In a cold, dark future dominated by mega-corporations, a small lonely planet on the edge of habitable space is the site of a shadowy research facility specializing in necrotic tissue reactivation. You are a scientist who has suddenly awoken to the realization that you are the lone survivor.
User reviews: Very Positive (1,482 reviews)
Release Date: Jul 24, 2013

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"A thoroughly hideous but challenging and rewarding roguelite top-down shooter. Explore procedurally generated brown levels and die a lot."
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“Teleglitch is what happens when Dark Souls takes its training wheels off (...)”
Rock Paper Shotgun

“Teleglitch is a harsh mistress, but the cruelest lessons are often the ones that truly stick with us. 90/100”
90/100 – Joystiq

“"Beneath the lo-fi visuals and simple animation is a sophisticated, thrilling, and occasionally brutal shooter.”
85/100 – PC Gamer

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About This Game

In a cold, dark future dominated by mega-corporations, a small lonely planet on the edge of habitable space is the site of a shadowy research facility specializing in necrotic tissue reactivation. You are a scientist who has suddenly awoken to the realization that you are the lone survivor. The rest of the facility’s personnel have all been killed – micro-chipped and reactivated as combatants by the facility’s central processing AI.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition is a roguelike top-down shooter with retro pixel graphics. Featuring procedurally generated maps that change with each play through, you will never experience the same facility twice. Clutch your gun, walk down the dark corridors and enter each new room hoping those last few rounds of ammunition will be enough. Feel the anxiety, the paranoia and the sheer terror of Teleglitch.

Key Features

  • Over 20 types of enemies to combat
  • More than 40 types of weapons and items
  • 10 levels that radically change their structure every time you play
  • 10+ hours of play time (it gets harder the further you get)
  • Detailed database with full dossiers of each monster
  • Scavenge random equipment to craft new and deadly gear like The Can Gun (empty can + nails + explosives)
  • A sinister narrative filled with greedy military corporations covert experiments
  • The risk of permanent death creates an atmosphere of fear and dread

The Die More Edition features:
  • 5 bonus levels
  • Additional items and weapons
  • Upgraded and more deadly enemy AI
  • Expanded dossiers and lore content

System Requirements

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux
    • OS:Windows XP or later
    • Processor:3000 MHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Geforce 6600 or equivalent (Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 256MB)
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:2D sound compatible card
    • OS: OS X Mountain Lion (version 10.8)
    • Processor:3000 MHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Geforce 6600 or equivalent (Direct3D/OpenGL compatible card with at least 256MB)
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:2D sound compatible card
    • OS:Ubuntu 12.04
    • Processor:3000 MHz
    • Memory:1024 MB RAM
    • Graphics:Geforce 6600 or equivalent (OpenGL compatible card with at least 256MB)
    • Hard Drive:100 MB HD space
    • Sound:2D sound compatible card
Helpful customer reviews
124 of 131 people (95%) found this review helpful
6.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 11
I like everything about this game except the difficulty. I'm only a very casual gamer so I'd probably get on better with the die-less edition, but everything else about it appeals to me, just a shame I'm no good at it.
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54 of 57 people (95%) found this review helpful
32.1 hrs on record
Posted: June 25
Very challenging. The difficulty curve of this game is very high, but don't give up. It will seem impossible it first, but victory is achievable. I finally beat it after 32 hours of play, and it felt almost as good as beating Dark Souls.
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54 of 61 people (89%) found this review helpful
85.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 21
Literally perfect

For one, this game has almost all the great elements of a roguelike. All the levels are semi-generated (same rooms, but in different order), there's lots of items, and decision making heavily impacts your gameplay. Are you going to keep your pistol or turn it into a nailgun? how about a cannon? every item you get can be used for multiple things, and making these decisions.

The magnet for example, with this you can either build an armor piercing railgun or a bullet reflecting magshield. Different approaches and strategies call for different items, and finding that sweet spot between choices is very enjoyable.

Like most roguelikes, some elements are random each time you play. This is different in Teleglitch. The starting level is almost always the same, due to the fact that the same items and amount of enemies are always found. This changes in later levels though, where more choices and customization are given. 2 level choices are given after the 1st area, each holding differently placed items and enemies. After this, level choice can impact major aspects. The playthroughs might start out similar, but no 2 games will ever end the same.

Teleglitch is a fun, time-consuming, tough as nails roguelike that's worth at least some time. I don't recommend it to anyone who can't take a hard challenge. Only 0.7% of players actually beat the game, and the 2 or 3 difficulty curves can really push away some players. Imagine Dark Souls with it's training wheels taken off
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56 of 72 people (78%) found this review helpful
1.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 28
I recieved this game completely free during the Halloween 2014 Humble Bundle, and I'm not really going to complain. Honestly, I think it may be a little over priced, but the game itself it pretty fun. There's many difficult and fasinating puzzles to complete, and it doesn't take very long to actually start getting into the game. Go to and redeem the code if you're just checking out the game. It'll save you a lot of money.

Enjoy friends.
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56 of 75 people (75%) found this review helpful
68.3 hrs on record
Posted: November 12
EDIT: A week or two after writing my review, I finally beat Teleglitch DME. In the process, I learned something that affects my review: it seems the charm of Teleglitch is the way that it becomes your gaming Arch-Nemesis. It mocks and sneers at you while committing heinous crimes, daring you to stop it. You become driven by your hate to defeat it... and hate keeps a man alive. Or at least refusing to stay dead.

NOTE: The following is not a simple "buy/don't buy" review, but more of an investment guide. There's a "buy/don't buy" verdict at the bottom, but it doesn't make much sense without the review.

================THE REVIEW================

You've probably heard two things about Teleglitch: it's a rogue-like, and it's hard.

This is an exaggeration and underestimation, respectively. Teleglitch is a rogue-like only insofar as the rooms are arranged differently each playthrough, and it's hard like a diamond ball bat to the groin. Let's examine these points in more depth, because there are some things you need to know.

Once the awe of random level layouts (sarcastic "ooooh! aaaaah!") wears off, you'll quickly start to notice that every game of Teleglitch is essentially the same. The items you receive on any given level are the same items you'll ALWAYS recieve on that level. The question is whether or not you'll find them BEFORE or AFTER that room where you always get mobbed by that one enemy type that's always in there. End result: each game of Teleglitch is unique in only the most superficial way. And because you will die SO MUCH, the whole thing quickly becomes tiresome and repetitive. This repetition wouldn't be a bad thing if, like many other rogue-likes, there was some incremental GAIN or REWARD at the end of each game. But there isn't. The recipe for success in Teleglitch is 5% experience, 10% luck, 25% resource conservation, and 70% ninja master reflexes. Yes, that adds up to 110%, because if you give less, you will FAIL. That brings us to the second topic.

I know what you're thinking: "Oh, but I'm the exception. I have superior gaming skills. I'm sure Teleglitch will be easy enough for me that I won't want to BRAIN A KITTEN in frustration."
NO. You are NOT special. Well, maybe to your mom. Lemme hit you with some cold, hard statistics. Literally NINETY NINE POINT ONE PERCENT of players never beat the game. But that's setting our sights too high. What are the odds that you'll give up before even beating level THREE? of TEN!?


That's right. You have less than a ten percent chance of making it less than a third of the way through Teleglitch before refusing to ever play it again. Some games manage to find the recipe for making brutal difficulty enjoyable. Teleglitch's brand of hard is more like a basketball game between an NBA team going all-out and a team of middle school girls with Down Syndrome. Sure, it sounds amusing at first, but only the truly sick fail to quickly realize it's just in very poor taste.

Oh, and it also has bugs that can cause you to die, just in case you were legitimately doing well.

Honestly, I really want to like Teleglitch. Instead I just friggin' hate it. Yet for some reason I'll probably play it another 20 hours.

================END OF ORIGINAL REVIEW================

Do I still hate Teleglitch? Yes. But it is a hate tempered with respect. And... I... kinda like it.
Will I change my recommendation to "Yes"? No. You should still be afraid of Teleglitch.

"So you're saying I shouldn't buy Teleglitch?" you ask. No. I'm not saying that.

BOTTOM LINE: should you buy Teleglitch DME? Absolutely, but only if you don't have a kitten.
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33 of 38 people (87%) found this review helpful
3.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 3
"Should i buy Teleglitch?" Yes absoulutly , why you may ask? Because its fun , atmospheric and most of all frightening! The game its self is hard as nails (like seriously) but if you conquer the daemons of this game , you will feel a great sense of accomplishment above most , buy it.
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30 of 35 people (86%) found this review helpful
10.7 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
Never has a game with such low resolution been so immersive. The atmosphere is like... Star Wars meets the Fifth Element meets Blade Runner. Kinda.
The feel of it just so impressive. A true roguelike; it feels so cold and lonely when you play.

Storyline? See: Doom
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24 of 26 people (92%) found this review helpful
6.4 hrs on record
Posted: July 7
I just FINALLY got to Level 7 after playing this game on and off for weeks and I think it's probably the closest thing to a perfect 10 I've tried in a while. It's extraordinarily tough, and extraordinarily tough roguelikes are perhaps a bit too popular right now, but this game does everything right -- brilliant aesthetics, excellent writing, wonderfully tense, challenging without feeling unfair, a surprisingly dynamic and unobtrusive crafting system, great great great great great. If you can deal with it -- and maybe you can't -- play it.
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22 of 24 people (92%) found this review helpful
481.8 hrs on record
Posted: August 1
Teleglitch is amazing, a must have for any diehard gamer. It's brutally hard, I still haven't been able to get to level 7 yet (I probably need to use to learn the knife better), but you rarely feel cheated from your many, many deaths. Like Nethack, all your problems could have been avoided in hindsight.

The graphics of the game, while extremely rudimentary, actually add to it; I love how much horror shows through, even though the monsters and worlds are just a few blurry pixels. The storyline is interesting, and vividly describes the terror of the world you're living in, with a touch of humor as well. If you're not interested in reading the computer logs to know how things got they way they are, they're also completely avoidable, and never forced upon you.

All of the monsters have their own unique personality (and freaking TRICKY movement patterns! Those stupid small ones, yeeeeeaarrrgghhh!), and none of them seem repetitious, or rehashes of earlier versions.

The best part about this game? THE CRAFTING SYSTEM! Holy heck, I wish EVERY crafting game was as intuitive as Teleglitch. Instead of needing a wiki article explaining how to make things you'd never have known exist, all you do is press a single key, and the crafting meny pops up, showing your entire inventory, what can currently be crafted from it, and what each of those items will cost you, using an easy to follow line diagram system. Crafting is so easy, it can be done on the fly, during fights! It couldn't be improved upon, except possibly to see items you can't craft yet, so you know what they take, but IMO, that would take away from the fun of discovery in the game, and add very little.

Teleglitch is a game I'll always be happy to own, and if I had somehow pirated it (why? it's SO cheap!), I would actually pay money for a retail copy to support the designers. I collect games like they're little works of art, and am proud to display this in my collection.
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21 of 27 people (78%) found this review helpful
6.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 28
This game.. this game was quite a surprise. Controls are responsive, graphically is crunchy and simple(I like the style of such games). When I started playing it immediately reminded me of the original Alien quadriology.. This game woke up many memories for me, and I love it for that. It's worth the full price, but on sale it is perfect.

>I'd give it a 10/10
>Pros: graphically simple yet nice(love the glitches), reponsive interface and controls, doesn't lag like some other simple games happened to do, good atmosphere.
>Cons: Shooting/Aiming could've been dealt with differently or a bit better, might find yourself bumping into stuff.
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17 of 20 people (85%) found this review helpful
8.0 hrs on record
Posted: July 4
You've been getting by for two levels, resources dwindling for sure, but hope kept alive by the slow trickle of health and ammo. The enemies slowly growing stronger and greater in number, but so is your arsenal. It's an arms race, and you only just have the edge, because you're being careful, saving explosives and ammo, knifing the weak enemies, tricking the stronger ones into danger zones and thereby killing themselves. You're a survivor.

BAM! Zombie Machine Gun Robots!

It took you two hours to get here, but now you're dead in two minutes. You were trained for managing resources, being careful, knowing your environment, but you weren't trained for this. And now you have to do it all over again from the beginning, you mug.

This game doesn't so much have a difficulty curve, as it does a difficulty wall.
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18 of 22 people (82%) found this review helpful
15.0 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
An interesting top-down twin-stick suspense-shooter pixelated rougelike-like with a great atmosphere and a neat story. Recommended for those who enjoy a challenge.
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13 of 14 people (93%) found this review helpful
15.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 2
First of all, this game can be hard to get in to. Mainly because it's hard. There are some things that you will only learn not to do once you have died repeatedly by doing them. And that can hurt, especially when you are a couple of hours into a run. Permadeath hits hard when the game lasts so long.

But that really steps the tension in this game up a level. The game does a very good job of making you scared, in a few ways. There's a clever viewpoint system that makes tight corridors feel claustrophobic and open areas make you terified of a redguard standing on the other side. I'm impressed by the sounds. At first I was dissapointed that there was no music, but I have learned that it really matters that you are listening out for footsteps, to tell whether there is a giant zombie on the other side of that door or a group of gunmen approaching. I feel that the ambiant sounds of the facility could be more detailed, however.
When you are attacked and are not ready, it's a panic, which is the last thing you want to do. Switching through weapons, trying to remember which one still has ammo left over, trying to work out where to run that you aren't going to be swarmed, and firing off rounds and MISSING! Missing really hurts in this game. Ammo is scarce.

Overal. If you don't want a tense, hard, painful, roguelike that punishes you for every mistake, this isn't for you. If you are willing to deal with that for the immensely satisfying experiance of finally beating those robots of doom, with 2 health left, healing up again and finding enough ammo to last you for ever, you'll like this. I really do. Favourite rogue-like. I think it really starts to shine when you actually get good at it.

Oh I'll give some advice too, for best enjoyment. I'd play the arena mode a fair bit first, so that you don't get disapointed that you died because you aren't used to the controls yet in your first few runs. Then i'd go into the 'story' and have some fun.
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12 of 15 people (80%) found this review helpful
4.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 30
Elegantly simple gameplay. Unique and genius visuals. I definitely recommend playing this.
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10 of 12 people (83%) found this review helpful
6.4 hrs on record
Posted: October 29
Very impressive game for what it is. The visuals are simplistic but alluring. The sounds of the game are immersive well-placed, although a little loud at times.

The idea of combining items gives it a lot of variety and replayability, and so does the mechanics of the enemies and levels. You're unlikely to make it far when you first start out, it's a game you have to keep playing to get better at. The mechanics and gameplay just keep you going though, even when playing the same levels over and over.

Maybe you'll combine your items into a different weapon or tool on the next run. Maybe you'll go through a different teleporter when given the option between two. Maybe you'll use a different playstyle. Maybe you'll find some different items in the secret areas. An event might happen when you least expect it. The game isn't scary in my opinion, but it can be tense and exciting. Finding a heavy rifle in a secret area, only to be jumped by around twenty or thirty zombies in a tight space when you pick it up, that's exciting. Surviving through it is satisfying.

All in all, it's a really fun game for the price.
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10 of 13 people (77%) found this review helpful
1.5 hrs on record
Posted: October 16
This game looks like it might be complicated? But it's not! And I love that you can move around your inventory. The game is simple and to the point with no cheap shots I've seen so far. Actually a really great thriller of a time killer with a sci-fy taste!
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6 of 6 people (100%) found this review helpful
0.6 hrs on record
Posted: December 11
Looks pretty good and is pretty good.
Just, that dying again and again.

It IS the Die more edition. -_-
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5 of 5 people (100%) found this review helpful
7.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 13
For fun looking casual gamer like me this game is too hard in some places. I keep getting stuck and have been frustrated because of way save game works and I have had to play first level countless times before getting forward. Still I recommend game for people who want challenge because this has it. Story is interesting and I like the way game looks and athmospere is really intense. Good game, I will keep trying to finish it even if I think I will never get to end with my skills.
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6 of 8 people (75%) found this review helpful
9.6 hrs on record
Posted: October 29
Should you buy this game ? Hell Yeah.

(Price tag may be a little bit high but wait until it's like 25 % off) Imagine you are the only guy alive in a research facility on a distant and hostlie planet . Oh , and you are being hunted by mutants , zombies and robots. Ammunition and supplies are scarce. And don't forget the perma-death. When i play this game i have that Bioshock 1 feeling , like when you dont know what is going to pop out and when , and you always need to scavenge and conserve. Crafting is nice and you have a large array of weapons. Apart from weapons you got some cool gadgets (a good example would be the detector). This is not a typical run and gun. No. You must think and ALWAYS proceed with caution. It also has a pretty rich backstory , but you will discover it as you play. On top of that , every playtrough is randomized. Oh and i almost forgot , there is only 1 bar of chocolate in the whole game and it heals more than a first aid kit. If that doesnt convince you to get the game , I dont know what will do it.

If you are a survival / horror / shooter fan and you want a challenge get this game.
Final Mark : 9 / 10
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12 of 20 people (60%) found this review helpful
0.9 hrs on record
Posted: October 4
✓ Rogue-like elements, procedurally generated
✓ Cool environments, ambiance
✓ Linux support!

✘ Inventory management is clunky
✘ So difficult, doesn't keep you interested for long
✘ Annoying flashing screen when teleporting at the end of a level, close your eyes. (x.x)
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