Rise of Flight is the most realistic WWI PC flight simulation ever created. Take to the skies of war torn Europe and experience daring air combat at the dawn of aviation. Re-enact famous air battles fought by legendary aces such as Manfred von Richtofen, James McCudden, Georges Guynemer and Eddie Rickenbacker.
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"Understand that this is not Ace Combat. This is "keeping your plane in the air," but if you really want that feel of flying an old biplane, this is it."

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Spring Sale - 60% off!

Dear pilots!

Today we’re launching the first season sale on ROF content in 2015. Also, it’s the first one after the global website and forum update.

Starting March 23rd and till March 30th all planes and other ROF items are offered with a 60% discount.
Ilya Muromets hasn’t been included into the offer this time.

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Version 1.035b - Hotfix

Hi Everybody!
Here's what we're fixing today after the big update we had last week:

  • Steam DLC activation screen has been fixed and returned back to the game;
  • The issue with the Main screen bottom menu not available was fixed;
  • The position of hint text on the first login was fixed;
  • Bomb Aiming Helper is now correctly unavailable in mouse control setup if Aiming Help is turned off;
  • Bomb sight controls are no longer overlapping the 2D gauges;
  • Special symbols are now correctly shown in the German, French and Spanish localized versions;
  • Single mission for Hanriot were added.

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“It's easily one of the best flying and best looking games on the market”
7.9 – http://www.ign.com/articles/2009/07/08/rise-of-flight-review

“Gorgeous graphics, sweet flight model, and superb AI”
82 – PC Gamer

“It is one of the great sims of its era and may well become the definitive WWI sim for the next half-century.”

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To use content purchased on Steam you need to activate the license key in your profile at http://riseofflight.com
1) open the CD Key tab in Steam Library, and copy the key to clipboard;
2) go to License Keys section in your ROF profile (http://riseofflight.com/store/license-keys/) and activate your key there.


Rise of Flight is the most realistic WWI PC flight simulation ever created. Take to the skies of war torn Europe and experience daring air combat at the dawn of aviation. Re-enact famous air battles fought by legendary aces such as Manfred von Richtofen, James McCudden, Georges Guynemer and Eddie Rickenbacker. Rise of Flight transports you to a time when courageous pilots fought each other for control of the sky high above the bloody trenches. In aircraft made of canvas and wood they battled to the death. While some survived to become legends, most met a fiery fate. Do you have the skills and the courage to become an Ace?

Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition includes all the features which made the original Rise of Flight an award winner including one of the Best 100 games of All Time from PC Gamer and the Platinum Award from PC Pilot magazine. You’ll experience a cutting edge flight-sim experience such as advanced flight-models, adjustable difficulty settings, a complex physics engine and an industry leading progressive damage model. And don’t forget the gorgeous graphics, awesome special effects, beautiful 3D models, detailed terrain and challenging artificial intelligence. Rise of Flight Channel Battles Edition has something for every flight-sim fan, from single player campaigns to multiplayer dogfights, but one thing is for certain, the aerial combat in intense and brutal!

Rise of Flight: Channel Battles Edition is just the beginning of your adventure. There are more than twenty new flyable aircraft available for purchase along with additional content from the Steam store in the form of Booster/Content Packs. The Booster/Content Packs include not only airplanes, but other helpful items such as Field Modifications and Weapon Modifications for your aircraft which can help you be a more effective combat pilot. The Rise of Flight universe continues to expand with new flyable aircraft and game updates added on a regular basis. The Rise of Flight sky knows no limit.

Modes of Gameplay

Quick Mission Builder – The Quick Mission Builder (QMB) allows you to create a combat encounter very quickly. Simply select the parameters of fight using our easy to use interface. You can select the location, planes, weapons, skins, altitudes, wind, clouds and weather. You can also select from three different types of engagements – Skirmish, Survival and Duel.

Missions – These are custom stand-alone single missions you can fly to hone your combat skills. You can choose from Free Flight and Scenarios. The available missions are connected to the planes available for you to fly. Missions for the SPAD 13, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 28, Albatros D.Va, Fokker D.VII, Fokker DR.1, Pfalz D.XII, Sopwith Camel, S.E.5a and Felixstowe F.2a.are included.

Campaign – These are scripted campaigns designed to tell an immersive story. There are three campaigns available- Hat in the Ring, Du Doch Nicht and Training. Flying the campaigns is a good way to practice your combat skills before you venture into a pilot career.

Pilot Career – A pilot career allows you to choose from many different squadrons and fly historically based mission types throughout the war. You can choose what squadron you fly for and the date you start. You can also choose a biography for the pilot and starting rank. As you progress through the career, you will earn promotions in rank and earn medals for your bravery and skill. The career mode includes dynamic elements and no two missions are exactly the same. You’ll face historically accurate enemy squadrons and occasionally encounter deadly enemy aces in combat. If you survive long enough, you can become the squadron leader and take charge of daily pilot assignments and mission planning.

Multiplayer – ROF has a robust MP environment with a built in server browser. You can join MP matches easily or you can join simply to be a spectator. There are several types of multiplayer matches including Cooperative (CO-OP), Dogfight (TDM) and Objective Based (CTF). Each type of server has different goals and rules. The server locator screen can help you determine which match is best for you. It lists the server’s description, mission rotation, players, ping, location and difficulty settings. Once you join a match you can fly a single seat fighter or bomber. You can also fly as a machine gunner on a multi-crew aircraft such a bomber or recon plane. The choice is yours.

Key Features

  • Fly the SPAD 13, Nieuport 17, Nieuport 28, Albatros D.Va, Fokker D.VII, Fokker DR.1, Pfalz D.XII, Sopwith Camel, S.E.5a and the legendary Felixstowe F.2a.
  • Patrol over the Channel Map which includes Northern France, Southern England and the Flanders area of Belgium with realistic coastlines, villages and ports.
  • New Pilot Career over the Channel Map and Special “Channel Battles” mission-set are included featuring the gigantic Felixstowe F.2a flying boat.
  • Advanced graphics featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting, blinding sun glare, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, dark moonlit nights with stars and realistic looking raindrops and oil splatter on pilot goggles.
  • G-effects with blackout, red out and wounded pilot effects featuring blood splatter, ringing ears and control difficulty.
  • Practice teamwork with by manning additional Gunner Positions. You get unlimited access to multi-crew airplanes in Multiplayer matches. Protect your plane’s six o’clock!
  • Fly in Online Multiplayer servers. MP modes include Dogfight and CO-OP. Search for multiplayer servers with a built-in server browser.
  • New Leaderboards - Every Rise of Flight user has a unique user account and our system can track your multiplayer combat statistics if you choose to fly on special servers. On the Rise of Flight website there is a Leaderboard that lists the best ROF pilots throughout the world. The leaderboard displays many interesting statistics about your deadliest enemies. And you can see how you performed in your MP matches. If your stats aren’t impressive it’s ok. Just keep practicing!


    • OS: Win XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Win XP: Intel® Core 2™ Duo 2.4 GHz or comparable AMD chip
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512 MB video memory / GeForce 8800GT / Radeon HD3500
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • Additional Notes: Initial activation requires internet connection for User Account creation inside game interface. Internet connection required for use of some game modes. 256kbs Internet connection or faster required for internet play. An offline mode is also available for certain game modes. Software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, DirectX 9c, Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework, Visual C++ Redistributable 2005. Controller: DirectX Compatible joystick or other controller recommended.
    • OS: Win XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit)
    • Processor: Intel® Core® i5 / i7 2.6 GHz or comparable AMD chip
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 1024MB video memory or higher / GeForce GTX 260 / Radeon HD5850
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
    • Additional Notes: Initial activation requires internet connection for User Account creation inside game interface. Internet connection required for use of some game modes. 256kbs Internet connection or faster required for internet play. An offline mode is also available for certain game modes. Software installations required (included with the game) include Steam Client, DirectX 9c, Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework, Visual C++ Redistributable 2005. Controller: DirectX Compatible joystick or other controller recommended.
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十分真实的一款空战模拟游戏,高效而又逼真的引擎,精细的建模,如果你想翱翔于一战时的天空,成为一名空中骑士,go and have it!
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只有1933年以前的飞行员才是真正的飞行员(Aviator), 之后的"飞行员"顶多是个Pilot.
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777 Studios always makes their AI pilots superhuman headshot machines who fly their planes at the edge of the envelope 100% of the time, but you are not. You will need to learn WWI aerobatic combat maneuvers to have any chance of defeating them, but there are training vids on Youtube to teach you. You need a joystick and TrackIR setup would help alot. Use the Smoothing feature for your joystick axii or your ride will be very bumpy. Biplanes are actually a lot less finicky than they are in this game, but the flight model is okay. Just if you have ever flown in a 1920's biplane you will be wondering what's wrong with the plane.

Once you get beyond all that RoF is a great game. The graphics are ultra-realistic and the planes beautifully re-created. I bought my Steam version when it was on sale last Xmas and the deals were pretty good. Cheaper than updating my original release DVD version. Kind of pricey at full price.
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You pay a lot for very little! Yes, it is a very good flight sim: one of the best I have tried. However, the price point for the base game gives you only the basics and then you have to dish out a heck of a lot of money just for some basic enhancements... like planes that should have been available from the start!.

On the Steam December 2014 sale the game is on for 60% off, which means the base game and the DLC will still cost you about $120...OMG! for that kind of money I should be able to have every piece of kit that flew in the sky in the First World War!.

Now get this, if $120 at 60% off doesn't satisfy your need to open your wallet, just remember the undiscounted price is $55 for the game plus $240 fprDLC! These guys are as greedy as the guys that develop and market the DCS World sim.

So, if you really want to exprience a good WW1 flight sim, then get it while it's on sale, because that kind of money would be better spent on something more enriching than wasting your time on a computer, like taking your love for a romantic getaway, :-)

Now, I appeciated good quality software development. I always look for historically accurate depictions of warfare. I really love it when these two factors come together. This game system is a rare breed that achieves this in a fairly good way. The flight dymantics a great. The planes beautiful. The adversaries deadly. Its a pretty good game.

But I will be ♥♥♥♥ed if I dish out that kind of money for DLC. I will wait for a better product with more reasonable price model.
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One could argue that's the best flight simulator of combat ever coded.

There are mods.
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I have been playing this game for a few yrs. now off of Steam and decided to purchase the Steam Version in order to take advantage of the DLC packs. It is very much a simulator so if you are looking for an easy game this is not it but if you want to get a feel of flying WWI planes then there is none better than this.
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I have been playing RoF since its release in 2009, and it has improved so much since `09, i love this game.

Most people who have written give it a bad review because of the DLC, and yeah i can understand that, but what they don`t realize is that when you purchased the base game in `09 it came with +- 6-8 planes, 1 map, no single player campaign, etc etc.

Then after 2-3 months the first 2 plane dlc would come out, and all the Rof folks would jump on it, because it adds to the game.

Now if you start new.. then yeah you have a big amount of planes to buy, but its not a reason to give the game a bad review.

For the game, I think it has the best damage engine in a flight sim to date, just taking off and diving back into the ground with time set to -10 is enough enjoyment to keep you busy for hours.

I love the single player campaign, as it puts you as a rookie pilot in the middle of the war, and it lets you choose which period of the war, which side, which plane etc etc.

Only thing i dislike is that you will not fly with the famous WW1 aces, you can encounter them in the air, but no matter how many times you fly with Jasta 11 you will not see Voss, Richthofen, or Udet..something that the game really needs.

Also a issue for me is that when you switch squadrons the kill tally list is empty for the AI flyers..as if the war did not exist for them till you joined.

But that's where for me the negative ends for this game.

I will give this game AAA+ and recommend it to anyone that loves the period and flightsims, and i would advice getting the Base game and the Acepack to start with (i own the non steam game and steam game, but on steam i only have those 2 pieces of the package).

If you wish to see me kicking a guy`s ♥♥♥♥ in Multiplay check the video.

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Very nice flight simulator of WWI BUT this sales model of buying each plane is too bad.

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This game is the #1 WW1 Flight simulator in the world!!! Its career could literally take up to 3 years if you finish 1 mission per day. The planes are easy to fly. This game supports Eyefinity and track IR support. The DLC's are worth it and people complain that it's $200 for them all. If you want them cheaper, just wait till the next sale or do some Steam Trades, simple. Look at the high quality modeling that goes into the plane models. As a modeler myself, and it would take me almost 1 weeks just for 1 plane model and each DLC gives you four of them. Look at Train simulator 2015, it has $4,000 worth of DLC's and DCS where they give you only 1 plane per DLC for the same price as ROF and they are not that good.

So... Is it worth it (on sale or retail)?
-Most definitely!

Should i get the DLC's
-YES! just wait till they go on sale if you can wait a while or steamtrades.

Should i read the negative reviews?
-If you want. They mostly complain about the DLC's because they "cost too much" and they can’t wait for it to go on sale. As I always say, "the longer you wait, the cheaper it will get."
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Enjoyed it due to the fact that it is completely different than most other flight simulators, however the fact that you have to spend money to get new planes/paint schemes versus unlockables sucks.
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This simulator opened a world of fascination for me. After playing for two weeks or so, I began to look for anything about WWI aviation -- stories, movies, books, and airplane models. The level of historical detail in Rise of Flight is extremely impressive, especially the vast variety of historical "skins" for the planes you fly, and how certain planes are available to certain squadrons at specific points during the war (in career mode).

It's tough going at first, and I managed to crash probably 20 times before I managed to get my first kill in a dogfight. Once you learn about the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the individual planes, it gets much easier. Be sure to check out Requiem's excellent tutorial videos for a smoother start.

If you are into flight simulators or the history of WWI in any way, I very much recommend Rise of Flight.
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now when i got this game i didn't understand why it had mixed reviews, i watch videos on youtube and the flight simulator community eats this game up like a fresch cherry pie, they seem to love the hell out of it and talk so highly out of it, so when i saw the mixed reviews i was kind of suprised, and didn't undersand and now I do... now before i get too that lets get too the Pros of the game.

the pros of this game are simple, if you are a avid flight simulator player like myself you will enjoy the higher graphics the game has to offer, clean, smooth, the game has VERY nice graphics and seem to be somewhat realistic in appearence on the aircraft, the cockpits also are nicely detailed with working gauges, instroments and controls, and just like any other flight simulator getting kill after kill is addicting. damage effects are pretty spectacular too watch, peaces of wing come off, fires spread rather than just rapidly burst, props break, holes develope on the aircraft pretty much where you hit your target, very very nice... skins for the aircraft are also relatively easy too mod aside from the fact you have to have a higher setting for your editor so your skins don't look all pixely.

this is where i get too undersand things, if you are not a avid or hard core flight simulator player like myself, you will probably NOT like this game, in hard mode the planes seem too be VERY difficult too fly, i understand the old war birds wherent easy too fly, but come on guys the DR-1 ♥♥♥ker triplane could turn too the left without rapily jerking into a stall so easily, and its either you have this on and can perform coplex maneuvers that require a stall, or you turn it off and can hardly stall the plane at all to do spacific complex maneuvers, in CFS3 or FSX you could adjust the difficulty marginally and get used to the difficulty, i guess i was spoiled buy that? doing simple maneuvers such as the immelman turn, the barrel role, seem impossible, these aircraft seem too have the roll rate of a lead brick, especually at lower speeds, but even at higher i noticed once the aircraft seems to go inverted it just wants to stop rolling and it drops out of the sky, i have a feeling these aircraft really rolled faster than that as this was the erra maneuvers such as the Immelman turn, or the barrel role where conceved, and don't even start to get me going on the camera controls, they work really good when you only have 4 or 5 enemy planes in a formation, at the push of a button you can set your pilot too view your enemy looking straight at him from the cockpit, but when you are blistering buy everyone in a Spad XIII, its difficult too get a lock on one target too stay focused on it, you loose targets all the time and its REALLY frustrating, because suddenly as you click the button on your joystick your guy looks at a DR-1 ♥♥♥ker that blistered buy with no intention of shooting you... this is frustrating when your 6 inches from the ground trying too keep track of how close you are too it and you cycle between a forward looking down the sights cockpit view, and looking right at your enemy, there appears no way too select one target out so you don't have this happen, once again something i was spoiled buy in several flight simulators i suppose. and lastly, why don't all the planes come with the game, why are there only 10 of the some 30-40 planes avalible too fly? and why do 4 of them cost some $25? i just got done paying $50 or so dollars for this game and we have all these issues that i don't have with a flight simulator that was made back in 2001...

i suppose i would recommend it too some avid flight sim players or obsessed gamers where thats all they do with there life is eat chips and play games, its fun and has good graphics, other than that if you are looking for a fun arcade style shooter flier, or are a beginner, i suggest staying away...
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Much like new pilots during WWI, you're mostly thrown a manual in one hand and the joystick in the other, but believe me, the feeling you get when you score your first kill is beyond compare.
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Rise of Fart: Flannel Battles Edition

Great game with graphics that stand strong in todays game selection, even though it was released in 2013

Great physics that make you feel the slow, the slow that is a bi-plane

Wing ripping damage model, the wings can actually shear off by overloading.

Localized damage with realistic damage mapping

If it is a true flight sim you are looking for, you wont find anything more challenging than this one.

-your true biggest enemy is yourself, especially if you are like me and push the limit with no regard to consequence
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Best flight sim I have ever played.
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Best WW1 Flight Sim Available ...
Even Though I've Owned The Full Game For 5 Years,
I Didn't Hesitate To Buy The Steam Version. ( 21 buck on sale )
All Good & Now ...
Considering Buying It As A Gift I See The Full Prices ...
$55 - Game & 8 Planes + Basic Mission Stuff
$33 - Aces Pack DLC ( Confusing Mess )
$28 x 2 - Mindless Random DLC
Total = $144.00 - Get's You A Partial Game & Countless Micro-Transactions To Buy
Well Golly Gosh Gee STEAM !
My Best Advice Is You Guys Put Down That Pipe,
And Get To Work On That Sales Strategy.
Just So You Dont Lose Countless Thousands Of Willing Customers Like Me.
Bones, signing out ...
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I've played RoF standalone for years and only utilized the Steam store for purchases. It works, yes. Just use the account that has your steam purchased aircraft and log in on a standalone version.

At anyrate, this is the finest sim that covers the first real air-war.

Yes, it's a bit of an investment. It can be expensive, but it's worth it given the amount of content there is.

It features awesome campaigns and career modes in addition to fun multiplayer.

If you dig these old fabric and wood dogfighters, this is your game.

And, want to try it for free? Head on over to the Rise of Flight website and try the free version. The hell of it is, it gives you access to two of the best fighters in game as well as a third one since the unified upgrade.
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It feels awesome to patrol the air high over no man's land, eyes flicking between guages and the open sky, knowing that a lapse in concentration on either could mean death. You spot a plane, check your compass, his heading could mean enemy or friendly, dive to gain speed, he's spotted you, you're zoomed in as much as possible, wind is blasting your ears, muffling the spluttering engine. Sights are on him, heart's pumping, check for stoppage in the machine guns, trigger set, here we go, aaaaaand it's a friendly. Wave off, Never mind

The game itself is fantastic, great flight model. Multiplayer that has population (for now) and doesnt babysit you. It forces you to respect your engine and airspeed, windage, ammunition and fuel load. Most flight sims do this, but only in RoF have i managed to play a good multiplayer match that doesn't hold your hand.

All of this would be so grand if they didnt rip me off on available planes. Some nutsack in marketing at 777 decided that purchasing the game will only give you 5-6 planes, when they had created over 20 for the game. I'm used to seeing this on flight simulators, but unless I can click panel buttons and instruments, 25 dollars for 2 planes and a field modification is not good enough for digital distribution.

I joined a multiplayer map where I hadn't purchased any of the planes available for the map and so only had the choice of being a gunner. Bit of a ♥♥♥♥ time when I spent good money buying the game.
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It Rocks it is a Killer Flight to a Fight no Baby s alowed just Combat in the Sky
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