After a decade, a Might & Magic® RPG is back with both the unique core formula and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features. The best RPG of its class! In the wake of the spectacular events in Might & Magic® Heroes® VI, you will play in a party of four adventurers entangled in intrigue and political machinations unfolding in...
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Release Date: Jan 23, 2014

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About This Game

After a decade, a Might & Magic® RPG is back with both the unique core formula and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features. The best RPG of its class!

In the wake of the spectacular events in Might & Magic® Heroes® VI, you will play in a party of four adventurers entangled in intrigue and political machinations unfolding in and around Karthal. The city, on the verge of secession, is prey to competing factions vying for its control. Your actions will determine the fate of the city.

Might & Magic® X Legacy is an authentic solo experience in the classic first-person RPG genre. Create and lead your group into an exciting open world and battle mythical powerful creatures while collecting ancient magical treasures!


"Might & Magic X – Legacy has everything it needs to be the next great title in the series"

RPG Codex

“Schedule some vacation for early 2014”
RPG Watch

“A high-pressure blast of nostalgia”
82.5% - Game Informer

Deluxe Digital Edition

The Deluxe Edition includes a free copy of Might & Magic VI, one of the most praised episodes in the Might & Magic franchise.

Explore the Dream Shard dungeon and pursue your quests in the Agyn Peninsula!

Deluxe Edition owners will get to enjoy the game’s very first DLC called the Falcon and the Unicorn for free when it releases.

Get the Might & Magic X – Legacy official soundtrack on audio CD and listen to thirteen unique compositions from the acclaimed duo of composers, Roc Chen and Jason Graves.

Standard Digital Edition

Rediscover the mythic Might & Magic role-playing series, updated for a new generation in Might & Magic X - Legacy. Experience a gripping four-act story that will test your tactics and judgement.
  • 12 playable classes
    Customise your team of adventurers with choices from 12 different classes, 4 races, and over 20 skills. Evolve your party members and develop unique strategies using freshly acquired spells.
  • 3 towns and 1 city
    Begin your great journey at Sorpigal-by-the-Sea, travel to the other settlements, visit monuments, recruit hirelings, and trade with shopkeepers.
  • Open world
    Travel through stunning environments, choose which region you want to explore first but be careful, danger is never far off.
  • Various quests
    Discover the sinister plot happening in the Agyn Peninsula, shape its inhabitants' stories, and evolve your party thanks to fun and original quests full of Easter Eggs!
  • 20+ dungeons
    Experience fear and claustrophobia in the dark heart of classic dungeons, and feel vulnerable to attack from all sides while crossing open landscapes.
  • More than 60 creatures and 6 unique bosses
    Face cunning foes in turn-based combat and adapt your fighting skills to the mightiest creatures.

Create your own map and mods to express yourself, design the game you want to play and share your creative vision with the Might & Magic X – Legacy community!

Caractéristiques Principales

  • Dive into vintage Might & Magic®
    Discover an authentic franchise that defined early PC RPG gaming in the 80s! This classic and timeless RPG has returned after eleven years of waiting and has been adapted to today’s standards while respecting yesterday’s expectations. Old school, new rules!
  • Create your party
    Take control of a team of four adventurers chosen among four different races. Twelve classes are available, each one having their own skill system. Thousands of combinations are possible!
  • Forge your own tactics
    Through a turn-based gameplay system, defeat creatures and unique bosses and accomplish unique quests, level up your group and gain new powerful artifacts.
  • Discover a new part of Ashan
    Explore the Agyn Peninsula – a totally new, unexplored environment in the Might & Magic universe. Get familiar with its epic wilderness and meet the locals who pack quite a few surprises…
  • Explore twisted dungeons
    Make your way through dangerous dungeons, cities, and labyrinths full of traps, and solve puzzles and riddles to rack your brain! Beware: You never know what’s hiding around the corner!
  • Explore twisted dungeons
    Build your own adventure and quests and share them with the community. The legacy is yours!

System Requirements

Mac OS X
    • OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 (all 32/64 bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 @ 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ @ 2.7 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 8800GT or AMD Radeon HD3870 (512MB VRAM with Shader Model 4.0 or higher)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers
    • Additional Notes: Using the Minimum Configuration, we strongly recommend to use minimal settings in order to not experience low framerate.
    • OS: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 (64 bit versions)
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.4 GHz or AMD Phenom x4 @ 2.3 GHz
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTX470 or AMD Radeon HD6870 (1024MB VRAM with Shader Model 5.0)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card with Latest Drivers
    • OS: MAC OS X Lion 10.7.3
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Radeon HD5670
    • Storage: 11 GB available space
    • OS: MAC OS X Lion 10.8.2
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3.2 GHz
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: GeForce 675MX GTX
    • Storage: 11 GB available space
Customer reviews
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Mixed (1,918 reviews)
Recently Posted
( 11.0 hrs on record )
Posted: June 19
I need help. Ubisoft is asking for a product activation code. I purchased the game via Steam and can only find a invoice number but no activation code. Can anyone help?
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Apollo 13
( 138.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 18
Installed game.

Caught whiff of story.

Unintalled game.

10/10 Throw money at this game.

More details:

As the story goes, a group of adventurer ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s once lost one of their ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s... uh, adventurers. Turns out that he was possessed some kind of 'ultimate evil,' who then guides you through the game so that you'll be strong enough to present a challenge to him eventually. He really didn't think that one out, because you basically mow him down like you're holding a chainsaw and he's your noisy neighbour. Kind of like what I want to do to whoever wrote this crappy story.
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( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 16
The most depressing part of this game is probably Uplay, but if that wasn't bad enough, I mean it is Ubisoft that developed it.

The worst thing about it, is its return to grid style movement, and turn based combat.

After MM6 7 8 and 9, you would think Ubisoft would have said, hmm maybe that is a good idea, you know keep it consistant?

But no, no...

If you liked MM 6 7 8 9, they are on sale for 19.99 on GOG in a package deal, buying this, MM X here will get you MM6 free, but with little extras, no achievements, nothing really extra, just the base game.

Again the core game of MM X isn't bad if you enjoy sluggish turn based combat, but this isn't Pokemon, if I wanted that, and wanted to be stuck on a grid, I would play that type of game.

I wanted a continuation, I wanted to know what was beyond in those worlds, what did the ancients leave.

They left...turn based combat thats very slow and boring...

Buy it if you want, but its not for me.
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( 13.8 hrs on record )
Posted: June 15
Has nothing to do with the series. AVOID IT!
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( 0.6 hrs on record )
Posted: June 14
*steps off chair* HHUURRGGGLLL *snap!*
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( 344.1 hrs on record )
Posted: June 5
I did like some of the ideas in this game. I found the combat good and engaging. But I found the story-line kinda meh, as well as the world itself and the character advancement system. As for the world, it just felt small and constrained. The maps weren't huge ans sprawling, and there didn't seem to be many varied areas, and only 3 real towns. Characters were far more constrained, with limited viable builds for each one. Characters also didn't go up to 100+ levels like they did in the old games with vast piles of skills to invest your points (with the freedom to add points past the mastery to partially compensate for the limitations of that character). The game felt small and pedestrian. One might argue that the grid-based system constrained it, but I remember World of Xeen still seeming far more epic (probably because of a larger step-size for outdoors and a lot more dungeons). And of course M&M VI-IX was more free-roaming, with huge maps, and used a world map to split the gameworld into far-flung areas (but I found the combat in those games as very basic, without the epic close-up heavily animated sprites of the Xeen games).. So yeah, this is a pale shadow of previous Might and Magic games. I hope Ubisoft goes back to the roots of the series and builds a word more true to the New World/3D0 franchise of old.
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( 6.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 23
One of the shortest RPG I have ever played. Not worth the money, Not even on sale.
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( 0.5 hrs on record )
Posted: May 23
Ubisoft Mafia Games Cooperation. I recommend that you change your compnay name to that. LG-
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( 5.9 hrs on record )
Posted: May 22
I don't think this game was very well though out. I figured this out after clearing out an area and wandering around for a bit expecting enemies to respawn. Well, they don't. This means that you can't mess around with your characters. You have to follow a totally pre-prescribed character base, or you'll suck. I found that this means that you just need to max your characters' hit points and you can get around fine. I'm just not feeling this game after playing it for a while. I HATE games that don't have respawn rates. Make it an adventure game, not an RPG. How am I supposed to explore character development? Obviously, it's not going to happen. I'd need to look up the exact proper builds on the Internet in order to get through the game. There are plenty of other games out there that I can play, and I don't recommend this one simply on the structured nature of this game. It may not be "linear", but it's abosolutely structured.
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Mythos Loric
( 79.1 hrs on record )
Posted: May 13
I first should say I liked this game, but I liked it for all the wrong reasons, the gameplay is subpar at best and you can end up glitched into a situation where you have to reload from a previous save or a situation where you might have to reload from so long ago that it might as well be restarting. Additionally if you uninstall for whatever reason and re-install if you didn’t personally back up your saves they may just disappear.

In the game the general forced turn-based style (which while in heroes has been optional in regular Might and magic since 1995) not only slows the game down to a crawl but makes it incredibly easy to defeat enemies, in actuality the only time you will ever have any difficulty in this game is when they force you onto a ledge before spawning the enemies or in hallways where you magically get surrounded. But the worst offense this game commits is making it impossible to fix any mistake you made. Now I know I said enemies were easy so this shouldn’t be a problem but it is since no enemy ever respawns there is a limited amount of gold and exp in the world and dead characters don’t get exp. So in those rare fights where you get surrounded and one of your party members falls it misses out on everything, and this can be especially troubling if you are under-leveled for a boss (bosses tend to be either right next to you or force you onto a ledge and then over) because you think “oh I only need a little bit more exp then I can do this” but there’s nothing left you have to reload from a save usually a few hours (minimum due to the slow pace of the game) and do everything again hoping that this time you will only to find out that you needed to load further back in your files.

Personally this game I did say I liked and I’ll tell you exactly why, because Might and Magic 6 was the first great game I ever was able to play being able to play another “updated” version of the game made me excited about the future prospects, but since its release there has been no hit at another in the franchise that I am aware of so the hopes of playing another good might and magic game have been dashed.

Also in the older games the voices and sound effects though primitive were clever and original, whereas here in this game everything sounds like a b-reel fantasy sound clip there

The best analogy I can give to this game is imagine someone saw a beloved franchise like say Half-life, now imagine Ubisoft bought Half-life, sure we’d get a Half-life 3 and maybe more, but the game would be completely different with nearly no regard (except for names and maybe general models) for the source materials…

In conclusion, Don’t waste your money go find a copy of Might and Magic 6, 7, and 8 (12$ probably total) and enjoy a good 50+ hours of classic fantasy games that are actually good.
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Most Helpful Reviews  Overall
717 of 814 people (88%) found this review helpful
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24.6 hrs on record
Posted: January 23, 2014
You'll like it if you like ...
- Might and Magic 3 ~ 5
- Wizardry series
- Legend of Grimrock

You'll be disappointed if you think this game is ...
- a successor of Might and Magic 6
- a successor of Heroes of Might and Magic (can be confusing)

You'll be angry about ...
- Additional DRM: U Play

* I played it an early access version. Not played the full release yet.
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320 of 415 people (77%) found this review helpful
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Not Recommended
61.6 hrs on record
Posted: November 16, 2014
I just can't do it. I just can't recommend MIght & Magic X.

I played this during the beta, and played through the game twice. I decided to wait to try it again until after the beta was finished. When it was released, I was onto other games and hadn't gotten around to it.

Then, the Legend of Grimrock 2 came out, and I played all of the way through that, which got me nostalgic to play this one again.

But it's so bad. Particularly compared to Grimrock 2, but moreso even against it's predecessors. Even Might and Magic III, made in 1991 (23 years ago), is a better game in nearly every way.

I've loved every Might & Magic game and have played through them all multiple times. This game is a shadow of those games.

They decided to move back to a tile-based system. Unlike most people, I was fine with that. It didn't bother me.

What does bother me are the boring mechanics, limited and uninteresting character creation and development, a boring story, *cartoony* graphics, poor gameplay, bugs, typos (I counted 2 just in the narrated intro), hostile controls, lousy mapping..

I really want to like this. But I can't. Just.... I'm just sad about it.
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984 of 1,368 people (72%) found this review helpful
Not Recommended
101.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 26, 2013
To anyone who have doubts about purchasing or not Early Access version at this point, i would strongly recommend to wait until final release, and getting some reviews by approved and trusted sources.

At this point of Early Access devs are not going to implement any serious changes in the gameplay process, basically limiting your feedback to bug reporting, not to mention that Ubisoft has its own team of testers assigned to this task.

The game is controversial at best, so for many RPG fans it can become a serious dissapointment and a crash of expectations. My advice is: be patient and wait until it is released and reviewed by RPG gaming community.

For some reason, many have been misguided, considering the game is still at alpha stage, and yet to pass through long development process. While LE studio considers otherwise, and here i will quote Thomas, LE technical lead:

<LE-Thomas> Question: will we get christmas update with more content? xD like lets say, new areas and quests?
<LE-Thomas> Answer: Sorry, the team is currently working on finalizing the game. There will be no more content updates to the game until the release. Until early 2014 is not a long time left anymore. ;)

This was stated during the third developers chat session. Obviously they will release the game in its current state. This simply adds more reason not to purchase Early Access version.



This adressed to all M&M VI, VII and VIII fans. In case you're one of them, check all the information about the game twice or even thrice as meticulosly, before making a decision. This game is based on M&M IV: Clouds of Xeen & M&M V: Darkside of Xeen. It has very illusive resemblance, if any at all, with M&M games staring from Mandate of Heaven.

This been added at the 29th of november:

Ok, now i will give some general info to familiarize you with some aspects of this project, i find rather questionable and controversial. Starting with:

1) Size of the game world.

M&MX is told to be consisted of 4 Acts, with Act 1 available during the Early Access. Act 1 location (including both Sorpigal by the sea and Peninsula maps) feels to be half the size of, for ex., Castle Ironfist location (from M&MVI). Act 1 offers us five dungeons, those being: Spider cave in Sorpigal; Lighthouse, Bandit Hideout, Catle Portmeyor and Cursed Ruins (which is not available in the Early Access phase) scattered all over peninsula map. Also we have two caves, each holding a single Cyclop monster inside and an empty puzzle cave. The size of these dungeons are medium, and it won't be much of an exaggeration to say that Castle Darkmoor (MMVI) would be able to contain all of them within itself.
Now, to make an approximate estimation of the overall world size, you can take a look at the "World Map" picture, where i marked the borders of the area Act 1 occupies.

2) Character creation and development

2.1 Races.
M&MX creators offer us 4 races to depict our party members from. Those being: human, elf, dwarf and orc. The difference between them lies in starting stats, certain level of mastery they can advance to in different skills, names of the classes for each race to choose from, appearences, and minor starting race-dependant bonus, like elf having +5 evade, +10 earth resistance from the beggining.

2.2 Classes.
Only three classes are at our disposal to choose from for each race. Basically we are given three same classes for each race, being: warrior, archer, mage (so it goes like: Human Warrior, Human Mage, Human Archer/Elf Warrior, Elf Mage, Elf Archer, etc.). The difference between them is: how they are named, ex: Mercenary (HW) against Barbarian (OW); their promotions; level of mastery they can achieve in a certain skill and appearences.

2.3 Class promotions.
Each class has a promotion to be achieved through the game. There will be only one, against two in the later M&M games. It will give one additional ability to the character, no other bonuses are know about at the current moment.

2.4 Character customization.
After choosing a race and class it is time to customize character appearences. You have a wide variety of two drawn pictures for each gender (one male body/one female body), each in turn having two faces you can switch between (giving us four different portraits to sum it up).

2.5 Skills.
Developers have cropped all non-combat related skills like: trap find/disarm, repair, trade, identify (there will be a spell), diplomacy, perception...any other player-world interraction skill you can think of. Leaving three groups: weapon mastery skills, magic mastery skills and misc combat related skills like dual-wielding, dodge, evade, skill adding crit chance to a spell based attack, etc.

2.6 Magic.
Developers decided not to implement magic system from the later M&M games, where you were able to learn every spell at basic level, and advancing in magic mastery upgraded effects of each spell differently, based on the spell itself. Now it is more standard "magic mastery of certain level requirement for each spell". You can learn certain spells at basic level, certain at expert and so on. Spell effect doesn't change while you advance in magic mastery.

The following picture will show you all Air magic school spells (basic to GM), that will be available in the game.

Spell description:

There will be no Item Enchant spell, in case anybody is wondering.

2.7 Inventory.
We will have combined inventory now, each item occupying one slot. Also no paper-dolls (items won't be shown on player's picture being dressed) Equiping this or that item won't alter character picture in any way.

3) Character/world interaction.
Due to absence of non-combat related skills, player gaming experience is limited mostly to combat, opening objects (chests, barrels), getting buffs (one buff statue in Sorpigal, one in Peninsula). There is one quest in the first act, which implies on giving the freedom of choice to a player (you can kill or let go bandit leader), other than this, there are no player-choise driven situations.

4) Combat.
This is what it is all about. Judging from absence of non-combat related skills, lack of player-world interaction besides engaging your enemies, and answers from developers themselves, LE are trying to create combat oriented game (tile- and turnbased gameplay fits this concept idealy). Unfortunately they are not succeeding here either. Combat is rather standard and despite the looks of it, doesn't provide you with enough tactical depth you would anticipate. Poor variety of character classes, lack of significant race dependant perks/abilities, standard skill set, absence of really valuable effects of tactical (not damage dealing) spells, ect. make the game unable to offer reach and thrilling combat experience. Not to go deep: you cann't aim anything in case it is not standing in the adjacent tile.
This meaning: if you have two or more opponents approaching you, apart in two or three tiles, you won't be able to target specific one to use a spell on or attack from distance (with an arrow, for ex.). Those attacks will be delivered randomly (or you may use area damage spell) to any enemy standing in the same tile. This was mentioned a hundred times to de
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Not Recommended
36.9 hrs on record
Posted: December 21, 2014
Soulless, chopped-down knock-off of the original Might and Magic games. Hilariously few options, outdated and unnecessary control scheme, few skills, autoloot and the screen constantly shouting at you "THIS IS A DOOR, DO YOU WANT TO OPEN IT?! [PRESS SPACE]", because clicking doors and containers to open and enemies to attack was too straight-forward and sensible. Were it intended as an Android game, it'd be ok; for a full-blown PC game, it's laughable.

And, of course, it requires a UPlay account to play, because Games For Windows Live was such a good idea, Ubisoft just had to make their own version of it.

I definitely do not recommend this cheap attempt at milking a dead franchise.

Plus, Might and Magic 6, 7 and 8 are quite cheap on GoG and the likes. Why waste your time and money on this? I know I wish I hadn't.
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71.8 hrs on record
Posted: January 12, 2015
As someone who bought MM-1 off the shelf way back in the day, and have played every game in the series other than 9, the mixed reviews made me hesitant to jump in. But picking up the deluxe version (includes MM6) on sale I jumped in, and have been pleasantly surprised.

Reading other reviews, I can relate to a lot of the pros/cons cited, but for me things other people found as cons (combat, grid movement) were very much pros for me. I think what this game does well, it does very well, but it may not be to everyone's taste.

MMX strips out a number of features that existed in 6-8 in particular, but ultimately that makes MMX much more of a tactical game than its predecessors. In those games in most environments you could easily exploit the strength of ranged combat and the opportunity to toggle in/out of turn-based combat to kite. I may have, at times, even exploited running out of dungeons to avoid a fight or having to reload in those earlier MM games - that doesn't work here.

Kiting in this game is only at all possible with certain class combinations, and the 'ambush' nature of many encounters and the inability to move with an enemy already in melee range make that impossible. MMX will require you to rest, and use potions, and buff/debuff. If you open a door in a dungeon without saving or resting first, you'll probably regret it. And AFAIK you can't leave an area while in combat to exploit out of the fight.

As for character creation, I'd agree that the options for any individual character are not deep (which may hamper your RP enjoyment), but party selection itself is imo a moderately complex tactical game. The variety of options for party composition are deep. 12 classes and 4 races to choose from, and you're almost certain to have to forgo something you really want in your party (whether a race, or a buff, or dps combos).

Puzzles are pretty good on the whole, story is meh (but personally I don't think plot has ever been high on the list of reasons to play MM), and the skill system is true to its predecessors while offering a variety of small tweaks/improvements.

As for being one-shot, that can happen, and generally for 2 reasons: 1) you wandered into an area too high for your party level, or 2) you really needed to get your buffs on.

If you aren't completely turned off by the notion of a turn-based, tactical RPG where there's more focus on the complexity of party creation and skill progress, for me that has been a real steal, and makes me very willing to consider paying full price if they release a follow up. Will you have to save/reload a lot even on normal difficulty? Yes, but for me that's been part of the charm - progression in this game feels like an actual achievement.

Edit - wrote the initial review at the end of Act 2, roughly lvl 20. On "normal" difficulty, this is around the point where the difficulty level swings quite a bit, since you start to GM in skills and have access to the gold and trainers needed to do it. But all in all, I definitely enjoyed it, and after moving through some other games in my backed-up library, will consider playing again on heroic difficulty.
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Not Recommended
7.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 31, 2014
I purchased this item because I played through all the MM titles and liked it a lot. When I saw this title here on Steam I was positively suprised and immediately bought it in rememberance of the good old times.

Unfortunately I'm quite dissaspointed with it though. Graphics is ok, but gameplay is horrible. The characters frequently issue warning shouts, even though there is nothing to see. What is really annyoing though is, that you can easily get locked into a fight where you don't even want to, because the party has to rest. But you can't walk away, so the only thing left to do is to reload. This also includes getting into a dungeon where you realize that the enemy is to tough, but you can't back out anymore, because you are not allowed to leave the dungeon and flee until the fight is over.

I don't know if I missremeber MM in the wrong way, but I don't recall having such issues in the original series.

Another total annoying thing is that you have to register with UPlay. I can't even play offline when I don't have internet. WHY????? I specifically purchase such games to take them with me on my laptop to summer vacation, where I often don't have internet, and this is really annoying for no apparent reason!
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118.1 hrs on record
Posted: August 9, 2015
Might & Magic X is one of the most underestimated game. It deserves to get more positive reviews.

The combat of this game is considerably tactical, as compared to recent RPG games including recent old school type ones. Depending on enemy's attributes, you need to carefully choose which skill you gonna use to attack it or to make your characters survive. Sometimes your magic does not work for enemies. So it is important to check the magic resistance of your enemy in a journal.

The game asks careful character progression. You can not increase all of your skills up to grandmaster. Also, your game play would be very easy depending on which skill you learn or increase. So you need to make a plan for your character. This is a pleasure in a RPG game, not a pain.

The game gives you chances to solve many puzzles and riddles. Most of them are easy, but some are difficult. However, when you solve them by yourself, it will give you a great fun.

Based on the points above, I highly recommend this game to someone who likes turn-based, party-based, or old school RPG. Have a fun~
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Not Recommended
28.5 hrs on record
Posted: March 29, 2015
uPlay blocks off Act 2 if you have a firewall that blocks the game from internet access. Game doesn't inform the player of this, just blocks off access to part of the game, leaving the player to wander around aimlessly. Awful design.
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Not Recommended
65.8 hrs on record
Posted: April 5, 2015
There are 2 really good reasons to stay away from this game:

First, if you have the 'misfortune' of playing in a 32bit system, the developer deemed you unworthy of voice overs and any texture setting above medium, making the game look like it belongs in the early 2000's.

Second, if you actually manage to play to the end of Act One, and you have the 'misfortune' of being in Uplay offline mode, like I was during my vacations, you'll find yourself unable to continue. Yes, you read that right, without having 'Cloud sync savegames' enabled and being online in Uplay, you can't select the option to fly to the Elemental Forge from Lev.

Third (bonus reason): you can restore the voice over editing a .txt file and enable flight to the Elemental Forge editing a XML file, so there is no technical reason for these choices. It's plain idiocy.

Very unhappy.

Edits: Typos.
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486.2 hrs on record
Posted: December 13, 2013

LOVED IT, even better than I thought it would be. I never meant to compare this title to the old series coz I didnt care to do so to begin with!

For me it's old school rpg coz its a 4 party, turn-based, 1st-person game.

Totally different from what EA gave us and REALLY fun to play...for me its the opposite of Skyrim and I think the devs did excellent job to bring something that goes the opposite direction from today's mainstream rpgs.

In my opinion: Well-balanced, tough fights on warrior-mode, open world-meaning that there are some enemies that you have to comeback even in Act 1 in order to fight 'em after you beefed up in levels, better AI and monster behavior, better skill/magic/buff system, smooth heroes/enemy movement and so on.

Yes, they could have added some extras to make it really great game, but I think it's an awesome start. I understand that there are ppl who are disappointed coz they expected something else along the lines of an exact copy of an older MM game with modern engine/graphics...BUT I'M EXTREMELLY HAPPY the way this game is AS IT IS!!!

Hope next one in line is a monster...good battles to all the brothers who are enjoying MMX.

OLD REVIEW: Loved it even with its early access faults...when they balance enough aspects of the game, it will be really great fun to play.

Not for people who expect a game like Skyrim, its for old school rpg fans with the benefit of auto-mapping...just wish they'd put more riddles along the way and maybe more quests affecting the outcome of the main story or the characters.

Sure the devs wont follow on all the great suggestions from the community but still it will be worth playing and enjoy yourself if the content of the final release is big enough.

To expect the perfect game on all aspects/parts of a game and on top of that to have the devs please all different kind of rpg fans is useless...READ the reviews and then DECIDE if that's the game you want to play or not...the game is a tile-based/turn-based and they should improve the parts of the game based on that idea...dont mind if they had the option for free movement but it shouldnt be a pre-requirement to play an rpg-game like this...there are tons of other rpg games for that.
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