Pac è tornato per conquistare una nuova generazione di fan! Scoprite una storia originale, basata sul cartone animato e sui fantastici personaggi dell'attesissima serie animata "PAC-MAN e le Avventure Mostruose", creata e prodotta da Avi Arad, regista e fondatore dei Marvel Studios.
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Data di rilascio: 29 ott 2013
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Acquista PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures


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"30fps lock. Genre: 3d platformer"

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Pac è tornato per conquistare una nuova generazione di fan! Scoprite una storia originale, basata sul cartone animato e sui fantastici personaggi dell'attesissima serie animata "PAC-MAN e le Avventure Mostruose", creata e prodotta da Avi Arad, regista e fondatore dei Marvel Studios.

Pac e i suoi due migliori amici, Spirale e Cilindria, entrano in azione per proteggere la loro casa mentre combattono in nome dell'amicizia, della libertà e del futuro!

Key Features


Requisiti di sistema

    • OS: Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8
    • Processor: 2Ghz Dual Core or AMD equivalent
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 512MB video cards Pixel Shader 3.0
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Hard Drive: 4 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX sound device
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Pubblicata: 28 giugno

-Platform 3D vecchio stile
-Grafica non male e molto colorata
-Tante trasformazioni e poteri
-Difficoltà leggermente sopra alla media (per essere un gioco per bambini si intende)
-Boss: I boss sono tanti e sono studiati bene (anche se per via dei poteri diventano facile batterli)
-Modalità multiplayer locale carina. Il classico pacman , solo che tu sei il fantasma e devi essere il primo a mangiare pacman, diciamo che come idea mi è piaciuta molto. Il problema? è solo locale.

-30 frame: Molto ma molto fastidioso, non c'è nessun tipo di guida, niente di niente per far in modo di sbloccare il gioco a 60 frame.
-Telecamera: che ogni tanto fà dei capricci, basta che vi abituate.
-Livelli ripetitivi: nonostante ci siano più "mondi" vedrete fin da subito che saranno frustranti per la ripetititvità, quindi è un bene che duri sulle 5 ore, se fosse durato di più sarebbe stato molto frustante come gioco.
-Pochi nemici: per essere un platform è veramente assente di nemici. Cè ne saranno 3-4 in tutto.
-Minigiochi: abbastanza brutti e inutili , potevano benissimo evitarli.

Alla fine è un gioco discreto , niente di più niente di meno. Forse mi aspettavo qualcosina di meglio.
Un'altra cosa che proprio mi ha fatto storcere il naso (che è un mio capriccio, per questo non l'ho messo nei contro) e che si tratta della serie animata di pacman.
Boh ai bambini forse piacerà ma è troppo infantile, e vedere pacman in questa maniera mi ha dato quella sensazione di imbarazzo (nonostante abbia già giocato in passato come Pac-Man World).
Ultima segnalazione e poi chiudo la recensione è la pagina di steam che è sbagliata.
Già nelle "Key Features" si può leggere "veicoli utilizzabili" Ma dove? li ho visti solo nei minigiochi.
L'altra è "Coop locale". Purtroppo non c'è la coop locale. come ho detto prima c'è solo una modalità multiplayer ma niente coop.
Come gioco lo consiglierei più ai bambini che a dei ragazzi, se sopratutto su console se ha i frame stabili. Su steam ho notato che raramente lo scontano.

Voto 6.5/10
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Pubblicata: 8 agosto
PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures is a video game tie-in to the television series of the same name, which, similar to the recent Sonic Boom, is a spin-off/reboot-ish sorta take on Pac-Man. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the show, but how is the game? I paid around 3 euros for it, and my ex-PAC-tations(puns) weren't exactly high, but let's see if the game delivered.

The game follows a teenage Pac and his friends Cylindria and Spiral along with the ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde(who for some reason are heroes in this series), and they all are joining together to put a stop to the evil Lord Betrayus, the Lord of Ghosts and the Netherworld, who wants to take over Pacopolis and turn everyone into ghosts.

The story here is completely silly, the script is even less engaging than staring at paint dry for six hours and...the puns OH GOD THE PUNS SONIC BOOM WASN'T THIS BAD

Speaking of Sonic Boom, at least Rise of Lyric attempted a decent story, as it had good voice acting, some funny jokes here and there and some decent boss fights. This game did not make me chuckle. NOT. EVEN. ONCE. Oh it tried, but "tried" is the keyword here. These writers couldn't come up with a decent joke to save their lives. Puns puns puns puns puns PUNS PUNS PUNS PUNSPUNSPUNSPUNSPUNSOHGODPLEASENOMORE

To put it short,the writing is abysmal.

Visually, the game looks nice. The level designs are simplistic but get the job done. You've got your token lava world, ice world, dark world, and town world, so nothing too original, but hey, it works. Character models look good, the animation is a little stiff but it's serviceable. 30FPS frame lock is a bummer, but at least it's consistent I guess.

As for audio, the voice acting is alright. No one is awful here, however those puns that Pac-Man never stops spewing out of his mouth during the game help make him the most annoying to listen to. Doesn't help that they are incredibly repetitive... As for the soundtrack....pretty forgettable. Can't remember nearly any of the songs, except the hub world theme.

And of course, there's the gameplay. It's pretty derivitive and unoriginal, but on the other hand, it's very competant and the controls are smooth and fluid. I found the game pretty enjoyable to play through from beginning to end, and the tight controls definitely helped.

There a variety of power-ups to use through out your adventure. There's Ice Pac, where Pac can freeze enemies, Fire Pac, where enemies can be set ablaze, Chameleon Pac, where Pac can swing on poles and swallow foes with his tongue, Granite Pac, where Pac rolls around in Super Monkey Ball esque level design, and Metal Pac, where Pac can gravite on metal platforms and pull enemies towards him. None of these concepts are that original, as they have all been done elsewhere, but they are still fun to use nonetheless.

While playing through the game, at the end of each stage is a fruit, of which there are four varieties. These are cherries, pineapples, lemons, and zucchinis, and collecting 7(6 if Zucchini)of each will unlock an arcade machine that can be played in the school hall. None of these are incredibly fun, but they are interesting little diversions from the main game.

The only real problem with this game for me(besides the puns) is the fact that the game kind of lacks an identity of it's own, instead borrowing a lot of its concepts from other games like Super Mario Galaxy and Pac-Man World 2. It gives the game a "been there done that" sort of feel, and though I enjoyed my time with it, it's hard to argue that the game just isn't very original.

Beating Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will take around 7-8 hours, and gathering all the achievements will take around 12-ish, as you need to play all the levels again to unlock the Tokken Effort achievement, but since the layout will be more familiar to you on the second run, it shouldn't take very long.

The game offers a decent challenge but extra lives will be in abundance so getting a game over will be difficult,I had around 60-65 lives at the end of the game, although I did die quite a number of times, so take that for what you will.

There's also a multiplayer mode where you and three other friends can be the ghosts and take on Pac-Man, but it's fairly mediocre and not really worth bothering with.

Overall, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures isn't phenomenal nor will it change the world, but it is a surprisingly pleasant little gem , as in spite of its flaws, it delivers an enjoyable 3D platformer of which not many are found on Steam, so if you are looking for a new platfromer to play, you could do a lot worse than this one! I'd recommend it at a discount however, as the base price is far too high, but at 50% off or higher I'd say give it a look.

Charming visuals
Tight controls
Formulaic but well crafted level design
Fun power-ups
Long length for a platformer
Nice little side minigames

30fps lock
Barebones story
Forgettable music
Meh multiplayer
Suffers from an identity crisis

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Pubblicata: 17 agosto
A great platformer but is not worth full price, towards the end of the game it just feels rushed. The last few levels can be beaten in a few moments and the last boss ends in 20 seconds.

I'd wait for a sale on this one.
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Pubblicata: 25 maggio
I saw this and it reminded me of Super Mario 64 so I got it on sale for 5 bucks and it is actually fun. Way easier than SM64 but still fun. It is locked at 30fps but it's okay for this game as it runs fine and controls well. The different forms you can morph into during levels are pretty cool and overall I like the game's graphics and design. Some of the sound effects are similar to the original Pac-Man which is a cool throwback. I have fought some bosses so far and they were fun too, although as I said really not a challenge at all as I think this game is rated E.

Worth it on sale, 7/10. Would be a 8/10 if it provided some challenge.
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Pubblicata: 31 ottobre 2013
This game is the biggest pleasant surprise I've had in gaming for a while! It came out of nowhere and I didn't know anything about it. At $40 I didn't want to chance it but when I Amazon had it briefly on a price mistake for $10 I snapped it up and I'm so glad I did!

It's a 3D platformer (a rarity for the PC these days) along the lines of Mario 64/Sunshine but with a decidely Pac-Man spin. All the basics are there, chomping ghosts, power pills, fruit etc but much expanded on of course.

And it all works really well to make for a ridiculously fun game. I never though I would be playing Pac-man in 3D in a chameleon costume trying to shoot a long sticky tongue at ghosts while being on multilayered conveyor belts moving in different directions but it was great!

Admittedly, I'm still early on so I'll have to see how it holds up but I'm really enjoying the ride so far.

The game is laid out with multiple areas each with a map with levels that you progress through, very much like a Mario game. You can also go back to the school (a home base basically), talk to the various characters and when you earn enough fruit by completing levels play various mini-games on arcade machines.

Speaking of school, the story. Pac-man is in high school. And he's friends with Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde, and a few other assorted characters. Don't think about it too hard. Actually, it's supposed to be based on a new Pac-Man cartoon series which I haven't seen and the game just sort of assumes you are familiar with the setting and characters which by the way can be a bit hokey in a kids show sort of way at times. Still what the game lacks in expository dialogue or deep story it more than makes up for in gameplay and fun factor.

Unlike so many games these days it's not ball bustingly hard which is great for people like me who want a fun game you can play leisurely with a moderate degree of challenge without being frustrated. It also would be great for kids and there's absolutely nothing objectionable in the game. That being said, people looking for a very high degree of challenge might not be satisfied. I'll have to see how the game goes in the higher levels but for right now for me it's in a Goldilocks spot of being just right for challenge without being too much of a cake walk or too excruciatingly hard.

From a technical standpoint the options are very scarce, as console ports frequently are, however the game looks excellent visually for the style it's going for, runs very smooth and I had zero issues with it all unlike some other console ports I've tried.

I've used a (360) controller and the game handles great that way. I'm assuming it at least has token keyboard and mouse support but I can't even imagine playing it without a controller. It would feel odd to me.

Would I pay $40 for it? Probably not, but that's only because I'm a PC gamer spoiled by all the insane deals we get. Having said that, it's a really well put together fun, fresh game and I wouldn't hestitate to, say, buy the console version as a gift. Actually I'm probably going to get it for my niece and nephew for Christmas.

I definitely recommend getting this game if you have and interest in light hearted 3D platformers. I totally get that PC gamers would balk at paying $40 for this and I did too but keep an eye out for a sale.

This is a really well made fun game that looks and plays great. Much higher quality than most games I've played lately, though admittedly I tend to play a lot of indie stuff.
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