An award winning adventure crime thriller with a deeply plotted storyline which takes you to atmospheric settings all around the globe, including among other locations, South Africa, Finland and the USA.
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Fecha de lanzamiento: 13 mayo 2014

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"Differing approaches have a direct effect on the outcome of the game. Recommended for fans of choice and consequence."

Acerca de este juego

An award winning adventure crime thriller with a deeply plotted storyline which takes you to atmospheric settings all around the globe, including among other locations, South Africa, Finland and the USA.

The story begins after the dramatic happenings of Memento Mori 1, Lara and Max now find themselves drawn together. Following their joint victory over the Angel of Death, nothing more ought to stand in the way of their happiness. Life could be so wonderful…


  • Three playable characters solve richly varied puzzles and tasks, where differing approaches have a direct effect on the outcome of the game
  • Enter a story that keeps you permanently in suspense and rewards you with various endings that show you the events from different perspectives
  • Let yourself be carried away by detailed, fully 3D scenes and characters
  • Solve complex and highly original puzzles
  • Prove you have detective skills – collect detective points for scores of optional tasks

Requisitos del sistema

    • OS: Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 or newer
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz or dual core AMD XP or better
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: 256MB graphics card (Shader Model 2.0 compatible)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
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Publicado el 19 de abril
Warning first that technically this game is a bit of a mess. If you hit escape to try to bring up the menu during gameplay, you get a blank black screen every time. That means it's impossible to save manually, and the only way to exit is Alt-F4. The game does a good job of frequently auto saving, so it's playable that way, but it makes some of the achievements much harder than they should be, basically impossible without much more effort than it would be worth, forcing you to play through each chapter flawlessly in line with sometimes arbitrary rules set up by the developers for getting "detective points." Also the English translation at least is messed up. Major characters have more than one voice actor who sound nothing alike. It seems like they went back and recorded lines they forgot to record the first time with different people filling in. Also, the voices that play sometimes have nothing to do with the subtitles and make no sense (in one section another character kept yelling at me to shoot my gun instead of reading the correct subtitled lines). Sound is generally kind of messed up. Surround sound doesn't work; turning it on results in most sounds not playing at all. 2 speaker sound has some voices too low to hear. The game doesn't properly recognize all 16:9 resoutions as such, 1440 to be specfic, and will convert them to 4:3 and stretch the screen if you try to use them.

That being said, the story and puzzles are quite good, and it's worth suffering through the technical problems for them. I wish they'd release a version that worked right, but the underlying game is good enough to still be worth playing in its current state.
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Publicado el 15 de abril
I just completed this game and whiel I enjoyed it there were a lot of bugs to deal with. Things such as sound dissapperaring during dialogs and Lara having a different voice every now and again that really distracted you from the plot.
If it wasnt for the interesting story, interesting characters, nice artwork, music and having played the first game I think i would have struggled to complete the game but as it is if you can put those issues aside you will be rewarded with a very nice adventure game about love and death.
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Publicado el 6 de julio
Inferior to the first game though still reasonably interesting. But I've never before experienced such bungled up dialogues in a game, so that makes me give thumbs down.
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Publicado el 27 de marzo
Típica aventura de policías y asesinos en serie donde algunos de los puzzles tienen que ver con la reconstrucción de los hechos. En Steam he jugado ya a montones de aventuras de esta clase, algunas mejores y otras peores. Ésta, sin duda, es de las mejores. La historia está dividida en capítulos. En el primero manejaremos al novio de la protagonista, y en el resto pues a ella, la protagonista, excepto en algún que otro breve momento, que manejaremos a una compañera suya.
El primer capítulo, que protagoniza "el novio de...", es más desenfadado y me dio la impresión de que el juego iba a ser la típica historia del chico atolondrado y la novia que no lo consigue meter en vereda. Un capítulo desenfadado donde pasa algo tan ligero como un robo en un museo y el novio sigue la investigación con comentarios graciosos y todo ese rollo de "ir de guays". Al final del capítulo, todo se vuelve más serio pues hay un cliffhanger (¡toma ya!) que tiñe de oscuro el resto del juego. Para mi gusto, prefería la historia con ese puntillo absurdo del primer capítulo, pero bueno... ¡yo no hago aventuras gráficas!
La historia está bien. Un poco con esa aura de "peli de tarde" pero bien desarrollada, y sin los ex-actores y ex-actrices de Sensación de Vivir y Melrose Place por ahí rondando.
A nivel técnico está bastante bien. Los escenarios no son estáticos, y crean una buena sensación de profundidad. En cuanto a este aspecto, hagamos la ola por los creadores del juego.
o o o o .o. ,o, lol |o| lol ,o, .o. o o o o
Como es habitual, intercalado con el juego hay puzzles. Algunos de ellos están muy bien, pero otros son bastante contraintuitivos y es más que probable que acabes buscando la solución porque por la lógica que sigue (cogida por los pelos) es casi imposible llegar. Deberían haber trabajado más esto y que los puzzles se resuelvan pensando, no con un golpe de suerte.
A pesar de que el juego, a partir del segundo capítulo, baja el nivel un punto, tiene momentos bastante buenos. En concreto, a mí, uno de los que más me gustó fue cerca del final cuando la protagonista y su compañera del pelo blanco (soy malo para los nombres) entran a la casa donde saben que se esconde el asesino arma y linterna en mano.
Os recomiendo sin duda el juego. Os dejará buen sabor de boca aunque hayáis comido alioli.

Pues... No tengo mucho que decir. Suena bien. Voy a comprarlo. Ves por la sombra.
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Publicado el 1 de junio de 2014
After playing through this game I really wish I had the chance to play the first, but seeing as I did get to play the second one lets just give you the review for that. In this game you are going to get the chance to play as a couple of different characters, but mainly you are going to be playing the part of Max and his wife Lara. The game starts of where the two are on vacation, and it turns out that there has been an art theft in the city you are staying in. You are asked to check it out, it seems routine enough, but as so many gamers can tell you, that mindset will always doom the characters. As the mysteries deepen, and the players involved become more complex, you might have to end up having to put the fate of one or more individuals on the line.

Graphically this was a great looking game. Each character not only looked different but their different styles, it gave them instant depth, and you quickly learned to trust some characters and be weary of others. The different venues that you will be going through were also very well done. You will be traveling to museums, harbors, houses, churches, ruins, and more, each captures an image in your mind that reinforces the mood of the game at that current moment.

Now lets get to one of the well done, and sadly tangled pieces that hurt the game overall. As many of you know, I am a SUCKER for fully voiced dialogue, and this game has it, the unfortunate thing is that there are quite a few times during the speeches of the secondary characters where the order in which the subtitles and audio files DO NOT match up. This caused quite some confusion for me the first time, and then later on when it happened, a couple more times, it was just a distraction that took me away from what is otherwise a very solid game.

The controls are very straight-forward. You are going to be pointing and clicking your way through the game. You will need to do this to combine items, solve puzzles, talk to individuals, and of course move around the screen. It's also a idea to use the 'J' key to pull up your journal, that thing had a tendency of saving my ♥♥♥ when maybe I didn't read through something thoroughly enough.

So as mentioned before you are going to get to play as a couple of characters, and the story that they are all a part of is something that had me wanting to keep playing the game. Now for some reason there were times where I didn't have a choice as it seemed the ability to go back to the main menu disappeared. I would just get a black screen, but if I hit the ESC key again I could go back into the game. If you too suffer from this, have no fear, if you move anywhere in the game, which causes a change in scene, the game autosaves. So what you can do is once you hit the black screen just Alt-F4 out, and the next time you play you can just click on the continue option.

Enough about the main menu issue, though. Let's get down to the game. There's going to be an artist flare to the whole thing, which plays nicely into the fact that Max is one hell of a painter. In some regards this level of polish in the game is what I had expected from Moebius Empire Rising. The character animations, though sometimes a bit slow on the walking aspect, where spot on. There was emotion in the characters, but not completely over the top. Each character had such a unique personality, I believed each and every one of them. I started to fear some of the characters, and started to really get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ at others. So the developers and writers of this game were spot on. The degree of difficulty in this game wasn't extremely high, but there is something about this game where it was no walk in the park, there was a scoring mechanism added into the game after a while, but it wasn't anything that would stop you from being able to further the story if you were not perfect.

I wish I could tell you about some of the characters, some of the twists, some of the puzzles, and all the rest, but that would be a grave injustice. You see, even though the audio files might have gotten mixed up, and maybe there was a weird bug with the main menu, I was still able to get through the entire thing, and at the end I wanted more. That's the kind of game that I love to play, and I hope that we can see more from this game, and more of this type of game in the future. This game, hands down, gets a score of 9.3 out of 10.
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