...Large-Scale Multiplayer Combat, New Light-Powered Legends Characters and an All-New Weapon.
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"A pretty good MMO in which you create a superhero, the graphics aren't incredible and is has a million expansions that aren't free unfortunately."

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21. november 2014

War of the Light Part II Is Now Available!

The war continues! Steam players can now make the jump into War of the Light Part II. Members automatically have access to the content as part of membership, and non-members can purchase the DLC Pack right here on Steam. What are you waiting for? Metropolis needs you!

Learn More About War of the Light Part II!

The fate of the entire Emotional Spectrum hangs in the balance of an uneasy alliance between Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Sinestro. Feeling love is endangered by this relentless war, Carol Ferris and the Star Sapphires have come to Earth to restore their own entity and to stop the strife…and all who get in their way.

Look for “Warriors of Light II” in your Mission Journal and head to Mogo’s Command Center (Heroes) or Ranx’s Command Center (Villains) from your HQ to begin your adventures in War of the Light Part II.

Combat Rating: 106

New Solo Content!
New solo content is available in the open world in the Downtown Metropolis Battlezone and in a new solo Challenge, Spark of Parallax!

• New Daily Solo Missions
o Heroes and Villains can both rejoin the war in Metropolis between the Lantern corps with daily solo missions. Complete 10 Daily Solo Missions to gain entry to a special solo instance!
o Combat Rating: 106
• Spark of Parallax Solo Challenge
o The Spark of Parallax must make it to the Central Power Battery on Qward! Heroes and Villains must work with Hal Jordan and Sinestro to ensure that the entity of fear is restored, and the Emotional Spectrum is on its way to recovery.
o Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Challenge under Tier 6 of the 1 Player Tab.
o Combat Rating: 106

New Two Player Content!
Players receive a new Duo – Spark of Ion!

• Spark of Ion Duo
o The Spark of Ion must make it to the Central Power Battery on Oa before it’s too late. Help Hal Jordan and Sinestro make sure the essence of the entity arrives safely!
o Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Duo under Tier 6 of the 2 Player Tab.
o Combat Rating: 106

New Four Player Content!
Players receive a new 4-player Operation and Alert!

• Zamaron Conversion Chamber (4-Player Alert)
o The Star Sapphires are abducting female members of the various Lantern Corps in order to force them to join their ranks. Track the missing Lanterns’ ring signatures and head to Zamaron for a rescue mission.
o Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Alert under Tier 6 of the 4 Player Tab.
o Combat Rating: 106
• Avarice Impurity (4-Player Operation, Hero Only)
o Hal Jordan traveled to Mogo in response to a distress signal, but there has been no word from him since he left! Get to Mogo and investigate.
o Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Operation under Tier 6 of the 4 Player Tab.
o Combat Rating: 106
• Rage Impurity (4-Player Operation, Villain Only)
o Sinestro traveled to Ranx in response to a distress signal, but there has been no word from him since he left! Get to Ranx and investigate.
o Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Operation under Tier 6 of the 4 Player Tab.
o Combat Rating: 106

New Eight Player Content!
Players receive a new 8-player Operation.

• Love and War (8-Player Operation)
o Sinestro and Hal Jordan must get Carol Ferris to join their alliance. However, the Star Sapphires have hidden the location of Zamaron and aren’t welcoming any visitors. Fortunately, Sinestro and Hal have a plan.
o Open your On Duty Menu and look for the new Operation under Tier 6 of the 8 Player Tab.
o Combat Rating: 107

New PvE Gear!
Players receive new suit sets and styles inspired by different Lantern Corps and the Manhunters, and new Mist-Enhanced weapons. All War of the Light Part II gear drops are un-attuned.

• Heroes receive the Shepherd of Adara style inspired by Saint Walker of the Blue Lantern Corps.
• Villains receive the Avatar of Ophidian style inspired by Larfleeze of the Orange Lantern.
• All male characters receive the Sector 3601 style inspired by the Manhunters.
• All female characters receive the Heart of the Predator style, inspired by Star Sapphires.

New Base Items!
Collect new base items by participating in War of the Light Part II content, some of which are inspired by Lantern Corps.

New Collections & Feats!
Earn new Collections and Feats awarding a total of six skill points by completing War of the Light Part II content. Collections award new styles and base items inspired by War of the Light Part II content.

New Character Select Background!
Players can now select Zamaron as their Character Select Background.

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Om dette spil

DC Universe™ Online is a Free-to-Play, massive multiplayer online action game set in the popular DC Comics universe. Create your own powerful Hero or Villain and experience true action combat as you fight alongside and against legendary characters such as Batman, Superman and The Joker. Play for free now!

Key Features

  • Experience the power of visceral combat where you control every blow your character strikes, delivering a level of action that is unparalleled in the MMO segment.
  • Choose your side, superhero or villain, as you battle to save or conquer the universe
  • Fight alongside or against your favorite DC heroes and villains including Batman, The Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman and others…The next legend is YOU!
  • Experience the intensity of a world created in the artistic vision of legendary comic book artist Jim Lee.
  • Take advantage of the state-of-the-art physics engine and use objects in the world around you as weapons, including even your enemies!
  • Players will create their own DC-style hero or villain, each with a unique look and combination of superpowers.
  • Embark on heroic or villainous story-driven adventures penned by famous DC writers including Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman.
  • Gameplay is optimized for both the PS3 computer entertainment system and PC.
  • Explore the DC Universe; walk the darkened streets of Gotham City, investigate the mysteries of the futuristic cityscape of Metropolis and travel to legendary locations including Arkham Asylum and the Justice League of America Watchtower.
DC Universe Online is free to play, your way® – including *Legendary Membership access which includes more features and options, including extra character slots, expanded inventory, free access to DLC Packs, and unlimited cash balances (visit the DCUO website for full details).

*Optional content available for purchase.


    • OS: Windows XP 32-bit
    • Processor: P4 3.0GHz or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 1GB RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 30 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
    • Video: NVIDIA 7800GTX+ or ATI 1950+ Video Card
    • Audio: on Board
Helpful customer reviews
180 af 208 brugere (87%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
2 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
1,581.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 30. oktober 2014
Usually I don't write many reviews but since this is my favorite mmo - also the best one I've ever played I figured to write a hopefully helpful review. I get the feeling that many people in the review section only leveled up their toon from 1-30 and missed out on all the good stuff this game has to offer. I played this game way before I migrated it on steam, so let me tell you I've played it a LOT.

First of all as a response to all those ridiculous P2win comments. No, this game is not pay to win. I understand how it can come across that way to new players (mainly because of the 2000 cash cap in game) but it is clearly not. You can't buy anything in the marketplace which gives you an advantage over other players. You can't buy gear in the marketplace. In fact you will have to grind a lot in this game. Whether you use replay badges or not, the drops are random, the grinding will be about the same. Yes, this game is a pay to play model in my opinion since DLC's do cost real money and it is not possible for F2P players to compete at all in any high gear content (or even see the content) if they are not legendary. But in addition almost all the games out there are the same in high gear content. Also I think that the all access model is absolutely a fair deal, since 15€ are not really a big deal at all for what you get. Which is: Premium benefits in the following SOE games: DCUO, Everquest, Everquest 2 and Planetside 2. Also they will be adding 3 more games to the list soon.

You will have the choice to play as a villain or hero. This influences your whole gameplay, your missions, raids storylines and also the players you will encounter since heroes and villains can not interact other than in PVP or via the Versus chat. You will have the choice to play as the known roles Tank, DPS, healer and the support role of the controller who gives mana to the group, debuffs enemies and much more. There are plenty of powers you can choose from, every power can DPS and play one the other 3 roles. The gameplay of this game is smooth but I really have to say that the real game starts once you are past level 30. I really would not judge the game according to solo missions and Area 51 for example, the solo content in DCUO really isn't that strong. The whole game is more focused on PVE content for 4-8 players. There are also some Duos you can rock with a partner. What is also important is that the game gets significantly better once you are over combat rating 70 (cr=combat rating is basically the leveling system of this game) which is Tier 4. Starting at Tier 5 content the game gets more challenging, you get more variaton and can start to play the game more seriously. I do not recommend queueing up on some servers since most people use LFG (looking for group) to find groups. Of course you will also be able to join or even create a league which makes it easier to level up and understand the game...also adds a lot of fun.

PVP plays a pretty small role in this game since it's PVE based but you will find players who mainly enjoy the pvp side of things too without doing a lot of PVE. You get to play in Arenas from 1vs1 to 8vs8 as your own toon or in Legends PVP as iconic heroes or villains You will get your first legend character via Mail, which is Harley Quinn for Villains and Robin for Heroes. Both good characters to get started in PVP and learn a bit about important mechanics like blocking, blockbreaking and lunging. PVP is actually fair since the latest update, since your toon gets buffed if you play against stronger players - and their toon gets nerfed. So even as a level 10 player you can go into PVP safely and practice all you want. There is also a seperated open world PVP you will have access to. You can actually change from PVP to PVE and vice versa via the phase shifter. So PVP and PVE worlds are not seperate.

The storylines are attached and make sense, there will be some trilogies later in which the stories are actually better. I have to say the story really goes a bit short on DC universe online but they are improving. Comic book fans will really nerd over some of the things and bosses DCUO has to offer. The graphics are totally okay for a mmo..there are better graphics, they could improve some things but they are okay. The UI of this game is very clear, new players will not have any problems to get into it fast.

Last but not least this game has one of the nicest communties I have ever seen. New players will not have a problem to recieve help from more experienced players.

All in all 9/10..there are some things that require some improvement but if you are looking for a smooth, fun and sometimes challenging superhero and villain based game you will like DCUO.
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261 af 376 brugere (69%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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Indsendt: 27. oktober 2014
They should call it DLC: Universe

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230 af 335 brugere (69%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
2 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
37.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 3. oktober 2014
DC Universe is probably one of the best super hero themed games I've played. The graphics are great with a fast paced combat system that's insanly fun and the customazation of outfits is one of the best I've seen all while exploring and kicking ♥♥♥ in the in the DC Universe. However what put me off the most and the reason I just cannot recommend it is because of it's laughable free to play model your money is caped at a mer 2000 with any cash that is earned exceeding said cap becomes locked to you unless you pay to increase the cap trading with other players is none existent to you unless you pay and don't even think about useing the mail system with out shoveling out some dough. Want to work to max level and get the best gear? Sorry you have to pay for that also and finding a decent guild will be near to impossible because guilds only look for subcription players. When I first begain my first few hours of playing I had every intention of handing over some of my cash to suppose this game and it's company but after I seen how much of a low blow the free model is I I just can't bring myself to even continue playing.
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50 af 66 brugere (76%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
513.6 timer bogført
Indsendt: 10. oktober 2014
DC Universe Online is a super-hero MMO that makes you feel you're the next Superman or Wonder Woman as you're a hero helping your comrades against the opposition and the main threat, Brainiac.

The story brings an underrated villain, Brainiac, into the Hero vs Villain fray and decides to start destroying Earth after he obtains all bits of intelligence (which also means humans). Lex Luthor, who saw Brainiac invading, left the rest behind to be destroyed and travelled to the past, warning the present heroes of the upcoming threat. Using Exobytes, technology stolen from Brainiac that was stolen from the heroes and villains of the future, he allowed the entire of Metropolis and Gotham to have superpowers to defeat Brainiac.

Aside from the story, the gameplay is very diverse and gives you plenty of opportunities to display yourself. In character creation, you choose from plenty of powers (some requiring DLCs), weapons (one currently requiring DLC), and three movement modes (Flying, Super Speed, and Acrobatics). You can also choose side, personality, and mentor. Choosing a side means you're either a hero or a villain. Your personality reflects how your presence affects other players (how they think of you), and mentor (which kind of hero/villain you are). Depending on mentor, you can be a magic, meta, or tech character, and you will do two mentor quests in the entirety of the story (which is not much, but it's better than listening to Oracle or the Calculator all the time) and fight the nemesis of your mentor (Lex Luthor, Circe, or Joker). The story in this game is pretty much known to the community as the tutorial. It shows you around, has you geared up, and ready for the main part of the game: Increasing combat rating or PvP combat rating.

On the topic of PvP, there are five kinds of ways to PvP: Worldwide PK (PvP phase), Ring War/Diamond Heist, Arena PvP, Legends PvP, and duels. Dueling, at this point, only helps with a few feats, the most you'll get feat-wise would be Arena or Legends PvP. Legends PvP is different to the others as you use a character from the Legends roster. You can be Doctor Fate, Kyle Rayner...heck, even Classic Batman in Legends PvP (note that gear and traits won't make you better in this kind of PvP).

Now on to feats. Feats are like achievements, but they actually account for something. Feats come with feat points: the harder the feat, the more points you earn. Every 100 feat points will earn you a Skill Point (so you don't feel like you're stuck with 15 SP the entire game). The more feats you do, the more skill points you earn, and the easier for you to increase combat effectiveness.

The next point to note is alerts/raids/duos/solos. These are pretty much dungeons/instances where you go and do missions related to the instance to earn Marks of Triumph (later tiers will have something different). The higher the tier, the more Marks of Triumph you will earn, and an added bonus if you complete ones with a star beside them. Duos and solos can be fairly easy, as you can do them seperately from your peers, but alerts/raids require you to engage in strategic fights with your allies. If you're not able to engage in conversation and strategize, you won't make it far.

The only issue I have with this game, for personal reasons, are the DLCs. Understandably, they do need a way to earn a profit, however to make a game Pay 2 Win (P2W), is a fairly bad way of making a profit. To engage in anything from tier 4 and up will require legendary membership or the purchase of certain DLCs to be involved. Other than that, if you do get a DLC, you're treated to it's benefits.

• Original story
• Nostalgic characters
• Legendary voice-acting (especially Mark Hamill's Joker voice)
• Immersive and enjoyable gameplay
• Engaging and strategic boss battles
• Near-infinite customization possibilities

• Pay 2 Win
• Spawn killing can be abused in PvP
• Friendly mobs involved in a mission can be killed by enemy players (which leads to delays in progress)
• Spawn killing while in PvP phase
• PvP isn't exactly balanced
• A few bugs here and there (like Cape Carmine Lighthouse lvl 9 mission on solo, being very hard to complete)

Conclusion: I would recommend this game for the fans of the DC comics and for those who just love to enjoy a taste of being a superhero or supervillain. If any of you read this and require assistance in-game, do feel free to message me if you're on USPC. ~Permafrost Imp
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43 af 55 brugere (78%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
3,451.3 timer bogført
Indsendt: 10. november 2014
What can i say....going on 3500 hours played at the time of this review and still love it....great game that you can come back to again and again! It has MMORPG aspects but is more of an action game...end game content can get a bit repetitive but is always being updated. I think getting a subscription would be better than buying DLC but F2P is not bad either...Try It!
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104 af 168 brugere (62%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
2,684.7 timer bogført
Indsendt: 10. november 2014
The main problem I have with this game is that it is (dead), atleast compared to how it was before. It is really hard to group up with anyone, you would be better off playing with friends. However I think the only thing that could save this game from completely dieing would be making all accounts legendary and letting everyone have access to all content, besides the cosmetics ( which you would still have to buy). They would still make money but the game would be a lot more accessible to a larger audience. Other games have shown that this is still an affective way to make a profit, for example Path of Exile< There is a reason the game is dead you basically can't play it for free which is what puts off a lot of players, considering it is advertised to be a f2p game.
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22 af 26 brugere (85%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
603.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 29. september 2014
Though I'm familar enough with the DC Universe from a pop culture perspective, DCUO was an outstanding 'educational' experience, putting me in the middle of massive DC lore. I learned a lot about characters and locales that I've only ever given a passing glance. The graphics are pretty nice in a optimized sort of way. There is quite a bit of varability to your character, though extremely simplified from more traditional RPG's. The F2P aspect really doesn't hurt you too much until you've reached end game levels and are finding yourself bored. At this point, you either decide to move on to something else or start plunking down for DLC, which will include additional character options, maps/arenas and storylines. Unless you jump, head first, into the end game content, the community really doesn't do much with you. You can join a league, but from beginning to entry level raiding, you aren't really worth the time for anything helpful. The 1-30 run can be handled solo, with the occassional interaction with the community, so if you're there, just to see the sights, it's well worth the venture.

Lots of DC history.
Easy to learn gameplay.
Graphics work well from medium to higher end systems.
Lots of DLC, if interested.

The community snubs it's nose at F2P'ers.
You only have Gotham and Metropolis as open world content. The rest is instance play.
You are relatively limited in character builds unless you purchase DLC.
Little to no viable end game content for F2P'ers. Pony up $$ if you want to keep advancing.
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69 af 110 brugere (63%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
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75.4 timer bogført
Indsendt: 8. november 2014
Sickest intro to a game...ever. 10/10
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15 af 17 brugere (88%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
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Indsendt: 10. december 2014
Do you suffer from hero worship? Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a super hero?
Have you ever wanted to work as a team, combine your mighty mightness and taste digital victory?
If you've anserwed "yes" to one or more of these questions, this game may be worth trying out.

I started off playing this game as a "free to play" player and continued as such for almost 2 years. Only buying a very inexpensive DLC from time to time. So this game certainly delivers on that aspect.
With constant updates, good customer service and FULL Xbox controller compatibility, eventually paying $10 a month for a membership (which comes with it's own set of percs) seems hardly too much to ask for.

Of course, nothing is perfect and this game does have it's flaws, but the devs certainly seem intent on bettering the player experience as the game evolves and matures.

Coupled with an outstanding story line (in the typical DC Comics fashion) and all the time honored characters, we Fanboys love ever so much, DC Universe Online is a keeper or at the very least, worth a try.

The man of adventure,
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25 af 36 brugere (69%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
593.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 17. oktober 2014
Had a great time in this game, I didn't care about anything DC related going into this, but I've come to dig it a lot :]
good times great oldies.
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18 af 25 brugere (72%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
53.8 timer bogført
Indsendt: 5. december 2014
THIS IS THE ♥♥♥♥ING BEST GAME EVER, for PS3,PC and now on PS4 too.The gameplay is perfect cause of the amazing combat system its like playing an action game online.This and Marvel Heroes are the ONLY MMORPGs which passed World of Warcraft in players because they are atached to the biggest franchises ever (DC/Marvel). You enter the popular universe of DC creating your own super hero or super villain and fighting alongside famous characters like Batman, Wonder Woman,Joker, Lex Luthor,Circe and of course the godlike Superman.The story,bosses, and the whole experience is the best you can get in a game, especialy the Headquarters, being in the giant Watchtower with the Justice League observing the whole space or starring at Powergirl's ♥♥♥♥ or other sexy superheroines is just sick.The character customization allows you to create almost anything including ALL of the MARVEL heroes/villains hell i even saw She-Hulk and Magneto in a group once not to mention the Avengers you see people playing them all the time, the powers that you choose are all amazing especialy the Green Lantern Ring where you can make your own constructs.But most important is that both this game and Marvel Heroes not only they are top but they have a long future ahead because as long as Hollywood is making their live action movies of the 2 franchises the games keep evolving theirselves. Especialy DC Universe Online has still a big future with the DLCs and the new story, its overall the best and most popular thing you can get.
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19 af 28 brugere (68%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
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Indsendt: 16. september 2014
I bought almost all dlc in this game and i played enough to say that this game is pay to win and here are the reasons:
1. There are 5 tiers of pvp gear. Free players can get only tier 1 gear(and some parts of tier 2) cause there is a 1500 money cap. If you pay you will unlock the other tiers(you still have to farm the marks to buy them but the free players can't making the competition have no choise).

2.If you Buy DLC you will have the chance to unlock more feats(=skill points). A free player can get up to 130 skill points max and a paying player can get over 185 skill points(probably 190). Skill points increase your damage, critical chance and many other stats. Some people will say that 1 or 2 skill points doesn't make any difference. That's wrong cause at some point you will unlock the masteries of the weapons and if you put just 1 point in the masteries tab you'll get a huge boost in the stats. Ex: 3 points in the precision slot= 75 might and 90 precision. That's a huge number and there are over 10 weapon masteries.

3.There is a dlc(home turf) that let you use Orbital strikes that does 25k damage to the minions and a huge amount to a group of players(it's an aoe attack). It also gives you a supply drop that recovers almost all of your hp and full mana if you are in pvp gear. The same dlc gives you a sidekick and 3 henchman that will attack your enemies and knock them down(sometimes even kill people without you doing anything if they are low geared). Again this dlc also gives you white mods that are kinda over powered in pvp. There are so many mods I can't list you everything.

4.You can't create higher level socket mods if you are free. Those things are also very strong stuff.

5.You can't create high level soder colas. This soder colas give you most of your hp and always full mana un like regular colas.

6.There is a dlc that let's you buy an utility belt that let you carry more gadgets and consumables while a free player can't. You would think this is just a space/time saving thing but it's not. If you pay another dlc you will get a dlc that let you transform into flash and increase your stats by a lot->and at higher combat rating you will drop another trinket that boosts your stats more than the other trinket I talked about(you can't get this one either as a free player).

7.Now we've come to the funniest thing about this game. Even if you get all the dlc(around $100 or more) you don't get the full game. You will be treated like ♥♥♥♥ by the developers and by the people who got a monthly membership. Your money cap will go up to 2000 from 1500 when you will become a premium member. Monthly subscribers will get unlimited money. There are things that cost as much as 1.5 milions or over in the broker market.

One last thing that doesn't have to do much with p2w is the cash shop. A dlc cost $10 and changing movement type, power or something else cost the same. A non-♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ person would be like " Are you for real?" on that. There are many over priced stuff in the cash shop. The most usefull item is probably the Armory which let's you switch build with 1 button(this is not pay to win). Here's the funny thing, it cost 600 station cash. You can only purchase 500sc for $5 or 1000sc for $10. You will have to spend $10 instead of $6 to buy that. That's a cheap market trick that leaves a bad reputation on the company(SONY).

I also want to point out that the game without dlc is almost empty compared to other games I've played. The DLCs are quite small on content cause you don't get many things from them. You'll get a new raid and maybe a new power and that's it.

Good things about the game:
1.Movement modes->you can have flight, acrobatics and super speed. Strange thing is that super speed is not the fastest movement mode, acrobatic is. Some people that played the game for years say that super speed has the fastest acceleration but it's not true. Flight has the fastest acceleration cause it can go to top speed in less than a second unlike the other 2 movements but it has the lowest top speed. Acrobatics is twice as fast as super speed(tested in metropolis).
2.Everything is voice dubbed including Raids and other stuff and it loooks like they spent some effort into that. Many times it feels cinematic which is nice.
3.The story is nice and original but you'll have to get the dlc to explore it.

Do I recomend this game? No I don't if you want fair fights and more competition in online games. I would say try it for fun but that's about it. If I were you I wouldn't support developers that encourage a pay to win system. I spent money on the game thinking it was awsome and it wasn't pay to win. I wanted to support the developers. Now I understand how things work in this game and i'm getting my last dlc today just cause I want to get more skill points and more currency from new raids. Not gonna buy anymore dlcs after this.
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9 af 10 brugere (90%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
1 person fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
1,404.0 timer bogført
Indsendt: 29. december 2014
Played this game since day one, closed beta as a matter of fact.

Playstyle, speed and range are what is truly customizable. The Combat 'RPS' and its impact on group play and particulary PvP is what makes this game stand apart. Strategy through group make-up (types and amount of healers and DPS especially), positioning and even powerset/weapon choices is what makes this game fun.

DCUO is an ACTION MMORPG. RPG being the LAST of those acronyms there and ACTION being first! Play this game to do what/feel like a SUPERHERO or SUPERVILLAIN does. NOT to dress up or have 'justice league' meetings.

Like console fighting styles with a linear 'tap for tap' combo system? Like Social Gaming and 4 and 8 man large group content? Enjoy Solos or even quick queue times of 2-man 10+/- minute instances? Happen to like DCU and or SUPERPOWERED themed games? PLAY! hf!!
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16 af 24 brugere (67%) fandt denne anmeldelse brugbar
4 personer fandt denne anmeldelse sjov
5.5 timer bogført
Indsendt: 2. januar
Extensive review of DCUO:
I was only nine years old

I loved Sony so much, I owned all the games and merchandise

I pray to Sony every night, thanking them for the life I have been given

"Sony is love", I say, "Sony is life"

My dad hears me and calls me a f****t

He is obviously jealous of my devotion to Kazuo Hirai

I called him a ****

He slaps me and sends me to my room

I am crying now, because my face hurts

I go into my bed and it is very cold

I feel a warmth moving towards me

I feel something touch me

It's Superman

I am so happy

he whispers into my ear, "This is my fortress"

He grabs me with his powerful hands and puts me on my hands and knees

I'm ready

I spread my ♥♥♥ cheeks for Superman

He penetrates my bu****le

It hurts so much, but I do it for Superman

I can feel my a**s tearing as my eyes start to water

I push against his force

I want to please Superman and Kazuo Hirai

He shrieks a mighty shriek as he fills my butt with his love

My dad walks in

Superman looks him deep in the eyes and says, "It's all Sony now"

Superman leaves through my window

Sony is love, Sony is life

This is what happens when you play DCUO.
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Indsendt: 2. november 2014
An amazing MMO for DC fans. Endless things to do and really fun fighting mechanics. Endless customizable weapons and armor.
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Indsendt: 14. december 2014
So, DLC ehhr I mean DC Universe Online is a good game.The game revolves around brainiac invading earth, in the minst of battle with Lex Luthor Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman get killed and without any heroes to defend earth, it gets overrun.Lex Luthor goes back in time and warns the heroes previously mentioned about the danger the future holds, and releases an exobit which allows normal people to get powers. This is where you step in, creating your character hero/villain.
Depending which mentor you choose will depend on your city of operations (Batman/Joker=Gotham, Superman/Lex Luthor=Metropolis and so on), the combat varies on melee and ranged attacks with a few unlockable combos and powers.

Pros: Interesting idea
Detailed worlds
tons of character customization options
Lots of comic book lore
fun combat
ok storyline
tons of collectibles

cons: Occasional server crashes and force closing
They didn't cut back on the dlc, but it is f2p after all

Final score: 8/10
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Indsendt: 11. september 2014
This is one of my favorite games of all time. I have not played that much on the PC version but on the Ps3 i have well over 2500 hours,maybe more. The game is a great game to play with friends and the community is great. The only downside to this game is if you want to continue playing it past a certain point you will have to invest money into it. Now dont get me wrong it is very worth it but i can tell you once you spend the money for a months membership, it will be the only game you play for the next month,so yes it is highly addicting. So overall should you play it? Hell yes.
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Indsendt: 6. november 2014
This is one of the best games of all the time.
Character creation is amazing.
Fighting style is the best in any MMO game. Also its action MMO.
Its Heroes vs Villains.
Its HUGE open world with entire Gotham and Metropolis !
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Indsendt: 7. december 2014
i reccomend this game for anyone who likes to be a leader in mmos, im not much of a follower but if you want to get anywhere in this game you have to abbide by others and the way they play this game. Some points it is hecktick to do things only one way, if you play well with others cool but in this game there are too many guild people who think they know everything, If you find me in game i will provide a fair opportunity for everyone, i dont reject people because of there lack of experience on levels, which is a problem for a lot of people who just want to enjoy the game. So again this game is great if others can be less selfish about the guild rules, joining rules and raid rules. P.S. ENJOY LIFE ITS TOO SHORT TO PUT UP WITH SELFISH PEOPLE IN A GAME.
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Indsendt: 5. oktober 2014
I love MMOs, and I love comics, but this game... it had such potential. With a stable like DC and the Justice League behind it, this should have been the end-all of comic MMOs. But, sadly, the super-ball was dropped.

Setup is easy, character creation is easy- about the only difficult thing is leaving the game to patch overnight and then trying to find a character name that isn't sitting unused on someone's account. That, however, is where the feeling of making your own hero ends.

The story starts up- Lex Luthor has come from the future, spinning a tale of a universe subjugated by Brainiac, and he's brought gifts for everyone- exobytes that end up infecting hundreds of thousands of people with superpowers (the PCs). The Justice League is asked to train the heroes, and the Legion of Evil is tapped to train new supervillains.

What that essentially means is you get tagged to handle everything that they feel is beneath them- you never really get to feel like a hero or villain- instead of Batman, you'll get to be one of the Robins, but in a different costume. You get told to go here and help someone- it just doesn't feel like you get to be the hero or the villain- instead, you're a piece on a board that both sides are playing off against each other. Think of it like three-sided chess- the heroes and villains battle each other, but both know that if Brainiac wins, everyone's out of luck.

Honestly, there's a solid game in here, but the presentation needs a lot of work- if I want to be a hero, I don't want to be treated like the sidekick- I want to get out there and save the day from villains, not clean up their mooks and wait for some other hero or villain to swoop in and finish the job.

If the DC thing is important, grab this. If not, grab Champions Online. Simple as that.
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