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"Strike Vector is gorgeous shooter with strong mechanics and lots of customisation" 7.7/10 – IGN "it more than makes up for by being a gorgeous, intensely competitive experience that matches its aesthetic appeal with pure shooter satisfaction" – 7.
Release Date: Jan 28, 2014
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Strike Vector 1.0.3635 “Lone ace” patch + 50%off

April 9th, 2014

Hello Pilots!

We are proud to announce that the latest version of Strike Vector is available!
Feel free to share your feedbacks to help us to improve the game even more.
Strike Vector will have a discount off -50% untill the 16 of april!


Solo chalenges
- added a solo mode consiting of 20 quick challenges.
- each challenge has its own friend and world leaderboard.
- In challenge mode, you'll have to go through gates in order to reach the finish line.
- Some gates are locked, you will have to fulfill various objectives to unlock them.


- Swarm launcher lag bug fixed.
The swarm launcher will now fires the same amount of missile,
whatever the player ping is.
- Special Action cooldown is now the same even if you respawn with a diffrent special action.

Last Resort city
- New map added.
- Takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk city.

- Fuel tankers texture have been reworked in order to make them more visible.

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Strike Vector February Patch "Tasty walls"

February 28th, 2014

Strike Vector 1.0.3162 "Tasty walls" Patch

Hey mercenaries !

We are proud to release the new patch including one new mode + two brand new maps + CTF versions of existing maps + leaderboards and more !
As usual feel free to share your feedbacks and thoughts about this release so we can make this game even better.

- Mystery button now operationnal (if you meet the requirements).
- new unlocks.
- New grades to reach.
- Teamplay spawn system improved. Players will never spawn anymore on the ennemie side.

- Added a world/friends ranking leaderboards.

Capture the flag
- New mode added.
- Players holding the flag lose 20% of their max speed until they drop the flag.

- The votemap panel behavior has changed. All the available game modes are proposed. (DM, TDM, Bounty Hunter, Domination, CTF).
- A "restart match" option has been added.


Plasma gun
- damage increased from 70 to 80.

Booster (CTF only)
- Strongly decreases the effect of booster when carrying the flag.


- New map added.
- Being too close to lava will now damage your vector.
- Playable on the official servers in TDM and domination modes too.

- NEW map added.
- Takes place in a after-battle environment where everything is destroyed except a temple.

Rival Sanctuaries
- Sanctuary map has been drastically changed to fit better with the CTF mode.
- Playable on the official servers in TDM too.

- Platform93 map has been drastically changed to fit better with the CTF mode.
- Playable on the official servers in TDM too.

- Static lava damages now your vector.

- Clouds added.


- adminkick [PLAYERNAME] : Kicks out the specified player.
- adminban [PLAYERNAME] : Ban the specified player.
- restartmatch : Force a restart of the current match.
- Admins cannot crash the server anymore if they use the changemap command with a non existant map name.

- Kill/Death ratio can be over 100% FIXED.
- Having the Strike Damage reduces the engines sounds FIXED
- Stats and levels are resetting if player start a game when offline FIXED.
- And many other small fixes...

See you on the battlefield Mercenaries !

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About the Game

"Strike Vector is gorgeous shooter with strong mechanics and lots of customisation"
7.7/10 – IGN

"it more than makes up for by being a gorgeous, intensely competitive experience that matches its aesthetic appeal with pure shooter satisfaction"
7.5/10 –destructoid

"Strike Vector does one thing - frantic multiplayer combat action - and does it really well" Luke Plunkett

"I do, however, know one thing for sure: Strike Vector The Videogame is unarguably stunning" Nathan Grayson

“Strike Vector est la petite bombe indépendante sans prétention que l’on ne voyait pas venir”
17/20 – jeuxvideo.com

“BELLISSIMO, Strike Vector è uno sparatutto indipendente adrenalinico, appagante e assolutamente spaziale. In tutti i sensi”
9.2/10 – IGN.it

"Amateur de sensations fortes, à vos souris. Si vous cherchiez du Quake en altitude, de l'instagib en vaisseau spatial, le titre qu'il vous faut est enfin dispo : ça s'appelle Strike Vector et c'est pour les joueurs hardcore dont l'estomac est bien accroché"
4/5 – gameblog.fr

Strike Vector is a Brutal aerial FPS that will see you test your skills online against other players in the tradition of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. The game offers an hardcore learning curve for those who don't fear to die a lot at first but who will get a massive rewarding feeling when they will master the game and dominate the battlefield.

all New Features Will Be Free

Ragequit Corporation will offer free downloadable content after the game release. We want to make sure that every person playing Strike Vector have access to the same content regardless of when they will get the game.


With a distinct old school feel, reminiscent to games such as Crimson Skies, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament, Strike Vector will let you test your reflexes and skills against your friends. Team flight and mutual assistance is required to fulfill your missions but individual aiming and piloting skills are also mandatory.

two Movement Modes

You fly the Vector, the lastest hyper-speed VTOL, highly customizable and manoeuvrable Jet fighter. Your enhanced version can instantly switch between 2 movement modes :

  • Jet Mode: reach high-speed, intercept opponents and fast evade incoming projectiles.
  • Stationary Mode: strafe in all directions with increased precision, hold and defend key locations.

This unique gameplay allow you to fight face to face with your enemies like classical FPS, or playing dog fighting.

game Modes

Targets to reach, positions to defend, enemy structures to destroy … Players may select among famous game modes such as deathmatch, team domination, team deathmatch, and Bounty Hunter! More game modes are coming soon!

build Your Own vector

Equip your Vector in your own style with two differents weapons to get the edge on various situations or be a specialist by choosing the same weapon for each side of the craft. Hundreds of combinations are available, making your ship the only kind of his genre on the battlefield.

Depending on your weapons and perks choice, your playstyle will be different from another player, you create your own class :

  • Fast and stealthy to capture positions and hide in massive structure to surprise your enemies.

  • Heavy and powerful to defend strategic points or assault enemies defenses.

Customize your ship appearance among various type of skin decorations and put a gadget in your cockpit to make you feel like you are at home. A mach 3 home!

varied Environments

You will play through gigantic flying structure like aerial oil platforms, slums, cities, factories, abandonned stations and much more and find many destructible objects like giant cargos or pressure vessels and use them to trap players in deadly explosions, block or open passages and fulfill your mission objectives.
Use your environment to avoid and escape homing missiles by adopting a risky flying style. Play the way you want with various game mode adapted for a 360° warfare
Eliminate every players in classic deathmatch, support your team in domination or the greedier and more...

STRIKE VECTOR FORUM : http://www.strikevector.net/forum/
STRIKE VECTOR OST : http://themaravers.bandcamp.com/

System Requirements

    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: 2.0+ GHz processor
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: SM3-compatible video card
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 5000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xfire and SLI not supported
    • OS: Windows 7
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Hard Drive: 5000 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Xfire and SLI not supported
Helpful customer reviews
306 of 351 people (87%) found this review helpful
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1 review
5.4 hrs on record
If you've seen the store page's trailer, then Strike Vector is as fun as it looks. Be warned, beta is beta. Servers crash frequently, and there are frequent glitches with the menus. For instance, after being boot out of a game due to a crashed server, you must restart it to play again. But all that aside...
THE GAMEPLAY IS AMAZING. It plays like a dream! The ability to swap between Jet and Harrier modes on the fly is an incredible boon, and it makes dogfights fast-paced and intense, and extremely enjoyable. You have two weapon slots, and there are about a half dozen weapons to choose from, and you get to mix and match as you want. Each weapon has two slots for perks, as well. Two weapons, two perks each, and a ship perk, and a special ability, all creates excellent diversity, and it should cater to anyone's playstyle. Did I mention you have 3 loadout slots so you can save several of these combinations that you can swap from every time you die? You can even change them before you jump back in.
Visually, it's impressive. There's not much that stands out, but I love the machinery/factory look of all the menus and screens. One minor gripe I have is that certain menu prompts are unclear. They don't stand out very much and it's easy to skip over them because they're so small. For instance, at first I didn't even realize you were able to fly on the maps solo, because the button to do that was buried in the tutorial section, and was a very, very small button along the top of the screen. The ships themselves are customizable visually, and have patterns and a full color spectrum to choose from for each main section of your ship. There's a bit of texture pop-in, and some things look a little bit muddy, and it's obvious to see a lot of stand-in art and text in places, but overall it's not bad.
Sound overall is decent. The weapons and flight sound great, very meaty where it counts. Explosions are visceral, too. Though I would love a little more feedback in some places, such as when switching between flight and harrier mode. There were some times while in a match where I was off to the side, menus open adjusting options, and the game was silent. I think it could stand to have a little more realism in its sound. Basically I mean that it should echo more; I should hear the fights going on all across the map. I don't believe there should ever be silence in a game like this. Music! There's no in-game music, and if there is, it was brief, and I didn't notice it. The title theme is pretty cool, however the menus afterward... it's monotonous and could stand to be changed or improved. I don't like it much. So aside from minor complaints, it's great where it counts!
I could see myself playing this very much, spending a lot of my extra time here. I await the ability to host my own games in-client, or to be able to play offline against AI or over LAN, but such features do not yet exist. I'm glad I'm at least able to fly around the maps on my own without needing to connect. There's not much to do save practice flying around and shooting at nothing, but it's a nice add-in. With a plethora of unlockables, including ship parts and decals and patterns, and stuff for my pilot's profile, plus the simple matter that it's so damn fun to play, there's plenty of reason to come back to it again and again.
To conclude, it's fast paced, it's exciting, it's fun as hell. Lots to choose from, fun to play, lots of potential. Beta is beta, though. Gameplay gets a solid 9/10, Aesthetic and design and visuals gets an 8/10, sound gets a 6/10, lasting appeal/replay value: I-will-be-losing-so000oooOOOOoo-many-hours-to-this-beastie/10
Overall, in its current beta state: 7.5/10, with a BADASS SEAL OF APPROVAL!
Posted: January 13th, 2014
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303 of 382 people (79%) found this review helpful
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13 reviews
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Wow. I went into this saying," Well.. why not." Biggest mistake of my life. This is one of the most original, fun concepts that I have seen in a while. I will DEFINITLY be supporting this game. 10/10 would play again!
Posted: January 12th, 2014
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98 of 138 people (71%) found this review helpful
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4 reviews
5.9 hrs on record
I absolutely love it! Flying a Vector is really cool, especially when you do it fast paced.

The maps are very well done. It may take a moment to get used to the controls, but believe me, this game is worth it!
Posted: January 12th, 2014
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91 of 136 people (67%) found this review helpful
461 products in account
3 reviews
2.4 hrs on record
Great game which brings some fresh wind within all the generic FPS games released in the last months.
Perfect game to play on LAN with some Friends and a crate of beer.
Posted: January 23rd, 2014
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72 of 106 people (68%) found this review helpful
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21 reviews
8.5 hrs on record
Pretty much skyunreal. It's a great game as long as this fix the ocnnectivity issues currently in the beta. Awesome guns, perks etc all unlocked at the start. Fastest game ive ever played too.
Posted: January 12th, 2014
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