Told as a “Wuxia” story, which literally means "martial hero", Mirage captures the essence of a broad genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists. Shrouded in secrecy, an organization of assassins wreak havoc on the local populace.
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Cumpără Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage


Despre acest joc

Told as a “Wuxia” story, which literally means "martial hero", Mirage captures the essence of a broad genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists.

Shrouded in secrecy, an organization of assassins wreak havoc on the local populace. Two assassins Soul and Shang, find a window of opportunity to strike while all their enemies can be found in one place. Their mission is simple: take down all their enemies or die in the attempt. They will face many challenges and discover lost secrets as they embark on a perilous journey against terrible odds.

Take control of Soul and Shang and wield two separate martial arts styles to defeat their foes.

Soul is an orphan born with the temperament of a master. His skills are self-taught and so lack refinement, but his potential is undeniable. He favors Dark Wound, a short bladed weapon given to him by his adoptive father, rumored to be one of the Night Masters..

Shang Zuo is a calm, unflappable fighter of average skill, but who possesses a centered view of all things powerful enough to influence physical objects. This “Sword Temper” skill allows him to destroy objects without moving a muscle and to knock arrows out of the sky with but a single thought. Together they will face the unknown and harness new skills as they face down a terrible conspiracy.

Mirage Features

  • 2 against the world– Tag team in and out as either protagonist at any time.
  • or play together for local multiplayer experience
  • Gear up – Discover new weapons, abilities, and unique items to bloody your foes.
  • 8 distinct levels – Fight your way through an army of minions and face a true challenge by encountering a unique Boss at every Stage.
  • Learn the truth – Secrets abound and the full story of Mirage may be discovered by a collection of books, letters, and drawings strewn about the martial world. Players may unravel the full tale by discovering these items and rewards.
  • Over 100 Achievements to earn and discover

Cerinţe de sistem

    • SO: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Procesor: Intel Pentium3, AMD Athlon Series
    • Memorie: 1 GB RAM
    • Grafică: ATI Radeon X1800, Nvidia GeForce 6800
    • DirectX: Versiune 9.0
    • Rețea:
      Conexiune Internet Broadband
    • Stocare: 3 GB spațiu disponibil
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A hidden shiny gem made by a chinese team. This game is fusion between Muramasa the Demon Blade + Devil May Cry series, which are two of my favourite games. You got 2 main characters that basically are Dante & Vergil , their gameplay style and even a bit their personality are similar to our sons of sparda. It really feels like you are playing DMC on a plataform 2D style, and there is where it also feels like playing Muramasa.

So it is a pretty cool fun hack'n'slash stylish game. Which I gladly reccomend it to everyone. The sad thing is that the publisher ruined it, the game didn't sell well and the team moved out to mobiles. I wish one day they release new games and sequences that already exist on PC verson as well.

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Ah, a Chinese game, treat for the eyes and ears but pain for the brain

Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage is a hack'n slash/ platformer game . It offers a beautiful art, great soundtrack but lacks a bit in gameplay.


Apart from the art and OST, game offers and well made characters with their own personality and fighting style.


Soul isn't the brightest person on the world and often uses his muscles to think. His special ability is to turn into cloud of smoke to dodge attacks or move faster which makes him the mobile one from the 2 protagonists.


He is the brain but also and the damage dealer from the 2. His speciality ability is to summon up to 4 blades that he can use to do double jump or make bigger combos.

You can switch between them during the game but they is a cooldown so you must be careful. Also they got their own currency and you need to master them both in order to beat the game on high difficulty


Story is nothing impressive : 2 students looking for its mentor and trying to reveal the truth about an evil force. There are the expect twists but one thing worth noticing is that THE STORY IS INCOMPLETE . It seems that the devs stopped working on the sequel duo to low sales .
Also the english translations are kinda weird at times and make no sense but nothing game/immersion - breaking.


Since most of the game will be spent fighting, you expect the combat to be top notch? Sadly it doesnt really happen here. Still its fun and most combos are easy to execute but only in some combos you are able to change the direction of the attack and at times there is no collision between the models so you may end up slashing the air for a second or two .
Another problem I notice is that lack of "down-attack" . While you can attack left/right/up there is no down-attack so if you crouch and try to hit their knees, you might end up disappointed.
Though the game offers 18combos per character with 2 different styles , having the down attack could easily add another 2-3 combos which could be useful for air-ground attacks.

Enemies and Boss Fights

The basic variety of enemies is quite small to it increases with 1 per passed stage. Still every stage adds an unique elements to their attacks which offers quite some challenge on the road to the boss.

Now bosses are serious bussiness. Though its easy to notice what attacks they are going to do, you need to be quick on your feet to dodge it. If you are able to get good with your 2 characters you should be able to beat them with an ease but else you gonna have tough time.

Character Progression

The progression is there just to be.... there . You can equip and upgrade items on yourself and unlock/upgrade skills. Nothing else, nothing more. Though it offers some customization it also makes the game feel "grindy" if you want to upgrade the items/skills you love to use.


Before you start the game, you better check the default controls and see are they comfortable for you. Tutorials in the game use default keys regardless what you changed in the settings.
Also the game offer controller support but you have to manual set the controls though the game detects that you have a controller in the main menu, if you dont change the in-game controls, you will stay on 1 spot.


The game offers 5 modes(sadly no online co-op) : Story, Duel and Training are opened at the start but once you complete the story you will unlock : Boss Rush and Infinite Tower .
Story and Train are solo only, Boss Rush and Infinite Tower are for 1 or 2 players and for Duel you need 2 players .


Its a good game but nothing too impressive in it. If you enjoy 2d hack'n slash combat go ahead and give it at try. If you are in for the story you might end up disappointed .

Note: for achievment hunters - at the moment achievment system is bugged and cant be unlocked .
Edit : Achievments can be unlocked with a manual patch that you can download from here . Credits to Whiteswart.
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Postat: 3 august
Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage

Quick Review:

(Scroll past this paragraph for a full review.) Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage is a Chinese developed side-scrolling hack-'n-slash. The story is a bit confusing, the music is nice but not memorable, and the graphics are dark but beautiful. The developers are absent from Steam, so there will likely never be any bug fixes or patches. The fast, skill-based combo system will appeal to fans of the genre, but it's not for casuals or those with very slow reflexes. Rating: 7/10; worth playing.

Full Review:

The story focuses on two warriors, Soul and Shang, who go on a quest to... Who are searching for... Who have to face thousands of...

Yeah, okay... I have no real idea what the story is about. It's partly my fault, I haven't been paying very much attention. But the reason for my inattention is because of the way the story is told. It's not very cohesive; it feels like the developers expected people to already be familiar with the game world and it's characters. For example, random bits of information about different factions within the world are given during load screens, but there's no context. They're all historical facts without reason to care what they mean or why they matter. Whether the story is the way it is because of sloppy writing, bad translation, or the nature of wuxia stories (which I know next to nothing about) I have no idea.

I can tell you that it takes place in a world reminiscent of ancient China, where different factions are warring with each other. Two warriors - Soul and Shang - are on a mission to find their missing master, Jade.

The artstyle in Rain Blood Chronicles is very beautiful, but also quite dark. It's a nice change of pace, since most hack-'n-slash games have bright, colorful graphics, but it can also feel a bit oppressive and gloomy. The music isn't anything special, but it fits well with both the shadowy environments and fast paced action. Voice acting during cut scenes is in Chinese, while the text is (sometimes badly translated) English.

Combat-wise, the game is like a side-scrolling Devil May Cry, which is a very awesome thing. The combos are fast, easy to learn but hard to master, and as stylish as anything Dante can pull off. On the fly switching between two characters is a nice addition to the game: Each fighter has a very different play-style, insuring that cutting down hordes of enemies will never get stale. Characters don't share experience points, which are required to level up combos, but it's actually well balanced. The game is meant to be played using both Soul and Shang - two warriors fighting as one.

Soul is the faster, easier to play character: He excels at dodging attacks and countering from behind, luring and assassinating. He has a few defensive moves as well, in the unlikely event that he gets cornered. Shang, while more technical and difficult to play, is also more fun once you get the hang of him. He's able to create energy swords which can unleash a barrage of attacks on enemies. While it's possible to beat the game using a single character, it's not recommended. You'll miss out on the badass feeling you get when you teleport behind a enemy as Soul, switch to Shang, and trigger a devastating multi-hit combo.

The combat and rewards system is all skill based: The better you fight, the faster you'll earn points for new combos and accessories. It encourages you to keep improving your skills, keep trying new tactics and styles, keep playing. The down side to the skill based rewards is if you struggle to trigger combos and get high ranks, earning points for upgrades and money for items will be a slow and grindy process. I admittedly suck at combo-based games - I've never had the reflexes to be great at them - but I honestly wouldn't have the rewards system any other way. I can see how it might frustrate some people, but I get tired of being heavily rewarded for doing very little in games. I want to be challenged to do better. The game doesn't completely lack hand-holding: There are 4 difficulty levels, the easiest of which is nearly impossible to die in, unless you stand still and let the baddies slowly kill you. This setting is great for newcomers to hone their skills, almost like a practice mode. The hardest difficulty will kill you. A lot. But you'll like it.

The game doesn't have co-op in the main campaign, which is a shame since this would be a blast to play with a friend. But finishing the story unlocks a boss rush mode and "bloody palace" type mode, both of which can be played co-op. The developers are not active on Steam, so future updates and patches are highly unlikely. This too is unfortunate: With a little more polish and care, this game could be truly great.

I picked up Blood Rain Chronicles for 99 cents when it was on sale (it's back up to $9.99 now). While it's not my favorite game ever, it is the best single dollar I've ever spent on a Steam game. I wouldn't say it's for everyone, but if a fast paced, skill based hack-'n-slash sounds like something you'd enjoy, I highly recommend it.

Now if only someone would develop a side-scrolling Onimusha...
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This game is simply amazing. Beautiful art design, blood-pumping soundtrack, deep battle system, replayability. It's like Castlevania + Devil May Cry + Chinese Wuxia films. Definitely worth buying!
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If you're into crazy skilled combos, this is it. Put it simply, it's like DmC 2D, expect you can play co-op for over the top action.
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