An Intense Cyberpunk Rpg On the Red Planet! Mars War Logs takes you to Mars, nearly a century after the cataclysm that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos. Water has become the most precious resource on the arid red planet, with a few companies fighting a perpetual war for its control.
User reviews: Mostly Positive (877 reviews)
Release Date: Apr 26, 2013

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About This Game

An Intense Cyberpunk Rpg On the Red Planet!

Mars War Logs takes you to Mars, nearly a century after the cataclysm that threw the planet and its colonists into chaos. Water has become the most precious resource on the arid red planet, with a few companies fighting a perpetual war for its control.

In the middle of this struggle, play as Roy, a renegade with multiple talents who finds himself dragged in an epic story where every choice counts. Develop your character and your combat style by choosing among many skills and perks: melee, ranged combat, stealth, or the devastating Technomants powers.

Craft armors and weapons, recruit companions to help you in your quest, and plunge in a thrilling adventure offering a huge variety of quests. In dynamic, real-time combat, face formidable opponents and the most fearsome creatures of Mars. The fate of all colonies of Mars now lies in your hands…

System Requirements

    • Processor:AMD/INTEL DUAL-CORE 2.2 GHZ
    • Memory:2048 MB RAM
    • Graphics:512 MB 100% DIRECTX 9 AND SHADERS 4.0 COMPATIBLE
    • DirectX®:9.0
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space
Helpful customer reviews
85 of 90 people (94%) found this review helpful
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Posted: July 14
This game reminds me of several titles: Dragon Age 2 (how the maps are confined), Witcher 2 (combat), and Mass Effect series (story/quest branching). For a traditional RPG it's got some things right, but it has its share of problems.

1. Tactical combat. Combat gets even more challenging and fun at Extreme difficulty, but at a price...
2. Nice setting and atmosphere. Mars here is like a remnant of some former colony; a fresh change from those high-tech ones. Everything is rusty, red, and make-shift. Put it another way, it's more like an apocalyptic Mars.
3. Your choices matter. People may die/live, quests may be locked/opened, etc... If you like replaying for different endings then this is for you.

1. At Extreme difficulty, a bad selection of skills will make the game almost impossible. There seems to be some skills that must be unlocked first, such as Evade, Sneak, etc.
2. No crowd AI. At hubs you may get invovled in battle, but civilians do not react at all, even when the fight is happening right under their noses. This hurts the sense of immersion.
3. Some quest are hidden inside branching conversations and are easily missed if you choose the wrong reply (but you have no idea of the difference). Choose between "just say it!" or "ok ok i got it"?
4. Characters and lore are rather under-developed. For an RPG of this length (30hr for me), you only get to know a few of the characters. Some just pop up with little background info. The romance here is merely a filler.
5. In combat you only have limited control on your companion (only 4 "states"), which sometimes is not that helpful.

Despite the cons, I still enjoy this game a lot, primarilly for its combat and story. If you aren't that picky about graphics and AI and just expect a down-to-earth action RPG, this shouldn't disappoint you.
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16.2 hrs on record
Posted: October 25
I recommend this game simply because its different and interesting. Yet I am somewhat disappointed with it. There is so so so much potential for story of this game but it just misses its mark. I think with a better budget and studio and with perhaps a different name, this game could have been huge. The plot/story starts off really well is so very interesting but this drops off rather quickly. It's still interesting, but the depth drops and the plot starts to feel somewhat half formed, before dropping out completely with a sudden ending. It feels like there needs to be a sequel, to fully round things up.

This may seem like a criticism rather than a recommendation, but I want people to play it and see exactly what I mean about the beautiful artwork, interesting concept and huge potential for this game despite the misgivings. Just grab it on sale and give it a go and see how this game makes you feel!
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7.8 hrs on record
Posted: October 14
I wanted to like this game, I really did. But oh god, it's so repetitive.

You'll just run through short, narrow hallways and fight groups of 4-5 respawning enemies that all fight the same way. You'll also always fight the same way, because there's only one weapon type in the whole game.

The odd thing is how the tutorial is the best part of the game. It manages to present an interesting setting, a decent plot & characters and create illusion of freedom, with some big areas and the promise of a lot of new things to unlock. But sadly, those never come, and any motivation the characters had vanishes.

If you own this already, really I recommend playing the first 2-3 hours. If not, just avoid the whole game.
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15.4 hrs on record
Posted: August 17
Because of some of the comments in the forum I gave this a try.
It is good I did.

You are on Mars without oxygen problems, colonized, more or less. Think of it as just a sand desert world and you get the idea.
You are playing in 3rd person and you have during the normal game only one NPC in your party which always cares himself for his armor and weapon. You only decide the way they fight. I always put them to "defensive".

The story is understandable and good. The side missions don't look like side missions, it is just so that you are in a situation and can do some things. So I did everything I saw which I could do because I WANTED to do it. There is no "oh my god, another one of these side missions, AGAIN", nope. You just play the game and see the story and do what you want.

The fights are fair and sometimes you have to do them more than once until you get them done.
But the fights are fun. (And there is a quick save, yeah.)

You have to decide if you kill the guys or not, you decide after each fight

You don't have 1000 variants how to fight, but enough to not make it boring. And I just liked the different ways. Could not decide which one I like more, switched all the time.
First attack with stealth for the fast first "kill", a bit of rolling and attacking from behind, breaking guards, throwing hand grenades and... ups, sorry guards, did I forget to mention the mines I put down in stealth mode before?
After that a bit of magic, back to melee, win and loot.

Then perhaps changing armor or weapon (that is all you equip) or upgrading one of the two.
Or handcrafting some grenades, mines or ammo?

I even had sex with one of the girls. Not like in Witcher, just so you know had it. And I liked girl even more after that.
She is a bit weird but really nice. I like her. I am weird too, so everything is ok.
And each time she asks "can I do something for you?" you remember that one time and think, man, where is the dialog option for ... you know? ;)

It took me 15 hours to complete the game.
Because the game is a bit repetitive after some hours this is really enough.
I liked the story, I liked the fights and now, after the finish, I am contended.

This is for sure not for everyone, and can't even imagine what people will like it,
but if you can get it for cheap and like stories and fighting and just do not want to
read a book today, give this a try. It IS worth it.
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12.5 hrs on record
Posted: December 20
I really want to like the game as I think its one of those rough gems out there. But the repetitions, corridor like levels and back and forth quest frustrates me.

Although steam says I played it for 12 hours, Im only halfway thru the game as I always fall asleep while playing this. I dont know if I will ever finish it but as of right now I have other games more enjoyable to play.
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Posted: July 9
To be honest, probably I would never bought this game myself, because I'm not really a game collector and I purchase only those games which I'm planning to play for sure. But good friend of mine, a great RPG lover, gifted it to me, so I gave it a try. Nice, it also has achievements. Well, let's load this thing up, and roll it on the hardest of difficulties (because achievement demands it!!!).

First thing you'll notice - lots of orange and brown. Lots and lots of orange and brown. Good God! I know its a game on Mars, but orange and brown coloring is so intensive that after this Red Faction Guerrilla looks like an old black and white movie. It gets tiresome for your eyes sometimes, making occasional grey interiors relaxing... Its not that the graphics is bad, though. Its not perfect, but everything looks very detailed, although facial animation isn't that great. Movement and combat animations are very nice, and my personal favorite is how characters are bouncing of when they strike someone protected with the energy shield.

The game starts with "Innocence" Smith (who, for the difference, looks like his name, unlike many others in the game), narrating on his way to the prison, like the other cannon fodder from the clan wars. Skiny guy, with a soft voice... Well, since this is a RPG game, I guess experience will make him manly and muscular soon, since the war isn't already... Upon arival, big, fat and ugly welcoming comitee is so happy to see some fresh meat, since he's "grow tired of drillin' same old arses." Enter Roy "Temperance", who saves Innocence's innocence just in time, and he is the character you'll controll, which makes better sense. Roy is also tired of something, tired of being in prison, and with Innocence's help his plan to escape is set in motion.

Similar to Witcher 2, the game contains 3 large(ish) areas, through which you can explore mostly freely (some small gaps are locked until you get a side quest which leads throught them), but once you finish with the final task in them you can't go back. Besides story driven missions, you also have a bunch of optional tasks, given by the various folks in the world. If you are aiming for the 100% completion you have to chose dialog options carefully, and sometimes actions within those missions.

Completion of these quests gives you XP points (just like fighting), and every time you level up you'll get 2 skill points and 1 character point. Character points are invested into unlockable perks, which you are unlocking by accomplishing certain tasks during your playthrough (they are unlocking better crafting items, giving you more XP from the defeated opponents, etc), while skill points are invested into one of the 3 skill trees: renegade tree is mostly about sneaking and some dirty fighting techniques; combat tree upgrades your armour and makes you better in melee; and the 3rd tree will be unlocked at the end of the 1st chapter, after you defeat a Technomancer and obtain a power glowe from him. I would advice you to not waste any points into sneaking perks, because stealth in this game is useless, and you'll be able to sneak successfully maybe in the whole 2 places in the game.

Combat is mostly melee focused, although you'll get a gun as well (it can't be equiped, its usable like an ability by mashing a hotkey) plus technomancing powers later on. Pressing "Q" key slows down the action and brings the combat menu, from which you can select your abilities, and you can also tie them to the numerical keys on your keyboard. Over it you can also give the orders to your current follower. Besides blocking, there's also, imo more efficient, dodge roll (and you'll better be upgrading it to the max becase you'll be doing it a lot...). You can break your opponents guard in a couple of ways, including throwing a sand in their faces, and the game even takes in consideration if someone is wearing goggles or a riot helmet (needless to say that this ability is completelly useless vs mutaded creatures with no eyes).

Defeated opponents aren't dead, they are just incapacitated and will get up soon after you pass through that area several times. Near the end of the chapter 1, you'll get a hold of the serum extractor, which will give you the option to finish them off and get some serum (which is a curency in here), but it will lower your reputation which may influence how the enviroment is reacting to you.

Some armour and equipement pieces are having slots (up to 3), which you can upgrade by crafting upgrades on them. Each type of upgrades requires certain amount of resources, which you can scavenge around, including from killed/incapacitated opponents. Via upgrades you can give various bonuses to your equipment, having better protection but with a trade off in another area, getting more damage to your weapons but being more susceptible to attacks, getting better chances to cause various crits like bleeding, stun, etc.

Now regarding its difficulty. To say that this game is super-cheap is an understatement. On the easiest difficulty level you can run through it in just 5 hours, with completing all of the side quests (it also includes considerable amount of the backtracking), and its probably the only level on which your follower is semi-useful. On harder levels - its a nightmare. Except in the couple of side quests, where you'll be combating a single opponent, on every other occasion you'll be outnumbered and outgunned. Vastly. The best you can hope from your companion is that he will attract 2 or 3 opponents, while you are trying to deal with the rest of the gang. Once he is down you'll end up with a tail of 5-6+ thugs chasing you around, while you are rolling and dodging their attacks, desperately trying to make sucker punches with hit and run tactics...

Like that isn't hard enough, the game is also glitchy, with devastating Technomancer shock attacks heat-seaking you through the walls. Also, you get hit if you don't dodge early. Even if you can clearly see that the model isn't touching you, somehow their claws/teeth/bats end up on your face. The game is so unforgivingly hard sometimes, it will really make you to think about your tactics and equipment. You'll be often changing your armour upgrades to suit the curent situation, trading damage sponge enforced metalic plates which are useless vs Technomancer's electrical attacks, to more shock resistant upgrades but they are offering less protection against physical attacks (at very least those cannot reach you through the wall...). Not to mention that happens when you load a quicksave where you were sneaking pass sleeping guards they end up awaken...

Overall, its cheap but not that bad. It offers two endings, interesting dialogs, and I had some 10 hours of fun in my overall playtime, but the rest was a chore. For its price (especially on the sale) it may offer you your moneys worth, if you don't have anything better to play. But, as I said, I would never buy it myself, and I gave a thumbs down to some far better produced games than this (Crysis 2), so taking these things in consideration I think it would be a little bit unfair to say that I'm recommending it. Which is really a shame, because you can't get rid of the feeling like its overambitious, and a huge wasted opportunity.

Besides somewhat interesting main theme, the rest of the soundtrack is generic and repeatable. I would recommend "Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine" album in the background while playing this. Accidentally, friend of mine linked this album to me while I was playing, and for some reason it went nicely with the game.
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Posted: July 30
Imagine walking into a house. 3 floors, 6 rooms, 3 baths. It's got a big game room on the bottom floor with a big screen TV, Pinball, and arcade. Fully furnished. Comes with a big pool and 6 cars in this really big mechanics-like garage. You go in the house, see all this stuff, and are in awe of the awesomeness of it all. But eventually you realize that everything is made out of cardboard. Yea, you can say you have all this stuff, but it doesn't work and it doesn't even look good in the house. Its just a really nice house with the idea of cool stuff in it. That's how I feel about this game.

There's a really cool crafting system, but coupled with the really bad fighting makes it seem like a waste. I keep seeing tips about relationships with your partner, but I never saw this in game. You can't level up your partner, can't give them better equipment, can't give them weapons, nor can you even heal them in battle. They give you the ability to give commands, but its bare commands like "attack the closest" or "attack who I'm attacking." All really good ideas, but none of it actually works.

The story is a really nice idea, but it feels off. I realized at the beginning that I shouldn't expect much though. When a game doesn't take the time to name a pretty promient character shows the lack of shine on the story. When the game starts you fight "the fat guy" in a prison who's so well known in the prison that he has been giving everyone trouble for a long time. Yet the character has no real name. Every one just says, oh I heard you took out "the fat guy."

The fighting system in the game, is also lacking. The "magic" isn't very good, and the fighting style isn't polished. It reminded me of the way Arkham games do fighting, except there's no flow to the fights. It's like they said 'here's what we want, and we'll put in the basics, then go back and fix it up'. But then never went back and tried to fix it.

All in all the game was, lacking. It's a good idea, but that's about all.
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Posted: July 27
Surprisingly, this game is really good. I almost feel bad paying like $5 for this game.
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Posted: October 13
Interesting little gem from developer Spiders. Nothing too deep and some strange design choices are a few setbacks. But the game has enough charm with its setting and an interesting enough story to keep a player involved for its 15 hour campaign.
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Posted: December 25
You beat people to death with pipes on Mars, not bad.

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Posted: November 11
Like all RPGs by Spiders Studios, you will at first be impressed with how good it looks for a title by such a small company. After you play it, you will realize that that is really all it has going for it.

While it does do a good job of getting you interested in the story, it seems to quickly lose focus of said story and then make you feel like you're just being dragged along. My other huge complaint is the combat which is really just the same repetitive scenario over and over again where you get attacked by several mobs, blind one, counter the attack of the next, beat on the third, run from any others and slowly kill off a group one at a time. That or find the infinite serum exploit unintentionally and use it to craft a ton of grenades and breeze through the game. They say the reputation makes a difference but it honestly has such a tiny impact on it that you might as well just go good for the store discount.

Looks good at first
Upgrading armor and weapons changes their appearance

Boring and repetitive combat
Stealth is almost worthless
Story falls apart
Crafting is very very limited
One gun in the whole game with no upgrades
All enemies behave identically.
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Posted: October 11
A great rpg, good story, decent combat, worth a look if you like the genre,
Get it on a sale.
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Posted: November 26
Personally, I found this game very under-rated. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The combat system was fun to use and adapt to and can make your character look like a total badass if you've got it down, or a blind 10 year old waving a stick if you don't. Hell, maybe you're even a badass blind 10 year old with a stick. In any event, I found the combat very satisfying. As for characters, Roy (The protagonist) was great. I loved the way he sounds, his word choice no matter what option you choose, and just the way he lookes (having a main character with heterochromia just looks cool). I also liked the other characters and how you can influence them and converse. And as far as weaponry goes, you get a huge selection of makeshift, modifiable weapons and explosives.
I can see why some people might have less praise for this game than myself though, it isn't a typical game like many of us are used to. It's not like any shooter here, and not even that similar to other RPGs like Fallout or The Elder Scrolls. Nonetheless, I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a good game with a good story, unique combat, and well rounded (and yet somewhat mysterious) characters.
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Posted: November 2
It is no masterpiece, but there is some fun to be had with this one. Don't go into it expecting the world, and you should have a decent time.
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Posted: December 7
This is an awesome little cyberpunk RPG that is well worth it's cost.
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Posted: December 23
good game , good story, to bad is to short
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Posted: October 4
Mars, War Logs is a budget RPG. Has all the elements of an rpg (character development, central story with a hero protagonist, etc), except for the extremely linear level design and exploration. The world is divided into hubs, each with 3 or 4 linear maps with repetitive design and art - and this is the one and major drawback of the game.

Otherwise the story is decent, with few branching quests, but with a strong separation between following a tyrant or a peaceful path. The characters are also believable and have a fair developed background with a few options for romance.

Game runs well with no bugs to report. Graphics are average (think last gen console level) but the combat mechanics are solid and the gameplay is fluid.

I recommend the game for player looking for a ~12h RPG with no grand expectation. You will definitely derive enjoyment from the game.
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Posted: December 1
Fatso approved this.
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Posted: October 28
From the first two hours of this game i can see its flaws. The voice acting isnt that great and the word arent in sync with the character's lip movement. The combat is solid, it isnt the best but it does the job. The story is basic and the skill tree and leveling up system is good. AI is pretty good but the cutscenes arent that great. This game isnt a normal RPG its different because of the 3 main things- Combat, Renegade, and Technomancy (I honestly prefer Combat and Technomancy but thats just my opinion) you can level up these 3 skills and it important because each one changes your gameplay experience.

Combat- 3/5
Voice Acting-2/5
Skill Tree/Leveling Up System-4/5
AI- 3/5
Cutscenes- 2/5

Its a game that is pretty good and i recommend it for anyone who is into RPG'S, i give it a 8 out of 10.

Also its impressive that such a small company can make a pretty good RPG and you will get about 11 hours of content.
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Posted: November 30
A couple things that are important to know before buying this game:
-the story caters to a mature audience, younger you are, less likely for you to enjoy the story.
-game is difficult and requires skill, attention to detail, spatial awareness and planning.

What really makes this game stand out is the exceptional combat system, the unique setting and the story.
The story branches heavily so in order to understand it and get the whole picture you will have to play it at least twice.
The combat is hard and can be frustrating, hence the amount of hate this game got.
Once you get into the combat, it becomes really addictive and i found myself playing this game over and over mostly for the combat despite its exceptional story.

There are choices, lots of them, and they make a difference, another reason i played this game several times.

The graphics.....technically they are nothing to write home about, but artistically they are excellent, the world this game depicts is alive and fascinating.

This game doesnt boast high production values or the Hollywood flavored drama found in popular games, but it does have a heart and a soul.

Its not a cheap indie game, its a game made with love and passion, and a lot of effort was put into it.
Its not for everyone but its one of my all time faves and i recommend it as a good quality game.
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