccante per soli hardcore gamers, questa volta l’aspetto negativo del venire colpiti non sarà sangue a fiotti ed esplosioni chimiche. Una volta ricevuto un danno da parte di qualsiasi genere di proiettile, il tempo andrà per qualche secondo ad altissima velocità garantendoci l’immunità da ogni colpo, penalizzando però l’ascolto canonico della canzone come anche il punteggio complessivo.

Vieni a leggere la recensione dei più belli della festa!: http://theshelternetwork.com/soundodger/
Pubblicata: 27 Novembre 2013
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