Om dit spel te kunnen spelen moet je het originele spel Train Simulator 2016 hebben.

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Releasedatum: 19 mrt 2010

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Om dit spel te kunnen spelen moet je het originele spel Train Simulator 2016 hebben.

Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Route Add-On kopen


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Let’s step back to a simpler time in the United States of America and travel to the eastern seaboard and then northeast to the state of Maine. Even in Maine we will keep heading north until we reach the central northernmost part of Maine to just south of the Canadian border. We arrive at two towns separated by 19 miles of track, Fort Kent and Eagle Lake. This is where All Aboard’s newest installment of the railroading experience begins.

About the Line

  • More than 20 miles of operational railroad
  • Mixed industries for shunting interaction
  • Demo versions of '3DTrains' Foliage & Road scenery packs

20 Scenarios

  • Plywood Pickup
  • Fort Kent Yard Switching
  • Autumn Potato Run
  • Local Pickup 1
  • Delivery to Eagle Lake Gravel
  • ELGrav Switching 1
  • ELGrave Switching 2
  • Gravel Haul to Fort Kent
  • Deuce Lumber Delivery
  • Textile 1 Delivery Part A
  • Textile 2 Delivery Part B
  • Textile 2 Delivery Part C
  • ELGrav Winter Run Part A
  • ELGrav Winter Run Part B
  • Ft. Kent Classifying
  • Deuce Lumber Restock
  • Potato Restock
  • Haulin’ North To Fort Kent
  • Eagle Lake Gravel Reload
  • Clothing Outlet Delivery


    • OS:Windows® Vista / 7 / 8
    • Processor:Processor: 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo (3.2 GHz Core 2 Duo recommended), AMD Athlon MP (multiprocessor variant or comparable processors)
    • Memory:2 GB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0 (AGP PCIe only)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:6 GB HD space
    • Sound:Direct X 9.0c compatible
    • Other Requirements:Broadband Internet connection
    • Additional:Quicktime Player is required for playing the videos
Nuttige klantrecensies
4 van de 4 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
Geplaatst: 2 januari
Fort Kent to Eagle Lake is apparently an older edition that no longer plays on TS 2016. What I mean by that is the only route you can play is the Free Roam route, since none of the 20 scenarios appear to show on the Standard route display. I clicked the button to ask for a refund. Don't need a route I cannot play. RW_Tools does show the scenarios and so does TS 2016 editor, but I don't want to play in the editor. Tried to click the refund button when searching customer service and get a message that I don't have this game, but right across the top of my screen it says train Simulator: Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Route Add-on is already in your Steam library. Go figger.
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3 van de 3 mensen (100%) vonden deze recensie nuttig
Geplaatst: 2 oktober 2015
For being one of the oldest routes on Train Sim, I have to say it still wows me to this day. Very fun to drive short trains on and if you have the gp30, it makes it perfect
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Geplaatst: 26 december 2015
The Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Route came out in 2010 and even though it is an old route it is still a great one to play. This is not like a long freight route where you make long runs, this route is mainly about switching. You will sort out cars in the yard and make local pickups and deliveries between Fort Kent and Eagle Lake. The scenery is pretty good. This route was set around the state of Maine,USA. I really recomend this route if you enjoy switching cars and seeing a lot of trees. This is a good route to buy, on sale or not on sale.
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Geplaatst: 25 december 2015
One of the oldest, most stable, relaxing and enjoyable DLC sets available. I do not speak highly of much, with regards to TrainSim20xx, but this route is actually decent value.

Not much, in terms of fancy rolling stock, but you do get a slew of scenarios (not career) and the route is quite pleasant to work.
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Geplaatst: 15 april
To start off, this is an excellent little route. For being only 20 miles long, there is so much to see. The scenery is just breathtaking. You are surrounded by hills and forests of lush, green trees and shrubs, as well as a huge lake. This route is excellent for making point A to point B runs, but is also great for switching as there are multiple industries and spurs throughout the route. There are 20 standard scenarios included with the route using the Union Pacific SD40-2 that range from switching to inter-town locals, which make you feel like you have accomplished a day's work. This route also comes with the Canadian National SD40-2 and ES44DC, which both include the default Kuju SD40-2 sounds. The route does include some old Kuju Rail Simulator assets, which seem a bit outdated, but do not take away from the experience. For all this route has to offer, I believe it is definitely worth the $20. I give the Fort Kent to Eagle Lake Route Add-On a 9.8/10.
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