GunZ 2: the Second Duel is a free-to-play 3D TPS and is the most fast-paced tough action shooter game.
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發行日期: 2014 年 05 月 1 日


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03 月 31 日

Notice of Server Closed (May 10th / Except US West)

Dear Gunz2 players,


We have a notice about server closed, and followings are details.

- US East(N.Virgina) server: May 10th, 2017, 05:00 p.m. (PST)
- Japan server: May 10th, 2017, 05:00 p.m. (PST)
- Europe server: May 10th, 2017, 05:00 p.m. (PST)
- Singapore server: May 10th, 2017, 05:00 p.m. (PST)
- South America server: May 10th, 2017, 05:00 p.m. (PST)
※ In case of US West server, it won't be closed, and will be maintained.

So, we recommend that do not make additional in app purchasing on these servers.

We are very sorry to deliver this news.
Actually we have been tried to keep all servers for players who are playing this title during long time although without specific update,
but because of accumulated deficit, it becomes harder practically, so we finally made this decision. We beg your understanding.

Have a good day. Thank you.

Best regards,
Gunz2 Team

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GunZ 2: the Second Duel

Rediscovery of action shooting! We present to you GunZ 2: the Second Duel. GunZ 2 is an online action shooting game. GunZ 2 provides a whole new user experience that players have never seen from other games.

Key Features

Completely unique action gameplay
In this game, there is no limit on how players move. In GunZ 2: the Second Duel, a wall is not an obstacle yet another path that provide tactical advantages. You no longer have to hide behind walls when you encounter your enemies. You can rather climb up the walls around you to take higher ground or move into enemies’ blind spot to launch vigorous assault.

Unique classes with various tactics and strategies
It’s absolutely up to players to choose which class to play. Unique classes are fitted with its own Passive and Active skills. Become a silent assassin wielding a long katana, roam around in the battle ground freely with a giant shield, or burn enemies with flame-thrower. The choice is completely up to you. (3 classes will be available at launch, more classes will be continuously be added)

Weapons… More Weapons!
In GunZ 2: the Second Duel, you can choose from 200 different weapons sorted into 13 different categories. Especially unlike conventional FPS games, GunZ 2 provides unique melee weapons which bring maximum strategic variety. Each class has its own ultimate skill that can dramatically rescue a friendly unit from danger.

Save the day with friends!
Play Campaign Mode to fight against the notorious mega corporation with super-national power. Fight against the enemies with action you can experience only in GunZ 2: the Second Duel.

Yet, it’s available for beginners!
Even though it is fitted with such powerful action, maneuvering your character in GunZ 2: the Second Duel is extremely easy. To run on walls, simply point your cross-hair to the desired direction and tap on the jump key rhythmically. Such simply control makes up incredible fast-paced stylish action.


    • 作業系統: Windows XP
    • 處理器: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.4 GHz
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 圖像: nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600
    • DirectX: 版本:9.0
    • 網路: 寬頻網際網路連線
    • 儲存空間: 4 GB 可用空間
    • 作業系統: Windows XP/Vista/7
    • 處理器: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.8 GHz
    • 記憶體: 4 GB 記憶體
    • 圖像: DirectX 9 compatible video card, GeForce GTX 260
    • DirectX: 版本:9.0
    • 網路: 寬頻網際網路連線
    • 儲存空間: 4 GB 可用空間
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