articy:draft is a visual environment for the creation and organization of game content. It unites specialized editors for many areas of content design in one coherent tool. All content can be exported into various formats, including XML and Microsoft Office.
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22. prosince 2016

Wintersale 2016. Save 30% on articy:draft.

Do you have articy:draft on your wishlist? But you're not 100% sure if Santa, that oldschool dude, really knows what a gamedev tool is. Then - don't wait for him ...

GET IT RIGHT NOW ... by yourself!

And benefit from an actual 30% wintersale discount up till January 2nd 2017.

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24. listopadu 2016

Join the articy:draft Unity plugin beta

On our website we already posted that we're working on an articy:draft integration for Unity and something called the Macro Devkit.

In short the Macro Devkit allows you to develop your own customized plug-ins and helps to integrate articy:draft in your individual workflow.

And right now, we’re running a beta to test and improve these new features. This is your chance to play an active part in the development of articy:draft.


All you have to do is to write us an email to and tell us why you want to test the software and what you plan to do with it. If you qualify as a beta partner we’ll contact you with further instructions on how you can test these new features.

IMPORTANT INFO: This will be a feature of the upcoming articy:draft version 3.0!

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“The sheer power of articy:draft has enormous capabilities for our games and we're super excited to make ANYTHING easier in our development pipeline!”
Paul Trowe, Replay Games

“With articy:draft I manage to stay on top of the complex stories I work on. It's the ideal tool for interactive storytelling. I wouldn't start a project without it anymore.”
Mattias Filler, Story Writer, Gothic series, Risen and Risen 2

“Congratulations for such an amazing product! articy:draft really rocks. It instantly hit me after I tried out the trial for about 30 minutes.”
Alexander Grunert, Lead Designer, A Crowd Apart

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Informace o softwaru

articy:draft is a visual environment for the creation and organization of game content. It unites specialized editors for many areas of content design in one coherent tool. All content can be exported into various formats, including XML and Microsoft Office.

Things you can do with articy:draft
  • Non-linear story design
  • Branching conversations
  • Screenplays with hyperlinks and Word export
  • Story / Dialogue logic with variables / conditions
  • Play-through story logic simulation
  • Character and object design
  • Location planning and mapping
  • 2D adventure background design
  • Content documentation exports (Word, Images)
  • Production / localization exports (Excel)
  • Technical exports (XML)
  • and more…

Story, Mission & Quest Design Features
articy:draft makes the creation of interactive, branched content easy. It’s perfect for your narrative structure designs. Each node in your story or mission flowchart can contain an inner flowchart. For example, you can start with a top-level chapter-like structure and break it down into single lines of branching dialog. This nested approach ensures clean and organized flowcharts.

Finally, use the Simulation mode to test your flow logic before you export it. You can also use variables within this visual play-through mode. For instance, if you want a line of dialog only to show up when certain conditions are fulfilled.

Game Object Database Features
articy:draft includes a powerful game object database with a flexible template system. Build everything, from characters, items, spells to weapons and skills. Create your objects as templates and use them wherever you need them.

Location Planning Features
With its build-in location editor, a vector-based 2D drawing tool, you can easily plan your game world and single levels. This editor is an iteration-friendly sketching tool for maps and scenarios. You can place story events, spawn points and trigger zones on the map for planning purposes. For some game genres, the location editor can even produce the actual game output. For example 2D layer-based backgrounds for point’n’click adventures or hidden object games.

Systémové požadavky

    • Operating System:Windows Vista or above
    • Processor:2 GHz dual-core
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:graphics card with at least 1 GB dedicated memory
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD Space
    • Additional:Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista
    • Operating System:Windows 7+ (64-Bit)
    • Processor:Intel® Core™ i5 fourth generation or similar
    • Memory:8 GB RAM
    • Graphics:nVidia or AMD graphcis card (no on-board graphics) with 1GB memory or more dedicated video memory
    • Hard Drive:300 MB HD Space + space for created project data
    • Additional:Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista (64 Bit system preferred)

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